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Stranger bhabhi

S here. I live in kurnool town. I m 5. 7 feet tall , fair in colour , quite smart n of 18 yrs. This is the first time I m goin to now narrate my first sexual encounter which happened in kurnool itself with a fucking gorgeous bhabhi that everyone would dream about. We all friends used to sit at a place regularly outside a cyber café . so everday many gorgeous girls n bhabhis used to come there to surf etc. there was a particular bhabhi who almost use to come everyday n just stare at me n give me naughty smiles ohh she was the hell sex goddess . I used to shag everyday dreaming of her. so one day when I was alone waiting for all my friends to come I saw her coming in her red zen . She came parked her zen just next to me n got down. She was wearing a yellow salwar kurta that day n she had her two hooks of her back salwar open I don’t know whther incidently or purposely .

she got down n gave me the usual naughty smile . She went into the cyber café . I was the whole time thinking that this is my only chance as none of my friends r there n was fantasing about fucking her. After thinking a lot how to trap her I thought of removing the battery wire from her car so that it wouldn’t start. I did it as no one was there. Then about half n hour later she came out n again gave me that naughty smile ofcourse a bit more naughty this time then the usual ones . then she headed towards her car to go. I was just praying to god that the car doesn’t start n to my luck it didn’t . she tried a lot but she didn’t knew anything about the car so she finally approached me n told me that she had some problems with her car n that can I help her. I told her that even I did not anything about the car but there is a mechanic nearby n I can get him . so I got the mechanic who finally fixed the problem . as even she knew that I was interested in her n even she was finding a chance to talk to me so she told me thanks n invited me for a cup of coffee to her house.

I knew that my luck had work I shouldn’t miss this chance so I readily jumped at the offer n sat at the passenger seat in the car. She drove the car to the citylight area where she lived . it was about 5 in the evening n I knew that her hubbie would definitely be out that is the reason she had invited me home. In her house she served me coffee n we started chattin on normal topics. She asked me in which college did I study n the about my gfs etc n then slowly slowly to sex. We started goin deeper n deeper n then she told me that she isn’t satisfied by her husband as her husband is mainly out n anyways he had a small prick which did not satisfy her desires n also that they had fuck just 4 times after their 2 yrs of marriage n she did not any child too. She explained her problems n asked me whther I can give her the pleasure I was just waiting for this moment to which I went close to her took her face near mine n gave a rough smooch for 5 min. then I carried her to her bedroom . I went to the kitchen n brought ice cubes .

I started slowly removing each piece of cloth on her body to seduce her. Then I slowly started to make rings at her pink nipples which were hardened . I started drooping chilled ice water at her navel n cunt ohh she was moaning like hell. I loved her moans. I started massaging her body with the ice cubes n her moans increased with the time. Then I removed my cloths n told her to massage my dick she did as I said n then took my whole dick in her mouth u wont be shocked to know that the size of my dick is 7. 5 inches. she took the whole thing in her mouth n started sucking it as if she was years long hungry it gave me immense pleasure n finally I shot my semens in her mouth she did not drop even a drop of it . the she told me that she couldn’t control herself now n she placed my prick at the opening of her cunt n then instead of goin in slowly I gave a mighty push inside n my dick entered her in just one puch to which she shoured like hell I think the neighbours must have surely heard it I placed the pillow at her mouth n started giving mighty pushes in n out still her moans could be heard n I love if a women screams while I fuck her. she was so tight that I shot my load in just 5 min. then I lied down on top of her just sucking her boobs then I got up n stated licking her pussy which was so tasty wow.

Theh I went to the toilet pissed n then positioned my self at the entearance of her gand she told me to do it slowly as her gand was a virgin I was so happy to hear that I always loved fucking in the gand n couldn’t belive that I was goin to a fuck a virgin gand I did no t listen to her request n just pushed my dick straight in to her gand to which she screamed like hell hell ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh she started crying but still I fucked her roughly . After finishing fucking her in the ass I lied next to her gave her a smooch n told her soory but she put her hands on my mouth n told me that it was her best fuck n she just wanted a guy like me form her. She told me that she had a computer at her house but still went to the café just for me n was waiting for the right opportunity. After that we r having frequent fucks whenever we want.