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Sohail and Aalia

Sohail left his BMW with the valet, entered the hotel lobby, and got into the elevator. He knew the room number, as she had called him after she checked in. He got off on the proper floor, and headed for the room. Stopping in front of her door, Sohail took a moment to compose himself. He’d never done this before, and frankly, was having second thoughts. Well, actually, more like tenth, fiftieth, or maybe hundredth thoughts. But, you only live once, he told himself, so let’s just go for it. Sohail reached out to knock on the door.

Alia was sitting on the bed in the nice hotel room. It may not have been the best hotel in L.A., but it was more than sufficient for their needs. She too had never done this sort of thing before. But, they had discussed it for weeks, and had established some pretty stringent ground rules, so she was comfortable with it. Still, when she heard the knock, she was startled for a second. She took a deep breath, then crossed to the door and opened it.

Sohail and Alia stared at each other a moment, Sohail’s brown eyes boring into Alia’s soulful green eyes.

“You are so gorgeous,” Sohail said.

Alia blushed, and pulled her black hair back, off her face. “And you are my handsome prince,” Alia replied back.

They exchanged a smile. “So, we okay on this?” Sohail asked.

“Yeah. Come on in,” Alia said.

Sohail entered the room to find Alia had put soft classical on the stereo, and he noticed a vanilla candle burning. “I poured us some drinks,” Alia said. “A Soda for you, and a Ice Tea for me.”

Sohail wasn’t really interested in a drink right now, but if Alia had gone to the trouble, he didn’t want to disappoint her. Frankly, Alia thought a drink might help make this day, this very unusual Saturday, go a little smoother.

Putting down her now empty tumbler of Ice Tea, Alia stood up in front of Sohail. Sohail put down his drink as well. They both knew it was time. Tension filled the air.

“I hope you wore your Boxers because I made sure to wear my Lace robe,” Alia said, the ice breaking a little as they both smiled.

“You’ll know soon enough,” Sohail replied.

Alia removed the jacket of the nice suit she wore. Sohail stood, then slipped off his jacket and began to loosen his tie. They both stepped out of their shoes, Sohail quickly pushing off his socks as well. Sohail began to unbutton his dress shirt, pulling his tie off with his other hand. Alia began unbuttoning her shirt as well. Sohail couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful woman undressing in front of him. Look at her, he thought. Does anyone, anywhere, have a more gorgeous ass than Alia? Soon, each had unbuttoned and removed their shirt. He’s got a gorgeous chest, Alia thought, strong and covered with black hair. As for Sohail, he just wanted to see what was underneath Alia’s lacy bra. Would she take it off now, or slip off her skirt?

Alia moved on to the skirt, unzipping its side. Sohail loosened his belt, and unzipped his pants. Alia let her skirt fall to the floor, and stepped out of it. She was now down to just that bra and her tiny panties. Sohail pushed his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. His cock was partially hard already, pushing against his underwear. Alia glanced down at it, then looked back up. She removed her bra, allowing Sohail to finally take in her breasts. Sohail didn’t want to stare, but they were so lovely. God, he wanted to kiss them, lick them. But then, that would be against the rules…

And finally, each pushed down and stepped out of their last shred of clothing. Sohail’s cock was fully hard now, pointing directly at Alia, standing just a few feet from him. It fits him perfectly, Alia thought. Not too big, not too small, just right. Sohail didn’t want to stare at Alia’s pussy either, so he took it in with a glance. Gorgeous, he thought, full and neatly trimmed — just like he expected. Sohail reached out a hand toward her. She shook her head no, not taking it.

“Just let me hold your hand,” Sohail said.

“We can’t,” Alia replied. It was so hard for her to say no. Alia wanted so badly to touch him. He’s so handsome. And just look at his abs…

“Do you want to lie down?” Sohail asked.

“Yeah. What about you?” Alia replied.

“I want to stand,” he said. “So I can see you better.”

She nodded an okay, then moved to the bed, where she lay down. Sohail moved to end of the bed, standing between Alia’s feet. They were both a little hesitant now; after all, what they were about to do was, in some ways, even more intimate than actually fucking. Sohail ran his hand across his chest. Alia’s hand stroked her flank, and then down by her hip. Finally, Sohail grasped his hard cock. But he didn’t begin to pump it yet – he just held it. Alia slowly parted her legs, her knees rolling outward, the soles of her feet pushing together. Her right hand inched down across her belly, into her pubic hair, and then into her slit. It was already glistening with her juices. Sohail began to slowly pump his hard cock, his eyes riveted on Alia’s fingers in her pussy.

