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Honeymoon Masti with the New Bride

Our marriage was an arranged marriage. I am Manoj, 23 and she is Shruti, 21. Just imagine the innocent, charming, cute Renuka and obedient, soft, sophisticated, gentle Manish from Hum Apke hai koun movie. That’s exactly how we looked. We both worked for banks as officers but in different branches in Delhi. I had met her just twice before the wedding, once was when our family went to see the girl and the next was at the engagement. She was very shy and demure and I was the talkative one. Anyway-we got married had our 1st night and went for our honeymoon to Shimla-Chail.

The 1st night (Suhag Raat) was a bit awkward as we were both inexperienced and fumbled around shyly and somehow did the deed, which by the way ended too soon as I was highly excited and after years of using my rough hands for masturbation, the warm wet pussy of my wife was too exciting and sensitive and I could not hold on longer and came in her too soon. We immediately slept after that and had to get up early to leave for our 4 day Getaway bus tour to Shimla-Chail. Our middle class families

decided that going by taxi was too dangerous due to the high road accidents in the hilly region as well as it was better to be on a bus tour for a few days to get to know each other while having other people around to get over the initial awkwardness. So we were put on the popular luxury AC tourist bus accompanying other newly weds like us as well as other couples and a few families with children and older parents. The bus tour was for 4 days as it was a tour going through various places with temples, forts and other tourist destinations en route. Read more »

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Desi Wife Travelling Alone in a Train

One day, I had to go to a marriage function at Thane in the evening time. As a result I missed my office bus to return home. Also there are no direct auto rickshaws available and having not many alternatives, I had to take a public bus. It was already 07.30 p.m. I was waiting for a ST bus from Thane to Borivali. After a very long time and feeling really awkward standing in the crowd as there were mostly all males waiting and that too were worker class males. I felt like all of them are ogling at me. After around 20 minutes the bus which was already very crowded arrived & I boarded the bus having no other choice as the journey was almost an hour to home. The bus was totally jam packed & by the force of crowd I was pushed to stand in the rear / middle of the bus among all the males. I was irritated to be traveling in this crowd, but resigned myself to the long drive.

After a while , I felt something brush against my bottom & I casually glanced behind to notice a young boy of about 20 plus standing behind me ,!He too appeared stuck in the crowd . I again felt something brush against my bottom & I realized it was this boy’s hand. However, after a few minutes, he brushed his hand a couple of more times & then very casually lets his hand lightly rest on my sari on my buttocks -palm outwards. I was a little taken aback , but decided to ignore it then — it is a crowded bus & this could be a mistake – however after a few minutes I felt his hand begin to slowly move & lightly caress my buttocks –. I was surprised further & now wondered what to do – this was quite an obvious & deliberate act & I looked around to move away , but there was no place to move in the crowded & cramped bus — – at the same time I was very uncertain & nervous to create a scene . I then decided to ignore it & also reasoned to myself that till what extent could he possibly try anything —-, what with so many people around & that too in a public place too. I was stuck in my present position. Read more »

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