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sonam: hi im sonam 4rm mum 22 fhere
rajat: 26 m del
rajat: i’m rajat
rajat: wana chat sonam
sonam: ya ok but decent ok
rajat: ok…as u wish
rajat: so sonam more abt u plzz
rajat: wat u do dear
sonam: well me im doing my fashion desing cource
rajat: mmmm nice
sonam: im a big time clothing freek love shopping a lot
sonam: loves fashion
rajat: thts universal…
rajat: shopping dresses n thn matchng sandals
sonam: yes
sonam: at times

sonam: but more on clothing
sonam: as im into desngi
rajat: mmmm ok
rajat: so u quite stylish
sonam: yup
rajat: so sonam..ur hobbies othr thn shopping
rajat: so u originally frm mumbai only?…
sonam: yes im
rajat: okkk
rajat: so who all in d family..u youngest child?
sonam: yes
rajat: mmmm….
rajat: so sonam aur batao
rajat: wch dress u like most
sonam: well me mom dad and elder bro
rajat: traditional indian or western outfits
rajat: mmmm nice
rajat: do u also ur clothes urself too
sonam: no no i have just started 1 yera
rajat: kkk
sonam: well me im mostly into western outfits
sonam: i dnt like indian that much
rajat: mmm..ok
rajat: so wat in westrn u like most
rajat: jeans tees or skirts
sonam: hmm well jeans are normal
sonam: well skirts
sonam: yes i go 4 skirts gowns
sonam: tops
sonam: dresses
sonam: mostly paijamaas
rajat: mmmm…so prefer long or mini ones
rajat: pyjamas looks cool
sonam: well depedns
rajat: u like harem pants?
sonam: what that
rajat: wo u see those belly dancers frm arabic
rajat: tht types
rajat: lose pyjamas types
sonam: oh ok kapri
sonam: yes i love those as well
rajat: capri is lil dfrnt
sonam: yes
rajat: mmmm…
rajat: so whn u wear skirts do u tke ne xtra precautions?
sonam: means
sonam: ???
rajat: means…u r more careful the way u sit n all
sonam: ohh yes yes i have to
rajat: mmm..thr is rule also whn u in minis n gtng out of car..both legs shud b togthr
rajat: or newhr…u hv to hv tht habbit
sonam: heheh ya true
sonam: ya actually i have that habbit cause mostly i prefer skirts short once
sonam: but nt too short
rajat: so sonam wch cloth material is best for human body accordng to u
rajat: mmm..nice
sonam: well cotton i guess
rajat: okkk
sonam: i feel cotoon is good
sonam: or jeans
rajat: ok..n wat u feel abt saree a sa dress
sonam: well saress
sonam: i dnt like it
sonam: im away with indian
sonam: clothes
sonam: dnt like it
rajat: okk
rajat: but ever wear saree?
rajat: u knw how to wear a saree?
sonam: no
rajat: okk
sonam: no
rajat: haha okk
rajat: so whn u wear short skirt do u wear shorts inside tht or…i mean do u tke this much precaution too
sonam: hmm ya
sonam: but depeds nt always
sonam: some times like when i go out to party
rajat: ok
sonam: at that time i do wear it
rajat: okk…
rajat: haha
sonam: but if im goin just down in my building 4 a walk or some thing at that time i dnt
sonam: or at home
rajat: kkk
rajat: so sonam r bu single or boyfrnd?
sonam: well me single
sonam: dnt like to get into relations
sonam: actually i have soo many skirts cause normally i do wear them a lot
rajat: mmm…u not much emotional …i cn sense tht…am i rght?
sonam: ya
rajat: ok…
rajat: r u still wearng a skirt?
sonam: ya at home i do wear it
rajat: waise i find gals vry b’ful in long skirts
sonam: well i feel long skirts are like too heavy
sonam: so dnt like them
rajat: okk
sonam: the same material in long skirts what u get i like them in short once
rajat: han ye to hai but they look elegant to me in tht
sonam: hm ok
rajat: they mke u look taller also na
sonam: yes
rajat: mmmm….so aur batao sonam…
sonam: i mean its in fashion rite nw
rajat: han….
rajat: wat type of tops u wear
sonam: so fashion is where im
rajat: mmmm…
rajat: n u thr whr fashion is
sonam: yes
rajat: tank n tube tops?
rajat: wats d dfrnce
sonam: yes i do
sonam: its just the lace
sonam: nting else
rajat: okkk
sonam: but i normally prefer normal tops t shirts types
rajat: okkk…
rajat: so r u stylish in innerwears too
sonam: hmm well no nt that much
sonam: those are normal once
rajat: okkk
rajat: ne brand nu prefer?
sonam: well no those are normalonce
sonam: or at times 4rm lovable
rajat: okkk…
rajat: so nornmal shapes or thongs n strings too?
sonam: no no normal once
rajat: ok…
rajat: long skirts i also like as i hv a fantasy too related wth thm
rajat: whn i went to college thn i saw gals in long skirts so i dvlopd tht fantasy thr
rajat: so i like thm
sonam: fantasy ???
sonam: in collage like what
rajat: wel…i feel like a gal in long skirt…kisisng her….n slolwy raising it…
rajat: i mean dnt knw y but it has developed
sonam: well i dnt get that
sonam: u feel like a gilr ????
