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My wife Neeta planned a weekend trip with two of her friends and their husbands to a resort out of Bangalore. I had met her friends before– Neha, a very sexy 28 year old with a good figure and Sunita, slightly plump but still very sexy. Neeta, my wife, is absolutely stunning. I did not know either of the husbands Sunil, Neha’s husband, nor Amit, Sunita’s husband. Sunita and Neha worked with Neeta so they were familiar to me. We checked into the resort in the evening and got ready for dinner at the resort disc.

Neeta and her friends chatted with me and the other husbands but somehow I felt out of place. I noticed Sunil paying more attention to my wife than I was comfortable with. Even flirting with her and my wife seemed to like it. While talking his hand would always rest just above her knee on the inside of her thigh. Neeta seemed not to mind, so I said nothing. When he asked her for a dance, she was more than eager and had no qualms with a hot number rubbing her body to his and they moved to the far side of the floor on a slow song, past the crush of bodies swaying and writhing to the music. I couldn’t see them and felt uncomfortable and also excited in a strange manner imagining my wife with another guy. Sometime later I went to the men’s room. From my cubicle I could hear Sunil telling Amit, “Neeta’s looking hot, I wish l could fuck her tonight.”

Amit said, “She’s married and with her husband around?“

Sunil laughed, “Who says you can’t fuck a married woman! Haven’t I fucked your wife?”

“You bastard, “ Amit replied. I was shocked, frightened and strangely excited. I had to get Neeta out of here. She would have no idea about any of what he had heard. When I asked Neeta to come out she said, “Don’t be ridiculous Sanjay, I’m enjoying myself. Go and have some rest if you’re not feeling well “

I couldn’t tell her what I had heard in the men’s room; the last thing I wanted was to cause a scene with so many people around. I decided to go to our room and lie down, and decide what to do. I ordered a bottle of scotch from room service, deciding to get hammered. Of course nothing would happen, if the man tried, Neeta would slap his face. She wasn’t like that. She had never been unfaithful in all our 4 years of marriage. Before marriage was, of course, a different story. I took my drink onto the room’s balcony and sat looking out at the city’s lights. I decided to wait for an hour or so and rejoin the party. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember, I heard voices outside of the door. One was Neeta, the other a man’s voice. I jumped up, and for some unexplainable reason, decided to hide. I closed the balcony door leaving the curtain slightly open so that I could see inside the room, just then the bedroom door opened. Neeta came in followed by Sunil.