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Sunita Basu

Sunita Basu: hi
heart_virus_here: hi baby
Sunita Basu: was about to leave
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: itni der tk work?
Sunita Basu: reading or mailing !!!
heart_virus_here: mailed
Sunita Basu: doing some docs
Sunita Basu: nyways
Sunita Basu: zindagi
Sunita Basu: padai ke mamle mein dheel doge to dat padegi
heart_virus_here: u live alone ?
heart_virus_here: nhi dheel nhi doonga…..
Sunita Basu: ya
heart_virus_here: ok….

heart_virus_here: so aur batao
heart_virus_here: aak kaphi mails ho gyi na
Sunita Basu: kiya
heart_virus_here: u liked mine
Sunita Basu: dear tum typo bohut karte ho
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: ya…
Sunita Basu: sumtimes padne mein dikkat hoti hain
Sunita Basu: n btw my hindi is very poor
Sunita Basu: n am talkative
heart_virus_here: oh ok…
heart_virus_here: so now aftr reachng home,frst thng u wil do…i guesss…………pissing?
Sunita Basu: so poor hindi + talkative = pandemonium
heart_virus_here: susu karogi na
Sunita Basu: yes
Sunita Basu: why did you ask me that
Sunita Basu: it is natural na?
heart_virus_here: just imagine me watchng u doing tht n tell how u feel in mail tomo
Sunita Basu: ohhho
heart_virus_here: my fantasy is to watch a sexy lady doing susu
Sunita Basu: guess work …wild guess
Sunita Basu: god is this fantasy? or gone crazy !!
heart_virus_here: haha
Sunita Basu: wht haha
heart_virus_here: really….my wildest fantasy i will tell whn v chat
heart_virus_here: i really wna see one sexy lady doing it
Sunita Basu: ever seen any sexy lady doing …
heart_virus_here: na
heart_virus_here: nvr saw evn non sexy
heart_virus_here: nvr seen a nude gal yar
Sunita Basu: hopefully that’s not that very xciting to watch
heart_virus_here: haha…fr me it is
heart_virus_here: n u knw better if indian toilet
heart_virus_here: u get all view..n most vulnerable position…..
Sunita Basu:
heart_virus_here: plzz do imagine me wathng u whn u do it
Sunita Basu: i wonder how you met my friend
heart_virus_here: how far is home frm office?
Sunita Basu: 30 min almost
heart_virus_here: wch frnd…dnt knw who is tht?male or female?
Sunita Basu: male
heart_virus_here: is maldives safe in nght
Sunita Basu: of course
Sunita Basu: nightlife is wonderful
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: ya its honeymoon place na
heart_virus_here: whr u went fr ur honeymmon
Sunita Basu: not exactly
Sunita Basu: tourist place
heart_virus_here: whn u will back in india….n ur hubby?
Sunita Basu: sikkim
heart_virus_here: kkkkk
Sunita Basu: answer is : Only the almighty knows.
Sunita Basu: Both of us are too busy
heart_virus_here: mmmm…so hubby se phone chats n all reguraly?
Sunita Basu: my friend told me chatting with you might be very sexciting.
heart_virus_here: well tht i dnt knw….
heart_virus_here: bt i really liked u
heart_virus_here: bengali gals r always sexy types
Sunita Basu: may b a sharp chatter dont really remember ,how many chatters they have met
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: bt u naughty n me too…good pair na
Sunita Basu: and also he mentioned that you know how to chat with ladies
Sunita Basu: i will verify that personally
heart_virus_here: haha…..i dnt knw all these,i just knw i wna mke lady njoy n feel good n same wth me
Sunita Basu: pair or pyaar ??
Sunita Basu:
heart_virus_here: well pyar se pair n pair se pyar…all depends
heart_virus_here: n pair or pyar n pair is best
heart_virus_here: pair of*
Sunita Basu: on psycho-physio chemistry
Sunita Basu: right?
heart_virus_here: psycho is more imprtnt thn physio…
heart_virus_here: is psycho is good thn u will def njy phusio
heart_virus_here: n best chemistry will come out
Sunita Basu: i personally believe in the reverse
heart_virus_here: sex starts frm mind n ends at penis..
heart_virus_here: both r actually true….
heart_virus_here: both incomplete wtht eachother
heart_virus_here: neways me all virgin so no idea abt sex
Sunita Basu: physio does not really care for psycho…starts from brain…ends inside the depth
Sunita Basu:
heart_virus_here: ya if u only interested in physio thn it doesnt care fr nethng…leave psycho
Sunita Basu: how about that philosophy
heart_virus_here: every philo is good as evrythng is possible n evrythng works fr someone
Sunita Basu: psycho may be a catalyst…brain plays the game…fantasies,desire all in gray cell
heart_virus_here: ya its rght
Sunita Basu: raat ke sath sath mein philosopher bhi ban gai.
heart_virus_here: its all a good combo
Sunita Basu: kya promotion hain dear
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: so kaise jaogi ghar…alone or wth neone?
heart_virus_here: wth tht photographer?
