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sonia364u: pink
heart_virus_here: hiiiii.wat shape is it n wats that tiniest cloth
heart_virus_here: nice color
sonia364u: my panty
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: asl plz
sonia364u: f23
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: how many panties u have sonia
heart_virus_here: actually me crazy for panties
heart_virus_here: they xtie me more than nude gals
sonia364u: 4
sonia364u: asl?
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: 24,m,del

heart_virus_here: u wear panties or thongs too
heart_virus_here: wat color r they
sonia364u: thongs?
heart_virus_here: woh hoti hai n apanty jisme peeche pura khula rahta hai
heart_virus_here: just a small string wch fits in ass cheeks
sonia364u: only p i wear no thongs
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: do u keep clean there or jungle
sonia364u: u chat really erotic
heart_virus_here: yeahhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: plzz
heart_virus_here: i wana chat yar
heart_virus_here: no gf
heart_virus_here: so i need a net frnd
heart_virus_here: plzz tell
sonia364u: ok
sonia364u: bolo
heart_virus_here: u keep pubes clean or dense
sonia364u: i keep hairs
heart_virus_here: mmmmm….i like them……..
heart_virus_here: virgin?
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: me too….
sonia364u: mmmmm
heart_virus_here: accha batao abhi kya kya pahna hua hai
heart_virus_here: in detail
sonia364u: salwar kurta blue color,
heart_virus_here: mmmm….uske neeche………..
sonia364u: pink panty n white cotton bra
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…….
heart_virus_here: accha kabhi koi asli penis dekha hai
heart_virus_here: ya uski pic
heart_virus_here: bt asli
heart_virus_here: no net
sonia364u: not in real except boy child
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: kitne bade bo child ki
sonia364u: 5-6
heart_virus_here: wait 2 mins
sonia364u: ok
heart_virus_here: accha yeh batao ki nahati kaise ho
heart_virus_here: puri nagi ho ke ya panty mein
sonia364u: panty pehan kar
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: nangi ho ke nahi
sonia364u: in winter nangi
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: winter mein nangi?
heart_virus_here: thand mein nangi?
sonia364u: yaa i like hot water to pour inside
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…….
heart_virus_here: wana see a full grown boy’s penis
heart_virus_here: real ones
heart_virus_here: hairy
sonia364u: yaa, but how
heart_virus_here: see
heart_virus_here: see carefully
heart_virus_here: then we will chat
heart_virus_here: see fully
heart_virus_here: them
heart_virus_here: tell after u see it
sonia364u: oh mummy
sonia364u: mmmmmmm i just cant imagine
heart_virus_here: seen
heart_virus_here: can v chat now
sonia364u: frm where u got these pics? is it u?
heart_virus_here: ofcorse me yar
heart_virus_here: clicked from my cell
sonia364u: mmmmm i will die soon
heart_virus_here: so tell me
heart_virus_here: how is mine
heart_virus_here: b honest
heart_virus_here: plzz
heart_virus_here: honestly
sonia364u: just incredible
heart_virus_here: u can say nethng u like
heart_virus_here: u liked it
sonia364u: yaa its too big n mature
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
sonia364u: u r head of penis is so pink
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: is it ok inb length n breadth
sonia364u: yaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: u liked the hairs
sonia364u: yaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: u have voice chat
sonia364u: no
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha sacchi batao…….
sonia364u: u r from where
heart_virus_here: isnt it like a car gear or cigar……
heart_virus_here: me from del study in del bt from agra
heart_virus_here: basically
heart_virus_here: wat abt u
sonia364u: yaa its just out of my imagination
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
sonia364u: i m frm del only
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: wat u do
sonia364u: i m working in hospital
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
sonia364u: as a doctor’s secreatry
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: good
heart_virus_here: nice to meet you
heart_virus_here: accha sacchi batao…….kucch hua dekh ke
heart_virus_here: kahan hua?
