rajat: sonpaeri
rajat: very bad
rajat: u forgot ur frnd
rajat: huh
rajat: reply atleast
rajat: sonpariiiiii
sonpari: hey no yar
sonpari: my net connection has a problem so it got dc
rajat: u remember na
sonpari: now i will chat with u
rajat: i was so disappointed
rajat: ok
rajat: voice
sonpari: hey how can i forget u???????
rajat: thnks

rajat: i’m still waiting for ur mails n pic yar
rajat: oice chat?
rajat: voice
sonpari: now u have photo sharing????????????
rajat: hav
rajat: wanasee my pics of penis
sonpari: no i ahve thoso
rajat: see
rajat: carefully
sonpari: hey dont show now my friends r in my home now
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: dont see
sonpari: seen my photo?????????
rajat: no
rajat: send again
sonpari: ok
sonpari: now i will show see
rajat: send
rajat: waiting
sonpari: its with me with my brother
rajat: okkkkkkk………nice yar……..
rajat: i liked it
rajat: thnks
rajat: can u send this to my mail too
sonpari: ok i will send it
rajat: ok
rajat: thnks
rajat: can v do cvoice
rajat: voice now
sonpari: no da my borther is having head phones with him now
sonpari: he took his friends home
rajat: okkkkkkk
sonpari: then
rajat: hey did u do nethng that nght with ur choot
sonpari: no da i did not do any thing but i was nude and slept hugging my pillow
rajat: really…………
rajat: dont lie
sonpari: ya rally
sonpari: i slept like that only
rajat: mmmmmm…grtttttttt……..full nude ho ke……………..
rajat: nt even panty
sonpari: no not even that one also
rajat: mmmmmm….ohhhhhhhhh
rajat: wat did u think
sonpari: wt to think?
rajat: thot nothng?
rajat: abt my lund
sonpari: hey its really nice yaar
rajat: seeen again?
rajat: did u think that ngth abt my lund
sonpari: ya i ahve been seeing it
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: mmmmmmm…….
rajat: accha y u slept nude that day
rajat: tell me reason
sonpari: nothing i felt something new
sonpari: so had my AC in full mode and slept nude with one bedsheet on me and pillow hugging
rajat: what was tghat feeling
rajat: was it coz of my pics n our chat
rajat: or just like that
sonpari: it was bcoz ur pics i think so
rajat: mmmmm……..
rajat: frst time u saw a penis
rajat: rght
sonpari: ya first time in my life till now
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: i hope u didnt tell ur frnds
sonpari: no i dint
rajat: ok
rajat: plzz dont
rajat: they just for you n ur choot……
rajat: u know wat i did that nght……..
rajat: 3 times……..
rajat: u made me masturbate…….
rajat: u know
rajat: 3 times,.
rajat: i was exhausted………..
sonpari: 3 times
rajat: yaaaaaa
sonpari: that was too much……………….
sonpari: hey how do u like sex to be
rajat: yaaaaaaa……….
rajat: u say
rajat: i wana it sift
rajat: long
sonpari: i dont know
rajat: licking
rajat: sucking
rajat: kissing………….
rajat: long foreplay…………
rajat: then entering ur holes
sonpari: wt is this foreplay??????????
rajat: wat abt you
rajat: foreplay means b4 fucking kisisng
rajat: hugging etc.
rajat: sonpari do u have a digi cam?
sonpari: ok
sonpari: no i dont have
rajat: web cam?
rajat: web cam
sonpari: no dont have
rajat: okkkk
sonpari: hey
rajat: ya
rajat: say
sonpari: wt to say???????
rajat: i wanted to see ur panties
sonpari: hey i will ask u one thing
rajat: thats y asked for cam
rajat: ask nethng
rajat: u like
rajat: no hassles
rajat: comon
rajat: free to ask n do nethng
sonpari: ok if i am with u on that day night how would u have done sex with me?????????
rajat: well this i will reply in mail……..
