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heart_virus_here: kya yar
heart_virus_here: angry wth u
sonal sharma: hiiii
sonal sharma: why
heart_virus_here: itne din se gayab ho
heart_virus_here: mom bhi nahi aati,uss din bina bataye chali gayi
sonal sharma: oh ho
sonal sharma: kahin bahar gaye hue the
heart_virus_here: mom kaisi hain
heart_virus_here: uss din mom ne red trtack suit pahna tha na
sonal sharma: momo mom mom
heart_virus_here: hahaha
sonal sharma: bass mom ka hi pucha karo
heart_virus_here: accha show me her pic
heart_virus_here: today me on pc

sonal sharma: why
heart_virus_here: wana see her
sonal sharma: agar na kahun to
sonal sharma: kya hua
heart_virus_here: aisa na kaho
heart_virus_here: plzz show her pic na
heart_virus_here: n mom hai kahan
sonal sharma: she is ur mom
sonal sharma: respect her
heart_virus_here: ur mom,my net mom
heart_virus_here: i do respect her yar….i just gv her wat she likes
sonal sharma: ekk hi baat hae
heart_virus_here: acha show her n urs pic too
heart_virus_here: wana see u too
heart_virus_here: accha aaj kya kya pahna hai sonal jine…sab kucch detail mein wth color
sonal sharma: jeans and top
sonal sharma: and sweater
sonal sharma: blue jeans
heart_virus_here: color…nb wat else
sonal sharma: white top
sonal sharma: and blue sweater
heart_virus_here: aur…..
sonal sharma: shut up
heart_virus_here: bolo na abbbbbb
heart_virus_here: comon…yeh t mom bhi bata detai hain…sachhi
heart_virus_here: [;zz batao na…….
heart_virus_here: u know i likwe to know wat u wear all
sonal sharma: mom batati hae
sonal sharma: no way
heart_virus_here: ya…tht day she was wearing red track suit…rght
sonal sharma: yaad nahi mujhe
heart_virus_here: n blue panties
sonal sharma: haan hae wese mummy ke pass ekk
sonal sharma: i dnt know
heart_virus_here: ok…accha ab batao wat u wearing inside
sonal sharma: white undergarments
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…all plain?
sonal sharma: green dots haen
sonal sharma: happy now
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm……….yaaaaa… deep cut?
heart_virus_here: covers full ass or shows some
sonal sharma: covers
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…..accha now show mom n urs pic
sonal sharma: tell me
sonal sharma: why tum undergarments ke baare maen puchte ho
heart_virus_here: i really like th,..they exite me more thn nude gal…i dont know y bt i do lile panties a lot….
sonal sharma: chiii
heart_virus_here: coz they closest to gals most secret parts
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: y chii….they cover wat everyone runs for
heart_virus_here: accha ab show na mom n urs pic
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: meri display maen hae to sahi
heart_virus_here: its all black
heart_virus_here: nothng cn b seen
sonal sharma: yahan to hae
heart_virus_here: show urs n mom both…wana compare both
heart_virus_here: send me thru photoshare
sonal sharma: meri ekk i hae
sonal sharma: udaa di baaki
heart_virus_here: wahi dikaho na
heart_virus_here: n mom ko kotni hain
sonal sharma: its in display
heart_virus_here: cnt see
heart_virus_here: its all black
sonal sharma: maen kya karun then
heart_virus_here: show thry phoyoshare na
heart_virus_here: plzz…send me thru file or photoshare
sonal sharma: oh ho
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: send urs n mom both now
sonal sharma: kaha na meri pdisplay maen hi hae
sonal sharma: photo share nahi aata
sonal sharma: mom ki dekhni hae to dikha sakti hun
heart_virus_here: dikaho
heart_virus_here: thats u?mom?
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: mom yaar
heart_virus_here: hey…she is soooooooooo cool yar
sonal sharma: hm,
heart_virus_here: in one pic she is looking so young,in frst pic she is looking like mature lady n so sexy figure yar
heart_virus_here: really
sonal sharma: haan
sonal sharma: jada age nahi hae
sonal sharma: 36 hae
heart_virus_here: see her waist…she looks amazing yar…nice figure…
sonal sharma: aiswariya bhi to 36 hae
heart_virus_here: u said her ass bigger thn urs…thn urs must b so small yar
sonal sharma: hey mine is 34
sonal sharma: mom patli hae
sonal sharma: par jada hae
sonal sharma: 36
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmm……..ok….hey cn i see ur pics too..plzz
sonal sharma: kaha na
sonal sharma: nahi ahe filhaal
heart_virus_here: jo display mein hai wahi share kar do na
heart_virus_here: accha display mein again set karo…coz nothng cn b seen.really
sonal sharma: nahi aayta
heart_virus_here: ok…accha mom hai kahan aaj
sonal sharma: chai bna rahi hae
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm..accha sonal did u see ne change in her behavious aftr chattingh wth me
heart_virus_here: chai pee ke aur hot ho jayengi
sonal sharma: i didnt notice
sonal sharma: ehy
heart_virus_here: ok…accha atleast tell mom me saying her hi
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: kya baatien karte ho wese u both
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: jealousy
sonal sharma: what
sonal sharma: ji nahiii
heart_virus_here: sab kucch….sahi bataun…..she even masturbated thinking me…she hasnt had ur papa from last 6 months sonal
sonal sharma: no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: really
sonal sharma: maen kese maanu
heart_virus_here: ab u hv no choice…thn y she likes chatting wth me n chats alone n so long
heart_virus_here: so sonal ever seen real male penis…matured one ever
heart_virus_here: of neone u know
sonal sharma: ekk hi baar baat ki thi mom ne
sonal sharma: dossri baar to 2 mint ki
sonal sharma: phir chali gayi
sonal sharma: and she takes u a son
heart_virus_here: haan…mom told me 2nd time she did it
heart_virus_here: thats y we havnt had sex till now on net…i just make her hot
heart_virus_here: sonal i wana one permission from u
heart_virus_here: if u dont mind
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: if mom agrees thn cn i do it all wth mo on net
sonal sharma: pata nahi
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: y bye
heart_virus_here: hey y gouing yar
heart_virus_here: no u nt going
heart_virus_here: cn u call mom atleast
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: aur kya baatien hui haen mom se
heart_virus_here: accha ever seen matured man penis..neone whom u know
sonal sharma: no
heart_virus_here: call mom na…wana chyat wth her plz.z.say her me calling her
sonal sharma: mene kya pucha
sonal sharma: first tell
heart_virus_here: mom se sari batein
sonal sharma: or kya baatien ki unse
heart_virus_here: i asked her abt her figure…abt u….she was angry wth me coz i told u abt her
sonal sharma: acha
heart_virus_here: wana see penis of smone u know
sonal sharma: aur
heart_virus_here: real one
sonal sharma: ysa
sonal sharma: but kiski..?
heart_virus_here: do u know me by now?
heart_virus_here: bolo
heart_virus_here: u know me?
