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soma – size does matter

soma singh: hi jay, how r u
colorderainbow:i m fine tu suna
soma singh:hmmm
colorderainbow:u know 3 of my friends have taken African dick
soma singh::O
soma singh: how she can take african dick

colorderainbow: why
soma singh: hm all dirty
soma singh: ugli
soma singh: what she like in them
colorderainbow: they say
colorderainbow: they fuck them pretty well
soma singh: means
colorderainbow: bigger in size n they tease the choot very much
colorderainbow: sometimes they rorate dick in vaginal wall
soma singh: yes i also say size matter
colorderainbow: so they are having like 10 nches
soma singh: really size matter in sex
soma singh: but only dick cant all
colorderainbow: yeah size does matter
colorderainbow: i know it
colorderainbow: hahahahha
colorderainbow: xl xxl
soma singh: i mean dick size
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: i was just teasing
colorderainbow: they are from delhi only
colorderainbow: aunties of 32 and 35
soma singh: she call u for phone sex
colorderainbow: yeah phone sex n sometimes for real if they are free
soma singh: they not want real one
colorderainbow: hubby out of city
soma singh: wher eu meet them
colorderainbow: they found me here on yahoo
colorderainbow: only
colorderainbow: damn horny
colorderainbow: they say they dont need gigolo now
colorderainbow: as they have found me
colorderainbow: its more safe with me as i understand them
soma singh: how time u tke to fuck
colorderainbow: n look like friend with them
colorderainbow: rather than
colorderainbow: hmmmmmm
colorderainbow: depends sometime 20 25 mins fucking
colorderainbow: means intercourse
soma singh: all suck ur dick well
soma singh: yes
colorderainbow: apart from foreplay
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: its my rite to get my dick sucked
soma singh: i mean intercourse
colorderainbow: hehehhehee
colorderainbow: yeah 20 25 mins
colorderainbow: it varies with lady also
soma singh: anal with whom
colorderainbow: the elderly lady
colorderainbow: 35
colorderainbow: she is more experianced
colorderainbow: but i liked pussy more
soma singh: she ask u to fuck
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: she said to try anal
colorderainbow: but i didnt like much
colorderainbow: i like choot more
soma singh: why choot more
colorderainbow: i found it naturaly wet
colorderainbow: when we do foreplay
colorderainbow: in anal u need to make it wet artificially
soma singh:
colorderainbow: m i rite here
soma singh: yes
colorderainbow: they find sex with me safe coz they understand that i m educated n knows whats privacy
soma singh: how u mantation privacy
colorderainbow: n 32 years old lady told me something wierd that she like sex with educated ppl like engg
colorderainbow: dont like an poorly educated hunk
soma singh: why
colorderainbow: dont know she was telling soome mental excitation that u r not making out with cheap ppl
colorderainbow: she wanted some standard from her fuck buddy
soma singh: yes she right
colorderainbow: hey i never call them back or sms unless they call or sms
colorderainbow: n
colorderainbow: mostly we go hotel
colorderainbow: rather than her place
colorderainbow: so nobody knows