heart_virus_here: agar huabto
heart_virus_here: kya kya hua
heart_virus_here: honestly
heart_virus_here: comon
heart_virus_here: batao na
sonia364u: yaa i wet inside
sonia364u: driping
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: wat u say pussy in hindi
sonia364u: why u donot know
heart_virus_here: i wana hear from you
heart_virus_here: plzz
sonia364u: mmmmmmmm i think its something…..called……chooooot
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm………..
heart_virus_here: yeahhhhhhh,,,,,,,
heart_virus_here: do u masturbate sonia
sonia364u: i donot know
sonia364u: but i like playing with me
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: aaj play karogi apne saath after seeing my cock
sonia364u: yaa definitely in night,
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha
heart_virus_here: suno
sonia364u: bolo
heart_virus_here: i cant chat everyday……coz me at home these days…….so if u want we can share mails
heart_virus_here: naughty n dirty mails
heart_virus_here: nethng u can ask n write
heart_virus_here: hot mails abt u n me………
sonia364u: ok
heart_virus_here: can i hv ur mail id then
heart_virus_here: see if u have voice chat yar….we can have voice chat now
heart_virus_here: soniaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: kya hua
heart_virus_here: u tghere
heart_virus_here: bolo na
heart_virus_here: add frst
sonia364u: [email]sonia
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: will u reply my mails……..
heart_virus_here: sure?
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: add me plzz
sonia364u: can we share more dirty pics now
heart_virus_here: i dont have more
heart_virus_here: these i hv coz they mine
heart_virus_here: can i see ur pic
heart_virus_here: wana see ur face
heart_virus_here: plzz
heart_virus_here: i need to masturbate
heart_virus_here: so wana see ur pic if possible
sonia364u: no yaar bye
heart_virus_here: y bye?>
heart_virus_here: dont wana chat now?
sonia364u: dont ask for pics
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: i wont
heart_virus_here: to bol diya hota na
heart_virus_here: sidhe bye kar diya
heart_virus_here: i understand
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: its nt safe gvng ur pic
heart_virus_here: fine……
heart_virus_here: bt sidhe bye kyon bol diya
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: dont u think v can b frnds too
heart_virus_here: instead of just sex meniacs
sonia364u: ok
heart_virus_here: soooooo
heart_virus_here: will u reply dirty mail
heart_virus_here: i have sent these pics to ur mail..see have u got them
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: its shwoing failure yar
sonia364u: chat now we will she later for mails
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: bolo kya karna haiiiiiii
heart_virus_here: so aapko accha laga mera lund
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: u think its enoughj for ur choot n anus holes
sonia364u: like that
sonia364u: mmmmm yes
heart_virus_here: okkkk………..
heart_virus_here: can u take it easily in ur choot n anus
sonia364u: dont know, can try after all i m 23 now
heart_virus_here: yeahhhhh………….
heart_virus_here: accha sabse acchi pic kaun si lagi
sonia364u: 5th
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: jisme khada hua hai
heart_virus_here: upar ki oor
sonia364u: yes , aapka naam kiya hai
heart_virus_here: rajat……..
sonia364u: sir name?
heart_virus_here: accha tell me wats the best thng abt my lund n wats the worst that u didnt like
heart_virus_here: rajat chopra
sonia364u: its shape n head
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
sonia364u: nothing bad
heart_virus_here: y head?
heart_virus_here: thnks………
heart_virus_here: pura khada ho gaya hai abhi yeh
sonia364u: its really making salute to some body like a soldier
heart_virus_here: yeahhhhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: its making salute to ur choot………..
heart_virus_here: n anus…….
heart_virus_here: accha how u feel abt 4th pic
sonia364u: really thanks
heart_virus_here: i asked how u feel abt 4th pic
sonia364u: its silent
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: isnt like a snake?
heart_virus_here: who is looking for a place to rest…….
heart_virus_here: wet dark hairy place like a forest
sonia364u: mmmmmmm good
heart_virus_here: so where can i get that place sonia
heart_virus_here: do u knoe ne such place
heart_virus_here: wch can preserve it
heart_virus_here: keep it safe
sonia364u: yaa may be i hav the cave?
