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I was on my way to visit my friend. I reached on time but i was informed by her brother wife Nisha that he will be late & i have to wait for him. Nisha was so sexy fair looking & good figure. I was friendly with her we used to talk on phone. I was about ot leave she said wait ofcourse who wanted to leave. I love to watch her boobs. Nisha brought Coke she asked about my personel life. i asked nobody in the house. No!

She spoke suddenly my father in law is harrasing me.Nisha father in law always ask for tea early in the morning always i am in nighty so he takes advantage of my figure touch her boobs & harass her. I asked nisha you mean your father in law haras you sexually. She said Yes.Eeeks I was surprised.One day her father in law took advantage of the situation. Father in law went ot kitchen asked forthe tea stood behind Nisha very closely to her behind her ass touching her ass with the dick.One day father in law called her in her bedroom ( nobody was the house) has pain.She told me it was lie but no choice.

Nisha starting applying some ointment. As she was applying she could see her father in law dick was rising she was just remain silent. Her father in law demand massage above the knee as there is some muscle pain.She had to obey the order she was just touched her father in law dick.& some cuurent passed in her laws body she could feel it.After some time she went to bathroom to wash her hand. her in law stood behind her touched her boobs pressing her hard against the wall. Nisha was frightened. Eekss Iwas so excited I took Nisha hand pulled near to me told to touch my penis.Coninue with my story her father in law brought his lips to Nisha & kissed her passiotnely & moving his hand freely all over Nisha> her in father in law took brought her to the bed & pushyed her down & climbed on top of her unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra both the boobs came out like an icecram scoop.Father in law sucked her boobs, nipples. Than he got naked & demend Nisha to become naked. Nisha was excited & afraid. Father in law took out saree as nisha was already topless unrealised her petticoat now she was just in her panty. Anyhow Nisha manage to escape from her in father in law as she was afraid. She went to her room bolted the door nver came out till late evening.

While hearing the story i did not realise my penis was in Nisha Hand. For few i was not in these world.I asked Nisha boldly can i see your boobs i don’t know how did i utter these words.Nisha said she would love to have Sex & fullfill her fantasy with slim guys. I was on top of her enjoying her body love sucking her boobs nearly chewing her nipples.Than after body i did not forget to eat her vagina. Nisha took my penis took in her mouth sucking like a women which arise you Sex world. I had sex with her twice . As her husband was fat guy just interested in intercourse.I must say iwas enjoying more than my wife.Nisha told me your very sexy & hairy guy.