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It all started with the Coming Home of Mr. Ravi Bahadur, a 22 year old Engineer with his wife Sujatha, charming young bride of 20 years to the ancestral home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rai Bahadur.

Rai Bahadur a towering figure at 44 years was a Land Lord in a small town named Kaiga. His wife, Rohini, a real beauty was in her late thirties. They were a hard working couple, loved, feared and respected by one and all in the town. Being on the move every minute of the day, they had maintained an excellent physique and not even an iota of fat was in their bodies. They wore a look of a young couple.

By nature, Rai Bahadur was up early every day. After having a massage done by his servant, was out on his farm for a stroll. He used to cover up to 10 K.M everyday by foot before coming back to his huge mansion for breakfast. His wife Rohini, meanwhile would finish all her morning chores like giving instructions to a stream of workers, who worked at the farm and as well as the mansion, going to the nearby temple to offer her morning prayers and also look after the house hold work. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rai Bahadur were a couple on the move. They looked after their huge farm very meticulously. They had earned name, fame and were blessed with one and only son Ravi Bahadur.

Unlike his parents, Ravi had to spend most of time in the city. His schooling, his college studies were all done over there. It was while studying for Final Year Engineering; he met a beautiful lass by name of Sujatha, whom he married without the consent of his parents. On marrying her he was scared whether his parents would be against this marriage as Sujatha came from a very poor family. His joy knew no bounds when he was asked to bring home his bride. While Ravi was overjoyed, his wife Sujatha, shivered at the very thought of meeting her in-laws. She had heard a lot about them from her husband and now meeting them in person was worrying her a lot.

The day at last arrived and passed off peacefully when young Ravi Bahadur brought his dazzling young wife to meet his parents. He was happy to note that they were welcomed by his parents without much ado.

Sujatha felt very uneasy living in that huge mansion. All the things present in the mansion were something which she had not seen and beyond her imagination. The luxury furnishings and settings were amazing. It took her a couple of days to be acquainted with the vastness of the mansion and another couple of days to study the daily chores of her in-laws. Whenever she came across her father-in- law she would buckle under her knees with fear. Mr. Rai Bahadur had such authority over everyone in his mansion. This fear of him was the cause of things to happen.

Ravi left home to go back to the city for his studies and as a custom he had to leave behind his wife with his parents. Sujatha felt very lonely in the absence of Ravi until one small incidence which shook the whole mansion and changed everyone’s life in it.

Sujatha, slowly but steadily was made known of her duties in the house. She started to get accustomed to her new home. One day while she was having her bath, a maid came to her with a message that her father-in-law wanted a glass of milk. Getting this call straight from her in-law for the first time, she came out of the bath hurriedly and putting on whatever garments she could lay her hands on, she ran to fetch the milk from the kitchen and in one go went straight into the room of her father-in-law. At that very moment Rai Bahadur after having finished the massage done by the masseur was about to get up from the table to put on a robe; which a maid was holding for him. In a flash, before Sujatha could realize the mistake and turn around, Mr. Rai Bahadur saw his daughter-in- law, dressed in a thin veil of a sari, which was totally wet and glued to her body as a second skin. It was the sexiest pose he had ever seen of any woman. She in turn, saw her father-in-law in the briefest of brief underwear’s, his whole body shining from the oil applied on it. Both Ram the masseur and his wife Shanti the maid who were present there, were silent spectators of the incident.

For one moment Mr. Rai Bahadur could not believe his own eyes when he saw Sujatha at that moment. For a split second he forgot he was seeing his own daughter-in- law, and in her place what he saw was an exquisite figure of a fascinating woman, from whose face tiny pearls of water droplets where sliding down her throat to the v line of her bosom. He could also see her exposed navel and the wet light blue sari could not hide her slim legs, the beautifully carved thighs and the sexiest part was her bare footedness. All these were the cause for his member to be aroused. Even after the departure of Sujatha from the room, he still continued to sport an erection which was noticed both by Ram, the masseur and his wife Shanti, the maid who were present there. Rai Bahadur smiled at Shanti, the maid servant, to hide his clumsiness.

Sujatha had committed two mistakes that day. First she had not knocked on the door and in her eagerness to attend to the call of her father-in-law she had not cared to look as to how she was dressed. She was innocent on both counts and eventually this is what that changed the atmosphere in Mr. Rai Bahadur’s mansion.

On Rai Bahadur’s exit, Ram and Shanti were in a big dilemma. They both had witnessed a scene which they were scared to talk about even between themselves. Shanti was relieved to some extent as she had seen Rai Bahadur passing her a smile and this was the first time that he had smiled at her. Ram was more worried and feared a lot.

Rai Bahadur was restless the whole of night. The vision of Sujatha was foremost in his mind, which kept him aroused most of the time. On waking up too he continued having a huge erection and this made him uneasy as he had to face the masseur and his wife soon. He somehow managed to enter the room unobserved by the couple who were busy keeping things ready for the massage. Ram was the masseur and Shanti helped him in providing warm oil, towels and other linen whenever necessary. On entering Mr. Rai Bahadur disrobed and wearing only the customary small underwear laid face down on the table. It was very hard for him to bring down his erection which was causing him uneasiness. As Ram started the massage using the warm oil presented by Shanti, Rai Bahadur relaxed a little under his care and when he turned his face the other side he saw Shanti poised near the gas stove.