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Taking my Saali’s Virginity

I was in the middle of picking up some groceries when I got a call from my wife that she was not able to go pickup her sister who was going to live with us for the next two weeks. I threw the groceries in the back and headed straight to the airport. I had not seen Katrina my sister in law for over 3 years.

She had moved to Delhi for her academics and I was a little curious to see her because of all the updates I had been following on Facebook, she seemed like she had grown up to be quite a hottie. I waited for about half an hour post the arrival time and noticed a beautiful girl waving out to me. She looked way hotter in person, the last time I saw her she was in out of fashion clothes and geeky glasses just out of her school. Now, she had classy shades on, a tight tshirt and jeans. She had put on weight in the right places – if you know what I mean (wink, wink) I looked her up and down a few times and said, wow – you have really changed girl – she giggled and hugged me.

I pulled her bags to the car and we started driving back home. Every once in a while, I had to turn and look at her and say that I was pleasantly surprised that she seemed really happy and confident of herself. She just blushed and thanked me. We got home and I showed her the room she was going to stay in and gave her a little tour of the house and introduced her to the pet dog.

Her sister (my wife) Rahila and I knew each other since we were in college. I met her at a local fashion show where both of us were amateur models. We both have come a long way since, we have our own modeling agency now and part of Katrina’s purpose to be with us was to help us with a big event we were planning to host in another week.

Later that evening, we ordered some dinner for her sister and some friends who had come over and was generally having a good time when I noticed a common friend Tilak getting close with Katy. Even though this guy was a good friend of mine, I was a little worried considering he was already married and was flirting with my sister in law.

I signaled to my wife who very nicely got in between their conversations and sent Katy to me. I warned Katy of the guy very gently but the fact that he was married did not seem to bother her, she kept saying that she was here to have a good time. Later that night I spoke to Rahila about that, she said it was nothing big and that she would talk to her sister the next day.

I was with a client the next day when I got a message from my wife asking me to call back, after I was done I called Rahila and she explained how she had talked to Katy and it seemed that she was super determined to lose her virginity before her 19th birthday which was in a week.

I asked her to talk some sense into her sister to hold on till she found a right guy but it seemed like that concept was not selling with her. Out of nowhere Rahila asked me if I would be interested in deflowering her.

I confess I was a surprised but I kind of understood where this thought was coming from because in the past year we had tried a lot of role playing sex where we acted like we were related to each other and sometimes we were two strangers meeting for the first time and sometimes we would pretend we were other couples we knew.

One of those instances I remember asking my wife to act like she was her kid sister while I was her uncle. But for real?? As much as I did not like the idea of her throwing herself at some random guy, I knew this was wrong – But again, there was a deep dark emotion hidden somewhere in me that got me very excited at the thoughts of me getting to explore and taste this beautiful woman who was untouched by any other man so far.

I asked her how she planned on convincing her sister about it and she said that she would work out a plan. My wife and Katy spent that evening sipping on wine and she got her sister worked up talking about how adventurous we were in our bedroom and how I always satisfied everything that she wanted and much more.

Katy had loads of questions and Rahila answered everything without sparing any details. I walked in a little later and noticed Katy stare at me very differently, Rahila and I said our goodnight to Katy a little later and we headed back to our bedroom. I was about to ask her how it went when she turned back and kissed me hard and whispered, “she is watching.”

We both gave her a show like a porn movie; Rahila pulled my dick out of my pants and sucked them while I fingered her clit and anus. Very soon I was banging her in various positions and finally sprayed my cum over her boobs. I lay back and noticed Katy’s shadows behind the door. It was a little weird to hang around Katy for the next two days, the event she had come to help for went real smooth.

We held a little party together for Katy’s birthday; we invited a few close friends and had a barbecue on the roof top. We made sure Katy was not having too much to drink and slowly started to send people away. But around half past midnight, everyone had gone and it was just the two sisters and me.

After giving my goodbyes to the last person to leave, I went back on the terrace; the two sisters were talking when I walked in. Rahila gave an excuse to make a call and left us. I raised a toast to good health and kissed Katy gently on the lips. She shyly smiled and looked away. I stepped up to her and said, I have a birthday present for you.

