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Small boy made me as his wife 3

Then we both felt tired so we slept in the bed. In morning once I wake I found that I was sleeping, on top of my nude sister. She also opened her eyes and asked how do feel . I told its really a great. Then I asked don’t you feel heavy to carry your elder brother for whole night.

She started laughing, and told come on my little Anna (elder brother) I use carry Anand (her boy friend ) for the whole night and you are very less in your weight(56 kg) so I don’t find difficulty in this. This words blushed me in shame so I just put down my head on her breast. Then she told come on my brother ,don’t be shy like a girl, shall we take bath together I nodded positively then she lifted me with her two hands vertically to bath room I was really enjoying this movement.

My nude sister lifting his own brother (me) who is wearing the girls dress to bathroom. Once we reached the bathroom she started to undress me and asked me brush my teeth.
I realized I forget to bring my brush and informed her. Then she told: ok we will brush in single brush and I also agreed for that . First she started to brush her teeth and she gave the same brush without washing it and I also used the same brush and cleaned my teeth.

Then I told her I want to use the toilet pls go out sister. She told: no I wound go out I want to see that . I said pls I feel more shy pls sister. Then she asked me to follow her then she went and sits on the western toilet and then spread her thighs and asked me to sit on her thigh. The she started to shit and asked me to shit in between her thighs I did so. It was really exiting for me to do that. The I asked her can you pee in the standing position she nodded yes and told you want to see it closer. Ok I will show you and have completed your shit and I told yes

Then she took some water and washed my ass and then she asked me wash her. I also washed my sister ass. Then she told ok Anna I will show how we will pee. By saying this she lifted me upside down and her vagina was very close to my eyes and her cock was almost hitting her face. She was holding my thighs and I was hanging upside down. Then she took my cock in to her mouth and sucked it in the mean time she started to pee when I was enjoying this and she asked me suck her, I also obeyed it and took the golden liquid in to my mouth. Then she told had nice hot coffee I just smiled and told you want to have the some coffee. She nodded yes I also peed in to her she also took it in to her mouth. Then she made me lie down in the floor I felt the very chill in my naked body.

She came on my top, then she took my cock in her hand and guided in to her vagina and started to fuck me very hardly . Each and ever hit made more pleasure for me and I was enjoying her. I cummed in to my sister. Then lay on top me putting her weight on my top. When she was on my top she will cover my entire body . After 5 min I was not able to carry her and informed her. She started to laugh and told, why brother you are not able to carry your sister for 5 min. I did not speak a word. The we started to take bath and then we came out of the bath room . Then she searched for the towel and dried my head. Now we both are standing close to each other. I saw in the mirror and also I have compared my height I was until her shoulder. She has very broad shoulders like men. Then she started to wear night pant and T-Shirt and I was searching for the bag. The she told me not wear the your dress .I also nodded my head positively. Then she put wax on my entire body . So that my body shines more. Then she applied moistening hair cream on my face. After she applied the eye liner that heightens my eyes.

Then she got up and called her friend asked for her black color blouse & petticoat in phone and asked her to bring it very urgent. She brought it immediately and gave it to my sister and I was sitting nude in the next room. Then my sister came to me asked me to wear saree. She also gave the blouse which she brought it from her friend. I also started to wear the dress after complete wearing the dress I found very sexy. The black blouse was very transparent and the chiffon saree also more transparent. This dress exposes my body very much. Then my sister changed her dressed in to sexy saree. After that she came me to started to make up me and also adjusted my saree below the naval. She also brought the matching bindi , necklace, nail polish, adjusted the eye liner . The eye liner highlighted my eyes. She also asked me wear the nice pointed heels after wearing I fee that my height was increased until her neck. After finishing the make she asked me she we go out. I asked where she told I will show new place. I asked her where.

