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suchitra from bombay likes to cyber sex when her husband is not around

tech_guy22: hi suchitra
suchitra: hi
tech_guy22: babe
suchitra: han
tech_guy22: so finaly hubby came
tech_guy22: u know i was missing u
suchitra: kyu
suchitra: bas
suchitra: acha
tech_guy22: tu online nahi aa rahi thi
suchitra: nahin
suchitra: mer pati aa gae hain
suchitra: so ab chat bahut bahut kum
tech_guy22: hmmm
tech_guy22: sahi hay
tech_guy22: so enjoying his company ???
tech_guy22: 😛
suchitra: ofcourse
tech_guy22: goood
tech_guy22: hellooooooo
tech_guy22: hubby kahan gaye darling
tech_guy22: hi darling
suchitra: hi
tech_guy22: how r u doing

suchitra: ok
suchitra: u
tech_guy22: fine
tech_guy22: liked talking to u in office
tech_guy22: fine
tech_guy22: liked talking to u in office
tech_guy22: it was fun
tech_guy22: being bitchy in office
tech_guy22: hehehhe
suchitra: lol
suchitra: yea it was
tech_guy22: hmmm
tech_guy22: so whats ur dress now
suchitra: nighty
tech_guy22: niche kai dali hay
suchitra: nothing
tech_guy22: wow
tech_guy22: yummy
tech_guy22: let me check it
suchitra: lol
suchitra: kya
tech_guy22: weather u have worn anything inside or not
suchitra: i just told u
tech_guy22: haan to main check kerta hun
tech_guy22: here goes my fingers between ur thigh
suchitra: kya check
tech_guy22: to feel the lips
tech_guy22: vertical lips
tech_guy22: hahahah
suchitra: ho gaya check
tech_guy22: haaan
tech_guy22: u r true
tech_guy22: hey u clean shaved
suchitra: always shaved
tech_guy22: kab ki thi shaving
tech_guy22: donw there
suchitra: every 2 days
tech_guy22: hmmm
tech_guy22: n how about hubby
tech_guy22: he also cleans
tech_guy22: or hairy
suchitra: yea
tech_guy22: hmm
tech_guy22: but i like hairy chut more
tech_guy22: it looks gorgeous to me
tech_guy22: hahahha
suchitra: i dont and my hubbydont
tech_guy22: hmm
tech_guy22: thats why u both are cleaned
tech_guy22: so u tried any thing new with hubby recently
suchitra: no
tech_guy22: thand me to mast chudai chal rahi hogi
suchitra: yea
tech_guy22: kitne baar ki kal
tech_guy22: hahaah
suchitra: 3
tech_guy22: wow
tech_guy22: 3 times
tech_guy22: soti bhi hay ya nahi
tech_guy22: what time u slept then
suchitra: you said i was a slut
tech_guy22: hahahha
tech_guy22: i was kidding
tech_guy22: its fun yaar
tech_guy22: i like pussy which is always ready for lund
tech_guy22: lund is their breakfast
tech_guy22: lunch n dinner
suchitra: yea and even better when lund is served on the table lol
tech_guy22: on the table ??
tech_guy22: u meant in office
tech_guy22: on the table ??
tech_guy22: u meant in office
tech_guy22: welcome back
suchitra: no i mean on the dining table
tech_guy22: hahhahaha
tech_guy22: have u done on dinning table
suchitra: yea
tech_guy22: its fun
tech_guy22: n best position to fuck
suchitra: indeed
tech_guy22: hey i wanna hear u again
tech_guy22: can u call me
suchitra: no i cant
tech_guy22: o hhh
tech_guy22: hmm
tech_guy22: where is hubby
suchitra: be here soon
tech_guy22: okay
tech_guy22: hey
tech_guy22: do u masturbate
tech_guy22: even now
suchitra: lol
suchitra: what do u think
tech_guy22: when hubby is present
tech_guy22: like when u r in office
tech_guy22: lol
suchitra: what do u think
tech_guy22: yeah
tech_guy22: i think u do
tech_guy22: may be even in front of hubby
tech_guy22: to tease him
suchitra: LOL
tech_guy22: kerti hay ya nahi
tech_guy22: kuch bolegi
suchitra: han
suchitra: karti hun
tech_guy22: in front of him
tech_guy22: ever did
tech_guy22: ???
suchitra: i have yes, he loves to see
tech_guy22: hahahha
tech_guy22: u have got hubby like me
suchitra: lol
tech_guy22: even i love
tech_guy22: when hubby does it
tech_guy22: in front of wife
tech_guy22: hey tell me about blouse
suchitra: what about it
tech_guy22: pic search ker ke send ker
tech_guy22: similar to one u were wearing
tech_guy22: in day time today
tech_guy22: send me teh link
suchitra: acha kar dun gi but not right now
tech_guy22: okay
tech_guy22: thik hay
tech_guy22: i like when bra strap is visible through
tech_guy22: sphagetti
tech_guy22: its a turn on
suchitra: yea i know
tech_guy22: but rarely girl wears such out fit in winter
suchitra: han it i cold
suchitra: much better for summer
tech_guy22: hmm
tech_guy22: but hot girls dont mind
tech_guy22: wearing in winter even
tech_guy22: 😛
suchitra: hot girls and sluts
tech_guy22: yeah
tech_guy22: ss
suchitra: yea
tech_guy22: suchitra slut
tech_guy22: ss
tech_guy22: hahahah
suchitra: )
tech_guy22: hey
suchitra: kya
tech_guy22: tell me something about ur intimate moments
tech_guy22: how u did yesterday
tech_guy22: anal me kia
suchitra: anal 2 din pehle kiya
tech_guy22: okay
tech_guy22: how was the experiance
suchitra: he loves it
suchitra: he loves it
tech_guy22: hahaha
tech_guy22: lund just needs hole
tech_guy22: let it be ass or pussy
suchitra: well not every one think that
tech_guy22: but ass must be tighter
tech_guy22: n how do u lik eit
suchitra: pussy
tech_guy22: was it pain full
suchitra: a bit yea
tech_guy22: hahahha
tech_guy22: didnt use any lubricant