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Swetha Loses Her Virginity

My name is Swetha Suresh, my parents are from Kerala. I live in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Today I am going to share my sex experiences of my entire life.

My first sex experience occurred at the age of 18, I was studying in class 12, After my dance practice me and my boyfriend decided to go to a birthday party, It was a bit night around 10 pm. We reached his house by 10:15. But to our surprise there was no much celebration. Only one more boy came. But I was very happy to see the thankfulness of the birthday boy because we came to his room. We cut the cake and sang song, I danced a little bit…lol. Then they opened drinks. I asked my boyfriend why he never told me that he drinks, he replied I never asked him. I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV and three of them started drinking. Then suddenly the other boy asked my boyfriend if he had sex with me, he said no..they started laughing. I became very angry and asked my boyfriend to leave. But that boy said if Achu ( my pet name) really loves you she will do it today.

My boyfriend was so confused that he caught my waist and turned me on the floor. I was wearing a Being Human Blue T-shirt and jeans. He took off my T-shirt then my bra, I was really shy because the birthday boy and other boy was watching us. But my boyfriend was so excited that he started squeezing my boobs then he opened my jeans then panty. And started licking my pussy. When I looked up I saw the birthday boy and other boy staring at my private parts. I was very shy that I closed my eyes with my both hands. But I was enjoying. Then suddenly a stream of pain shove me. My boyfriend pushed his dick into my virgin pussy, blood came and I was crying ‘Amma, Amma’ but after a few pumps I enjoyed it. After sometime he was over and laid aside tired. Then the other boy asked my boyfriend what gift we brought for birthday boy…..oops we forgot. Then the birthday boy said that he wanted to lick my pussy, I was really scared but my boyfriend was not in senses because he drank and said yes. He came near my leg, I said no. He said plz and before I could get up he started licking my pussy seeing all this the other boy unzipped his pant and slided his dick through my lips. But really I was feeling very fantastic. The birthday boy was very much energetic and satisfied me. The whole night was filled with pleasure. The three guys changed position. The next morning I dressed up and went away to my home, at home I lied that I stayed in the dance class itself. But unfortunately because of having sex with two other classmates my boyfriend felt bad with me and we had breakup.

After schooling I got admission into the topmost college of Chhattisgarh, BIT DURG, for Engineering. So I was very happy, we went to Kerala. My father mother and my sister Shreya suresh and me stayed at my maternal house in Kerala. There I met my cousin brother, he was younger to me, Sreejith Nair. I noticed that he always stared at my boobs, but I ignored it because he was very innocent. One day I and Sreejith went to the fields for sightseeing, there he started looking into my cleavage, I asked him what the matter was. He said please teach me what sex is sister, I don’t know. I at once opened my pyjama and hold his head with both my hands and told him to lick my pussy. He did fairly well. Then I took his dick and shaked it and touched it on my pussy. Then we came back. He was very happy. After few days, I saw Sreejith licking my younger sister Shreya’s pussy. I was very angry that I rushed into the room and slapped both of them. My sister was laying with her legs wide open and the skirt was on the other side of room. I advised both not to repeat. But I was happy that I am no longer a virgin.