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Taking My Old Friend’s Daughter – Part II

I stammered a bit. “Sanjeev, I’d be glad to but I’m not sure Khushi wants to be looked after by a 50-year-old man. We had a nice time today but I’m sure that’s not her idea of a dream vacation – to hang out with an older man.”

Sanjeev smiled, “you wouldn’t think so would you? Actually it was Khushi’s idea when I told her later. She insisted on staying and said she enjoyed being with you and didn’t mind at all if you kept tabs on her for the next few days. I can assure you she won’t be a problem. She’s really a good girl. Thanks, Uncle, I really do appreciate it. I didn’t want to disappoint Khushi by having her leave early and this is a perfect solution.”

When Khushi came back to the table and Sanjeev told her about our discussion, she smiled demurely at me, and told me how much she’d like that. So, we made plans for the next day. We agreed that she’d go shopping while I finished up some work and then we’d meet late in the day.

The next morning, I called a friend of mine to get some suggestions for galleries and museums that we could go to. I knew that Khushi was interested in Sanjeev and I thought this would be a thing she’d enjoy a great deal. He indicated that we were in luck. He could arrange for us to have a private showing in the Habitat Centre.

I had long enjoyed her work, particularly the horticultural paintings, so I jumped at the chance. I know this could possibly sound like I’m a cultural philistine but one of the reasons I liked them is that many of her flowers are so evocative of the female vulva. I had seen several of them before and it such a strong similarity to me that I would almost get an erection when I looked at it and studied it.

I called Khushi to see if she was interested and she said she was. So we arranged to meet to go to the museum and then have a late dinner.

Over the last few hours I’d thought over what Khushi said earlier, about being mature enough to know what she wanted. Even though I knew my cock was doing most of the thinking for me, I decided that if she expressed any more interest at all in having sex, I’d pursue it.

I picked Khushi up in the lobby of the hotel early evening. As we drove to the museum we talked about art. Khushi wasn’t that familiar with Georgia Okeeffe. I didn’t want to tip her off too much to my views so I was somewhat general in the descriptions of her work. I wanted her to discover things for herself.

So, as we went through the museum, which was deserted except for the party of 15 or so people in the private group, Khushi and I talked about what we were seeing. In somewhat of a gross generalization, Okeeffe’s work can be grouped in three broad categories – eerie depictions of bleached out animal bones; stark, barren landscapes; and florals. While I liked them all, I was most interested in the florals. I was interested in seeing Khushi’s reactions.

We’d browsed the museum for thirty or so minutes when we got to the floral section. What was interesting about the first one we looked at was its detail. It was a bold, close-up depiction, almost like were using a telephoto lens. I don’t know if it was intentional on O’Keeffe’s part or not but, to me, most of her paintings of flowers evoked the female sex organ.

For example, the outer and inner petals of the first one we looked at obviously looked like labia, the foliage around it which evoked pubic hair, and a stamen (I think that’s what it’s called) reminded one strongly of a clitoris. Additionally, the colors were combinations of lavender, tan, and blushing pink, with purplish-red streaks running through. It actually reminded one of a pussy that had gotten inflamed with passion. A few of them had drops of dew, that obviously could be compared to the lubrication of an aroused vagina.

Khushi and I stood there for a moment, just staring. Then we moved on to the next but Khushi stopped me and asked if we could go back to the first one. So we did and moved closer to see it better.

“Khushi, do you like this one?”

She replied, “yes, I love it, particularly the colours. And the rounded form and curves and crevasses are interesting.”

I inquired, “does it remind you of anything?”

She looked at me and I think she was blushing. “Yes it does. It…you may think this is crazy…but it reminds me of a vagina.”

I smiled, “I don’t think you’re crazy at all. Lots of people have said that Okeeffe’s florals are erotic. What specifically do you see?”