Come with me and took her hand and slowly lead her to our bedroom. I played some Tom Jones and gave her a little dance, she giggled and looked away. I gave her a box and she opened it, her eyes brightened up when she saw what was inside. It was a beautiful diamond chain Rahila had picked up the day before.

She hugged me tight and thanked me; I turned her towards the large mirror and started to put the chain on her. She was in a one piece gown and I brushed my fingers gently over her shoulders and slid the chain naughtily into her cleavage and pulled it out and clipped it around her neck. She giggled and stared back into my eyes in the mirror.

I ran the tips of my fingers over her neck and arms occasionally kissing and brushing her with my lips. Her expression changed from her bright smile to a serious face, her eyes were half open and she looked like she was in a trance. I turned her face towards me over her shoulder and kissed her lips really gently. She tasted so pure like how my wife tasted when we were young.

She turned away and said something about her sister walking in on us and I said, don’t worry this is her idea. Her big smile came back on her face and said, are you joking?? I said, does this look like I am joking – and laida big kiss on her mouth and started to search for her tongue. She kissed me back and for the next few minutes we just stayed locked there tasting each other’s tongue.

It felt like I was back in college at the backyard of Rahila’s house. She did not seem to want to separate our mouths, everytime I pulled back she would stick her face back into mine and start kissing me again. I started to run my hands all over her and she just had her arms around my neck as if to make sure I was not running off anywhere.

I lifted her dress and ran my hands over her perfect round ass, occasionally brushing her butt crack and to meet her wet spot on her panties. I leaned towards the bed and she let go falling softly on the bed, I pulled her dress down and she almost tore my shirt off. I started to kiss and nibble on her nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair and my back.

I moved down to her crotch and I was surprised how strong she smelled, I moved her panties to the side and she opened her legs and let out a gentle scream when my mouth touched her pussy lips. She wrapped her legs around my face and started to squirm all over the bed, I had to push my face up a little to avoID suffocation but I still sucked on her clit till she gushed her juices all over my face.

She opened her legs and saw me trying to catch my breath. She lay next to me and started to talk to me about how amazing that felt when we both were startled to hear my wife say – pull his dick out Katy! Katy chuckled and started to tug at my pants, my wife noticed how her sister was struggling and stepped closer and in two seconds had my dick spring out free.

Katy looked up at her sister who reassuringly smiled back and signaled her to go ahead. Katy held my dick and curiously moved it around and then lowered her face towards the head and my eyes automatically closed the second she wrapped her warm lips around it. She was no expert but she seemed like she picked up a few tricks watching her sister suck me a few nights ago.

I reached out and rubbed my wife’s legs and she reached out to the cupboard next to the bed and handed me a condom pack. I put it on and lay Katy in a missionary position and pushed my finger in a few times and opened her up. I slowly pushed my dick in her. She seemed uncomfortable in the first dozen thrusts but she seemed to find the rhythm and started to move with me.

After a few minutes she said she could not take it any longer and asked me to stop. She went to the washroom to clean up and Rahila followed her. I looked back at the bed to see a bloody spot. I lost my hardon and pulled my condom off. I was pulling my pants up when both the ladies walked back in to the room, Katy was smiling and said – I don’t think we are done yet.

I looked at my wife and she nodded. Katy came towards me and put her hand into my pants and I could feel instant electricity pass through my body. I put her back on the bed in missionary and fucked her with another condom while the wife watched. I could see that she was doing this just to please me even though she obviously was in pain; I forced myself to cum quickly in the condom.

We all slept together that night and in the morning I woke up to Katy staring at me with a cup of coffee in her hands. Rahila had gone to work. We fucked a few times that day, she was very brave enough to try different positions that we had taken months to get comfortable in.

Long story short, she went back to Delhi a week after that but she wrote to us often of coming back but her sister kept postponing things for reasons obvious that she was getting emotionally attached to me. As for me, even though I get everything I want from my wife sexually there is a little part of me that would like to have a threesome with another woman. Well again, her mom is visiting us next month.