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My Lesbian Love Story

Her hands were now placed on the straps of my bra, for the first time in last 20 minutes I raised my head and looked at myself in the mirror in front of me and the first thing I saw was the hanging mangalsutra in my neck. The image brought about a ting of guilt inside me but before that thought could register any significant impact, a sound of “click” released my breasts from my bra. My head bend down once again and now she was caressing my nipples with her fingers. It ran a sensation in my whole body and the sense of guilt was taken over by a completely different feeling, I was enjoying her touch.

Suddenly she grabbed my nipples in her fingers and then left them with a jerk, the move almost caught me off-guard and I almost fell down from the chair. She repeated the movement once again and then again, now she was also kissing (almost biting) my neck. I felt like my body has no weight, her movements were sending me to another level of sensation; I was feeling something very wet down in my panties. It was the first time in last five years that someone touched my body and in those years I almost forgot how it feels to be touched by another person. Read more »

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Heaven in the Hostel


I was told to be ready at 8:30 pm sharp, dressed informally despite the supposed formality of the event. I was told to expect the unexpected. And I was told to have eaten and hydrated beforehand.

It was all very mysterious and cloak and dagger. But even so warned, I was still surprised to find three people standing outside my door at the appointed time. I was even more surprised to find that they were all cloaked in black robes with ominous hoods, masks covering their faces.

“Uh, hello?” I greeted them awkwardly.

The lead figure stood up straight, as tall as me, and took a deep breath. “It is time,” spoke the feminine voice, tinged with a semi-familiar tenor. “Come with us.” Read more »

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