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Fucking the Five Khans

I know children need their privacy. I know I shouldn’t have bugged my daughter’s bedroom and her phone, but what is a Mother to do? *What* I ask you? It’s not like she’s sweet and innocent. Not since those *damn* Khan boys got their hands on her. *Damn* those boys. She *was* my *sweet* Sharvani before they came along.

Thank God I did tap her phone. The first conversation I recorded was Sharvani talking to Satyavati, her best friend.

“Did you do *it*?” Satyavati asked.

“Yeah, but I’m *so* sore I can hardly walk,” Sharvani said. Read more »

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Manisha Seduces Her Hubby’s Nephew

I had been married to Abhishek for a year & was frustrated with the monotony. Then one fine day Abhishek’s nephew Anuj came to stay with us to try for his college admission. He had just turned 18 but looked younger due to his slim body. He was very shy while speaking to me & blushed if he even touched my hand accidently. His awkward way turned me on & I began fantasizing about being screwed by him. I tried to make eye contact & get as close as possible but he always averted his eyes & moved away. I was desperate.

I stood naked in front the mirror, ‘What is wrong with the males of this family?’ I thought to myself. It wasn’t that I was ugly & out of shape! In fact I knew I was attractive as hell, I was 5 ft 5 inches tall, slim & with an almost perfect figure. My brown silky hair fell over my shoulder & some of it cascaded onto my dark brown nipple. I stared at my reflection & gently caressed my firm breasts. I fingered my deep round navel & let my fingers slip towards my clean shaven pussy. I teased the insides of my naked thighs & groped my perfectly rounded bums with my other hand. I knew I had to do something to satisfy my starving pussy.

For the next couple of days I kept irritating Abhishek as much as I could. Especially when Anuj wasn’t around. Finally Abhishek lost his cool & slapped me. We fought & I cried acting as if I was the wronged one.  I also made sure Anuj noticed me sobbing & crying. I saw he was sympathetic towards me. The next morning, Abhishek & I, had another massive fight before he left for his office. I cried & cried & acted as if I was ill & about to collapse. I acted so well that the usually shy Anuj came up to me & said “Manisha mami (Aunty) are you all right? Do you want some medicine?” Read more »

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Ellora Bhabhi Gets Fucked in the Parking Lot

Ellora Prabhakar was drunk, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t her fault—a bottle of Sula and two rum cocktails did that to a girl. Sanjay and Hari promised it wouldn’t turn into a business dinner—but that’s what they always said. Ellora usually spent dinner gossiping with Hari’s wife, Shreya. But she had cancelled at the last second and stayed home instead. So Ellora was all alone with two MBAs. Who could blame her for drinking a bit more than usual?

“If we go for a Versova property, we’ll get a fifteen per cent margin,” said Hari.

“And a whopping big EMI,” said Sanjay. “Whereas we can afford Malad without an EMI.”

“But it only has a ten per cent margin.”

Sanjay breathed deeply. “It certainly is a big decision.” Read more »

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The Crazy Erotic Weekend

The last Saturday of this June was the most amazing and wicked weekend getaway I have ever experienced in my life. I was in a dilemma for most of the time should I write about this or not. But then I thought what the heck.

A group getaway was long due for all of us. When I say us what I mean is a group of five couples namely: Anjila Siddique and Nimish Jain, Vaishali Kapur (Me) and Shoeib Alam, Pratibha Saxena and Sumit Bharadwaj, Pritha Ghoshal and Hemant Shah, Sneha Tandon and Vikram Shetty.

We had hired two cars and made an overnight drive to reach our destination. The name of the place is not important. Anyway, all through Saturday we fooled around together, went for sight seeing, teased each other, played some outdoor games, clicked some breathtaking photographs and just before returning to the hotel all the couples gave each other space as we went our separate ways to spend time with our hooked ones.

