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The great experience with Sowmya aunty

Hello am arun.. Age 28, 5’10 ht, i am the regular reader of this site. I read several stories, that lot of peoples shared ther own expirence, its really intrusing. And iam also share my own sexperience with SOWMYA AUNTY(name changed) lets come to the story. Madhi ananthapuram apudu naku 24 elu untondi ani oka dating community lo chating chesethunte SOWMYA ani o profile kanipinchindi ventane ‘hai bagunara’ ani msg pampinchanu, ame kuda ‘bagunnanu’ ani ventane reply ichindi. Apatninchi roju chating cheskune vallam..


Thadapu 6 months ma friendship sagindi.. O roju ame detiles antha naku cheppindi.. Ame age 32 pellai oka koduku oka kuthuru unaru. Tana husband vayasu 48 central govrment officer ga pani chestunadu. Pillalu kurnool kesavareddy resistence school lo chadhu kuntunaru . Husbandki bengalore lo udyogam. 1 month ki oka sare intiki vasthadu. Ame matram ontari intlo untondi.thanto sex korikalu viparithanga perigipoindi. So tana sex korikalani teerchukovadaniki oka abbaini vedhukuthunte nenu thorikanata.. Taruvatha ame email id nakicchi na photo pappamani cheppindi nenu na photo tho patu naa mobile no: kuda pampanu ame kuda thana photo pampindi. Photo lo ame chala andhanga undi, Aa roju sanivaram time 8:30pm naku phone chesi e roju ma intlo yevaru leru vasthava ani adigindi. Vasthanu annanu ventane tana inti address sms pampindi nenu kuda ventane ame intiki velanu.

Ame illu city outof area lo single ga undhi na bike nu compond lo park chesi inti gummam mundhara nichoni calling bell after a few minets she open the door O MY GOD what a beautiful woman she was, photo lo chusinathani kante 1000 times beautiful ga undhi nenu kalalo kuda anukoledhu ame intha andhanga untundhani ‘Lopalaki ra’ antu pilichi sofalo kurchomandi tharuvatha kitchen ki velli poithi.. I just flying over the clouds a beautiful woman like an angal want me to fuck her. Really i feel a luckest fellow in the world.. After a while she bring some fresh juece specially prepered for me and go back to kitchen.. While after a few minites she invate me for dinner she preperd lot of item specially for me. After a dinner we both were sat on sofa and chat about of chating site experience till to 11pm then after we both were desided to dont waste our time and get ready to real action . First she get into her bedroom and then i get in and lock inside.. She was sitting at the corner of the bed like an angal ..

I slowly moved towords her and hug in my harms OHhhh what a soft flesh that was first time i hug a woman in my life. Its realy great feeling some current is pasing in my whole body. I kissed her sweet red lips and chew some honey.. And i run down to her neck towards her blouse and i remove her saree and unhook her blouse O my god the milky white boobs suddenly jumped in front of me becoz she no ware any bra. And i untight her pertycoat its immidiately fell down the floor. This time an another shock there is no panty. She is now completly nude in front of me. Just i scale her body size with my eyes approcx 36-30-36 really great strcture. And i pressed her white boobs its realy hard and i suck her nippels like a small baby feeding milk. After i run toward her pussy its cleanly saved and very cute and pink in colour.

I immidiatly cought her pussy with my mouth and i licked her jucices. After a while i remove my cloths and show my 7″inces dick she suddenly woundering about my dick size. And she take my dick into her mouth and suck like an icecandy. After a while she lay on the bed and invate me to fuck into her horny pussy. I moved on her and put my dick into her pussy. First i moved slow and after i increse my speed. But she asked me to fuck hard then keep my whole stamina and i beat my dick over her horny pussy very hard. When i fuck hard the cot was jumping like a spring. She ate my every strocks with great pleasure after 15 mints we both were get orgamsim in same time. And i layed beside her. After a while she asked me to fuck her. And i recharge my dick and fuck her hard. After 30mints of hard fuck i layed on her.

While after an hour she asked me to fuck again. I fuck again and again again and again till to next day morning 7:30 am then after we both were go into the bath room for wash. Again she asked me to fuck her in bathroom. This time i fucked her in doggy style. After a fuck we both were moved into bedroom. For take rest. But she asked me to fuck again in her pussy.

I fucked and fucked and fucked keep fucking till to the time 3pm we both were realy very tired becouse contineus fucking since tommorow night and also have’nt any food for energy.. We both were become very lazy and also great pain in my dick..She is also suffering with heavy pain in her pussy for my hard fuck. So i desided to move outof her and take some food asleep in my house. After she call me at 9pm and invate me her house to fuck her pussy .I go to her house and fuck her whole night.From onwards i fuck her daily like her husband. send repy