“Well, the petals, the way they’re rounded, remind me of the space between the leg and the vagina. And then the folds in the petals are like the fleshy part of the outer vaginal lips. And then the way the flower creases looks like the rounded part between the inner lips and the er…hole. And it’s all so smooth and soft looking. The colours look like inflamed flesh and veins. With the colours and the drops of dew, it all looks moist, like it is excited. And as you look at the whole thing, it draws you in, just like a vagina wants to draw things inside, to engulf it. It looks caressable and inviting, like it should be licked. ”

I could feel the tension in my cock and balls as she was saying all this. She had perfectly captured what I saw earlier. I knew then that Khushi was not only smart and artistic but also very, very sexual. I looked at her and now I was probably the one blushing.

I replied huskily, “I agree with you. I think it must have been intentional on her part even though she never admitted it, at least as far as I know. Let’s see the rest.”

As we proceeded to see the rest of the work, Khushi took my arm. I could feel her soft breasts as pressed them to me. She held my hand and it brushed against her lower stomach, just above her groin. Each time we stopped she continued holding my arm and a few times, moved her body so I could feel both of her tits on my arm. Her hand was clammy and she kept rubbing my palms with her hands. For some reason I’ve always found that to be incredibly sexual.

As we continued on the tour, seeing more the paintings of that floral oeuvre, we continued to talk about how erotic they were. I spoke about how delicate and vulnerable the flowers looked, like they should be petted; how vulnerable they appeared. Khushi talked about the colours and how some looked like a vagina that was not in a state of excitement while others looked like it was highly aroused.

As we were viewing one, Khushi whispered, “Uncle, look at this one. This looks like a clit. No, actually it looks like a little cock, and see, it’s all moist with precum. It actually has the little hole in the end. Uncle, it makes me want to touch it or lick it.”

Of course, I was fully excited at this point and had taken off my sport coat and had it draped in front of me so my hardon wouldn’t be so evident. But of course Khushi knew, because she brushed her hand across it a few times and looked at me with a smile when she did so.

“Khushi, this one is just beginning to blossom. It reminds me of a pussy, and how it spreads like it is blooming when a girl gets excited, how the little droplets of water bead on her inner lips. I don’t know how many vaginas you’ve seen up close Khushi but when inflamed with passion, it became a little darker in colour, and the clit begins to peek out from under the hood.”

Khushi pressed my hand down further to the V between her legs. She rubbed it around a bit. “I know Uncle, just like my vagina right now. We have to get out of here.”

We split off from the group. Because so few people were there, there were nooks and crannies everywhere that one could go and be totally private. So, I pulled her into a couple of those and kissed her deeply and massaged her breasts and buttocks. She held my cock and caressed it, running her fingers from my balls to the head. We had to soon get some relief.

We were comfortably away from our small party, when I espied a bathroom. I knew that it would be deserted so I took her hand and pulled her in the door. She didn’t resist.

It was easy from there to pull her pants and panties down her legs. She stepped out with one leg but her clothes were gathered around her other ankle. I did the same thing, slipping off my trousers and underwear around my ankles. I turned her away and leaned her over so her hands were resting on a sink. I kept talking to her, telling her that her cunt was swelling and opening like those flowers. My hands held her ass and pulled the buttocks apart. Further, I put my fingers on her pussy and it was steamy. She bent over and spread her legs as my fingers opened her cunt and massaged it, feeling the fluids coat my fingers. In the meantime, her hands were stroking my cock, pulling and tugging it. As I felt her warm pussy, I wondered if she was a virgin. Her pussy was streaming cunt juice and she moaned as I rubbed down her slit and massaged her clit.

She guided my cock to her pussy. “Fuck me, Uncle. Make me cum. Fuck me, please.”

She held my cock as it sunk into her pussy. She pushed back to take it deeper and I began a rhythmic fucking, all the time telling her how good her pussy felt. I looked down to see my cock slick with her juices. I reached around to fondle her tits as I drove into her harder.

“Fuck me hard, fuck my cunt hard. HARDER.” I was afraid someone would hear her yells but I didn’t care at this point.

