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Fucking My Sister at Her Wedding!

It was a perfect June afternoon. The temperature wasn’t overly hot and the sky was clear with white, puffy clouds scattered around, only occasionally passing in front of the sun. The sounds of birds fluttering about the trees clustered around us filled the air, accompanied by the distant roar of waves crashing against the beach far below.

In front of us, about thirty feet from the cliff’s edge before it dropped off into the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, was an elegant white latticework arch, adorned with flowers and mounted on an elevated platform. The officiant puttered around, making sure everything was absolutely perfect lest the bride let him hear about it later.

“So now that we’re here, do you believe it yet?” Rakhi smiled at me, waggling her eyebrows. Read more »

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My Sister Shruti, My Whore

It was finally Saturday. As the sky was getting dark, we were driving into the parking lot of the warehouse. There were a lot of cars parked there and Ishita commented animatedly “This is going to be great!” and Shruti added completely unaware of the real situation “It sure will!” Amisha just smiled at me.

When we entered the room, we found ourselves in a huge open space, with a large cushioned plastic mat spread on the floor in the middle of the room; one medium sized bed over the mat beside another slim hospital-type bed. But the big surprise was not the room scarce furniture. There were about fifty partially naked guys walking around the room, talking and drinking beer. I though maybe they were too many but I was going to let my sister decide about that. There was some filming equipment just beside the main entrance and some fully clothed guys were walking toward us. Shruti looked very confused and asked, “What is going on?”

“Surprise!!” we all yelled at the same time.

“This is your birthday present and all this is for you,” I explained to her, “you are going to make a movie with all these guys.” Read more »

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Gangbang in the Family

I had been surfing for a while on the Internet looking for a gift for my sister Shruti. I was running out of time to set the whole thing up since her birthday was closing in. I knew exactly what I was looking for but it wasn’t something easy to find. In addition to that, I wasn’t able to concentrate given the fact that my sister’s friend, Ishita, was below the desk giving me one of her delightful blowjobs. She knew how to drive a man crazy using her mouth and she always liked to take her time, patiently and skillfully. She could take a whole dick in her mouth and keep it there for long moments as she massages to base of the shaft with her tongue. I could feel her warmth all along my cock and just as I though I found what I was looking for on the net, I couldn’t hold any longer and blasted my sperm down her throat.

Ishita’s obsession for me and my sister became evident in the previous weeks, so we three moved in together in a new house. She squealed mutedly as my dick filled her mouth and my balls contracted over and over. I must have squirted five or six big loads of fluid before I was finally done. She pulled back slowly and after a long intake of air, she looked up at me with a playful expression and asked,

“Did you find it yet?”  Read more »

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The Wedding

The beach. It was a perfect June afternoon. The temperature wasn’t overly hot and the sky was clear with white, puffy clouds scattered around, only occasionally passing in front of the sun. The sounds of birds fluttering about the trees clustered around us filled the air, accompanied by the distant roar of waves crashing against the beach far below.

In front of us, about thirty feet from the cliff’s edge before it dropped off into the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, was an elegant white latticework arch, adorned with flowers and mounted on an elevated platform. The officiant puttered around, making sure everything was absolutely perfect lest the bride let him hear about it later.

“So now that we’re here, do you believe it yet?” Rakhi smiled at me, waggling her eyebrows. Read more »

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Incestuous Love Story of a Desi Family

As the black Mercedes left the airport, situated on the outskirt of the city and took the road to reach other side of the city. The main road leaving the city towards north soon could fool anyone that it was leading into wilderness once countryside was finished. If one travelled another fifty-five ‘slow drive’ kilometres one would find a sign of a private farm ‘Neelkamal’ alongside another sign that indicated a food processing industrial base another five kilometres further. In between if one travelled that way a beautiful private golf course would entice anyone who could hit a golf ball some distance.

Following the road that led through beautiful open green farming land, then through managed woodlands as it would seem that soon road would finish. Driving past the heavily wooded curve one would suddenly arrive in a vast open driveway in front of an enormous sprawling house which was spread over an roughly estimated two acres surrounded by another two hundred fifty or three hundred acres. The house was of a design of very personal nature. The main huge building appeared like many leaves spreading out from a main centre of a large flower if viewed from air. One could see at least four open swimming pools spread out in a random fashion. The car stopped in front of the main entrance of the house with a large open porch that flowed into a huge sliding glass doors embedded in solid wood. The floor was marble all throughout the house. Read more »

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Blackmailing My Sister and her Bestfriend

Most of my friends thought Shruti was hot, though to me she was just my bratty sister. She was 5’11’ , Long sexy legs,about 54 Kg, with black hair and brown eyes. When she wasn’t tanning herself she was working out, accounting for her washboard stomach and toned arms and legs. Her breasts were the typically full, firm mounds you’d expect of an athletic 18-year old, and from the couple of times her bras ended up in my laundry basket, I knew she was a 35C.