rajat: its long answer
rajat: u will get the answer
rajat: dont worry
sonpari: ok tell in detail
rajat: fine
sonpari: wn can i get the ansewr
rajat: i guess tomo evening
rajat: chekc ur mails…..
rajat: bt b4 that send this pic to my mail
sonpari: ok
rajat: plzz
rajat: accha
sonpari: sure
rajat: wat color panties u wearing now
sonpari: ok i will send it
rajat: thnks
sonpari: blue
rajat: mmmmmm…….
rajat: pubes?
rajat: long or clean now
sonpari: wt pubes?
rajat: pubic hairs
rajat: pukkuu ke hairs
rajat: bolo na?
rajat: busy
sonpari: no i told na its very clean i told na??????
rajat: ya ya
rajat: accha tell me
rajat: just saying
rajat: dont mind plzz
rajat: n if u dont like
rajat: say no bt no anger
sonpari: hey no
rajat: is there ne landline phone in ur collge or smwher wch is nt ur personal…..
sonpari: i wont get angry
rajat: where i can call if u want……
rajat: bt nt ur personal
rajat: coz
rajat: thats nt safe for u
rajat: u cant belibe ne one
rajat: from net
rajat: so i wont test that
rajat: thats y
sonpari: ya i will give u my no but dont call now ok
rajat: no
sonpari: 9
rajat: whn u say
rajat: is it urs……
rajat: sure ly……
rajat: shud i trust you
sonpari: ok this is tamil nadu sim so it will work after 26th of this month
sonpari: ya surely
rajat: u will pick it u
rajat: up na
sonpari: ya sure
rajat: its ur personal
rajat: okkkkk
sonpari: ur no????????
sonpari: ya its my own no
rajat: tell me one thng
rajat: how did u trust me so much that u gave no
rajat: dont u think its risky
sonpari: its like that only
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: so this will work after 26th
rajat: okkkk
sonpari: i trusted thats y i showed u my photo
sonpari: ya
rajat: okkkk
rajat: thnks
rajat: my no….
rajat: yar me in lko
rajat: at my home
rajat: n my cell at del
rajat: in august whn i’ll b in del
rajat: i will gv u
sonpari: bcoz 25th i will leave here and reach there by 26th so it will start working
rajat: bt u can hv one no.
rajat: whr u can gv miss call whn u free to chat
sonpari: ya tell me
rajat: 09
rajat: bt its my brother
rajat: n i’ll tell him its my frnd from del
rajat: so whn u will gv me miss call
rajat: i can call u from a p c o
rajat: n v can chat
rajat: bt we will chat rarely
rajat: ok
rajat: once or twice ian a week
rajat: fine
sonpari: ok after going there i will chat rarely bcoz i will be a bit busy yaar
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: acchga
sonpari: but i will mail u yaar
rajat: sure
rajat: thats no prob
rajat: accha me in del now for some work n this ph is with me for today nght coz i’ll leave to night
rajat: so if possible can u gv a call for 5 mins
rajat: if possible
rajat: just asking
rajat: or 2 mins
sonpari: tell the no
rajat: same no
rajat: i gave you
rajat: brother phone with me
rajat: for me tonight
sonpari: send me once more
rajat: 09216523491
sonpari: cell phone? urs????????????
rajat: its broth
rajat: bt with me now
rajat: for tonight
sonpari: ok
rajat: so i’ll pick it up
sonpari: i will call
rajat: so u can gv call
rajat: ya
rajat: whn?
sonpari: at which time shall i call?
rajat: i’ll wait
rajat: u say
rajat: whn u comfortable
sonpari: ok i will call u at 8 or 9
sonpari: ok????????
rajat: ok
rajat: i’ll wait
sonpari: hey i will be back in few min ok?
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: kahan gayi thi sonpari
rajat: hey is this ur real name
sonpari: no i told na my name is Swpna
rajat: u didnt
sonpari: Swapna
rajat: neway nice name
rajat: dream
sonpari has signed out. (6/13/2006 4:41 PM)

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