She told its a new place you can find lot of girls there. I said no I am not coming there she asked why. Its difficult for me and more over its embarrassing situation for me to use the toilet etc… She smiles no problem Anna I will take care ok. I said yes and took me to the ladies hostel in her bike. I also feel hornier to travel like this , once we reached the hostel my sister parked the vehicle and came to me . I will introduced you as my cousin sister to my friends and if they asked you what are you doing you should say you are doing 12 in Chennai. I also nodded my head. The she took me to her friend’s room . Once I entered her friends room I saw thee girls are chatting there. My sister introduced me to friends Lalitha, Sudha and Jothi Lalitha is very fair like she must be 5.4 inch and 60 kg she has a compact boobs 32 and her hips should be 28 . She was wearing sleeve less nightly and her front two buttons are open. Sudha and Jothi are tall girls they both are like my sister. Sudha was wearing a tops and skirt and Jothi was wearing shirt and panties Jothi look very sexy and she is tall like my sister. Then she invited my sister and asked me who the sexy girl is. My sister told about my self and they asked me why ur boobs are very small. No one handled it I don’t know what to say my sister told she is a small girl pls leaver her. But Jothi came near me and kissed me and said you look very sexy.
By saying this she lifted me with her hands this made my legs to expose to the other girl Lalitha commented she had a nice sexy legs Be careful these girls will take your virginity. I just smiled and looked in my sister face. My sister smiled at me

Then I felt to pee my sister showed the way and I went and pee after finishing my pee I found there is no water to wash. I asked the girls for water they told no need to flush it leave it. Once I came out my sister was not there I asked lalitha where my sister is. She will be come back soon asked me to wait here. Jothi came near me asked me come here meena . I went near here. Then she looked in to my eyes and told you look very sexy . She came near me and lifted me I don’t know what to say. Then she asked me which school you are studying I have managed by saying the wrong school name. Now I was sitting in her hand and the she took me to near cot and made me sit on her naked lap. Well dear the how do feel it now dear she asked me I said pls leave I will go to my house. Then she told don’t worry dear by saying this she kissed in my lips I was too exited I don’t know what to do know. Then she told she we invite any guys for sex I immediately denied the idea the Joe (Jothi) told don’t be shy raj you are the that guy I was frozen so try to escape from there but lalitha pushed me to Joe. Then she told don’t be shy raj your sister sold you for to night for 5000 rupees raj. I was shocked to hear this All the three girls started to laugh. Joe commented this first time in the world sister sold the her own brother for Money. Joe came near me and told you are more busy for next two days raj. By saying this she Joe lifted me and kissed and removed my saree and sudha removed my petticoat and made me nude. I was nude in front of three girls they all started to enjoy me sudha made me suck her pussy mouth and Jothi removed her panties and take my cock in to her count .

They all started to enjoy me for the whole day. I was cummed about 6 times now I don’t have energy but still Joe is fucking me very hardly and my cock started to burning . To be frank I tears came out of my eye I was almost fainted at the time some I hear calling bell sound and I slept. Once I wakeup in the evening I called Joe. She was wearing shirt and panties and smiled me asked have you enjoyed it . I just nodded my head. Then I try to get from the place at the time I realize I was sleeping in the floor and very close to bathroom door I asked Joe where is my dress she pointed out her finger , I went there and saw only my blouse and petticoat. I asked her where my saree is.

Then Jothi told we have to collect the remaining balance from your sister so you have wait here until she arrives. I asked why Jothi told we three have paid 15000 Rs for you but you have satisfied me alone . They want to talk to your sister. I was shocked and told I have fucked six times but still you girls are not satisfied Joe started to laugh I am the only girl fucked you. In the last sex you have almost fainted. Now I remember the incident . When she approached me sixth time I was almost tired so I was taking rest .

At the time some one knocked the door so they all asked me to hide inside the bathroom But I got up very slow from the bed so Lalitha helped me to reach bathroom. At the time Jothi was start wearing her panties. Once we reached the bathroom they have open the door and it was my sister voice. So I though of going out but lalitha resisted me and twisted my both the hands closed my moth with the dirty panty. So I stayed in the bathroom after 10 min they have open the door and Jothi came near me and taken me from the laltha hand. Then she fucked me in the bathroom with the support of the bathroom wall each and every hit pains my cock very much. Since I was almost drained so I was not able to bear the pain so was almost fainted and her shoulder and cummed. Then she carried me out of the bathroom and made me sleep on the empty floor.