heart_virus_here: where is that cave………how is it…can u xplain abt the cave in detail
sonia364u: yaa its between two long legs, its deep n pink in colour, hot in nature
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…….will it keep my sname safe
heart_virus_here: snake
sonia364u: yaa it will be safe n happy
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm………mera snake khada hua hai……..
heart_virus_here: man kar raha hai……….aapki cave ko…….dekh ke ander ghus jaye……….
sonia364u: shyad ise bhook lagi hai
heart_virus_here: accha can u take my sname easily in ur sexy gaanddddddddddddddd
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…………
heart_virus_here: haan
heart_virus_here: bahut bhookha haiiiiiii
heart_virus_here: bolo………le sakogi aasani se apni gaandddddd mein…….
sonia364u: kiya khaega
heart_virus_here: kucch bhi hot sa……garam garam………
heart_virus_here: isse panty se nafrat hai
sonia364u: mmmmmmm
heart_virus_here: dekhte hi phad deta hai………….
heart_virus_here: accha u take my snake easily in ur sexy gaanddddddd………..
sonia364u: mmmmmmmm
sonia364u: no its big
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk……..
heart_virus_here: aaj rat ko kya plan hai karne ka
heart_virus_here: tell me kaise karogi
heart_virus_here: bolo hindi mein
heart_virus_here: every word in hindi
sonia364u: yaar heh bahut bada hai
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk..sooooooo
heart_virus_here: wch pic u seeing now
sonia364u: same4th
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: so
heart_virus_here: bada hai toh……..
heart_virus_here: kya hua?
sonia364u: mujhe darr lagata hai mujjhe dard hoga
heart_virus_here: nahin hoga yar…….
heart_virus_here: dheere dheere……..
heart_virus_here: ghusega na………
heart_virus_here: agar choot mein dard karega to gaand mein kaise logi anadr’
sonia364u: tum bolo naa kaise karoge, its u r duty
heart_virus_here: main to peeche se oil laga doonga………
heart_virus_here: aur lick karunga………
sonia364u: lick anus ko
heart_virus_here: phir dhere se ghusa ke chodunga……..
heart_virus_here: anus ko bhi lick karunga……..
sonia364u: gaanda nahin lagega
heart_virus_here: ungli dalunga pahle phir lund ghusane ki koshish karunga
heart_virus_here: nahi………
heart_virus_here: maza aayega
heart_virus_here: tumhari gaand gandi nahi
heart_virus_here: sexy hai
heart_virus_here: mere lund ko pasand hai
sonia364u: aur mujhe kuch hoga to
heart_virus_here: kya hoga?
sonia364u: soo su aaiga to
sonia364u: aur wo bhi aagai to
heart_virus_here: soosu to aage se aayega na
heart_virus_here: to bhi chodunga………
heart_virus_here: baad mein saaf kar lena…….
heart_virus_here: soo su to lick kar loonga
sonia364u: sacchi
heart_virus_here: haan
heart_virus_here: accha kabhi khade ho ke soosu kiya hai
sonia364u: m no
heart_virus_here: accha yar yeh batao
sonia364u: its like a shower
heart_virus_here: ssosu karti kahans e ho
heart_virus_here: is it choot
heart_virus_here: ya kahan hota hai yeh hole
heart_virus_here: batao
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: same choot jahan lund jata hai
sonia364u: no differant hole with in the orifice
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: soosu to pee jaunga main tumhari
heart_virus_here: mera lund chatogi na
heart_virus_here: pura le ke muh mein
sonia364u: mmmm sab ladke peete hain
sonia364u: yaa
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…………
heart_virus_here: nahi sab nahi peete hain
sonia364u: only tip
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: only tip kyon
heart_virus_here: pura kyon nahi……
sonia364u: hello i hav to leave now, ok bye
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha aaj rat ko apni choot mein mera le lena………..
heart_virus_here: bhoolna mat mujhe……….
heart_virus_here: take care……..
sonia364u: ok
heart_virus_here: byeeee….