heart_virus_here: or not
sonal sharma: hmm
sonal sharma: jaanti hun
sonal sharma: hawwwww
sonal sharma: chi
heart_virus_here: dee all carefully
sonal sharma: i m going
heart_virus_here: thats mine sonal
heart_virus_here: no
heart_virus_here: u wont
heart_virus_here: see thm all now
heart_virus_here: n tell how is it
heart_virus_here: n call mom
heart_virus_here: wana talk to hewr now…plzz call mom
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzz…call mom
heart_virus_here: tell her wana chat wth her…
heart_virus_here: n see all pics
sonal sharma: mene band kar dia
sonal sharma: bula rahi hun
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: in 2nd pic u cn see moles on my tool
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: hey how was mine
heart_virus_here: was it big?
heart_virus_here: bolo n thn call her
sonal sharma: hello
sonal sharma: beta
heart_virus_here: hi mom
heart_virus_here: sonal kahan gayi
sonal sharma: guest aaye hue haen
heart_virus_here: ok
sonal sharma: unke sath jaa ke beth gayi
sonal sharma: bulaun?
heart_virus_here: aaj aapki pics dekho
heart_virus_here: nahi…aapse hi bat karni hai
sonal sharma: haewww
sonal sharma: meri
heart_virus_here: apki pics dekhi
sonal sharma: ye sonal naa
sonal sharma: maregi mere hath se
heart_virus_here: n u look soooooooooooooo damn hot n b’ful
heart_virus_here: u hv sexy figure
heart_virus_here: i mean in one pic i thot its sonal
sonal sharma: ok ok
sonal sharma: bass karo abb
heart_virus_here: u look perfect mature well maintained lady
heart_virus_here: i pity ur husband
sonal sharma: bass karo
heart_virus_here: wat se is losing bt i thnk him too
heart_virus_here: i thank ur hubby too
sonal sharma: why
heart_virus_here: coz thn inly u needed ur this beta
sonal sharma: shut up
sonal sharma: maar padegi
heart_virus_here: accha…aaj apki pics dekhi…..wana show my mom smthng…
heart_virus_here: wana show her tht her son is equal to her hubby now
heart_virus_here: ready to see son compared wth husband mom
sonal sharma: nahi beta
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: only chat
sonal sharma: warna maen chali jaungi
heart_virus_here:…meri yeh bat mano..n i need honest comments n honest comparison,even if i feel sad u will tell truth
sonal sharma: kaha na
sonal sharma: nahi
sonal sharma: i m going
heart_virus_here: nahi aap nahi jaogi n dekhogi
heart_virus_here: noooooooooo
heart_virus_here: okok
sonal sharma: chat only
heart_virus_here: accha aaj kya kya pahna hua hai
sonal sharma: saree
heart_virus_here: color
heart_virus_here: n wat else
heart_virus_here: u know son needs to know everythng
heart_virus_here: abt mom now
sonal sharma: nahi
sonal sharma: kaha na
sonal sharma: ss din jo hua
heart_virus_here: plz batao na mom
sonal sharma: it was a mistake
heart_virus_here: plz mmom..i know u now..okkkkkkk
sonal sharma: abb proper baat kia karo beta
heart_virus_here: it wasnt mistake,,,
heart_virus_here: plzz…it was a chance to keep u n me happy
sonal sharma: smajh nahi aata
sonal sharma: shut up
heart_virus_here: ok…bt last time u hv to c ur beta tht how he is like hubby,just one time u c pics…thn only chat
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: kya maen jaun
heart_virus_here: i know mom u want it
sonal sharma: samjah nahi ata
heart_virus_here: nahi aap nahi jaogi
heart_virus_here: aata hai…jiddi mom kahin ki
heart_virus_here: bete se itni jidd nahi mom
heart_virus_here: har mom ko son ki wishes poori karni chahiye
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: ok dont go
heart_virus_here: will do wat u say
heart_virus_here: bahut jiddi ho mom
sonal sharma: simple chat
sonal sharma: ha ha
heart_virus_here: ok…..
heart_virus_here: accha uss din kyon chali gayi thia chanak se bina bataye
sonal sharma: wo aa haye the
sonal sharma: aa gaye the
heart_virus_here: ok……..kucch kiya uncle ne rat mein..uss din to sexy lag rahi thi track suit mein..poori ass ka shape dikh raha tha mom
heart_virus_here: i saw ur pantylines too
sonal sharma: sharam nahi aati kya tumhe
heart_virus_here: mom se kaisi sharam…wahin se to aya hoon
heart_virus_here: aap sharma rahi hain mom
heart_virus_here: accha kucch kiya uncle ne
sonal sharma: kiss kia tha
heart_virus_here: kahan pe
sonal sharma: lips pe
heart_virus_here: aage……
heart_virus_here: aapne kya kiya
sonal sharma: kuch nahi naa
sonal sharma: plz
heart_virus_here: ek cheez poonchun
heart_virus_here: no gussa
sonal sharma: hmm
sonal sharma: ask
heart_virus_here: aakhiri bar uncle ka penis kab liya tha haath mein
sonal sharma: 6 mnths back
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: sirf haath mein liya tha ya aur bhi jagah
sonal sharma: plz
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: mujhe kuch hota hae beta
sonal sharma: chup
sonal sharma: i beg u
sonal sharma: plz
heart_virus_here: no…ntr ur jidd always to jiddi like u
heart_virus_here: dont beg son to getu wat u wana
heart_virus_here: bolo
heart_virus_here: mom..look mom…dont i lknow wat u need…thn y this formalities….
heart_virus_here: me just ur net son
heart_virus_here: n u kjy net mom
sonal sharma: but i like u s a son
heart_virus_here: u know i cn make u happy n u cn make me happy
sonal sharma: as a son
heart_virus_here: ok..forget me son for 10 mins thn…
sonal sharma: no way
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: mommmmmmmmm
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: nooooooooo
heart_virus_here: [lzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: u will be m son
heart_virus_here: i know wat u going thru
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: shud i say clearly
sonal sharma: bolo
heart_virus_here: gussa to nahi hogi na
heart_virus_here: pakka
sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: u need smthng hard ur husbad has bt u cnt get it so ur son cn provide u
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: chup
sonal sharma: mujhe kuch ho raha hae
heart_virus_here: hone do usse…dont stop it mom
heart_virus_here: it shows u need me n even son cn make u hot
heart_virus_here: so dont stop it now…
heart_virus_here: let the heat release out
heart_virus_here: …sonal kahan hai…r u alone……
sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: if alone thn just do wat i say….i dont wana hear no now…no way
heart_virus_here: close door
heart_virus_here: mom
heart_virus_here: n still u didnt tell wat all u wearing…everythng wth color n shape
heart_virus_here: comon
heart_virus_here: me nt ur son for some time now
sonal sharma: plzzzz betaa
heart_virus_here: no beta
heart_virus_here: just rajat now
heart_virus_here: comonnnnnnnnnnn
sonal sharma: no
sonal sharma: beta
sonal sharma: u will be beta
heart_virus_here: close door
heart_virus_here: close d dorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
sonal sharma: u wil be beta
heart_virus_here: ok…i’ll b beta bt do wth beta….close door n tell me wat all wearing
sonal sharma: nahi plzz
sonal sharma: door nahi
heart_virus_here: close itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
heart_virus_here: close itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
sonal sharma: noooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: comon close ittttttttttttt
heart_virus_here: close itttttttttttttt
heart_virus_here: comonnnnnnnn
heart_virus_here: its an order now mom
heart_virus_here: beta more jiddi thn u
heart_virus_here: stand up n close door
heart_virus_here: fastttttt
heart_virus_here: dont stop urselffffff
heart_virus_here: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
sonal sharma: maen kya aapki naukrani hun
heart_virus_here: ……………………
sonal sharma: or slave
sonal sharma: nahi naa
heart_virus_here: nahi………….