When I got home, I went outside to say “Hi” to Shruti, but she wasn’t there. I headed upstairs to change my clothes. The way our house was set up, my bedroom was at the end of the hall, with my parent’s room to one side of me, my sister’s to the other. As I passed my parents room, I could hear noises coming from inside. I knew they weren’t home, so I opened the door carefully. I couldn’t believe what I saw — my sister was on all fours, naked, being fucked from behind by my friend Aakash, as her best friend Ishita was on her back being fucked by another friend, Bharat. Ishita was even more beautiful than my sister — a little shorter at 5-foot, 8 inches, with black and brown hair, full, pouty lips, and breasts that seemed to defy gravity. She was playing with her nipples as Bharat fucked her hard.

I went to the living room and got my parent’s video camera. Quickly putting a new tape inside I snuck back upstairs. I eased the door open a little more, and zoomed in on the action. I had a perfect view of Aakash’s cock driving in and out of my sister’s cunt. I guided the camera over to her face, getting her right in the center of the frame, moaning with each deep thrust of Aakash’s cock. I scanned over to Ishita, focusing on her upper body as Bharat pounded her pussy. Her full breasts shook back and forth as Bharat fucked her. I watched silently as the two guys fucked them faster and faster. Read more »

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Tanushri – A Very Special Fuck

I watched him get into his car and drive down the street. When he rounded the corner, I made my way to the house and entered through the back. I locked the door behind me and walked toward her bedroom. As I got closer, I could hear the shower running. I stepped inside her bedroom and whistled as I stripped down.

Five minutes later, Tanushri emerged from the bathroom wearing a white terry cloth robe. She paused when she spotted me; her eyes burned in anger as I made an impatient gesture with my hands, indicating that she should disrobe. She reluctantly opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. My cock flexed as I ogled her curvaceous body, wondering how she managed to look so good, even after pushing out a baby. My hungry eyes devoured her shapely legs and the full cheeks of her ass. Aside from the black fishnet stockings and the red lace bra I asked her to wear, Tanushri was completely naked.

She reached for the jar of lubricant on the nightstand and crawled on the bed. She positioned herself on her knees and scooped out a dollop of clear gel. I watched Tanushri’s hand disappear behind her back and move around. She frowned in concentration as her arm moved move back and forth in a steady motion. Read more »

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Sex Lessons from Sister and Dad

I grew up on an animal farm in central Uttar Pradesh, which meant that I didn’t get to see many families very often. So it wasn’t odd that my sister Sumitra and I were pretty close. She was two years younger than me, but that didn’t mean a thing on the farm. We both had chores and they were to be done. Period. If they were hard, or dirty, or whatever, that just plain didn’t matter. You just did them.

Papa had been raised in some kind of religious cult back in Karnataka, and had come back when it got raided by the Income Tax Dept. for some reason. He didn’t much like to talk about that part of his life. He met Mummy there and they got married after they bought the farm.

You know how people who have been married a long time start to look alike? Papa and Mummy were like that. If you didn’t know them, you might think they were brother and sister. She was a lot younger than him, though. Read more »

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Feeling Tina’s Pussy on the Golf Course

It was early July in Shankargaon, Maharashtra. My family and I had just returned from our Diwali visit with our cousins up at Thane, just outside of Mumbai. I’d had a great time that weekend, firing off two big bags of fireworks that my uncle had bought for us. I’m talking cherry bombs and roman candles here, not the sissy stuff that they call fireworks today. This was back in 1998, that I’m talking about. I remember everything about that summer because it all started for me with that trip up to Mumbai.

I had gotten my very first consensual feel from a girl. Rohini Raut was her name, and titties were her claim to fame. Big ones, and she’d let you feel them if you bought her an ice cream. I bought her a Corneto and took her behind the Mall changing room and played with those big titties the whole time she was licking that cherry flavoured ice cream. She had on a one-piece black bathing suit and she’d only let you play with them from outside her bathing suit. It was a hot day, and she was a very quick eater of ice cream, but it was still the best money I’d ever spent on a girl. Read more »

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Jack and Jill, Went Up a Desi Hill

Jack and Jill went up a hill, to fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.

Once upon a time in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, there was a boy named Jagdish, who had a twin sister named Genelia. They lived with their widowed mother in a small cottage at the bottom of a big hill. You may even have heard of them. There was a well-known poem that was written about them going up that hill to fetch a pail of water. But what you probably DON’T know is the REST of the story of what happened that day.