At night we were back for dinner in the small but stylish restaurant of the hotel. Most importantly the food was nice and they were able to arrange for the drinks we had asked them to before hand. Read more »

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My Hot Affair with Arjun

Once upon a time, I was just a wanna-be slut until I took that first step into sluthood by meeting up with Arjun. in a vacant lot at 2am so he could gag me on his cock with his goal of making me piss myself, and the bonus that he gets his cock sucked.

That was at least two years ago now. We’ve said hi on occasion since but never managed to actually meet up again for this reason or that.

That changed tonight.

Last week, I emailed him to let him know that I still tell the tale of meeting him when asked about my kinkier experiences. Being the kind of cocky bastard that I seem to be attracted to, he was pleased and said we ought to do it again. Read more »

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Desi Wife’s Chudai on Diwali

192020It had been my idea to go to the Diwali party, and Ajit, the wonderful husband that he is, agreed immediately. I was looking forward to re-injecting some long-forgotten Indianness back into my life, and a party with fireworks, good food, and new people while wearing elegant traditional clothes seemed like a great idea. In theory that is. In reality, I was regretting coming up with the idea in less than an hour of getting there. At least for the first hour or so. And the regret stemmed mainly from the fact that I had forgotten how much I loathed the monochromatic company of the typical cocoon-dwelling Indian immigrant in the US.

Ajit and I entered the big house hosting the party, put the food we had brought in the kitchen, poured ourselves a couple of drinks, and got into mingling mode. A couple approached us and started talking. We started off with the basics like where we were from, where we lived, what we did and so on. He was in IT, she was a housewife. They had also come to the party after seeing the flier. We all talked about how chilly it had been getting recently. And from there, the conversation went downhill as the couple’s cocoon started showing. Read more »

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How I Fucked Shruti Mausi

Hello all guys and gals hope you are doing well. Today I am going to share an incident which happened to me when I was 19 in my full youthfulness I’m Rahul and I am from Hyderabad, This is a real story actually my first experience of having a sexual encounter with my Mothers Sister my aunt.

Now let me explain my aunt, she was then in her mid 30s but still she was looking very young. She was fair as milk and had a very cute face. She was a widow with no children. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36, Shruthi is her name. I never had any bad intention towards her, so never looked at feminine part of her and but to me she was very beautiful.

I was 18 years I’d been to my aunt’s house for some reason that’s when I saw that she was coming from her bath. She just had a towel around her. I could see her breast trying to come out of her towel and shouting to be squeezed. From that day I’d been thinking of her bulging breast and her big ass and masturbate very often imaging her beautiful sexy body. Read more »

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The Urban Desi Orgy – II

Chakkar was having drinks with Danny in the hall and was slowly disclosing him the entire setup. Danny was shocked to learn that these two girls were actually the bride and her friend and on top of it Rahul was the husband of the taller girl Rekha. He could not believe that Rahul was actually watching his wife strip dance and fuck other man.

“You planned this,” he asked Chakkar looking amazed.

“I did not planned and had no clue that the things could go this far, but I know these girls since collage and they were a big cock teaser. I only wished that they be gangbanged,” Chakkar spoke excitedly, “love to fuck these sluts whole night.”

“This guy is in the room and watching Raman fucking his wife,” Danny was in a trance. He glanced towards the other room where Mini and Vinod went and found the door closed.

“Akash is in the room with them,” he spoke. Read more »

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The Affair with the Driver

“Fahim, now take the next left. And then it’s the third house on the right.” I said, giving directions to the new driver the company had just assigned me.

“Ok, sir.” he said, and turned left.

“This is my house. This is where you are to pick me up from every morning at 830 a.m. sharp.” I said. He nodded.

The door to my house opened, and out ran my 8 year old son Pintu, yelling, “Papa! Papa!”. He was followed by my wife, Ketaki, looking beautiful as always, with a happy smile on her face.

“So Samir, how was Bangalore?” she asked, opening the gate for Pintu, who jumped into my arms.