Sunita Basu: are nehin
Sunita Basu: gharpe hi hun
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm.accha ji……
Sunita Basu: saed tumne thik se padi nahin
Sunita Basu: the first mail was from office
Sunita Basu: later s from resort
heart_virus_here: ok
Sunita Basu: dusri baat…leg pulling ki koi jarurat nahin hain ji
Sunita Basu: he is only a friend
heart_virus_here: maldives must b good place na…
Sunita Basu: that too distant friend.
heart_virus_here: whn did i say he is smthng more….
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…..
Sunita Basu: and he is in kolkata
Sunita Basu: right now
heart_virus_here: oh ok
Sunita Basu: so not to worry
Sunita Basu:
Sunita Basu: yes
heart_virus_here: haha
Sunita Basu: cool place
heart_virus_here: wat all wearing now
Sunita Basu: hot foreigners for both females and males.
Sunita Basu:
Sunita Basu: chemise
heart_virus_here: i guess now president is nausheed?gayoom to lost elections na
Sunita Basu: how do I know?least interested about politics and politicans
Sunita Basu: btw IAS officers are good
heart_virus_here: u knw by d end of 2100 maldives will b no more……3000000ppl will b environmental refugees
heart_virus_here: global warming will destroy it
heart_virus_here: accha aur batao…wat wearing now
heart_virus_here: same panties ?
Sunita Basu: cant say about warming….yahake tourists log bohut hi warming hain..aur climate extraordinarily humid
Sunita Basu: no
heart_virus_here: thn.,wat wearing now baby
Sunita Basu: told you na
heart_virus_here: n hey suni plzz i wana ur panties pics yar…me really crazy fr panties….
Sunita Basu: chemise
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
Sunita Basu: do you know chemise?
Sunita Basu: i think you dont
heart_virus_here: ya i guess i knw…
heart_virus_here: wo jo
heart_virus_here: half waist tak
heart_virus_here: silky
Sunita Basu: english plz
heart_virus_here: that silky silky till wasit
heart_virus_here: n like bra at top
heart_virus_here: its like a kurta
Sunita Basu: mine is not silky
Sunita Basu: it is cutton
heart_virus_here: ok……
heart_virus_here: so wearing juts chemise,no panties?
Sunita Basu: not upto waist
heart_virus_here: till thigs
Sunita Basu: mid thighs
heart_virus_here: k
Sunita Basu: not like bra
Sunita Basu: it is quite dheela
heart_virus_here: i mean shoulders r nearly open wth just 2 straps na
heart_virus_here: ya i got it
Sunita Basu: dont have the supportive strength
Sunita Basu: ya very loose
heart_virus_here: so just th piece of cloth,panties?
Sunita Basu: strapped on the shoulders
Sunita Basu: dont wear them in bed time
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm… much time back u did susu?
Sunita Basu: 30 min may be
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…ok tell me abt u suni…
heart_virus_here: so originally frm kol only?
heart_virus_here: schooling n college?
Sunita Basu: yes
Sunita Basu: tht should be kept secret i guess
Sunita Basu: anyways an engineering college
heart_virus_here: nt asking name ,,asking place of school n college
Sunita Basu: there are only two options
Sunita Basu: for universities
Sunita Basu: kolkata
Sunita Basu: both
heart_virus_here: ok…
heart_virus_here: okkkkk…
Sunita Basu: electronics graduate
heart_virus_here: good……
heart_virus_here: so wre virgin till marriage?
heart_virus_here: grt…..
Sunita Basu: yes
heart_virus_here: no boy frnd in college?
Sunita Basu: you tell me sumthing
heart_virus_here: ask nethng baby
Sunita Basu: yes …but too of childish thing
heart_virus_here: kkkkkk
Sunita Basu: wht’s your answer?
Sunita Basu: i told about my fascinations about men
heart_virus_here: so ur hubby was d frst one to c u all nangi?
Sunita Basu: now your turn
Sunita Basu: no guess
heart_virus_here: i like panties most,.,,thn ass n thn dense pubic hairs
Sunita Basu: what are the things that are fascinating for you
Sunita Basu: panties and pubic hair?
Sunita Basu: i though males have lots of fascinations about other many things regarding us
heart_virus_here: ya…i really like panties,infact i try to see wat color panty a gal wearing whn she wears lose jeans or low waist jeans
Sunita Basu: ok
heart_virus_here: i like other thngs too bt these more thn tht
heart_virus_here: i really wana see one sweet vagina….
heart_virus_here: bt nvr seen till now
Sunita Basu: ok
heart_virus_here: so tell me…hubby was frst one to c u all nangi?