heart_virus_here: bt u wana treated like tht…yes today u my slave n me ur slave… door closed mom
sonal sharma: ekk baat kahun
heart_virus_here: dont shy…say mom
heart_virus_here: bolo mom
heart_virus_here: say freely
sonal sharma: maen bada hot feel karti hun when u say mom and jab tun mujhe gaalain nikale,naukrani ki taran rakhe,byra bole,order de,torture kare
heart_virus_here: dantna ho dant lo,marna ho mar lo
heart_virus_here: i know… now u my naukrani
sonal sharma: and mom too
heart_virus_here: mom n naukrani…moim close door…i always knew u wanted me mom…ab sacchi bolo wat u wanted n wat u thot of me…comon mom sacchi bolo ab sab n tell wat all weeraing in full detail now mnom…itrs order now…reply honestly…close door
sonal sharma: mene black sree
sonal sharma: and black hi bra or panty daali hae
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…………
heart_virus_here: all black mom today
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: haan beta
heart_virus_here: door closed?
sonal sharma: no
sonal sharma: plz
heart_virus_here: thn fast
heart_virus_here: fastttttttt
heart_virus_here: order to naukrani mom
sonal sharma: plz betaaaaaaaaa
sonal sharma: no
heart_virus_here: n now say sacchi wat u wanted wth me n y wre u stopping urself
sonal sharma: guest aaye haen
heart_virus_here: ok
sonal sharma: wo kya sochenge
sonal sharma: ke door band kar ke beth gayi
sonal sharma: sonal kya sochegi
heart_virus_here: aaj maaf kiya
heart_virus_here: so tell wat u wanted of me n y u chat wth me…sacchi mom..aaj sab sachh bata do….kuch mat chupao bete se
sonal sharma: kaha na
sonal sharma: mujhe koi esa chahiye
sonal sharma: jo mujhe naukrani ki taran rakhe
sonal sharma: rough gandi baatien kare
sonal sharma: order de
heart_virus_here: mera har order manogi na
sonal sharma: yahan tak ki agar maene toilet bhi jana ho
sonal sharma: to puch ke jana padhe
heart_virus_here: saali randi mom…meri har bat manegi na tu
sonal sharma: gaalina de
sonal sharma: i wnat u to be the dirtiest
heart_virus_here: toilet ko hindi mein likho
heart_virus_here: ok..i want u also to b dirtiest thn mom
heart_virus_here: ok…promise mom
sonal sharma: nahi
sonal sharma: mene nahi likhna hindi maen
sonal sharma: sharam aati haee
heart_virus_here: mera order hai sali
heart_virus_here: likjh kutiya sali
sonal sharma: ohhhhhhhhhh
sonal sharma: susu jaana hae
heart_virus_here: likh sali kutiya randi chal likh
sonal sharma: pishaab karne
heart_virus_here: tere bete ka order hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm……….
heart_virus_here: kitna bada hai tere pati ka
heart_virus_here: bol sali
heart_virus_here: (u liking it mom)
sonal sharma: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sonal sharma: isse bhi ganda ho sakta hae to ho jao
sonal sharma: no limits
heart_virus_here: chal bata kitna bada hai pati ka
sonal sharma: trat me like ur bitch
sonal sharma: 5.5 hoga
sonal sharma: ya 6
heart_virus_here: (ok mom)
sonal sharma: pakka nahi
heart_virus_here: accha chal ab bete se compare se kar pati ka…honestly cpmpare karna sali…if dont wana see as ur lovers tool thn see as son’s tool
heart_virus_here: accept kar jaldi se sali
heart_virus_here: aaj ek mom bete ko pati se compare karegi
heart_virus_here: mommmmmmmmmm
heart_virus_here: u declined
heart_virus_here: comon accept
sonal sharma: nahi
heart_virus_here: just once
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: dekhna nahi
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: u hv to
heart_virus_here: today no limits mom
heart_virus_here: ek bar dekh lo basd
heart_virus_here: mujhe jan na hai kaisa hai mera n how my mom feles bat it
heart_virus_here: dont say no now
heart_virus_here: order
heart_virus_here: accept
heart_virus_here: just 5 mins
sonal sharma: nahiplz
sonal sharma: ye nahi

heart_virus_here: mommmmmmmm plzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: aaj nahi mat kaho
heart_virus_here: sirf ek bar dekh lo aaj
heart_virus_here: aaj ek bar dekh lo bas
sonal sharma: nahiiiiiiiiiiiii
heart_virus_here: tumhare liye hai mom delho aajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
heart_virus_here: aaj delhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: chal sali randi dekh nujkhe
heart_virus_here: chal kutiya kahin ki sali
heart_virus_here: (plzz i beg u mom/0
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: koi dekh lega
heart_virus_here: mom just onceeeeeeeeeeeee
sonal sharma: samjho beta
heart_virus_here: onceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
sonal sharma: plzi beg u
heart_virus_here: ek bar
heart_virus_here: plzz mom mujhe samjho
heart_virus_here: just once mom
heart_virus_here: aaj dekh lo
heart_virus_here: mom dekho
heart_virus_here: ab decline nahi karna…
heart_virus_here: ek bar
heart_virus_here: mokmmmmmmmmmm
heart_virus_here: aise nahi manogi………me holding u tght…slapping u hard…kissing ur li[pssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
heart_virus_here: biting ur lipsssss……………..mmmmmmmmmm…………….
heart_virus_here: blood came out
sonal sharma: chup
heart_virus_here: still biting like animals
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmm…………………………
sonal sharma: chup karo
sonal sharma: na
heart_virus_here: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….
sonal sharma: kaha to hae
sonal sharma: kuch hota hae
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmm…………………………..
sonal sharma: ajeeb sa
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: sachi
sonal sharma: chup
heart_virus_here: now kissing ur neck…………..biting ur neck……………………tearing blouseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: ……………………………… sititngh in ur lap like son n biting ur neck skin………………………
heart_virus_here: nooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: u need it mom
heart_virus_here: ruko accha
heart_virus_here: going
heart_virus_here: mom stray here
sonal sharma: mujhe susu aaya hae
sonal sharma: wait
heart_virus_here: hindi
heart_virus_here: mainm bhi sath aaunga
sonal sharma: pishaab
heart_virus_here: mere samne karo
sonal sharma: kyon
heart_virus_here: n tell me all d steps kaise karogi susu
heart_virus_here: mujhe dekhna hai tumhe pishab karte hue
sonal sharma: kese matlab
sonal sharma: saree utha ke pot pe beth jaungi
sonal sharma: or kya
heart_virus_here: all steps////pahle saree uthana,panty neeche,baithna,aawaz ke sath nikalna.its all so amazing mom
heart_virus_here: mere muh pe baithogi
sonal sharma: hawwwwwwwwwwww
sonal sharma: tum pioge?