The middle finger of Alia’s right hand continued down her slit to the very bottom, where she gathered some moisture, and then slid it slowly up toward her clit. With her left hand, she gently played with her left nipple. She just rested that middle finger to the side of her clit for a moment, her eyes locked on Sohail’s cock and the fist that slowly slid up and down it.

“Have you ever thought about me when you’ve done this?” Sohail asked.

“A lot,” Alia replied, now beginning to move that middle finger against her clit.

“And what have you imagined?” he asked.

Answered Alia: “Kissing you. Touching your cock. Sucking it. Then fucking you. And coming so good when you come in me.”

“We can do all that. And more,” Sohail said.

“Not now,” Alia said. “Maybe someday, but not today.”

Sohail nodded as he continued to stroke himself.

“What about you? You ever think of me while doing this?” Alia asked.

“Me? I never jerk off.” Sohail said. Startled, Alia took her eyes off his cock to look at Sohail, then saw the smile on his face.

“All the time, baby,” he said. “You’re my number one fantasy. And I can’t believe I’m doing this with you.” A

lia began to rock her hips slightly. Her breathing became deeper, her finger moved faster, as her clit felt like it had electricity flowing through it. Sohail slowed his stroking as his cock began to twitch of its own accord.

“You ever put a finger in?” Sohail asked. “Not usually,” Alia said in loud whisper. “Just when I’m really, really turned on.”

And with that, she slid her left hand from her breast, and plunged its middle finger deep inside her pussy.

“Oh God,” Sohail said. “I wanna do that sooo bad.”

Alia keep her right finger busy on her clit, and slowly swirled her left middle finger in her hole. She was so wide open now, so totally exposed to Sohail. Her leaned forward for an even closer view, and breathed deeply of her warm scent. Sohail had to grasp his cock now to keep from coming.

“Come on, tell me how you’d fuck me,” Alia said.

“I’d put it in you so nice and slow.” Sohail said.

“Yeah,” said Alia breathlessly, her fingers now moving at lightning speed. “I can feel it. I can feel you splitting me open.”

“Oh yeah,” Sohail continued, his hand moving slowly as he fought for control. “You are so wet. And so hot. And I slide all the way in, then pull it all the way back out.”

“That’s just how I love it,” Alia said, now adding a second finger to the one immersed in her pussy. Her hips continued to buck.

“And then I’d just tease you a little,” Sohail went on. “Just push it in a fraction, then pull it back. Over and over.”

Alia recreated the effect with her own fingers, just teasing the outer opening of her pussy.

“Just like that,” Sohail said.

“You’d make me so crazy,” Alia said. “You are making me crazy. Oh God, I am so close.”

“Let it go,” Sohail gasped. “I wanna see you come.”

“I can feel it,” Alia said. “I can feel the head of your cock just inside my pussy. And it’s twitching. You wanna come so badly.”

“I do,” Sohail said. “So I’d push in a little more. Slowly. You are so wet. You are so hot.”

“Oh yeah,” Alia gasped, a warmth spreading from her clit down through her thighs. “You are in me so deep again. And I’m squeezing on you.”

Sohail was feeling the come mass in his dick now. The tension was spreading from his cock up through his torso, as he said, “But then I start thrusting. All the way in and all the way out. Deep into you, as deep as I can, over and over and over…” Sohail pumped his cock with full strokes now, his eyes locked on the action at Alia’s pussy.

Alia began to let out a series of little grunts, her hips bucking uncontrollably as the finger on her clit went into overdrive, the two in her pussy pistoning in and out. The grunts turned to moans as Alia barreled headlong toward her orgasm, staring at Sohail’s dick and the hand that stroked it.

And then, as each was within seconds of coming, without a word, and simultaneously, they both looked away from the other’s genitals, and into the other’s eyes. Sohail locked eyes with Alia as he felt himself tense for his final explosion. And Alia looked into Sohail’s eyes as she felt herself build to a crescendo. And finally, with a grunt, Sohail came, shooting spurt after spurt of come onto the bed. And Alia, with a low moan, exploded in her orgasm as well, her fingers holding in their positions, as waves of pleasure ran through her. Still their eyes remained locked on one another’s. And then they both let out long sighs. Followed by warm smiles.

As they were finishing getting dressed, Alia said, “If you’re not pressed for time, we could order some room service. They’ve got Chinese.”

“I’d love to stay, but I really need to get home,” Sohail said. “I, uh, I need to feed my cat.”

“I understand,” Alia replied, appreciating the lie. They smiled at each other again.

“Could I kiss you goodbye?” Sohail asked.

Alia just shook her head “no.”

“Okay,” he said. “Another time.”

With a last look back, Sohail walked out of the hotel room. They had stuck to the ground rules, and had never even touched. So they hadn’t done anything wrong. Right…?