Sunita Basu: no
Sunita Basu: all nangi yes
Sunita Basu: but my boyfriend saw me before him
Sunita Basu: but not like my husband
heart_virus_here: wat all he saw?…
Sunita Basu: it is obvious na
heart_virus_here: did he make u full nude too?
Sunita Basu: almost everything …but not as freely as my husband
Sunita Basu: not exactly
Sunita Basu: how can he
Sunita Basu: we never went to any room
heart_virus_here: k
Sunita Basu: used to meet in the backside of the college
heart_virus_here: thn whr n how he saw
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: saw vahina?>
heart_virus_here: vagina ever?
Sunita Basu: in his case it was like feeling more than seeing…we used to meet after classes
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk….
heart_virus_here: ok tell me…u saw frst penis?….hubby or boy frnd?
Sunita Basu: evening…and god whatever he was…at least not an owl
Sunita Basu: boyfriend
heart_virus_here: felt it or saw it nude?
Sunita Basu: both
Sunita Basu: not inside
Sunita Basu: ok?
heart_virus_here: k….
heart_virus_here: how is mine u cn tell in details na
Sunita Basu: good
Sunita Basu: plenty of semen
heart_virus_here: wat u liked in it?
Sunita Basu: preserve energy till your exam is over
Sunita Basu: slightly bending tip
heart_virus_here: ya,thn all energy will b released in u
heart_virus_here: ya
Sunita Basu: uncommon
Sunita Basu: i hope
heart_virus_here: ya..very uncommon
Sunita Basu: it is also thick
Sunita Basu: good
heart_virus_here: cn u tke me easily in vagina n anus?
Sunita Basu: i hope so
Sunita Basu: not so big
heart_virus_here: kkkkk
Sunita Basu: easiness depends on foreplay
Sunita Basu: not on size exactly
heart_virus_here: k…ever did anal?
heart_virus_here: or anus still virgin?
Sunita Basu: no
Sunita Basu: tried few occassions
Sunita Basu: very few
Sunita Basu: okk?
heart_virus_here: did it go in? deep?
Sunita Basu: but needs lots of lubrication
heart_virus_here: tried wth hubby or tht frnd?
Sunita Basu: else quite painful
heart_virus_here: k
Sunita Basu: friend or friend(s) or only male
Sunita Basu: god knows
Sunita Basu: can talk about this later
heart_virus_here: ok…n ur fav position suni?.heyt whn did u hv last sex
Sunita Basu: had a miscarriage 1 and half year back
Sunita Basu: till then our relation almost died
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhhhhh so sorry to hear tht yar
Sunita Basu: once in month or so
heart_virus_here: that was really sad
Sunita Basu: if both mental and physical relation starts dying, then at least afford physical needs
heart_virus_here: wth whom ur relation died?hubby or tht othr frnd?
Sunita Basu: if possible though
Sunita Basu: psycho not needed
Sunita Basu: hubby
Sunita Basu: not died
Sunita Basu: almost like that
Sunita Basu: nyways
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: sorry to hear tht…..leave this
Sunita Basu: since then had quite a few extramarital physical relations
Sunita Basu: not all pure intercourse
Sunita Basu: sum are sexual in nature
Sunita Basu: not sex
heart_virus_here: so whn did u hv full intercourse?
heart_virus_here: last time……
Sunita Basu: two weeks back
heart_virus_here: means u nvr had intercourse neone xcpt hubby?
Sunita Basu: did I say that
heart_virus_here: no.okkkkk
heart_virus_here: i gt it…
heart_virus_here: accha cn i ask one thng
Sunita Basu: yes
heart_virus_here: dont mind….
heart_virus_here: wth how many full intercourse othr thn hubby?
Sunita Basu: that was all I was about to say
Sunita Basu: the guy who gave me your id …is the one with whom i am steadily involved.
Sunita Basu: involvement means physical only
heart_virus_here: ok……so he is d only one othr thn hubby who has entered u all?
Sunita Basu: most wonderful and adventurous times we spent together
Sunita Basu: he is the one who taught me the joy of adventure in sex
heart_virus_here: k
heart_virus_here: good….
heart_virus_here: i support u in this….
heart_virus_here: bt tell me one thng suni…..
Sunita Basu: thn only once i had sex with a pakistani guy when i was in dubai this year
heart_virus_here: tomo u going to bcome mom again,wont th resurrect ur relation?
Sunita Basu: will see then
heart_virus_here: ok….
Sunita Basu: abhi kiyu tension lu?
Sunita Basu: eksath tension and maza
heart_virus_here: n u sure evn ur hubby fucking thr some gals?
