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Stranger’s wife in Village

Rural women are doubtlessly hotter than the make-believe horny urban bitches. This is a true experience I encountered during one of my official tours. My name is Mukesh Khanna. I work for a coal mining company for which I have to visit some of the north eastern zones of India. I am 27 years old with a strong heavy macho physique. Most females in the city of Delhi admitted to me that I have a strong sex appeal.


This way I had lots of chances to enjoy sex with numerous young sexy urban chics. Once as usual I was travelling to a place called Dhanbad in Bihar which has large coal mines. In those parts the common transport are jeeps and the like (other than the buses i.e.). When I got off from the train I realized I had lost the address and phone numbers I needed for references to reach my destination venue. I felt completely isolated in the unfamiliar place. The guy who had been travelling with me all the way from Delhi alongwith his wife and a just-born baby offered to help me out. He said I could come to his house and stay until I could locate my destination. I accepted his offer and joined him in his jeep.

I was told it was about 2 to 3 hours drive to his house. His name was Lakhan Seth and his wife was Juhiya or something like that (I couldn’t understand their pronunciations properly). Lakhan Seth and his few other male friends sat in the front seats alongwith his wife and kid. I sat in the back side with all the luggage and goods. There was a partition between where I sat and the others in the front. We couldn’t see each other. Lakhan Seth seemed pretty inconsiderate towards his wife because a little later I smelt a lot of smoke from bidis which the men must’ve been smoking. Juhiya didn’t seem comfortable with all that smoke while bearing a child in arm, so she was told to sit in the back seat with me. Lakhan Seth didn’t seem to even bother letting his wife sit with a stranger in the partitioned back seat. Juhiya came and sat next to me as there was no other place with loads of parcels stuffed together with me. There was very little space for the two of us, hence terribly uncomfortable. Juhiya squeezed herself in whatever little space was there between the door and me. From the brief association with her, I noticed Juhiya was a shy and dominated woman. But she had a strong passion in her big wide beautiful eyes.

She kept her entire body from head to toe covered under the saree so I could only see her eyes. Yet her overall figure confirmed that she was well-shaped inside. Even in the train I had noticed she had to frequently breastfeed the baby. Each time she secretly opened her blouse and bra to feed the baby my eyes tried to get a glimpse of her tits from any possible angle. I felt myself like another baby wanting to desperately suck on her nipples. When she sat sticking close to me, it was first her buttocks that pressed deep into my hand which was placed exactly under her buttock. Neither of us could avoid the situation due to lack of space. Knowing the helplessness, she didn’t seem to mind. But the heat from her ass was burning my hand and eventually the soul, sending a powerful temptation of lust for her. My mouth was watering and whole face was sweating. Juhiya noticed that and giggled a bit and looked the other way. I felt provoked by her laughing at me. So I tried to move my hand so as to feel her ass even more. This turned her on too. But being the typical shy and fearful village woman she didn’t say or do much except for closing her eyes tightly encouraging me to do more. I squeezed her ass nicely. Just then the baby cried again for milk. She looked embarrassed wondering how to feed the baby in front of me. I simply turned my face in opposite direction to make her feel comfortable. She covered her head and whole upper portion with the saree and carefully opened the blouse buttons and also the bra.

I could see a shadow figure of her bare tits thru the thin saree material against the strong outside light. I felt possessed by an evil spirit forcing my hands to pull away the saree to get a mouthful of her huge balls. But due to the child I had to control myself. Yet at the slightest jerk of the jeep I tried to brush my hands or elbows against her most sensitive parts. She was getting the message and seemed to agree in co-operating with me but at a later time. Later when we reached their house I saw that Lakhan Seth owned a reasonably big bungalow. He said he runs a transport company and own quite a few trucks therefore has to often go outstation. He tried to convince me that even if he may not be there with us his wife will see to it that I am comfortable and fulfil all my needs. My mind had other wilder ideas about fulfilment of needs and waited eagerly to know when he had to leave for such an outstation trip and for how long would he be away. Next morning he told me he had to go to Madras and it might keep him away for nearly 15 days. Once again he gave lots of instructions to Juhiya that she should look after me very well and see to it that I am not deprived of any necessities. Saying so, he left Juhiya and me alone with the harmless kid. My mind could think of nothing other than the desire to have sex with Juhiya. I eagerly waited for any opportunity to see her in any sexy positions.

My eyes were on high alert. The first day in their house, Juhiya served me a good wholesome breakfast but all the time her head and the whole body was fully kept covered under the saree. My desperation was growing to see her intimate parts. Immediately after serving me breakfast the child was crying. Juhiya ran to her baby to feed it. The child was lying in the main hall at the entrance. Their house is in a quiet isolated area so I think she was used to breastfeeding the baby even in the open room. Keeping her self covered fully in the saree was the only precaution she used to take. She didn’t know that the bright light from the doorway behind her gave me a nice shadow view of her luscious balls freed from captivity of bra and blouse. There was a stairway leading to some rooms upstairs. I quietly tiptoed to an upper level from where I could see her bare breasts more clearly. She didn’t know about it. I could hardly sleep that night. My dick was giving me too much trouble and my mouth kept imagining that it is the mouth of the baby sucking on Juhiya’s tits. The whole night I was looking out for any chance to see her somewhere in the house or to catch her doing something private. I was given a room upstairs and Juhiya’s room was downstairs.