My thrusts got harder, almost lifting her off her feet, with loud slapping sounds as my groin hit her quivering, quaking ass. Now with short, hard strokes, I exhorted her to cum with me and we exploded and I spurted semen inside her pussy. After a few final long strokes, I pressed to her, with my cock buried inside her still-spasming pussy.

I told her that I wanted her to leave her panties off and put them in her handbag…that I wanted my cum draining from her hot pussy the rest of the tour. We cleaned up a bit and re-joined the group, but in a few minutes we excused ourselves and slipped out. On the way to the car, we stopped to kiss and fondle each other more and I knew that we were going to have to get to a place to be alone soon or we’d be fucking in the parking lot.

On the way back to the hotel, at first we just talked about how this had all happened. I guess I was feeling guilty taking advantage of her. She quickly reminded me that if anything she was taking advantage of me. She told me that she’d only had sex with one other guy, a former boyfriend and then only a few times. But she said that she’d always been very interested in sex and had actually thought about this the first night we met. And that she was glad it happened.

“Uncle, I can still feel your big cock inside me while we were in the bathroom. I want it more. I want to spend the night with you tonight.”

We quickly parked the car and went to my room. As soon as we entered the door, we were ripping each other clothes off. For the first time, I looked at Khushi’s nude body. She was so lovely. Her skin was alabaster, smooth and soft. She looked small and vulnerable as she stood in front of me nude. But I only had a second to look at her before she melted into my arms. We groped and caressed, our need overriding my desire to take it slow and savor it. I maneuvered her over to the bed and she sat down on it, with her face level with my fully erect cock. She held it, with one hand on my balls and the other rolling over the head. I held the back of her head as I felt her lips kissing the tip of my dick and her tongue flicking out to probe the end, sucking up the precum. She then opened her mouth and put the head inside, then withdrawing it a bit, leaving saliva on the head. She spread that around with her hand until the top half of my cock was well-lubricated. I watched as my cock slid again into her mouth and she began to fuck my cock deeper inside her mouth. I knew that soon I would be cumming and I wanted to wait, so I pulled her to her feet, as she protested.

When she was standing, I reached down to lift one of her tits to my mouth, taking her big nipples between my lips. It grew and became harder as it entered my mouth. It must have been 1/2 inch long. I moved from one to the other sucking them in. As I was doing so, Khushi had reached down to caress my cock that was nestled against her crotch. She moaned, “Oh, Uncle, your…” she paused, trying to make up her mind “….your prick is so big and thick. It feels so hard. I want to feel it and ……and….fuck it.”

Reluctantly moving from her hands, I whispered, “a little later, Khushi and I’ll fuck the hell out of you. Right now, I want to taste your pussy.”

So putting her on the bed, I buried my face in her hairy mound. Her pubic hair was long and soft and smelled of soap and maybe shampoo. Her legs were splayed open and I could see her moist pussy a few inches from my eyes. I lowered to plant a kiss on her pussy lips. I opened the outer lips with my tongue, pushing each lip to the side so I could gaze into, and kiss the inner lips. I could faintly smell her desire. She was incredibly wet. “Oh Uncle, what are you doing. No one has ever kissed me there. That drives me crazy.” As she was doing all that questioning, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her crotch.

I began to make long, show licks all up and down her pussy, beginning at the top and ending at her asshole. About the third lick, Khushi began to buck. I began to focus on her clit, which was peeking out for its hood. I tongued it around and around. “Oh God, Uncle, that is so good.” She had a startled look in her eyes as if she couldn’t believe the sensations. Her hips started to move in a fucking motion, faster and more insistently. “OH UNCLE, OH UNCLE, I CAN’T STAND IT, OH UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE.” She held the back of my head and fucked my face, with my tongue leading the way. As her climax subsided, she then pushed my open mouth into her open pussy and just held me. I could feel the inner lips contracting with her orgasms. They finally subsided and her body relaxed. She sighed several times as I moved up her body. I gave her a deep kiss. She looked at me, with half closed eyes.

“God, Uncle, that was wonderful. I’ve never been so excited.” She smiled. “I bet you just think I’m a slut.”