rajat: no no yar
rajat: i feel ki a gal in lonmg skirt
rajat: i feel like kissing her smooching her
rajat: n thn while smoocng wana raise her skirt slolwy…
sonam: oh ok got it
sonam: heheh
rajat: haha
sonam: u guys na really have dirty dirty fantasies about any 1
sonam: trust me
rajat: infact once in college a gal in long skirt was sitting wth knees up n legs seperated so a full gap was created
rajat: comon yar…wats dirty…its romantic na
sonam: oh shit what u saying
rajat: yeah…she was not cautious n gap was thr….
sonam: oh fuck hw can a girl sit like that when she is wearing a skirt man
rajat: bas she was with frnds
rajat: i mean not fully visible
rajat: to all
sonam: but still yaar
sonam: oh god
rajat: but if smone walked in front of her n try to c all was visible thr
sonam: oh fuck
rajat: it was all visible…
sonam: what u saying
rajat: han…
sonam: u jhoking
rajat: no no
rajat: her all panties wre visible
sonam: oh shit
rajat: but normally gals wear low waist jeans yar
rajat: panties r mostly visible
sonam: ya thats normal
rajat: mmmm…
rajat: so u do swimming ever?
sonam: well no i dnt knw
rajat: okk
rajat: so sonam wats ur most embarrsng momnt in life ever
sonam: hm well nting as such
sonam: dnt remeber nw
rajat: ok…
rajat: so wat all u wearng now sonam
sonam: well its was long back in school i guess when i was in 10th
rajat: ok..thn
sonam: well actually was standing on the 2nd floor
rajat: okkk
sonam: in my school and there was like too much of breeze there
rajat: okkk
sonam: so cause of that my skirt lifted up and all the guys stupid guys were all staring at me
sonam: and i felt so fuck all
rajat: haha…so they saw all
rajat: haha…
sonam: ya
rajat: okk…
rajat: school mein to ye sab hota rahta hai..i too hv seen many under skirts
sonam: oh shit hw
rajat: once my pencil box fell down
rajat: main usse uthane jhuka peeche ki side
rajat: peeche wali gal legs spread karke baithi thi
rajat: it was all so closely visible
sonam: oh fuck
rajat: once we wre on a trip…
sonam: i dnt knw but some hw i dnt like wearing skirts at home nw
rajat: so in room we all boys n gals wre sitting
rajat: i was lying on floor over d mattress
rajat: suddenly a gal got up n her long skirt…it covered my mouth
rajat: so i saw her all
sonam: fuck
sonam: ya it happens when u wear a skirt
sonam: thats y i stopped wearing skirts at home nw
rajat: so i saw her all?
rajat: ghar pe kya ho jayega
sonam: i mean i have bro at home yaar it dosent look good
rajat: yes
rajat: u rght
sonam: i mean when u sti and all it dosent look good
rajat: ‘n ghar pe u get careless too
sonam: ya
sonam: but no body like stops me by wearing it and all but still
sonam: they support me a lot
rajat: mmm..nhi theek hai
sonam: for skirts and all
rajat: good
rajat: so sonam how u look
rajat: ur height…figure…hairstyle n hair length
sonam: most of the time like when every my bro goes out for shopping he will always get some skirts 4 me
sonam: in all this matter they support me a lot
rajat: thtas good
sonam: they say u look good in fashion
rajat: mmm
sonam: they are very sweet
rajat: nice
rajat: so how u look sonam
sonam: well me just a sec
rajat: okkk
rajat: nice height
rajat: n nice dusky skin
sonam: thanks
rajat: ur hairstyle is..blunt?
sonam: yes
rajat: so sonam u all virgin?
sonam: well me no
rajat: okk
rajat: but u hv no boyfrnd na?
sonam: ya i dnt
sonam: just had it with few of my friends
rajat: okkk
rajat: wat age u did it frst time
sonam: i brothers friends
rajat: okkk
sonam: well it was when i was 20
rajat: ok..was it painful frst time?
rajat: n did u njy it?
sonam: yes it was
rajat: did u bleed?
sonam: actually my parents go out of india 4 10 days for business
rajat: okk
sonam: and at that time we use to party like my brothers use to call thier friends home and we use to all party and all
rajat: okkk
rajat: so wth how many u did till now?
rajat: did u bleed frst time
sonam: and my brothers love to make me dance infront of them
sonam: well no
rajat: okkk
rajat: so u tried anal sex ever?
sonam: yes
rajat: n how was it…
sonam: good
rajat: mmmm…so wat u like best ins ex
sonam: well sucking a cock
rajat: ur body is very sexy infact…n ur boobs r really big
sonam: yes
sonam: my brothers love that
sonam: when i do that
rajat: evn ur ass…they r round n big
rajat: ever seen other gals nude?
sonam: yes
rajat: who..
rajat: neone in family?
sonam: my bhabhi
rajat: ok…
rajat: poori nangi?
sonam: yup
rajat: okk…
rajat: u got voice cht or cam dear?
sonam: no
rajat: mmmm….how is ur vagina sonam
rajat: i think its big n black thick one
sonam: fucked
rajat: mmm…
rajat: is it hairy
sonam: yes
rajat: mmm…ur anus must b lil hairy na
rajat: do u maon loudly whle gtng fucked?
sonam: yes
rajat: ok…
rajat: wats d best position u like
sonam is typing…
sonam: gand me
rajat: mmmm….
rajat: kitna chudti ho naormally
sonam has closed photo sharing.