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Sexual Espionage

It’s all here. All the evidence I need, right here in Meena Banik’s own computer. My God. All the allegations are true. Every last one.

Misconduct. Unreported resistance. Forged waivers. Fabricated permissions. Everyone a gross violation of the Mind Control Regulatory Act of 2014.

Quickly I pop the pen drive into the port and let it extract the data. I lean back outside the soft glow of the screen, the only light save for the twinkling of the lights of Mumbai outside the huge windows behind me.

My initial sense of indignation gives way to euphoria. I have it.My exclusive. I, Bhagirathi Parmer, will win the Pulitzer for this! An expose that will topple the multi-crore empire that is Banik Anbami Enterprises! Read more »

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