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Tamil maid stole my virginity

Hi all..this is my first story. Happy to share with you all.Please
ignore my mistakes.I am expecting for feedbacks and new friends via
mail. My mail id is Coming to story. I am
Rahul. Now I am 25. This happened before 8 yrs. I was in my school
days. I used to look somewhat muscular and tall at that age. I don’t
have much experience with sex but I know few things at that time. I
used to masturbate at that time by seeing a maid next door. She used
to be around 35 but looks like 30. She has hot boobs and structure
which make guys cum.I used to see her daily through my bathroom window
and jerk whenever she washes clothes or utensils. I didn’t have guts
to approach her at that time. Since I used to watch few porns I used
to imagine her at that time and cum.

One day, as usual, she was in her work and I continued with my work of
jerking.She suddenly saw my side and didn’t react and resumed her
work. After washing clothes she took all clothes to terrace and my
naked body will be visible at a particular place from the terrace. She
just smiled and went. I was wasting my cum for her. Any guy who sees
her will do the same. I want to fuck her badly but didn’t get a
chance. Later she was asked to work in our home also for two months. I
felt happy knowing this but was feeling shy to approach her. I
didn’t talk to her much for a week. One Saturday I got a chance to
talk with her. Her smiles itself making me horny and I didn’t
express her.I told few funny incidents and make her smile.We became
friends but cannot stay in touch since she doesn’t know texting. I
talked whenever we are alone.

We became friends to such an extent that she will come to my room
without any permission. I also gifted her once with a foreign
chocolate which I got from my friend.Once I was jerking seeing a porn
in my laptop. It was a Tamil porn in which aunty was sucking a black
cock. I was busy with jerking. My room window was not locked and I
didn’t notice that since it was shut. She has seen me naked but
didn’t tell me anything which I came to know later. I was thinking
to get at least a bj from her some way. I cannot plan very high level
and so I pretended to lie in bed as if I am not feeling comfortable.
She came to my room for sweeping and enquired me since no one is in my
room. I told her innocently that something bites me there.

She giggled and asked me to show. But I told I can’t and I will take
care.She just kept one finger in my mouth and one hand in my shorts.
My cock started growing seeing her near to me. She smiled and told its
ok I will take a look (Paravala da. Naan paakren). On feeling my size
she smiled and asked shall I remove and give you some relief.I
didn’t talk a word in shyness and she removed my shorts. My cock
jumped like a spring. She touched it so slowly and asked me where is
the pain.I told in the tip of the penis. She was touching the tip and
kissed it. I felt shock at that time. She gave me a small hand job by
smiling at me. She gave me two more shocks by revealing two truths.
She was asking will you take bath naked (Nee amanama dha kulipiya) I
told mmm..I realized she has noticed me on that from the terrace. She
was continuing her massage. The second thing she told I liked your
cock when I saw it so close on that while jerking in your room.

I was shocked and about to get up. She told cool I won’t tell
anyone.This is common and gave me a lip lock. She told let’s enjoy
to the core from now and asked will you accept me as your GF. I told I
am lucky akka. She started kissing me everywhere and gave a bj. I
cummed in 5 mins in her mouth and few cum wetted her dress. She told
taste is good (Kanji nalla iruku da) I was pressing her boobs and she
removed my dress and made me completely naked. She praised my body.
Now I was fondling her boobs and started removing her dress. She also
helped me in that. We were naked in 2 mins. I sucked her boobs and
cunt. I simultaneously fingered and kissed her in lips. She was
moaning “Rahul en chellam ae..super da. Apdiyae
pannu..aaaahh…mmmm…”I fucked her in various positions and kissed
her in the lip while fucking. I released cum inside her after she
allowed. We continued the same whenever we were alone and tried
different styles by playing porn in my lap.

I cummed everywhere and her pussy was damn hot. She used to teach me
new things and talk sexy way. I love her sexy voice also. We tried
rude slave sex also and that experience was also amazing guys. She
told my wife will be lucky enough because she can enjoy me always. I
kissed her in the forehead and told you are my wife now. She hugged me
and kissed me. This continued for few months whenever get a chance.
She also made me a bath and we tried almost all categories in porn
list. Later she shifted to a different city and I miss her till now.
Hope you all enjoyed. Ladies and aunties who are in search of a real
good friend or sex chat or sexy friend who needs company can contact
me at I assure you everything will be
within two of us only. Fakers, please stay away. Awaiting for your
comments in mail. See you all with a new story. Enjoy life!!