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Torrid Affair with the Kaamwali’s Husband


“What is it?”

“Where have you kept my tie. I just can’t find it anywhere.”

“It’s inside the wardrobe.”

Suman always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married twelve years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to school her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up early, preparing breakfast, waking up the kids, serving breakfast….it went on and on until Suman left for his office and she took the kids to the bus stand to catch the school bus.

Mornings were even tougher when the maid didn’t turn up. Lakshmi was a nice person and always went out of her way to help Sindhu. She never refused to do anything, quite unlike most of the maids employed by her friends and neighbours. When they had moved into this beautiful bungalow in Salt Lake, in the eastern suburbs of the city, she had felt elated. The apartment blocks would no longer stifle her. No doubt to it, she hated living in apartments. Read more »

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How It Started With My Mummy

Hello AISS readers. I am Prabhakar Sharma, a 20 year old son to a beautiful mother. Two years back, I discovered that mom was a lonely lady who needed to be rescued from a dreadful sex life. so I decided to jump start her starved sex life by deliberately putting mom in a situation that she had to get her hands dirty. That event went on to make way for series of erotic events of mom’s sexual escapades. This story is about how the changes to mom came. I’ll be posting the stories of my mom’s numerous sexual escapades, one story after another. these stories are true and so are the names. but I won’t be disclosing the place I am from. so hang on to something cause real events are more breath taking than fantasies.

It was the last day of my high school so I had already told my mom that I will be late. I had plans to go out with my friends and celebrate the last day of 12 th standard. But things didn’t go my way. I had a quarrel with one of them and ended up in a fight so I decided to get back home at usual time. around 4 pm I reached my house. Mom had already come back from office as the door was locked from within. I rang the bell but there was no sound, there was no power. I knocked the door but there was no answer too. mom cud be in the bathroom I thought. there was another way to get in. I had a key to my room’s back door hidden under the mat, the back door mat. I went around to get it but then I thought why to show that trick to mom and spoil my late night house entry trick? so I decided to peep in thought the windows instead so that I cud spot her and ask her to open the front door. her bedroom windows were under curtains so was the living room. don’t know why I decided to check the bathroom, not because I wanted her to see me but just because I may get to see her naked!. I was a 18 year old boy back then curious about sex and attracted towards my mom. Read more »

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Sakshi and the Traffic Cop

Sakshi Patel sat on a stool at the bar of a local watering hole Planet Bollywood. She was just about finished with her second drink, vodka and cranberry juice. Looking around at the other patrons, she noticed she was the only woman. The mixture of men in the bar ranged from a couple of college boys to several seasoned gentlemen.

The two younger customers sat at a table directly behind Sakshi, drinking beer straight from the brown bottle. She could hear them laughing and making remarks about the girls they went to school with. Sakshi slowly swivelled her stool so the college students could see her profile.

Dressed in a short black skirt that was slit to her upper thigh and a see-through top that clung to her trim body, she knew their eyes would be glued to her. Beneath her black top, a shear bra contained her firm breasts. The thin material did very little to hide her nipples. Her stockings were dark with small roses embroidered in them at the ankle, held in place with a garter belt. Read more »

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The Car-Ride from Mumbai to Pune

It was a hot October Friday evening when we were required to travel to Pune for something. We were initially planning to go Saturday morning but then had to settle for Friday evening. Obviously, we were late and reached Dadar station around 9 Pm. The regulars would know it is always crowded but that being Friday evening there was extra rush of people returning to Pune. We went to the MSRTC counter to see if any tickets were available. But there weren’t any. We were approached by private Volvo buses but they were charging way too extra so we finally settled for a private car (Tata Sumo). The driver agreed to drop us near Pimpri station for a nominal cost.

But it wasn’t a very convenient adjustment. There were 10 people in Sumo other than the driver. There were 2 seating beside the driver, 4 in the middle seat and we had to adjust with 2 more men on the last 2 vertical seats. Richa wasn’t too happy about it but we just pushed ourselves into it. And the driver was driving fast and soon made his way through the traffic beyond Sion. I and Richa were seated on one of the vertical seats while there were two other men seating opposite us. They were carrying one small travel bag with them each and we had one for us. There was no extra space for luggage so we had to keep it on our laps.

As we relaxed into the vehicle, I started noticing the two men secretly checking Richa out. She too probably sensed it but was not that bothered. Read more »

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Chudai at the Wedding Party

The sun was getting ready to settle down for the night and the South-Ex bungalow was glittering in the decorative lightings. In three days time Adity, the beloved daughter of Mr Malhotra was getting married. She was the youngest of the three siblings and was also the most beloved of the family. She was better known as Mini to her friends and family.

The house was bustling with relatives, uncles and aunts, cousins, younger nieces and nephews. Mini was very happy as she was marrying her love Akash whom she met almost two years ago. Akash was working as engineer in a big medical equipment company. They got engaged a month back and now in three days they were getting married. Mini was in her room trying out different dresses when she heard a cheerful voice,

“Hi, Mini you look so pretty,” this was Rekha her best friend.

“OMG it’s you Rekha, you are arriving now!” she frowned, “you should have been with me at least a month before the wedding, helping me.” Read more »

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My Girlfriend’s Shoot for Debonair Magazine

Chapter 1

“Okay, this time next week we’ll start looking at Raj Kapor’s Mera Naam Joker, and its impact on contemporary Indian cinema. I’ll expect you all to be familiar with the text by then. And I don’t mean watching the film a couple of times. Read the book, people. Read the book.”

The scraping of chairs on the floor caused a thunderous din as the class stood. Their chatter raised the noise level further still as they stuffed equipment into bags and prepared to leave the lecture theatre. At the centre of the crowd that slowly filed towards the exit, with so many people in such a small space, it wasn’t unusual for Anahita to feel bodies pressed against her, but she could have sworn that at least two of her classmates actually grabbed her backside and squeezed. And was it her imagination, or did someone try to slip a hand under her skirt?

“Anahita,” the lecturer called as she passed the front desk. “Just a quick word, if you don’t mind.” Read more »

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