“Ooof.” I said picking up my son. “Bangalore was, well, boring as usual. By the way, this is my new driver…” Read more »

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Who Fucks First?

I wonder who started first. Which one of us was the first to try out some strange?

We met at a party that was full of sexy people wanting to fool around with other sexy people. It wasn’t a swinger’s party but it could have been with a slight push.

The host was my closest friend who was always trying to hook me up with one of his wife’s friends. His wife was very easy on the eyes, as were all their friends they had introduced to me too. This time the intro took.

When I saw Jason’s wife Mink (a nickname that I’ll explain later) was talking to a really hot looking dirty blonde. Mink was in her usual teasing attire of a low cut dress that showed most of her nice big tatas while the new chick was wearing a satiny blouse open enough to give the hint of some firm b cups. When she looked up as Jason was going to introduce us, it became obvious that she was braless as she was leaning forward a little and Jason and I got a shot down her blouse of an entire tit, complete with an erect nipple. Read more »

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Sun, Sea & Shagging

Two weeks of fun in the sun. Sea, sea and shagging. That was how the trip was sold to us. But four days into the trip, the most action I had managed was a few snogs and the odd handful of tit in the nightclubs. The rest of the boys hadn’t much luck either.

I did pick up this fantastic looking bird on the second night. She had legs that went on forever, long blonde hair and massive tits. She had given all the signs that she wanted it. When I asked her if she wanted to go to my place or hers, she said she couldn’t stay out all night because her parents would wonder where she was. It turned out she was only fifteen. She got really upset when I told her she was too young and hurled abuse at me as I walked away.

I was an early riser and quickly got into the habit of waking up before my mates and popping down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. On the fifth morning, I was sitting at my table overlooking the pool and I spotted two of the best-looking girls I had seen on the island so far lying topless in the early morning sun. Read more »

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Seducing the Campus Bitch

Everyone in the Sharma Kachodiwala, a favorite campus eatery, could see that Akash and Devika were very much in love. When they danced a slow dance, and they never missed one, their bodies fit like clothing. She would rest her head on his shoulder and do something with his ear, either whispering or nibbling. He always had his hands firmly ensconced on her perfectly formed ass, making him the envy of every male in the room.

Those that recognized her, and knew her reputation as the untouchable legendary Ice Queen, could only marvel at her transformation. She certainly was anything but icy now. The way she rubbed her generous breasts against his chest and ground her pelvis into his, it was a marvel that he managed to survive an entire dance with dignity intact. Not that either of them were immune, far from it. Akash sat down quickly at the end of the dance to conceal a massive erection. Devika excused herself to “powder her nose.”

When she returned, she slid in behind the table next to him. She reached in her purse and nonchalantly handed him a small bundle of pink nylon. If he hadn’t guessed from the color and material, a distinctive heady scent announced that he was holding in his hands a freshly worn and very damp pair of panties. Not to be outdone by her brazen public presentation, Akash lifted the damp garment to his nose and inhaled deeply before placing it in his pocket. He took this gift as an invitation to a private one man party under her skirt as, in fact, it was meant to be. Read more »

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Family Secrets

When I arrived home from work on Friday, Shilpa’s car was in front of the house. The guilt that was eating at my guts took another bite and I reached for the Rolaids as I parked my car in the garage.

When I walked in the back door, Kalpana greeted me and kissed me softly on the lips. “Hi, honey. How was your day?” That loving, knowing expression was on her face. That look always made me wary, as if she knew something I didn’t know, but should.

“Long. The week was long.” I saw Shilpa leaning against the doorway into the family room. It was the first time I’d seen her socially since Mikesh’s funeral two weeks ago. Oh, I’d seen her at the lawyers’ office when we discussed Mikesh’s estate, but that’s not the same.

“We need to talk. Go say hello to Shilpa while I make you a drink,” Kalpana said. Read more »

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