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sonam has just dropped her hubby off at the airport and is looking for some company late night

niraj_the_guy: hi…
sonam_le: asl
niraj_the_guy: male 28 kol…urs plz..
sonam_le: name?
niraj_the_guy: ur asl plz.??
niraj_the_guynn: hmm am nirajan.
sonam_le: 26/f/kol
niraj_the_guy: oki..thanx..
niraj_the_guy: wat u do sonam..??
sonam_le: h wife
sonam_le: you, niraj?
niraj_the_guy: hmmm…nice
niraj_the_guy: am wrking in IT..
sonam_le: ok
niraj_the_guy: where r u now sonam..??
sonam_le: ofcourse home
niraj_the_guy: but its too late na ..stilll awaken..?
sonam_le: yaa
sonam_le: hubby had a flight
niraj_the_guy: oh….
niraj_the_guy: so wat ur hubby does ..
sonam_le: job

niraj_the_guy: can u call u as sonam na….wont mind or will call u bhabi..??
sonam_le: u can call me bhabhi
niraj_the_guy: oki..bhabiji….thanx..
niraj_the_guy: u had any babies..??
niraj_the_guy: sry hav
sonam_le: no
niraj_the_guy: hmm..nice married since..??
sonam_le: 1 yr
niraj_the_guy: oki..
niraj_the_guy: so ur hubby has to go to which place ..??if u wont mind..
sonam_le: thailand
niraj_the_guy: oki…its a beautifull place u shud also accompany him na…
niraj_the_guy: :-p
sonam_le: he in official toujr with his colleague
niraj_the_guy: oki…
niraj_the_guy: well wat u r doig rt now ..??
sonam_le: nothing
niraj_the_guy: must be preparing some break fast or..wat..??
niraj_the_guy: ohh sry bahbiji….i shud call u na..
niraj_the_guy: as bhabiji..
niraj_the_guy: hey bhabiji u dere ??
poojaagar8: yes raj
niraj_the_guy: oki…wat r u doing RT now dear
niraj_the_guy: in kitchen for tea..??
sonam_le: no
sonam_le: in my room
niraj_the_guy: still inside blanket na..??
niraj_the_guy: :-p
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: its reallly too cold na..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: so u on lappy or desk top…dear..???
sonam_le: desk top
niraj_the_guy: so usually u do chatng on yahoo…?
sonam_le: i am new
niraj_the_guy: oki….
niraj_the_guy: can i add u in my list plz…
sonam_le: ok raj
niraj_the_guy: thanx bhabi…
niraj_the_guy: so who r in ur house bhabiji..
sonam_le: me and hubby
niraj_the_guy: parents..nt dere..??
sonam_le: no
niraj_the_guy: so u will get bored na ..since hubby is going out ..?
sonam_le: hmmmmmmmmmmm
niraj_the_guy: for how many days hubby will be out..bhabiji..?
sonam_le: around 10 days
niraj_the_guy: u can stay alone for 10 ur house..??
niraj_the_guy: wont feel uncomfortable…??
sonam_le: i has to
sonam_le: no other option
niraj_the_guy: oki….dats true too..
niraj_the_guy: bhabiji…what is ur favrt outfit…?
sonam_le: saaree
niraj_the_guy: saree good choice…i too like ..
niraj_the_guy: well dear where u had been to on ur honeymoon…??
sonam_le: simla
sonam_le: and bangkok
niraj_the_guy: good place na lot of snow…s..dere na..
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: enjoyable..trip..??
sonam_le: hmmmmmmmmm
niraj_the_guy: bangok..had been to famous pataya beach..???
sonam_le: oh
sonam_le: for 1 day
niraj_the_guy: how was it..??
sonam_le: nice
niraj_the_guy: its a famous place..n really enjoyable place na..
