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Sunita my cousin’s wife

I am sending another story about my encounter with Sunita my cousin’s wife. She is about 30 and with a bulky body with a figure of 38 35 40. Looking at her no one can think of having sex with her. It happens that my cousin and his wife Sunita came to our house as my cousin had to go on a business trip to another place for about a 20 days and for the 20 days Sunita would stay with us.

Since my mother was out of town I welcome them and told my cousin that he can leave Sunita in our house. That night we three (my cousin, his wife Sunita and me) enjoyed our diner and in the next mourning at around 6am my cousin leave for his business trip. We both went to our own room and sleep up to 9am. I got up and fresh myself and went to the kitchen where Sunita had prepared the breakfast, we took it and I went to my work. I return from my work at around 4pm and saw Sunita was waiting for me.

Since she was alone, we decided to go for an evening show (Raaj). The film contains some sexy séance. I became little uneasy and looked at Sunita, she was enjoying the flim and when the sexy séance comes I could see that she used to bite her lips. After the flim we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. That night while sleeping the sexy séance used to move around my mind and I masturbate in name of Bipasa Basu. In the next evening we went out to a restaurant for dinner and after the dinner was returning back to home and on traffic we had to stop. Since it was hot I put on the A/C and move my head around to see what Sunita was doing, and saw that Sunita was sleeping and her sari had moved down from her solder and her deep cleavage could be seen.

I was looking at her when the green light signals. After we reach home I again look at her and want to touch her boobs but I control my- self and wake up her. She laughs and we both went to our own bedroom. That night the sexy séance of Raaj film gets my mind and lip biting of Sunita and her deep cleavage. That night I masturbate twice one in name of Bipasa another in name of Sunita.

That night I could not sleep and want to fuck my bulky Sunita. I started thinking of a plan of fucking her. At evening while coming from my business I purchases a bottle of wine, as I know Sunita does not drink I also purchases a coke and some snacks and burrow a XXX cd from a video parlor. I waited in a nearby restaurant till 8pm and went to home where Sunita was waiting for me.

She was worried for me and I told her that due to some business problem I was late. I then went to my room and fresh up myself. I told her that I have brought snacks and coke and told her to bring a glass. She brought a glass and I again told her to bring another glass for me, she agrees and went to the kitchen to bring another glass. While she went inside I filled one-third portion of the glass with coke and two-third portion with wine.

Sunita came and gave me the glass I filled it with the remaining coke. With the snacks we took our drink. As Sunita was taking the coke with drink she was telling me that the coke taste difference but I told her that I had brought it from dealer and she would have no problem. She agrees and took the whole drink. I could she, as she had never taken wine the action had started. Without her notice I this time pour her glass with wine, since she was little nasha I took my chance and put the vcd on.

The movie started with the actress completely naked and the actor licking her pussy. I looked at Sunita and saw her looking the actor licking the naked actress and she started biting her lips. I went near her and gave her a lip kiss. I could hear her breathing loudly I then laid her on the bed and removed sari from her solder and unhook her blouse and bra. Her two hills become free and I lick her boobs and bite her nipple.

Sunita in the mean time turn red and was moaning. I then removed her sari, petticoat and panty completely. I lick her wet pussy and removed my cloths. Then I put her legs on my solders and gave her a nice fucking. That night I fuck her for three more times and sleep with her in nude.

The next day she wakes up and saw what happened in the night. She then wake me up and gave me a kiss and told me that she was in need of sex as her sexual life with her husband was not good. I was also happy and for the rest of the days till her husband came back from business trip I fucked Sunita whenever I got sexual desire.