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My Mast Trip to Goa

I was in Goa once again, second time within 15 days. I returned to Delhi to my hubby after spending about 15 days in Goa where I have played lesbian game with one of the friend of my husband. Many said this was a social work to give sexual satisfaction to a married and sexually unsatisfied woman. I always care for sex and the sex loving peoples.

I have just returned from South Africa where I was with my hubby for world cup foot ball matches. This tour and tickets for the matches were marriage gift to my hubby from his office. I did not get enough time to be in touch with my friends and fans since last two months because of my busy schedule. But, now I am back and have some time to write.

So, I decided to write first thing first to maintain link.

I have returned to Delhi after spending 10 days in Goa, mostly at my in-laws house. I did not get many chances to play lesbian games with Anju. But, I did it two times more when we both get the chance. Anju was very happy; I could notice this on her face. I always feel sorry for this beautiful young lady that his husband is not able to satisfy her. Anyway, this is fortune and we have to accept it. Read more »

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Sexual Espionage

It’s all here. All the evidence I need, right here in Meena Banik’s own computer. My God. All the allegations are true. Every last one.

Misconduct. Unreported resistance. Forged waivers. Fabricated permissions. Everyone a gross violation of the Mind Control Regulatory Act of 2014.

Quickly I pop the pen drive into the port and let it extract the data. I lean back outside the soft glow of the screen, the only light save for the twinkling of the lights of Mumbai outside the huge windows behind me.

My initial sense of indignation gives way to euphoria. I have it.My exclusive. I, Bhagirathi Parmer, will win the Pulitzer for this! An expose that will topple the multi-crore empire that is Banik Anbami Enterprises! Read more »

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Threesome Chudai with Bhaiya

First thing I must write before starting my experience is that neither I am a writer nor I am very good in grammar of this language but I want to assure readers that this is my real life happening and altogether it will be fun for readers to read my sex experience.

This about me and my elder sister Shweta Di fucking in a threesome sex with our first cousin Keenu Bhaiya. To give a standard intro I would name myself as Jyoti, nick name Golu: female of 22 years of age doing final year of my graduation, in appearence I am fair and good looking, tall around 5’9″, though almost flat belly but with heavy Boney structure,

medium sized boobs with thick fleshy thighs and round jutting out plump ass. My elder sister Shweta Di is 27 years of age, at present working in a software company, in appearance she is fairer and far prettier than me but she is bit short in height, must be 5’5″ or an inch less with fleshy sexual assets. Read more »

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 5

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Part 5

He did that again and got same physical response from me, even though he was very slow and kind but because of pain I was not comfortable with his in and out movements and Raju Ji could see that but he did not stopped fucking me with that pace, couple of times I tried to push him to get away but he very well knew how to control a female lying under him and holding my luscious body firmly from my arms he continued fucking me with short and slow jerks without taking much of his hard throbbing Penis from my fuckhole. Raju Ji fucked me like that for couple of minutes with few small intervals and when he realized that I am adjusted with the pain and he slowly started increasing his speed of plugging my fuckhole.

Once again my pain increased and seemed going out of my bearing capability and as his fucking strokes rose up in speed bit more I tried to get away more desperately but once again Raju Ji gripped me harder and continued fucking me like that. By now his hard and long monster was moving in and out of my fuckhole with ease and I could see that his pleasure was incredible, Raju Ji was moaning in bliss while looking at my mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. My body was totally in his control and except closing my eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain I could not do anything. I was holding him tight, moaning and gasping and I could see that gradually my pain was getting subsided, not much but I was somewhat enjoying my first fuck. Read more »

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