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: so wat u do alone n pass ur time dear..??
sonam_le: nothing much when ur bhaiya is out
niraj_the_guy: so wat u do..?? u love to go out..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: do u drive dear.?
sonam_le: i do niraj
niraj_the_guy: which one..??
sonam_le: santro
niraj_the_guy: wat…i too hav dat one….:-bd
sonam_le: ok
niraj_the_guy: but mine color is bright silver..urs..??
sonam_le: blue
niraj_the_guy: oki…..:-bd
niraj_the_guy: so wat abt ur food..n all??
sonam_le: i like all
niraj_the_guy: i mean u hav any maid or u know cooking..??
sonam_le: i know cooking
niraj_the_guy: so wat u cook the best sonamji…
sonam_le: chola bhatura
sonam_le: ur bhiaya loves it
niraj_the_guy: great…its a nice item…i love dat…
niraj_the_guy: oki….now tell me dear u enjoying chatng wth me na..??
sonam_le: yes
sonam_le: u are nice man
niraj_the_guy: well thanx for ur compiments..
niraj_the_guy: u love watching movies..?
sonam_le: not much
niraj_the_guy: wats ur hubby sonamji..?
sonam_le: means
niraj_the_guy: ur hubby…(habits)
sonam_le: cooking
niraj_the_guy: not husband wala hubby
sonam_le: i love to travell
niraj_the_guy: oki…..u like photography..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: i too….like photography..
sonam_le: ok
sonam_le: u have any sample of ur photography?
niraj_the_guy: rtly not here…
niraj_the_guy: in my external hard disk…
sonam_le: oh
niraj_the_guy: now am on my
sonam_le: ok
niraj_the_guy: well sonamji…if u wont mind why u didnt join any job..??
sonam_le: i will if i get any nice job
niraj_the_guy: ur educationa in which field dear.?
sonam_le: ba
niraj_the_guy: oki….
niraj_the_guy: so wat sort of job u need to do.??
sonam_le: i prefer marketing
sonam_le: as i love to travel
niraj_the_guy: but ur hubby will allow to travel alone..??
sonam_le: yes why not
sonam_le: even he travells a lot
niraj_the_guy: but he wont be scared abt u..since u must be beautifull and too young lady na..:-p
sonam_le: so what
niraj_the_guy: hubbys generally always protect dere wives..n if they are beautifull den hubbys even put more
niraj_the_guy: 😡
sonam_le: i dont like restrictions
sonam_le: and i dont even restrict him ever
niraj_the_guy: dats too good…dear..nice..
niraj_the_guy: well if u wont mind can i guess abt ur figure n all like ur height…??
niraj_the_guy: 😕
sonam_le: what
niraj_the_guy: may be 5.5
sonam_le: 5.4
niraj_the_guy: oki..
niraj_the_guy: ur hubys height..??
poojaagar8: 5.8
niraj_the_guy: nice…a tall man..
niraj_the_guy: u do exercices ..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: go to GYM..??
sonam_le: no
sonam_le: yoga
niraj_the_guy: oki…u must be health
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy den i guees ur weight will be 45-50 kgs..
sonam_le: 48
niraj_the_guy: RT i guessed na….
sonam_le: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
niraj_the_guy: now the difficult part have to
sonam_le: what?
niraj_the_guy: if u wont mind..den only..
sonam_le: what
niraj_the_guy: ur waiste size sonamji..
sonam_le: ?
niraj_the_guy: shall i go for guessing..??
sonam_le: ok
niraj_the_guy: will be 38-30 inch…
niraj_the_guy: sry 28-30
sonam_le: 28
niraj_the_guy: but u dont wear jeans na..???den how u know ur size..??
sonam_le: i do sometime
sonam_le: my hubby wanted me to wear western in thailand
niraj_the_guy: hmmm..oki..
niraj_the_guy: now wat to guess u u..??
niraj_the_guy: 2 things r left out..
sonam_le: what
niraj_the_guy: females figure is described in three figures…u know na…dear…like the best models hav 36-24-36..
niraj_the_guy: do u know wats wat..??
sonam_le: hmmmmmmmmmm
niraj_the_guy: so urs i guss will be 34-28-34
sonam_le: 36/28/38
niraj_the_guy: oki….i mean u hav upper 36 n lower 38 na..??
