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steamy cybersex session between kavita and her naughty boy

naughtyboysam: did u get any stud
kavita_v: i know many
naughtyboysam: hmm
naughtyboysam: lucky guys
naughtyboysam: what are u wearing tonight ??
kavita_v: nighty
naughtyboysam: which color
naughtyboysam: buddy
kavita_v: black
naughtyboysam: again of knee length
naughtyboysam: ??
kavita_v: yea
naughtyboysam: hmmm
naughtyboysam: u chat with ur lappy or what ??
kavita_v: yea
naughtyboysam: hmm
naughtyboysam: its easy to get noughty with lapy
naughtyboysam: lappy
naughtyboysam: being in blanket
kavita_v: no its just easier to use
naughtyboysam: hahahha
naughtyboysam: n what u weared at office today

kavita_v: jeans
naughtyboysam: n ………..?
naughtyboysam: just jeans yummy
kavita_v: shirt
naughtyboysam: hmmm
naughtyboysam: do u wear just normal bra under shirt
kavita_v: yea
naughtyboysam: girls look sexy when thier bra line is visible
kavita_v: even better if nipple line is visible LOL
naughtyboysam: u r too much
naughtyboysam: suchitra
kavita_v: y
naughtyboysam: did u wear such dress today
kavita_v: i tol dyou what i wore today
naughtyboysam: yeah
naughtyboysam: what i m asking that ur nips was visible
kavita_v: i didnt notice LOL
naughtyboysam: q
naughtyboysam: dress up ho ker
naughtyboysam: mirror menahi dekhati
kavita_v: nipple nahin daikhe mirror main
naughtyboysam: acha
naughtyboysam: boys will have tough time at office not ur problem
kavita_v: not tough time, good time
naughtyboysam: i like when bra n shirt are of contrasting color
naughtyboysam: like black bra with white shirt
kavita_v: yea
naughtyboysam: u know one lady came in orange pant today n her panty line was visible
naughtyboysam: she has protruding butt
kavita_v: )
naughtyboysam: dil kerta hay bas dal doon usme
kavita_v: dal do
naughtyboysam: kahan yaar
naughtyboysam: office me kahan possible ho pata hay
kavita_v: colorderainbow: dil kerta hay bas dal doon usme
kavita_v: kyu door band kar ke kar lo
naughtyboysam: yeah
naughtyboysam: once i had tried
naughtyboysam: but then
naughtyboysam: other colleuge knocked
kavita_v: so you like yung girls huh
naughtyboysam: noo
naughtyboysam: i like plumpy ladies more than skinny girl
kavita_v: i am askin about age
naughtyboysam: no i like older
kavita_v: ok
naughtyboysam: i dont know why m i
naughtyboysam: whom i m talking about is of 36 years
kavita_v: ok
naughtyboysam: she has 10 years boy
kavita_v: i like 20 year old boys
naughtyboysam: it would be fun fucking her when her son would be watching
kavita_v: why?
naughtyboysam: i get stronger hard on
naughtyboysam: in such condittion
kavita_v: why not fuck her in public then
naughtyboysam: hahhahahaha
naughtyboysam: u know i have seen such video
naughtyboysam: in which
naughtyboysam: fuck was happening in public
kavita_v: i think thats how we shoudl live
naughtyboysam: i meant it was a fuck festival
naughtyboysam: fucking was going on everywhere
naughtyboysam: in room in corridor
kavita_v: an orgy
kavita_v: yes
naughtyboysam: not orgy
kavita_v: any one can fuck any one else
kavita_v: thats how it shuold be
kavita_v: yea its a public orgy
naughtyboysam: so many
naughtyboysam: ppl all together
kavita_v: yes thats how it should be
naughtyboysam: n girls hole were so full of juice that it was dripping
kavita_v: i would love to ne there
naughtyboysam: hmm
naughtyboysam: n i would like to company u
naughtyboysam: there
naughtyboysam: stripping for public
naughtyboysam: stripping u for public
naughtyboysam: hahhaha
kavita_v: butt naked
naughtyboysam: a lady already sucking me
naughtyboysam: lol
kavita_v: and i would be sukin too
naughtyboysam: yeah
naughtyboysam: wonderfull
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: u n another lady sucking me one by one
naughtyboysam: fucking the both mouth keeping it side by side
kavita_v: yea and when i suk you another guy fucks my pussy
naughtyboysam: holding the hair like slut
naughtyboysam: aaah
naughtyboysam: n both of us going into u together
naughtyboysam: one through mouth n another through pussy
kavita_v: mmmmnow that be some thing
naughtyboysam: suck me baby
naughtyboysam: suck me
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: yea
naughtyboysam: take it deeper
kavita_v: sukin hard and deep
naughtyboysam: reaching deep into ur throat
naughtyboysam: close ur nose n u struggle for air
kavita_v: while the other reaches deep in my pussy
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: dont allow u to take my dick out
naughtyboysam: press the head on dick
kavita_v: as i struggle to get some air
naughtyboysam: aaahhhhhhhhhhh
kavita_v: tryin top push you away
naughtyboysam: aaaahhh
naughtyboysam: it feels so good
naughtyboysam: u know i m hard
kavita_v: and he is so deep in my pussy
naughtyboysam: yeaahhh
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: giving u long strokes
naughtyboysam: r u wet suchitra
naughtyboysam: ??