heart_virus_here: haan
heart_virus_here: pilaogi
sonal sharma: so sweet
sonal sharma: jarur beta
sonal sharma: hey guest jaa rahe haen
sonal sharma: maen mil ke aayi
heart_virus_here: jaldi se
sonal sharma: sonal here
heart_virus_here: hi
sonal sharma: kyaa kyaa baat ho rahi hae
sonal sharma: batao
heart_virus_here: kahan gayab thi sexy
sonal sharma: mom aa jaegi
sonal sharma: wo guest ke sath thi
sonal sharma: bolo
sonal sharma: jaldi
sonal sharma: aa jaegi
heart_virus_here: pahle to mom mana karti rahi ki beta ho..kucch nahi..uss din mistake ho gayi bt…..later she allowed me to see her doing susu
sonal sharma: ohhh
sonal sharma: hey
heart_virus_here: ya
sonal sharma: can u do me a favour
heart_virus_here: ya
sonal sharma: agar kar dia
sonal sharma: to maan jaugi
heart_virus_here: haan
sonal sharma: ke sabh sach bol rahe ho
sonal sharma: i like one panty of mom
sonal sharma: tell her to give me
sonal sharma: can u do it
sonal sharma: importd hae
heart_virus_here: color….brand…so u wana ask me to gv her tht panty to u
sonal sharma: hmm
sonal sharma: can u do it
heart_virus_here: wats so special in tht panty…does tht cover full ass…will tht fit u
heart_virus_here: i will convince her
sonal sharma: pata nahi
sonal sharma: impoerted hae a
heart_virus_here: color n shape of tht panty,brand
sonal sharma: half ass cover karta hae
sonal sharma: jese angrez daalti haen
sonal sharma: mene ekk baar dhote hue dekha tha
heart_virus_here: color
sonal sharma: black
heart_virus_here: ok
sonal sharma: aaj dila sakte ho
sonal sharma: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: i’ll ask her…agar mil gayi to mujhe kya milega
sonal sharma: pehle dila ke dikhao
sonal sharma: bec i know
sonal sharma: mom nahi degi
heart_virus_here: ok…mujhe kya milega
sonal sharma: milegi hi nahi
sonal sharma: kaha naa
heart_virus_here: mil gayi to mujhe kya milega
sonal sharma: maen mom ko kabhi nahi rokungi baat karne se tumse
sonal sharma: bass
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk.sab kucch karne dogi
sonal sharma: hmm
sonal sharma: het\y bye
heart_virus_here: mom ki wo jagah bhi dekhne dogi jahan se tum aayi thi
heart_virus_here: whr is mom?
sonal sharma: han
sonal sharma: aa gayi
sonal sharma: sorry
sonal sharma: u know na
sonal sharma: relatives
sonal sharma: time lagg hi jaata hae
heart_virus_here: kaun tha mom…
heart_virus_here: wch relatives
sonal sharma: bhua thi
heart_virus_here: aapki bua ya sonal ki
sonal sharma: sonal ki
heart_virus_here: mmmm.wats her age
sonal sharma: 42
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm………..unke baree mein poonchun?
heart_virus_here: hahaha
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: moti haen kaafi
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm………….phir to big asssssssss
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: besharam
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: maen susu karke aayi
sonal sharma: wait
sonal sharma: bech maen hi reh geya
sonal sharma: jaa hi nahi pai
heart_virus_here: jaldi se
heart_virus_here: son is waiting
sonal sharma: rokoge to nahi jaungi beta
sonal sharma: chahe jitna pressure bane
sonal sharma: i like torture
heart_virus_here: to ruk jao
sonal sharma: plz jaane do
heart_virus_here: nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: i beg u
heart_virus_here: ek shart ope……..
heart_virus_here: see mine
heart_virus_here: son is requesting
sonal sharma: ey
heart_virus_here: n ordering
sonal sharma: gaalian dekar kaho
sonal sharma: i m ur randi
sonal sharma: ohhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: ruk sali n delkh mera
heart_virus_here: chal dekh
heart_virus_here: accept kar randi
heart_virus_here: dekhhhhhhhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: kar acceptttttt
sonal sharma has accepted your invitation to start photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: jaldi seeeeeeeee
heart_virus_here: see all carefully
heart_virus_here: thats ur son nmom
heart_virus_here: see all aaram se thn u cn comment honestly…bt very honestly…………whn u seen all tell last pic for u still there
heart_virus_here: see all mom aaram se
heart_virus_here: see size,width,length etc.
heart_virus_here: ur son here mom
heart_virus_here: dont say nethng…just say u seen all…
heart_virus_here: one more to go
sonal sharma: dekh lie
sonal sharma has closed photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: ek aur hai
heart_virus_here: last one
sonal sharma has accepted your invitation to start photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: this is for ur lips…ur treat
heart_virus_here: hellooooooooooo…………
heart_virus_here: mom
sonal sharma has closed photo sharing.

sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: laham kho gayi
sonal sharma: mene esa aj tak nahi dekhaa
sonal sharma: sachi
heart_virus_here: now mom has to gv honest comments abt beta n compare wth husband
heart_virus_here: aal honest
sonal sharma: unka to kuch bhi nahi
sonal sharma: saala budhaa
sonal sharma: dhila lund
heart_virus_here: tell abt son mom
sonal sharma: sorry
sonal sharma: gaali di maene
sonal sharma: control nahi hua
heart_virus_here: koi bat nahi.,……
heart_virus_here: bt am mom kucch kahengi son ke bare mein
heart_virus_here: wat u liked moist,how was length n motai….how was tip….tell everything
heart_virus_here: detail
sonal sharma: sabh kuch good tha
sonal sharma: kya kahun maen
heart_virus_here: best kya tha n worst kya tha…wat u didnt like in son
heart_virus_here: bolo mom
heart_virus_here: dont stop
heart_virus_here: kya soch rahi ho mom
sonal sharma: tip was best
heart_virus_here: so cn son help u little
sonal sharma: worst kuch bhi nahi
heart_virus_here: y tip best
sonal sharma: gol gol thaa
heart_virus_here: haha
sonal sharma: mujhe jaane de beta
sonal sharma: pishab karne
heart_virus_here: ok..jaldi se karke aaja…..accha yeh bata sonal ke liye kafi hai yeh
sonal sharma: kya matlab
heart_virus_here: cn she take mine easily mom?