sonam_le: means
niraj_the_guy: 1st one is of ur upper part middle ur waiste n lower is ur lower part…
niraj_the_guy: got it..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: so i guess ur figure looks great bhabiji….
niraj_the_guy: am imagining…only..
sonam_le: ok
niraj_the_guy: u r nt angry na…bhabiji..?
sonam_le: no no
niraj_the_guy: oki..thanx….thoda sa main dargayatha….poojaji..
niraj_the_guy: :-p
niraj_the_guy: hubby left for airport..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: u didnt go to see him up..??
sonam_le: i did
niraj_the_guy: achha…
niraj_the_guy: so sonamji can i ask u abt ur honeymoon…??
sonam_le: what
niraj_the_guy: how was it…??
sonam_le: nice
niraj_the_guy: can i see ur cam dear..??
sonam_le: its not working
niraj_the_guy: its on na..
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: but it says its on na..
sonam_le: but pic not coming
niraj_the_guy: u do one thng…switch off the cam and again lunch the will come..try it..
sonam_le: i tried
sonam_le: not coming
niraj_the_guy: my bad luck na..cant see u…(
sonam_le: its ok
niraj_the_guy: well abt ur first night can i ask some thng..??
sonam_le: what?
niraj_the_guy: ur 1st night wth ur hubby bhabiji…
sonam_le: ?
niraj_the_guy: aap naraj ho gaye..kya..??
sonam_le: no
niraj_the_guy: can i ask den..?
sonam_le: what
niraj_the_guy: in ur honeymoon night how many times u had …sex..??
sonam_le: 2
niraj_the_guy: how he did can u tell me plz..
sonam_le: means
niraj_the_guy: in which position n all.
sonam_le: i feel shy raj
niraj_the_guy: common sonam its open na….feel free to
niraj_the_guy: feel free..
niraj_the_guy: how it started…explain na..
sonam_le: hmmmmmmmmmm
sonam_le: i feel shy
niraj_the_guy: gradually u tell…
sonam_le: we went to disc
niraj_the_guy: oki..
niraj_the_guy: den..
sonam_le: i was drunked
niraj_the_guy: oh….u drink too….good..
niraj_the_guy: den..
sonam_le: we went to walking street
niraj_the_guy: hmmm….
niraj_the_guy: den
sonam_le: he took me for live show
niraj_the_guy: where..??
sonam_le: in walking street
niraj_the_guy: live show of wat..??
sonam_le: sex
sonam_le: in pataya
niraj_the_guy: oki
niraj_the_guy: so den..
sonam_le: it was crowded
niraj_the_guy: hmm..den
sonam_le: he took 4-5 pegs there
niraj_the_guy: n u..took..?
sonam_le: he was totally out of sense
sonam_le: i was half out
niraj_the_guy: hmmm…den
sonam_le: i felt something hard from back
niraj_the_guy: hmm….in the show itself..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: den…next..
sonam_le: i realised it was 3 negro guys standing just at my back
niraj_the_guy: wat..???
sonam_le: yes
sonam_le: i felt a hand going inside my skirt from back
niraj_the_guy: ohh….den..
sonam_le: i was getting horny
niraj_the_guy: hmm…
sonam_le: 1 of them went to my hubby
sonam_le: and started talking to him
sonam_le: and offered him drinks
niraj_the_guy: hmmmmm…den
sonam_le: while another one was playing with my body from back
sonam_le: i was aroused watching show
niraj_the_guy: hmm…back meance ur ass….??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: den next…
sonam_le: he invited my hubby to their room for drinks
niraj_the_guy: hmm…
sonam_le: so we wnt
sonam_le: my hubby was totally out
niraj_the_guy: den…??
sonam_le: the 2 guys took me to toilet
sonam_le: made me nude
sonam_le: and licked my pussy and ass
niraj_the_guy: wow……
sonam_le: they were very strong
niraj_the_guy: u hav shaved pussy..??
sonam_le: i realised when they opened their pant
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: black big 9 inch long..??
sonam_le: yes
niraj_the_guy: u sucked his cock..??
niraj_the_guy: bhabiji…
niraj_the_guy: 😕