“I hope you are, Khushi, because I need a hot little slut like you,” I responded with a smile.

As she smiled back, she reached to grab my still throbbing rod. “Oh Uncle, you are so hard. I need to take care of you. Lie down,” she commanded. I did as I was told. As I reclined, of course my dick stuck straight up into the air. Khushi’s silken hand caressed the length of my rod.

“Oh Khushi, that is wonderful. Feel it baby.”

Khushi looked into my eyes, “Uncle, I want to fuck you now. I need your big cock.”

She continued to caress me. One hand grabbed my balls and rolled them over and over. Khushi’s breathing was becoming labored again and I could tell she was getting really hot. “Uncle, I need to feel you inside me first. I am so wet.”

With that, she straddled me and spread one leg to the side, with one knee on the bed. She never lost contact with my prick. She rubbed it between the lips of her pussy. I let her take the lead. She put about an inch into her. She continued to look into my eyes. I had never seen anyone look so innocent and so lustful at the same time. She began to ride my rod and it slowly began to sink further inside her. I couldn’t control myself so I began to meet her thrust for thrust. Her pussy caressed my dick. She continued to look into my eyes. She fucked my for several minutes as my rod sank deeper and deeper. She was very but extremely well lubricated. When at last she finally sunk my rod all the way in, she gasped and her eyes widened. Her ass touched my legs and her pubic hair met mine.

She kept moaning, “So wet and hard, oh, Uncle so good.”

She began to ride me, pulling up several inches and seeming to get another grip on my cock and settling down again. I could hear the action, as the flesh of her pussy caressed the flesh of my cock, and the surrounding wetness her vagina walls made a sucking sound as she moved up and down and I met her thrust for thrust.

“Khushi, you are incredible. What a hot, beautiful woman, with such a hot, sexy pussy,” I managed to get out between gasps. I had never been this turned on with pure lust. And, for someone who probably only had sex with a man a few times, she was extremely lustful herself. Her tits bobbled as she rode me. I reached up to caress them. He big nipples felt rough and insistent in my hand. Occasionally, I would cup her globes loosely so that her nipples would just graze the palms of my hand. We both began to fuck faster.

“Oh, baby, fuck your hot Khushi, fuck me Uncle, fuck me good,” Khushi repeated.

I love sex talk and I was delighted that she seemed to like it too. “I can feel your hot pussy caressing me, baby. So hot, wet, and ready. Fuck my hard dick, baby.”

I felt the folds of her pussy surrounding the head and shaft of my rod. I concentrated and felt her pussy lips clinging to my every thrust. This was wonderful fucking. Our bodies moved together, faster and harder. The strokes became longer and deeper. My dick felt like it was growing and stretching to fuck deeper into Khushi. Her tits were bobbing and her hair fell around her face. Her eyes were half-open, staring at me. Her nostrils were flared and her breathing was heavy. I could see a sheen of sweat on her upper lip and on her tits.

To me, there is nothing as sexy as a woman in heat. Khushi may have been an inexperienced lover but the passion she displayed was remarkable. The way she locked into my eyes was perhaps the most erotic thing of all. With every thrust, she looked like she was trying to inject me with pleasure. I wanted to please this woman so badly and I could tell she felt the same way. She opened up her sex up to me entirely and welcomed me in the most intimate place that a woman possesses. Khushi reached behind and grabbed my balls and rolled them in her hand. That made me even hotter. She began to rock harder.


I don’t know what her neighbours thought but I’m sure they could hear her. “AAAAHHH, UNCLE, AAAAHHH, UNCLE, OOOOOHH,”she shuddered with a hard series of orgasms.

“Cum in my pussy Uncle.”

She was overcome with passion. Well, if I wasn’t ready before this put me over the top, hearing that beautiful lustful woman have an orgasm and talking about it.

“OH KHUSHI, OH Khushi, OH Khushi,” I could only repeat as I began to unload spurt and spurt of cum inside her.