Jagdish was a strapping lad, 5′ 10″, wide at the shoulders, narrow at the hips, with bulging muscles all over his body. That’s because Jagdish spent most of his day going up and down that hill, fetching pails of water. His mother ran a laundry business, you see, and used a LOT of water. Because of this, Jagdish had procured bigger and bigger buckets, so he wouldn’t have to make so many trips up and down the hill. These large buckets weighed a lot, and Jagdish got awfully buff carrying them. Read more »

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Krishan and His Sisters – Part II

Episode II

But when Sindu returned she had a surprise for the brother and sister. When Sonam had gone for her music lesson, she called Krishan and asked him to sit by her side and started talking. “Krishan, did you and your sister have a good time when I had gone?”, she asked. Krishan was taken aback and could not reply. Sindu continued, “I know what is going on between you two Krishan. I have been watching you admire your sister and I wanted you to get together with her and so I started sleeping in the kitchen and then went away for a week so that you will be able to reveal your love to your sister. Have you done that?” Krishan was happy with relief and said, “Yes mother. Sonam also loves me mother and we both really enjoyed being together last week. I want to thank you so much for being so understanding mother. You have made me and Sonam so happy”.

Sindu replied, “Krishan, a mother’s happiness lies in her children’s happiness. You have been the guardian and helper in this home and I have been wondering how I can repay you for your sacrifices and this happened to be a good way. It will be several years before you can marry and Sonam has to wait at least two more years until we have enough money for her marriage. So at least until her marriage, I thought she can be your wife. Tomorrow is raksha bandan when brother and sister exchange tokens of love and affection. That will be a good day for you and Sonam to start sleeping together.

After wearing new clothes and tying the kankan in each other’s wrists tomorrow, you two go to the temple and pray in the evening. We will have a festive dinner and then you can take Sonam to sleep with you. You two can sleep in the store room, it is more private and it has a door you can latch from inside. I will sleep here in the hall. I have made more space in the store room so that you two can be comfortable there. You and your sister can do whatever a husband and wife will do except that you should be careful not to make your sister pregnant. We cannot hide it. You should have intercourse with Sonam only when she is safe. I will tell you both when it is ok and when it is not. I know it will be difficult to refrain from having intercourse especially whn you are newly married to a young girl who is further your loving sister. But Sonam will have to learn to give you oral intercourse and take you in her behind.”. Read more »

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Krishan and His Sisters – Part I

Episode I

Krishan was 22 years old but while all his friends in the village who were of his age, had gotten married, Krishan’s marriage was in the distant horizon. The reason was he had to work for many more years to pay off all the family debt. His father had passed away due to pneumonia attack when he was 16 without marrying off any of his four daughters and he did not leave any money behind except the house they lived in. So as soon as Krishan passed out of high school, he wrote the public service commission exam and got a government job in the nearby town. This helped the family borrow money on the house and Krishan has to pay it off with his salary. He had arranged marriages for three of his sisters – his elder sister Neha who is 24 years old now and is happily married with one child, his first younger sister Radha who is 20 years old now and does not yet have a child even though she is married for 2 years now and his second younger sister Neeta who is 18 years old now and got married only 6 months back.

Krishan had to not only pay off the debts but he had also to support his mother Sindu who was 40 and his last sister Sonamla who was 16 and further see to it that Sonamla is also married well. Krishan was a normal healthy young man and he had his sexual needs. He had discovered masturbation when he was in school and his object of fantasy during his pleasures was usually movie stars until one day he found one closer to home. That day when he woke up from bed and went to the backyard to brush his teeth, his sister Sonam was there washing clothes. Read more »

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Taking my Saali’s Virginity

I was in the middle of picking up some groceries when I got a call from my wife that she was not able to go pickup her sister who was going to live with us for the next two weeks. I threw the groceries in the back and headed straight to the airport. I had not seen Katrina my sister in law for over 3 years.

She had moved to Delhi for her academics and I was a little curious to see her because of all the updates I had been following on Facebook, she seemed like she had grown up to be quite a hottie. I waited for about half an hour post the arrival time and noticed a beautiful girl waving out to me. She looked way hotter in person, the last time I saw her she was in out of fashion clothes and geeky glasses just out of her school. Now, she had classy shades on, a tight tshirt and jeans. She had put on weight in the right places – if you know what I mean (wink, wink) I looked her up and down a few times and said, wow – you have really changed girl – she giggled and hugged me.

I pulled her bags to the car and we started driving back home. Every once in a while, I had to turn and look at her and say that I was pleasantly surprised that she seemed really happy and confident of herself. She just blushed and thanked me. We got home and I showed her the room she was going to stay in and gave her a little tour of the house and introduced her to the pet dog. Read more »

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