heart_virus_here: just asking….its for u only
sonal sharma: nahi nahi
sonal sharma: marr jaegi
heart_virus_here: jaldi se pishab karke aa
sonal sharma: rok le mujhe
sonal sharma: naa jane de beta
heart_virus_here: theek hai…ab tu nahi jayegi….jyada hoga to mere muh mein pishab kar dena
sonal sharma: tum torture nahi karte
heart_virus_here: accha sonal mar kyon jayegi…
sonal sharma: shikayat hae
sonal sharma: and u r soft
sonal sharma: abuse me
sonal sharma: slave ki taran
heart_virus_here: chup sali randi
sonal sharma: chup ho gay beta
sonal sharma: ho gayi beta
heart_virus_here: bata sonal mar kyon jayegi
sonal sharma: tera bahut bada hae eta
heart_virus_here: accah sabse aasani se kaun le lega mera…sonal,my mom or sonal’s bua in vagina
sonal sharma: bhua
sonal sharma: ha ha
heart_virus_here: yyyyyy
sonal sharma: moti haen na
sonal sharma: bada hole hoga
sonal sharma: aur exp hae
sonal sharma: sabse
heart_virus_here: hahaha…accha anus hoile ho kya kahti ho hindi mein
heart_virus_here: bol sali
heart_virus_here: wait 2 mins
heart_virus_here: n write wat i asked
sonal sharma: kya
sonal sharma: choot
sonal sharma: ha hah a
heart_virus_here: nahi..wo to vagina hai….ass ko……..
sonal sharma: saochne do
heart_virus_here: bol sali kutiya…chup kyon hai tu
sonal sharma: haan
sonal sharma: gaand
heart_virus_here: soch jaldi n bol
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: good
heart_virus_here: accha batao gaand mein kaun le lega mera sabse aasani se n sabse mushkil se
sonal sharma: bhua hi
sonal sharma: ha ha ha
sonal sharma: ek baat bataun
heart_virus_here: haan bolo
sonal sharma: mene bhi nahi lia aaj tak piche
heart_virus_here: bua ki gaand mein mera muh chupp jayega mom
heart_virus_here: hahaha
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: koi baat nahi
heart_virus_here: bete ke logi…dontr worry..accha sabse mushkil se kaun lega peeche se mera
sonal sharma: sonal
sonal sharma: her ass is samleest
heart_virus_here: n now my mom…cn she handle son’s penis aage n peeche both
sonal sharma: chup karo pz
sonal sharma: plz
heart_virus_here: b0oloooooooooo
sonal sharma: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: u know it bolo mom
sonal sharma has signed out. (11/8/2008 7:50 PM)

sonal sharma has signed back in. (11/8/2008 7:50 PM)

heart_virus_here: hey y u went yar…mom
heart_virus_here: aacha hua aagayi nahi to aaj bete ka peeche se lena padta
heart_virus_here: accha mom ek request hai
sonal sharma: piche nahi le paungi
heart_virus_here: n order bhi
heart_virus_here: kyon?
heart_virus_here: kahan gayab hai sali
heart_virus_here: kisi aur bete ke sath to nahi hai tu
sonal sharma: heyy
sonal sharma: esa na bolo
sonal sharma: plz
heart_virus_here: to ek order hai tere liye sali randi
sonal sharma: kya
sonal sharma: pishaab badi zor se aaya hae
heart_virus_here: mom ke pass ek acchi si kacchi hai…black…imported
sonal sharma: who told u
heart_virus_here: hai ya nahi bolo
sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: mom ki favourite hai
sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: n tell me kitni gaand cover karti hai wo
heart_virus_here: y so slow?
heart_virus_here: peeche se doon kya
heart_virus_here: jaldi bol sali kutiya
heart_virus_here: kahan gayi tu
heart_virus_here: bol jaldi se na
heart_virus_here: kya hua..pai aa gay kya mom
heart_virus_here: whr uuuuuuuuu

onal sharma: hi yaar
sonal sharma: i know gusse hoge
heart_virus_here: shut uppppppppp
sonal sharma: bt badi prob hae net ki
heart_virus_here: go away
sonal sharma: aaj bhi subeh se lagi hui thi
sonal sharma: roz kehti thi ghar maen
sonal sharma: mom bhi bolti thi ke theek karwa do
sonal sharma: koi jaata hi nahi tha
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: kab theek hua
heart_virus_here: wat bye
sonal sharma: abb bhi theek nahi
sonal sharma: pehle bata rahi hun
heart_virus_here: bye bolte sharam nahi aati
sonal sharma: abb bhi kabhi bhi band ho sakta hae
sonal sharma: aur mera koi pakka nahi aane ka
sonal sharma: ekk baari bass wese check kar lia karna
heart_virus_here: wats this…bt i’ll wait
sonal sharma: rehne dena
sonal sharma: kaha naa
heart_virus_here: abhi chst karo
sonal sharma: agar abb bhi band ho geya to smajah jaana
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: mom kahan hain
sonal sharma: ghar hi haen
heart_virus_here: mom ko to aaj main aisa sabak sikhanga
heart_virus_here: tumhe bhi punish karunga
sonal sharma: i m ur frnd
sonal sharma: nt slave like mom
sonal sharma: samjhe
heart_virus_here: so wat…mom is my lover
sonal sharma: and slave too
heart_virus_here: hey u hv voice chat?
sonal sharma: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: ya
sonal sharma: no
heart_virus_here: wat all wearing
heart_virus_here: maine itna wiat kiya tumhara yar
heart_virus_here: roz 2 hrs wait karta tha
sonal sharma: koi baat nahi
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: jeans
sonal sharma: and brown top
sonal sharma: and white undergarments
heart_virus_here: bt my penis is very angr wth u n mom
sonal sharma: mom pe nikal lena gussa
heart_virus_here: kaise…bolo
sonal sharma: wo sachi darr jagei
sonal sharma: punish her yaar
sonal sharma: kuch bhi
sonal sharma: i dnt know
heart_virus_here: penis ka gussa kahan nkalun n kaise
sonal sharma: punish her
sonal sharma: kuch bhi khena
heart_virus_here: bt mera penis apna gussa kaise nikale…
sonal sharma: i dnt knw
heart_virus_here: bolo na plzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: b dirty comon
sonal sharma: nahi pata
sonal sharma: kaha na
heart_virus_here: nahi batao plz
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: wat bye?
sonal sharma: kaha jab nahi pata
heart_virus_here: wats this
heart_virus_here: bt ye bye kya hai har bat…
heart_virus_here: i’ll rape mom today
sonal sharma: jo marzi karo
heart_virus_here: u know still i hvnt fucked mom
sonal sharma: i told u to take all her panties
sonal sharma: or mujhe do
sonal sharma: kya hua uska
heart_virus_here: kaise doon…chat to ho kabhi
sonal sharma: or ye bhi kaha tha
sonal sharma: ke i want to see what splace jahan se maen aayi
heart_virus_here: name tht palce in hindi frst…i need to chat wth mom atleast 3 hrs for tht
sonal sharma: choot
heart_virus_here: mmm………
heart_virus_here: n my penis in hindi
sonal sharma: lund
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…..n pubic hairs n panty? n ass
sonal sharma: kachi
sonal sharma: gaand
sonal sharma: public hair ko pata nahi
sonal sharma: kya bolte haen
heart_virus_here: jhaant
sonal sharma: ko
sonal sharma: ok
heart_virus_here: accha ek bar suck my lund plzz sonal
sonal sharma: how will u punish mom
sonal sharma: tell
heart_virus_here: i’ll make ur papa stand there..will cut his penis….n will lick ur choot in her front n will fuck u hard bt wont fuck her till shr begs me n lick my anus
sonal sharma: ha ha
sonal sharma: shut up
heart_virus_here: good na
heart_virus_here: y shut up
sonal sharma: be respectful
heart_virus_here: wats wrong
sonal sharma: shd i put rod in ur mom ass
sonal sharma: is it ok?