It had been so long that I filled her up and could feel the cum dropping out of her pussy on my legs. She collapsed on me, with her pussy splayed open over the base of my dick. As Khushi lay on my chest, my cock softened and slipped out of her cum-filled pussy. She rolled off, with one leg still draped over me.

“Khushi,” I looked at her, “you may not have much experience with sex but you really have a knack for it. That was wonderful.”

“Oh Uncle, I never had any idea that sex could be this good. I’m glad I was good for you. Whenever you are ready, soon I want to do one more thing before we sleep.”

I looked at her incredulously. She already had two big orgasms and it sounded like she wanted more. Well, I may be a little older but when a beautiful woman like Khushi says something like that, I take notice. “Well, what did you have in mind.”

In answer, she reached down to the head of my balls, scooped some cum off and sucked it off her finger. She was amazing. She may not have had much sex but she had great instincts and apparently loved it. We rested for a few minutes, almost dozing with relaxation. I awoke to feel Khushi’s hands moving. I looked at her. She was staring at my groin. She was breathing harder than normal and she had a sleepy, glazed look that emanated lust. She began to run her fingers up and down my torso, just lightly brushing and stopping before she got to my groin. After a few minutes of that, I was beginning to get hard. Khushi slipped down my body to my groin, and raised my rod, which was quickly rock hard, and began to kiss my balls. She licked my balls and my sac became wet with her saliva. She nibbled her way to the base of my shaft and up it to the tip. She then kissed the head repeatedly, at first just with closed lips but with her lips spreading more and more with each kiss. Just the tip, half the head, and finally down to the base of the head. The head of my cock is big so I know it was a struggle to stretch her mouth to do it. Her saliva drained down the side of my dick. The veins popped out with desire and I could feel her mouth as it settled further and further below the head. Her tongue swirled around and, as she pulled out a little, she sucked that much more. It felt exquisite. Suddenly she turned and pushed her ass towards me.

Taking my dick out of her mouth, she said, “I want you to watch my pussy while I eat you. Don’t touch it, just look at it get wetter and open up, like those flowers we saw.”

This girl may be somewhat new with this but she sure learns fast. She put one leg on each side and her pussy and ass was a few inches from my face. Her puckered asshole was beautiful and her pussy was still white from the earlier cum, which had dried. Her pussy was open and I could see the cum become milky again as it mixed with her pussy juices. She was crazy if she thought I was going to stay away from that hot box. She continued to caress my dick with her mouth and tongue. I couldn’t see it but it felt like she was talking at least half of it in her mouth. My dick was at its maximum length and thickness, engorged with desire. Her pussy continued to stare in my face.

I had a plan. Khushi’s hand on the base of my cock began to caress the shaft faster. As she sucked up and down with her mouth, her hand was jacking my dick. I couldn’t stand it much longer. I reached up to kiss her sweet pussy. At the same time, I wet my finger and began to massage her asshole. As my mouth touched her, she jerked like she wanted to move away but then she pushed towards my mouth and opened her legs further by thrusting one to the side. I could feel an orgasm building. I don’t know if she wanted a load of cum in her mouth but she was going to get it. I didn’t have any choice. As the cum began to rise, I sucked her clit into my lips and pushed my finger into her asshole just a little. She began to buck, fucking my mouth and finger. I hung to her clit as best I could. She then completely pressed it against me. My dick began to erupt in her mouth. She was making moaning and sucking noises. Her pussy soaked my face, with my saliva and her juice. She rubbed her clit up and down my tongue and then managed to move to sink my tongue deep inside her and just stayed still and caressed my tongue with contractions. My dick kept spewing and she stayed on it sucking it down. Finally, we both shuddered and then became still, with her open pussy in my mouth and my dick in hers. Her contractions subsided and my dick began to soften. Still we didn’t let go. It seemed that we wanted to merge totally and openly mouthing the others most intimate parts and that we didn’t want to let it go. We remained that way for several minutes.

Finally she turned, snuggled into my arms with a kiss and a sigh, and we slept, knowing that in a little while we would awaken and enjoy each other again.

The End