Time passed and it was 5am already. I kept looking for Juhiya. Then I saw her walking out of her room lazily stretching her body. She had not imagined I will be waiting looking out for her so early in the morning. That’s when I saw her with the saree falling off her shoulder carelessly. She was preparing to go for a bath. In the villages they usually don’t have bathrooms inside the house. It is usually located in the backyard or any other part of compound. These people had it in their backyard. It had three walls with a large bush in front instead of door and there was no roof. From my room upstairs I could see everything clearly inside the bathroom. I was peeping from my window when she looked up towards my room to see if I was there watching by any chance. I quickly hid myself. Then after a few minutes I peeped again. She seemed convinced that I may be still sleeping. Holy cow! It was the most memorable sight for me to see her slowly taking off the saree and then all the other clothes one by one. I saw her fully naked only for half a minute. After that she tied her petticoat above the boobs. I suppose that’s the traditional way for women to have bath in villages. She was pouring water all over her body and enjoying the fresh feeling. When she was applying soap she had to lift the petticoat for the insides. Those were the few other quick glimpses I got of her private areas. It was still little dark so I couldn’t see it all in much detail. But even that was hot enough to kindle the fire of desire in my body.

I felt every nerve in me burning like coal from the mines. Juhiya had hardly finished her bath when the baby started to cry again. She looked angry that she can’t even have a proper bath because of the baby all the time crying. I saw her leaving everything as it was and running to her room in only the petticoat. In her room I heard her shouting and giving gaalis to the kid for being such a nuisance. To shut up the child’s crying I think she had to feed the baby again. I took opportunity of this moment. I quickly ran downstairs straight away barging into her room to ask if the baby was okay and if I could help in any way. Juhiya was shocked to see me suddenly and I was shocked to see that Juhiya had dropped down the petticoat and was sitting full naked since she didn’t expect me. We both were so shocked with the unexpected shocks. My throat ran dry. I was speechless. Since I had asked if there was any way I could help, she laughed shyly and said “What can you do? Can you feed my baby when I’m busy with something else?” I just smiled but didn’t move away from there. Instead I went closer to her and sat down on the floor. She was on her bed with legs down. I touched her legs gently and said “Now you have double responsibility.

I am also thirsty for that milk. So now you have to breastfeed the baby as well as me”. She laughed again shyly. Then she held me by the arm and said “Saabji, please don’t sit down. Come, sit up on the bed”. As I sat on the bed she quickly pulled a bed sheet to cover herself. I pulled the blanket away again and threw it far off. There was nothing else nearby that she could use for covering her body. She simply made a gesture with her hand to say “Wait till the baby goes to sleep”. I was very pleased she agreed to my proposal. I was dying to get my hands and mouth and dick to attack her body juicy body which was fresher after the bath. I was getting so desperate that I wanted to actually throw the baby out of the window. But I had now choice. It was not my baby. So I had to wait. After half an hour the baby was fast asleep. My eyes had not moved from her hardcore sex-bombshell of a body. She slowly looked to see what I was upto. I crawled on the bed and lie down putting my head in her lap. It was very warm. I kissed her navel and the whole stomach portion. There was lot of hair on her pussy like a dense forest.

I brushed my fingers thru the mini jungle wet as if it had rained in the forest. They were her sexy juices, the first sign of orgasm and a green signal to take off to the seventh heaven. I helped her lie down as well and then licked up the whole frontal parts of her body. Later turned her over and did the same with the full back side. I specially enjoyed licking the ass and the cunt. Since she was already a mother of one child she also had good experience in sex. But her desperation for my dick told me that her husband did not satisfy all her sexual needs. Maybe because he was more busy earning money and not caring for her so much. She grabbed my dick violently and started madly biting on it like a bitch. It was painful for me but I didn’t want to disappoint her. With her continuous sucking on my dick suddenly there was loads of ejaculation flowing like a river. I let her drink quite a bit. The rest I poured all over her tits, stomach and pussy and spread it then licked it up myself for a long time.

She opened her pussy flaps widely and begged me to quickly push in my dick which she dying for. We fucked and fucked for the next couple of hours. We practised various styles in the following few days. After a week I remembered I had business to attend to. Juhiya had made me forget everything. The day I had to leave she looked very sad. But I promised her that I will visit her whenever I am in that region. In fact sometimes I specially planned a trip just to do it with her again. Whenever she learnt that her husband was going to be away for more than ten days she used to send me a telegram and I never missed any such opportunities with my sweet darling rustic rural babe Juhiya.