kavita_v: yes
kavita_v: fuck my pussy
kavita_v: with that hard yung cock
naughtyboysam: yeah baby
naughtyboysam: i turn u around
naughtyboysam: n lick ur pussy
kavita_v: hmmm
kavita_v: yesssssssss
naughtyboysam: making it more slippery
kavita_v: i open my legs wide
naughtyboysam: yeahhh
naughtyboysam: open it show me the pink hole
naughtyboysam: i spit in ur pussy
kavita_v: yea fuck it with your tongue
naughtyboysam: n again lick
naughtyboysam: bite u r clit
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: fuck it with your cock
naughtyboysam: n suck it away
naughtyboysam: with teeth
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: slap ur butt
naughtyboysam: n now position
naughtyboysam: my hard 7″ stud in u
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: n give a strong jerk
kavita_v: push it all in
naughtyboysam: n it goes all the way in
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: hold ur boobies n
naughtyboysam: start humping slowly
kavita_v: yes yes deep
naughtyboysam: moving the dick round n round
kavita_v: yes in circles
naughtyboysam: feeeling ur pussy walll
naughtyboysam: hitting the g spot
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: yes
naughtyboysam: now increased the pace n
naughtyboysam: fucking u like dog
kavita_v: yes
kavita_v: be a dog
naughtyboysam: fast n faser
kavita_v: mad
naughtyboysam: yeaaah baby
naughtyboysam: yeahh
naughtyboysam: aaaaahhh
naughtyboysam: aaahhh
kavita_v: oh yes i need a cock
naughtyboysam: n suddenly i took the cock out
kavita_v: y
naughtyboysam: n slap the pussy with cock
naughtyboysam: i just love this sound
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: yummy
naughtyboysam: slap u harder
naughtyboysam: with cock
naughtyboysam: n again shove in
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: and fuck again
naughtyboysam: n fuck u even faster
naughtyboysam: futch futch
naughtyboysam: sound is feeling the rooom
kavita_v: people watch
naughtyboysam: yeaaah
naughtyboysam: others are watching
naughtyboysam: my dick going in ur pink pussy
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: like tomato
naughtyboysam: fuck fuck
naughtyboysam: fuck
naughtyboysam: baby
kavita_v: yes yes
kavita_v: fuk and fuk some more
naughtyboysam: keeping the cock inside
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmm
naughtyboysam: holding ur waist
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: push
kavita_v: push
naughtyboysam: what a view when ur boobies move
kavita_v: yes look at my tits
naughtyboysam: everybody is enjoying the view
naughtyboysam: ahaaahahhaha
naughtyboysam: aaahahhh
naughtyboysam: aaaahhhhhh
naughtyboysam: babay
naughtyboysam: i m hard like anything
kavita_v: let me see too yea
naughtyboysam: in real
kavita_v: nice
naughtyboysam: how about u
kavita_v: yea i m wet too
naughtyboysam: hmm
naughtyboysam: fuckk u harder
naughtyboysam: darling i m gonna cum
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: good come hard
naughtyboysam: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
naughtyboysam: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
kavita_v: yesssssssssss
naughtyboysam: do u want junior jay
kavita_v: come come
naughtyboysam: aaahh baby
naughtyboysam: cumming in ur pussy
naughtyboysam: filling it completly
kavita_v: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kavita_v: nice
naughtyboysam: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
naughtyboysam: i just lay on u
naughtyboysam: kissing ur neck
naughtyboysam: did u like suchitra
naughtyboysam: there ??????????