Then I asked them were is my sister told Lalitha came near me and told you sister asked us to drop you in the house I said who is going to drop me Joe since she was very strong girl like my sister but I requested lalitha to drop me please lalitha. Already Joe has completed her dressing so she came to me to wear this saree I have taken it from her and started to wear it with the help of lalitha. Then sudha and laltitha told remember we have paid for you since you are not able to co-operate we are leaving you now . Once you have recovered call me on my mobile we will pick you from the spot. But you should come in the female dress I said yes then lalitha came near me and kissed on forehead and started to put some makeup. Then Sudha told you look like a female with out make-up only if you are nude only people can identify you gender. I just kept my head down and smiled for her comment. Once completed my make Jothi came near me and kissed me then she put some bangles to my hand because since she has broken my glass bangle while having sex.

Then she told on ear I have fucked like my husband so you should get blessing. Since she is a mercy less girl I was scared to hear this so fall on her legs. Then she lifted me and kissed me you are my lovely if you want my company call me and she gave her mobile no. Then I went to lalitha and fell on her feet she also lifted me and kissed and gave a new pink color midi. And I went to sudha and got her blessing too. I was more pleased with that and told thanks to her. Then I Joe took me to my house and dropped me. We both entered in to my house and Joe crushed my ass with saree in front of sister. My sister and Joe started to laugh. But I did not speak to my sister. Then Joe came to my room and kissed me and said bye to me. Then she came to room and asked have you enjoyed dear. I started to cry and told the entire incident then she told asked me not to cry.

Then she consoled me . Then she told your rate is much higher in boy’s side. I was shocked to hear this and begged my sister not to sell me pls dear. Then she told if you obey me I will not sell you. I said ok . You should marry the girl whom I show you. I said ok whose the girl is. She told its Jothi (Joe) I was shocked I asked why ? She is more interested on you she is willing to marry you . More over she is from same cast what you say. I just said no, pls sister, leave me , she harder I can’t able to handle her. She said no problem you no need to handle her, she will take care of you. Then she taller than me & She is a mercy less girl. Don’t worry everything will be ok after the marriage I told her my cock is paining like a hell pls take me to doctor. Then she applied some oil to reduce the pain. In the morning I became fresher and pain became little less. I saw my nude body in the mirror I can see more marks in body which was made by Joe. Then I took bath and my sister asked me to wear the Short Skirt(midi) and tops. Then my sister and me went out for shopping we found more crowd there. In the crowd I found lot of guys pinched my ass . One guy pinched my ass very hardly I cried in the pain. I looked at the guy he smiled at me and I scolded him the same guys try put his hand on navel area and brushed his large cock on my ass. I shouted at him to leave me and suddenly kissed on my lip and run away. My sister laughed at me come on dear. Then she took me to near restaurant and we hand nice luck and my sister requested me to have sex with laltitha and sudha. I said yes and asked for the restroom

Then she talked to barer and he showed the way for me it was at the end of the restaurant. I have cross lot of the hotel rooms. In the half the way I was surprised to see the guy who pinched my ass coming out of the room. He was very close to me and suddenly he pulled me towards his room and closed it. Then he started to kiss me very hardly and took his cock and asked me suck it . But I denied so he lifted my midi and open the panties and shocked see my cock He smiled at me you have lovely ass and a small cock I told him to leave but he never listen me and he made me to sit on top me and crushed my ass then I open the mouth and he inserted his cock in to my mouth , I don’t have any other choice so sucked it for 5 min and he cummed in my face the.

Then he asked me sit on the doggy style. He inserted his cock in my ass it went in very easily and fucked me very hardly for 5 min and cummed in my ass. Then I was dripping his cum and he took my cock in his I told I need to pee pls leave me he took me to his toiled asked me pee in the ladies style. I just sat down in the ladies style and lifted my midi and started to pee. Then he kissed me and he asked me to go now.

Then I have adjusted my dress and joined with my sister. She also smiled at me and asked who fucked you I was surprised how you know that. She told that she only solded me to that guy. I don’t have any words to say. Then she asked will you marry Joe I said yes then she came and kissed me and told I will speak to dad regarding this ok. I just nodded my head. She came to me and kissed in my cheek and told good girl sorry good boy.