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: y rod…did i put rod in mom ass
sonal sharma: shut up
sonal sharma: batao
heart_virus_here: o’ll just fuck her aftr she begs n likcs my anus
sonal sharma: aj panties dilwaoge?
heart_virus_here: 3 hrs chat
heart_virus_here: atleast i need wth her
heart_virus_here: bolo
heart_virus_here: n if u wana see her choot thn 5 hrs chat atleast n wana se ur choot frst…….
sonal sharma: itna to nahi ho skta
sonal sharma: ekk baar bolo
sonal sharma: agar itne maalik bante ho
sonal sharma: to wo konsa mana karnegi
sonal sharma: kehna itne din nahi aye
heart_virus_here: i’ll try …it will take 3 or 4 days
sonal sharma: uski saza
heart_virus_here: ok i’ll try
sonal sharma: rehne do
sonal sharma: phir maen bulati hi nahi
heart_virus_here: ok 2 days
sonal sharma: abhi
sonal sharma: within 10 mint
sonal sharma: unhe kehna ke mere samne de
heart_virus_here: i need time …aise kaise man jayengi yar
sonal sharma: tumhari slave nahi hae kya
heart_virus_here: ok…will try…it cn take one hour too
sonal sharma: ekk baa kehna
sonal sharma: kahan na
heart_virus_here: u know uss din maine n mom ne kya kiy
sonal sharma: 10 mint
heart_virus_here: will try
sonal sharma: agar nahi kia 10 mint maen to maen comp band kar dungi aake
sonal sharma: suna
heart_virus_here: nahi aisa nahi karogi tum
heart_virus_here: i’ll try kahan na…..
heart_virus_here: uss din pata hai kya hua tha
heart_virus_here: mom n i did very dirty thng
sonal sharma: hey
sonal sharma: kahan na
sonal sharma: 10 mint
heart_virus_here: ok
sonal sharma: suna ke nahi
sonal sharma: aen sachi net band kar dungi
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: shud i tl u tht dirty thng
sonal sharma: mom ko bulati hun
heart_virus_here: bula uss haramzadi ko
heart_virus_here: aaj uski gaand phad doonga main
sonal sharma: hi beta
sonal sharma: kya haal hae
sonal sharma: sry
heart_virus_here: chup wait
sonal sharma: sonal ne bataya hi hoga
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: mera koi kasoor nahi tha
sonal sharma: net hi kharab rehta hae
heart_virus_here: bol kutiya
heart_virus_here: tere sath kya karoon aaj
heart_virus_here: yeh kutta aaj tujhe kutiye ki tarah khodega
sonal sharma: hey
sonal sharma: i m saying u beta
sonal sharma: aur tum ese bol rah eho
heart_virus_here: dont say beta…very angary
sonal sharma: khana khaate the na time pe
heart_virus_here: chup..
heart_virus_here: main to khata tha lekin mere penis ko bhookha rakha tumne 4 days
heart_virus_here: wo bahut bhookha hai
sonal sharma: aaj decent baat karo
sonal sharma: as beta
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: mera dil nahi esi baaton kaa
heart_virus_here: u hv two choice mom noiw….either gv a shandar dawat to my penis or main tumhe gaand pe hunter se marunga
heart_virus_here: chupppppppppp
heart_virus_here: aaj jo0 mera dil hai wo hoga….kyon nahi hai…………..pati ne ghusaya kya?
sonal sharma: nahi
sonal sharma: wese hi
sonal sharma: kahan naa
sonal sharma: just mom son talk karo aaj
sonal sharma: i will feel gud
heart_virus_here: ok bt sham ko i’ll treat u like kutiya
sonal sharma: shaam ka pakka nahi
sonal sharma: agar chala to aungi
sonal sharma: nahi to nahi
heart_virus_here: aan ahi aapko mom..
heart_virus_here: mom i relly missed u
sonal sharma: really beta
sonal sharma: ok
heart_virus_here: aapke liye maine punishment soch rakhi hai
sonal sharma: aaj kal thand se bacch ke raha karo
heart_virus_here: garmi dogi mom mujhe
heart_virus_here: wana know ur punsihemnt
sonal sharma: nahi beta
sonal sharma: aur sunao
sonal sharma: kuch
heart_virus_here: wat all wearing….husband ne ghusaya kya mom?
sonal sharma: kahna na
sonal sharma: proper baat karo
heart_virus_here: plzz mom
heart_virus_here: u know koi bhookha hai 4 din se
heart_virus_here: accha mujhe aoni godd mein sula lo
heart_virus_here: ya meri godd mein sona hai
sonal sharma: meri godi maen so jao
heart_virus_here: mmmmm.aa gaya
heart_virus_here: mom ek bat kahun
sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: jo bhookha hai 4 din se usse kab khilaogi kucch..plzz bata do ek bar.wo bahut bahut gusse mein hai….sonal bhi ussne nahi mana payi
sonal sharma: chup
sonal sharma: so jao
heart_virus_here: bolo na plzz
heart_virus_here: wo sone nahi de raha hai mom
heart_virus_here: its rock hard so nt comfortable
heart_virus_here: main pant utar doon kya mom…aaram se so jaunga phir
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: kahan na
heart_virus_here: plzz
sonal sharma: decent talk karo
sonal sharma: kabhi to bat maano
heart_virus_here: utar do meri pant mom…ek mom ki tarah se mom
sonal sharma: chup
sonal sharma: u r grown up
sonal sharma: or batao
sonal sharma: kuch apne baare maen
sonal sharma: job kya karte ho?
heart_virus_here: i’m in t cs
heart_virus_here: project manager
heart_virus_here: mom plz…meri pant utar do…nt feleomng comfortablee na
heart_virus_here: plzz..ek mom ki tarah se utar do mom
heart_virus_here: beta nt comfortable
heart_virus_here: n pyar karo mujhe ek mom ki tarah se
sonal sharma: shaadi kab karoge
heart_virus_here: 2 yrs
heart_virus_here: abhi to mom hai na mere pass
sonal sharma: shut up
heart_virus_here: mom…pata hai kya hua
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: mere room se next house ki bathroom window joint hai….
heart_virus_here: achanak ek din i was changing my bulb n i got to c the family daughter pissing there…around 16 yrs n her mom bathing at same time….
heart_virus_here: main dar gaya n gir pada stool se
heart_virus_here: mere knee mein hurt hua
sonal sharma: unhe pata laga
heart_virus_here: nahi nahi
heart_virus_here: i saw their gaand
sonal sharma: kiski
heart_virus_here: daughter ki
heart_virus_here: n u know wat mom…kal rat ow kisi part mein gaye the…i knew ki aane ke bad to pishab karne jayenge hi…so maine apne cell mein uski mom ko susu karte record kar liya…
heart_virus_here: bt mom…fee;ing very guilty
sonal sharma: hmm
sonal sharma: galat baat hae
heart_virus_here: haan
heart_virus_here: i know
heart_virus_here: mom…wana see tht aunty i hv converted tht recording in to small pics to show my mom
heart_virus_here: accha mom aap aaj mood mein nahi hai…i think u lil worried abt smthng
sonal sharma: no beta
heart_virus_here: bete ko nahi bataogi kya hu
sonal sharma: nahio
sonal sharma: worry
sonal sharma: nahi
sonal sharma: ese hi
sonal sharma: really
heart_virus_here: ok…kya hua mom…itne dull kyon ho aaj
heart_virus_here: ok.pakka n…..