Sunita Basu: can they go side by side
Sunita Basu: dont care really now
heart_virus_here: n ur familes knw all this ki u ppl r just toghtr for name only
Sunita Basu: doesnot mean i am going to die with this marriage
Sunita Basu: not exactly like that
Sunita Basu: but ok
Sunita Basu: no
Sunita Basu: we dont fight
Sunita Basu: everything is smooth
Sunita Basu: extremely smooth and carefree
heart_virus_here: okkk
heart_virus_here: means full pvt space too…no interference too
Sunita Basu: not exactly
Sunita Basu: just a big distance
heart_virus_here: whn u together thn how foten sex?
Sunita Basu: tht does not mean we donot say romantic words to each other
Sunita Basu: we do
Sunita Basu: but seldom
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
Sunita Basu: once in a month
heart_virus_here: n do u njoy tht?
Sunita Basu: more of a rod demanding for a hole
Sunita Basu: no
Sunita Basu: not complain
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk……
Sunita Basu: but your psycho-physio philosophy holds good for marital-sex
Sunita Basu: not for extra
Sunita Basu: got it
heart_virus_here: ya,fr extra psycho shud b avoided at all
Sunita Basu: now it is about extra more than marital
Sunita Basu: yes
Sunita Basu: but let me correct myself
Sunita Basu: tension and maza can move side by side
Sunita Basu: actually sometimes tension add additional xcitement
Sunita Basu: dont you agree?
heart_virus_here: its better if u hv maza whn u hv some tention too bt its nt good to hv tention whn u doing maza
Sunita Basu: i was saying the opposite
heart_virus_here: i do agree,evrythng has a role in life
Sunita Basu: suppose a tension of being caught
Sunita Basu: while being intimate
heart_virus_here: ya that cn add to xitemnet
Sunita Basu: that sumtimes stimulate
Sunita Basu: yes bacche sikh liya ?
heart_virus_here: it happens whn u doing sex in at beach etc.
Sunita Basu: kuch nayi?
Sunita Basu: not on beach
Sunita Basu: but open even in home
Sunita Basu: depends on situation
heart_virus_here: ya,tht was juts an xmple
Sunita Basu: nyways
Sunita Basu: dear
Sunita Basu: need to hit bed now
Sunita Basu: too tired
Sunita Basu: will you be online tomorrow?
Sunita Basu: for half an hour or so?
heart_virus_here: u say time…lets chat once for few hrs…
Sunita Basu: dont ruin your studies
heart_virus_here: wana chat wth u,maza aayega chat karke…
heart_virus_here: no..just once b4 xam lets chat few hrs n chat all
Sunita Basu: tumhare result ka bojh sadpe leke jina nahin chahti hun main
Sunita Basu: ooh tht’s too much hindi
Sunita Basu:
Sunita Basu: when is your exam?
heart_virus_here: mmmmm.sikha doonga hindi…wana hear u speaking hindi,cute lagogi
heart_virus_here: 23rd oct till 5th nov.
Sunita Basu: 1 mahina hein
heart_virus_here: ya
Sunita Basu: kya studious ladka ho
Sunita Basu:
Sunita Basu: but i know ias is a tough job
heart_virus_here: ya,toughest…thats y.ppl tke years….
Sunita Basu: dont worry do study
heart_virus_here: ya…tomo if u feel we cn do nice long chat….
Sunita Basu: kabhi kabhi timepass ke liye chat kar lena
Sunita Basu: actually cant predict my office hours
Sunita Basu: tht’s the problem
heart_virus_here: still ne idea since whn to whn……
Sunita Basu: but i will be online sometime around 8.10 – 8.15 local time
Sunita Basu: will try to be online at least
heart_virus_here: ok,i’ll log in at 8 in nght tomo n u cn come whn u free
Sunita Basu: no idea
heart_virus_here: i will study if u wont probs
Sunita Basu: it is 30 min behind indian time
heart_virus_here: ok
Sunita Basu: ok
Sunita Basu: ok then bye
Sunita Basu: take care
heart_virus_here: cn i slp wth u?
Sunita Basu: and have a tight sleep
heart_virus_here: n wana kiss ur lips once?
Sunita Basu:
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzz
Sunita Basu: bye
Sunita Basu: tomorrow
Sunita Basu: sweet dreams
Sunita Basu: had a nice time chatting with you.
heart_virus_here: ok..tomo mrng will c u doing susu…….
heart_virus_here: same here,itv was nice……
heart_virus_here: will b more nice as we will come closer…….
heart_virus_here: hey suni babes…….
Sunita Basu is typing a message.
Sunita Basu: gnite
heart_virus_here: suni…….
heart_virus_here: i need ur panty pics
heart_virus_here: plzz thnk ovr it
heart_virus_here: plzzz..really wana see it.gdnght