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Sujit’s lust for Pinky aunty becomes a reality as she come to his house to fuck him

Hello all. I am Sujit from ernakulam,kerala now working as Software
engineer in a private firm at ekm.I came through this site recently and
decided to write one of my gr8 experience in life.During this story,I
was doing college nearby.I go to college by 9 am and will be back 4.

Let me come to my experience directly.Infront of our house there was a
husband and wife with 3 daughters.I called them Babu uncle and Pinky
aunty.Babu uncle was working in dubai and will come on leave once in an
year.Ever since I met them I had a lust upon Pinky aunty.Whenever she
washes clothes,cut fish,I used to look at her through my window without
knowing her.Her round boobs and big ass had that much effect upon me.I
often think how lucky Babu uncle is…

One Saturday I had class till noon and was back by 2 pm.On reaching
home,there was a note infront of my door.It says that my parents went to
kottayam as they were informed that a cousin of mine is seriously
injured in an accident.They left the key with Pinky aunty.I hurried to
aunty’s house.On reaching Pinky aunty’s house I knocked at the door.No
answer.I tried the calling bell.Seeing no response I rushed to backside
of house hoping that she may be there.On way I heard her singing ‘enthu
paranjalum nee entethalle vaave’.I saw the ventilation of bathroom and
thus understood that she is inside taking bath.I went frontside and
again used the calling bell.She replied ‘varunnu’ and after 2 or 3
minutes she opened the door.Oooh!I can’t imagine her view.She was in
damn sexy way with her long black hair wet,wearing a light green
nighty.I could see her smooth backside and creamy, waxy legs through the
light nighty.She told ‘njan Sujite kathirikkukayayirunnu,varoo’.She went
inside and returned with my house key.Taking the key hesitatingly I
turned back to go’.She told ‘aa povano,ur mother hadn’t made you lunch
in that hurry.Told me to give you,so have lunch with me’,I told ‘no
aunty,it would be difficulty for you’ praying in mind she won’t
agree.’What difficulty,I have already made for my kids’.She told me to
sit on the dining room and went to kitchen.While eating she asked me ‘do
u like the food?’.I replied ‘just as good as you’.She smiled

After food she went to put the plates in basin.I looked at her.Her ass
was moving in a rhythmic way and her structure made me mad.I went after
her.I hugged her from behind and kissed on her back.I placed my hands on
her boobs and slowly massaged them.She yelled ‘Sujit,what are you
doing,leave me plz’.I told ‘I was waiting for this moment for long and
plz allow me’.She pushed me and slapped hardly on my face.She shouted
‘Get Out’.I turned back and walked to my house. On reching home I went
to my room and lied on my bed.

After half an hour,I heard a knock at the door.I went and opened.She was
there with a smiling face.I turned back and sat on the soft with bowed
head.She slowly approached me ‘Do u want me that much?’.I didn’t spoke a
word.She told ‘Earlier you were hungry and tried to grab the food,now
food is ready before you and you didn’t want it?’.I was astonished by
her words and looked at her.She hugged me and planted a kiss on by
forehead.I started to react.I made her lie in the sofa and placed my
lips on hers.Those rose lips were trembling.I grabbed both her boobs by
my hands.He began to moan ‘Aaahh’.I slowly parted the upper hooks of
nighty.She told ‘let’s go bedroom’. On reaching bedroom,I made her stand
by the wall and removed the nighty.Oh she was a goddess in black bra and
green panty.That look itself will make one ejaculate.I opened hooks of
the bra.She moved and lied on bed.I started sucking those huge
boobs.Brown aeurolas with black nipple,I chewed it slowly.Sucking in
more and more,her moans increased and she told ‘more more’.I felt her
boobs milking and drank it greedily.I slowly moved to her navel.I
circled my tongue there.There were small hairs there going inside to her
panty.Those brown small hairs tickled me.I slowly made her panties
down.It was that much tight as she adjusted her thighs to take it
off.Her pussy was thick like a forest.I like pussy having hairs coz
natural has its on look.She parted her thighs to have a clear view of
her love hole.Those rose petals made me mad and I put my tongue on
them.She shook a little and moaned in a very sexy way.’You are killing
me’ she cried.I put my tongue deep inside her and licked wherever I
could.I tried to access more by parting vaginal lips by my hand.Her
cries became loud and she began to murmur some words unclear.

A sudden volcano!She erupted all over my mouth and face.I sucked all
those oozing nectar without wasting a bit.She told ‘I hadn’t had this
much wonderful orgasm in my entire life’.Lie or not I didn’t tried to
realize it.My next destination was her biggg ass.I made her turn and put
my hands on her ass.Oh its rather big than I thought.I tried to look at
the ass hole and had a lick.She told ‘are u going to use my ass hole,I
had seen it only in blue films as my husband had no affection towards
it,he says its not our culture’.I replied ‘what culture in sex,I don’t
know,I want it and I moved my view to that tiny hole’.Its a small
reddish hole,cute and tiny.I wondered how her husband ignored this cute
hole.I started licking it and she began responding by moving ass.By that
time my dick became that much hard as it badly needs a nice fuck.

After a nice session of ass licking,she turned and caught on my dick.She
slowly parted the foreskin and put tongue on it.During many of my
masterbating session,I thought of her sucking my cock.Now it became
true.I started to shiver as she was giving such a nice blow job.She is
such an expert in it.She sucked my cock deep inside her mouth and also
had her tongue upon my balls.It became unbearable as I shot my cum.It
was unexpected for her and she choked.But she drank all and made my
thing crystal clean. We both knew we can’t wait for the climax more.I
took the initiative.Parted her legs wide and put my cock to my dream
destination.I started riding her like a horse and she was breathing
fastily.She adjusted her position so that I can have more easy move.She
tried to move her up making more acess to her.I don’t expect that much
effort from a mother of 3 kids means aged 40.But she was wonderful.And
atlast we both cummed simultaneously and fell tiredly.She asked ‘What
next?’.I told ‘my dream is not fully fulfilled,turn round’.’No I’m
afraid,it will pain in ass’She told.’What pain,all pain leads to a
pleasure’ and I made her in doggie position and put my dick onto her ass
hole.It being first time was very tight and she tried to pull me.Nearby
there was a Vaseline box and I slowly applied it into hers.Then put dick
onto hers and with a strong push had half inside.She screamed as if
somebody is killing her.Movement increased and it became lubricative.I
played that move and had another shot onto that tiny hole.

We both lied in each others arms for sometime.I asked her ‘Why don’t u
resist me at first ?’.She told ‘Women are like that,being away from
husband for long they needs sex but can’t express it fearing the
society,they tried to control the best.But in my case I can’t wait more
for a fuck and at that time u lighted the fire’.I smiled naughtily.We
had this relation for a long time.I used to fuck her jumping her wall at
night and entering through backdoor and whenever she or me alone at
home.At last her husband came and took her and children with him to
Dubai.But everytime I remember the very first fuck of my life.