heart_virus_here: periods chal rahe hain kya mom
sonal sharma: no
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: mom plzz dekh lo uss aunty ko ek bar
heart_virus_here: plzz
sonal sharma: kaha na
sonal sharma: nahi
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: just once
heart_virus_here: only one pic
sonal sharma: fir decent talk karoge
heart_virus_here: cpmpare her wth u plzz
sonal sharma: koi gandi baat nahi
sonal sharma: promise
heart_virus_here: ok promise
sonal sharma: show
sonal sharma has accepted your invitation to start photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: how is she mom
sonal sharma: moti hae
sonal sharma has closed photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: ok…aapse kitni moti hin
sonal sharma: tumne mujhe dekha to hae
heart_virus_here: haan
sonal sharma: maen to kaafi patli hun
heart_virus_here: n wat u thnk….how bigger her gaand thn my moms
sonal sharma: fats haen
sonal sharma: shape maen hona laga baat hoti hae
heart_virus_here: haan u rght
heart_virus_here: thts y i’m crazy for mom’s anus
sonal sharma: bass
sonal sharma: abb simple baat
heart_virus_here: bt i think she will hide my face kin her gaand
heart_virus_here: mom sorry bolna hai aapko ek bat ke liye
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: i masturbated thinking this aunt n her daughter
heart_virus_here: i wana she u her daughters too
sonal sharma: shut up
heart_virus_here: r u angry ki i fantasised thm
sonal sharma: hmm
heart_virus_here: sorry moim..i was angry wth u tahst y
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: simple baatien
heart_virus_here: otherwise evryday i mastturbate 3times…always u mom…
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: kyaaaaaaaaa
sonal sharma: shara nahi aati
sonal sharma: besharam
heart_virus_here: just once c her daughter too plzz mom
heart_virus_here: nahi…mom ko bahut sara pyar diya maine
heart_virus_here: bt penis gussa hai mom se
heart_virus_here: usse mom ne pyar nahi kiya
sonal sharma: simple chat karo abb
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: acch mom bas last time naughty…wana show u my angry tool
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: once
heart_virus_here: last thng
heart_virus_here: dont say nethng just c once
heart_virus_here: plzz
heart_virus_here: bete ke khatir
heart_virus_here: man jao
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heart_virus_here: plzz
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: mommmmmm
heart_virus_here: y bye
heart_virus_here: accha sorry naaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: aise hi chali jaogi gussa ho ke bete se
sonal sharma: simple chat karo
heart_virus_here: bete ko daant do na…bnye kyon kaha
heart_virus_here: okk
heart_virus_here: accha batao
heart_virus_here: kya kiya itne din
sonal sharma: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: kabh yad to aayi nahi hogi bwete ki
sonal sharma: sonal ayi hae
heart_virus_here: ki koi wait karta hoga mom ka
sonal sharma: kehti net band karna hae
heart_virus_here: usse bhaga do
sonal sharma: kehti jada use na ksro
sonal sharma: kharab ho jaega
sonal sharma: hey
sonal sharma: sonal here
heart_virus_here: nahi jhtth kahti hai9
sonal sharma: maen band kar rhi hun
heart_virus_here: sonal listen now
sonal sharma: bhaga do
sonal sharma: acha ji
heart_virus_here: shut up n suno
heart_virus_here: mom was nt in tht mood
sonal sharma: mujhe kuch nahi sunna
heart_virus_here: she told me she will nt chat again if i talkded naughty today
heart_virus_here: listen na
heart_virus_here: aaj sham ko u will c her choot n her kachhi
sonal sharma: i dnt care
heart_virus_here: promise
heart_virus_here: promise naaaaaaa
sonal sharma: abhiiiiiiii
heart_virus_here: she was nt in mood duffer
sonal sharma: warna band kar rahi hun
heart_virus_here: ok gv me time thn
heart_virus_here: 20 mins i need
sonal sharma: maen 10 mint ka aur tyime deti hun
sonal sharma: abki baar maen sidha aake band kar dungi
sonal sharma: baat bhi nahi karungi
heart_virus_here: accha
sonal sharma: 10 means 10
heart_virus_here: jao ba
heart_virus_here: n close the door
heart_virus_here: lock door from outside thn
sonal sharma: mere samne dena
sonal sharma: kaho use
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: abhi
sonal sharma: i m going
heart_virus_here: ok..come aftr 15 mins
sonal sharma: door band kar dungi
heart_virus_here: lock d door
sonal sharma: hmm
sonal sharma: mm ko paani lane bheja hae
sonal sharma: aa gaui
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: mom
heart_virus_here: u there
sonal sharma: han
heart_virus_here: bolo jaldi se
heart_virus_here: listen now carefully
sonal sharma: wo jana padha tha
sonal sharma: abb bolo
heart_virus_here: sonal is blackmailing us now
heart_virus_here: u hv to cnahge ur mood now…she needs ur kachhi now..nahi to she will close d net n wont let us chat again ever
heart_virus_here: so u decide if wana chat wth ur beta in future or not..she is in no mood to compromise
sonal sharma: use de to dee thi
sonal sharma: black
sonal sharma: aur kya chahihe use abb
heart_virus_here: aaj jo pahni hai wo bhi
heart_virus_here: ots on now..
sonal sharma: wo red waali hae
sonal sharma: jo kaha tha
sonal sharma: wesi hi dubara aayi thi
heart_virus_here: koi bat nahi….ek din ke liye de do aaj
heart_virus_here: haan
sonal sharma: pehle use kaho meri wo wapis kare
heart_virus_here: she needs it for one day
heart_virus_here: kar degi….bt aaj usse de do ye
heart_virus_here: n naughty mood mein aa jao
heart_virus_here: ur door is locked
heart_virus_here: so come on mom
sonal sharma: what
heart_virus_here: mom now b naughty
heart_virus_here: decide fast
heart_virus_here: kachhi ya beta
sonal sharma: no
sonal sharma: i cant
heart_virus_here: jaldi bolo
sonal sharma: rehne do
heart_virus_here: thn sorry mom..she wont allow us to chat thn
heart_virus_here: shut uppppppppp
heart_virus_here: accept this now
heart_virus_here: fast
heart_virus_here: mom fast
heart_virus_here: nt much time
sonal sharma: rehne do
sonal sharma: bye
heart_virus_here: wats this yar
heart_virus_here: wat bye
heart_virus_here: yahi beta beta kahti thi
heart_virus_here: ek kachhi ke liye wo bhi ek din ke liye
heart_virus_here: ok…if kachhi is better thn my penis thn as u wish
heart_virus_here: go to ur husband
heart_virus_here: mom
heart_virus_here: thnks for all d chat
heart_virus_here: i love u mom
heart_virus_here: will miss u
sonal sharma: kya uske saamne utaar ke dun
heart_virus_here: haan
sonal sharma: no
sonal sharma: plz
sonal sharma: understand
sonal sharma: m her mom
heart_virus_here: wat u wearing now
heart_virus_here: fst c this
sonal sharma: track suit
sonal sharma has declined your invitation to start photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: accept tht photo
sonal sharma: noooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: accept it mom thn u will feel easy in doing tht
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: nooooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: do now as me saying mom
sonal sharma: kaha naa
heart_virus_here: dont make me angry nemore
sonal sharma: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: kaha naaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: plzz
heart_virus_here: u will feel better
sonal sharma: no
heart_virus_here: comon
sonal sharma: kuch nahi dekhnaa
heart_virus_here: comonn
heart_virus_here: dekho abhi
sonal sharma: sunta nahi kya
heart_virus_here: comonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
sonal sharma has declined your invitation to start photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: wqat u wearing now
sonal sharma: track suit
heart_virus_here: ur door is locked…jaldi se utar do kachhi n put it on bed,..she will come n take it withot sayng nethng to u
heart_virus_here: she knows now tht we fuck eachother …we mom n son n wife n husband too
heart_virus_here: she knoiws everythng
heart_virus_here: n dont forget momn…its coz of sonal we r together
sonal sharma: ok ok
heart_virus_here: u know nhow much she cares for u…i’ll gv u one example
heart_virus_here: wana know
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: she doesnt allow me to enetr her nemore…she says mom ke andar ghasana..she needs it more…….
sonal sharma: utaar di
sonal sharma: but its wet
sonal sharma: saari chip chip hae
heart_virus_here: y wet…whn it was simple chat today mom…haan…chori pakdi gayi mom ki
sonal sharma: nahi
sonal sharma: abhi leak hua hae
heart_virus_here: kyon hua…tell
heart_virus_here: mere loye hi na mom bolo……..
sonal sharma: abb panty ki baatien hui
sonal sharma: to leak hua
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmm…..
sonal sharma: use kaho
sonal sharma: kal le le
sonal sharma: mujhe sharam aa rahi hae
heart_virus_here: so now my mom in just lower wth no kachhi
sonal sharma: ke geeli padhi hae
heart_virus_here: chup mom……..
heart_virus_here: mom now c this plzzzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: now u in mood i know
sonal sharma has declined your invitation to start photo sharing.

heart_virus_here: comon mom
sonal sharma: sirf chat
heart_virus_here: dekh lo na ek bar
heart_virus_here: ek bar dekh to lo
sonal sharma: shd i call her
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzz
sonal sharma: ke le jaaye
heart_virus_here: no
sonal sharma: wo door knock kar rhi hae
heart_virus_here: she will come herself only
heart_virus_here: k
sonal sharma: ya
sonal sharma: sonal here
sonal sharma: kaam hua
sonal sharma: tell her mere samne utaare..
heart_virus_here: sonal mom is blushing now..c her face..she is pantyless now..see on bed…her wet kachhi
heart_virus_here: its on bed already
sonal sharma: nahi hae
sonal sharma: or mene kaha tha
heart_virus_here: its there yar
sonal sharma: mere samne utargi
heart_virus_here: u didnt say this
heart_virus_here: now enough yar..u need panty u got it
heart_virus_here: comon now leave me n mom plzz
sonal sharma: nooooooooooo
sonal sharma: kah atha
heart_virus_here: if u wana see her choot in evening leave her now
heart_virus_here: comon take ur kachhi n go na
sonal sharma: no
sonal sharma: kahan naa
heart_virus_here: bt wo ab utar chuki hain
heart_virus_here: n track mein unko poori nangi hona padega tumhe akchhi dene ke liye
sonal sharma: then tell her to remove her paama
sonal sharma: and show me
heart_virus_here: wat u wana see
sonal sharma: her chhoot
heart_virus_here: ek shart pe
sonal sharma: no shart
heart_virus_here: listen frst
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: u will hv toi tell me how is her choot diffrnt from urs n u will pull down her pajayama
sonal sharma: meri bhi ekk shart hae
heart_virus_here: haan
sonal sharma: i will fingur her
sonal sharma: ha ha
heart_virus_here: thats ur wish…do if u cud…bt she will show u her choot from back
heart_virus_here: y u wana b lesbian yar
heart_virus_here: just c it n go
heart_virus_here: she will die wth shynes syar
heart_virus_here: thnk abt her
sonal sharma: i dnt care
sonal sharma: back se nahi
sonal sharma: samne se dekhni hae
heart_virus_here: ok
sonal sharma: aur ekk baar tch karni hae
heart_virus_here: i’ll ask her to lift her hands n allow u do nethng…u pull down her lower n finger at same time wthiot gvng her time to react
sonal sharma: ok
heart_virus_here: she shud nt know abt our palns
sonal sharma: par maen type nahi kar paungi
heart_virus_here: ok………bt u will tell me how hers is diffrnt from ur choot
sonal sharma: hath laga ke batati hun
sonal sharma: ok
sonal sharma: shd i call her
heart_virus_here: ok so listen now…
sonal sharma: kya
heart_virus_here: i’ll say ki sonal says she has betetr waist n height thn to compare plzz stand wth ur hands up
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: n u do ur work
sonal sharma: ok
heart_virus_here: accha u happy for akchhi na
heart_virus_here: atleast thnk me yar
sonal sharma: tks
heart_virus_here: start operation mom’s vagina
heart_virus_here: hahahaha
heart_virus_here: dont go just call her
sonal sharma: haan beta,ye kya tang kari ja rahi hae sonal aaj
sonal sharma: baat hi nahi ho rahi
heart_virus_here: mom i had fght wth sonal
sonal sharma: kya hua
heart_virus_here: she says she has better waist n height thn u…i say mom has better…
sonal sharma: wo thodi lambi hae mujhse
sonal sharma: i know
sonal sharma: dnt fight
heart_virus_here: nahi…i’ll prove her ki i know momk better thn her…so mom just for one minute u plzz stand wth ur hands in air upside n she will also stand n tell me who is taller
heart_virus_here: comon
heart_virus_here: sonal stand up wth mom
sonal sharma: oh ho
heart_virus_here: let me prove mom is sexier
sonal sharma: mujhe pata hae na
heart_virus_here: comon mom
sonal sharma: i m 5,5
heart_virus_here: comon mom
heart_virus_here: no
sonal sharma: she is 5,6.5
heart_virus_here: stand uppppppppp
heart_virus_here: i’ll show her tht i know mom
sonal sharma: bekaar ki baat kar rah eho
heart_virus_here: comon mom just 1 min
heart_virus_here: nahi
heart_virus_here: utho
heart_virus_here: stand up now mom
heart_virus_here: jaldi se
sonal sharma: ok ok
heart_virus_here: sonal ki bacchi ko dikha doonga aja
heart_virus_here: n mom close ur eyes too
heart_virus_here: while standinmg
sonal sharma: rajat
sonal sharma: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: kya hua
heart_virus_here: u sonal or mom
sonal sharma: ye kya
heart_virus_here: kya hua
heart_virus_here: kya hua momji?
heart_virus_here: mom u there