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The Randyness of Pregnancy

Radhika’s boyfriend introduces her to making love with another woman and now Radhika wants to make love to a pretty pregnant Bangladeshi girl in her office.

Radhika sat at her desk thinking about the fun, sex filed weekend she had just enjoyed. Her boyfriend of three years, Santosh had convinced her to experiment with a third person in their already exciting sex life. She had never been with another woman before and had resisted Santosh’s suggestions for months. Santosh was very attractive at six feet tall and 70 kgs without an ounce of fat on his stRong muscular body. Radhika had always marvelled that he looked more like a construction worker than a lawyer.

Friday night in Mumbai had started with a quiet romantic supper at a very posh restaurant. Fifteen minutes after Radhika and Santosh had settled into their seats, a beautiful Bangladeshi woman approached and asked to join them. She had dark skin, dark hair and deep hypnotizing gray eyes. Her medium sized breasts suited her long sleek body and Radhika had been instantly jealous of her model-like figure. Her name was Ayeesha; Radhika later found out Santosh had met her the previous week. Radhika didn’t know Santosh had arranged this meeting but instead of getting mad at Santosh or jealous of Ayeesha she decided to see what transpired. Radhika had always been proud of her five foot five one 60 kg figure. Her black hair flowed just past her shoulders and she was very comfortable with her love for Santosh – they had a relatively open relationship.

Ayeesha’s personality was as pleasant as her appearance and the three new friends had a wonderful supper. Radhika found her interest in Ayeesha increasing and Santosh caught her staring at Ayeesha’s perky nipples on several occasions. Ayeesha was wearing a very sexy red dress. It was very obvious she was not wearing a bra because Radhika could clearly see her dark areolas surrounding two pointy nipples trying to cut through the thin material. When Santosh caught Radhika staring, he winked at her and she gave him a reassuring smile. After several after-supper drinks Santosh suggested they retire to his apartment for a nightcap. Ayeesha smiled at Radhika and said she would love to join them.

Radhika enjoyed several drinks at the apartment and was feeling a little light-headed when Santosh turned on some soft music. Santosh has a very spacious living room in his loft style apartment so feeling giddy from the alcohol Radhika started to dance alone in the middle of the room. She was pleased when Ayeesha joined her. Ayeesha danced her way behind Radhika and smoothly spooned her long body to the back of Radhika and the two moved as one. Ayeesha slid her hands around Radhika’s slim waist; Radhika could feel Ayeesha’s pointy nipples sticking into her back. Radhika dropped her head back onto Ayeesha’s shoulder, giving herself to the tall dark beauty. Ayeesha moved her hands to Radhika’s average but firm 34B breasts and massaged the mounds gently through the white button-up blouse.

Radhika remembered feeling her excitement build and her pussy get wet with excitement and anticipation. She had had reservations about being with another woman but those reservations had disappeared completely and she wanted to feel Ayeesha’s hands on her bare breasts and eventually on her whole body. Ayeesha started kissing Radhika’s neck as she started unbuttoning the white shirt. Radhika’s body was putty in Ayeesha’s hands and Ayeesha was an artist as she pealed off first the white blouse then the soft white camisole. Radhika could feel her nipples harden even more in the cool air and when Ayeesha started to pinch and tweak them, Radhika knew she was going to have an orgasm, soon. The feel of Ayeesha’s hips grinding and swaying against Radhika’s ass was incredibly erotic and with the added sensation of two soft hands massaging and teasing her breasts, Radhika reached a long sensual orgasm.

Radhika remembered her legs almost giving out from her excitement and she knew that had Ayeesha not been holding her up she would likely have fallen to the floor. When Radhika eventually opened her eyes she saw Santosh still sitting on the couch with his large fat eight inch cock in his hand. Santosh smiled at Radhika as Ayeesha moved her hands over Radhika’s skirt to her firm thighs. Ayeesha pulled the skirt up exposing Radhika’s soft black strip of hair above her clean-shaven pussy lips. Radhika knew Santosh had seen her juices flowing from her engorged lips. Ayeesha slid a finger between the very slippery lips as Radhika moaned her pleasure. With one hand on Radhika’s pussy and the other hand on one of her firm breasts, Ayeesha continued to rock with Radhika to the music. Radhika remembered a finger tickling her clit and her second orgasm rocked her much harder then the first. Her whole body shook and she could feel Ayeesha working hard to help hold her up while continuing to tease her.

After taking several minutes to get her strength back, Radhika moved to return the pleasure to Ayeesha. With her skirt wrapped around her waist, Radhika moved behind Ayeesha and unfastened the back of Ayeesha’s dress before spooning her back. Radhika first felt Ayeesha’s soft breast through the red dress and was surprised by how excited she was getting touching another woman’s tits. Radhika quickly slid a hand down Ayeesha’s body to her thighs and then back up under the soft red material. She was pleased to find that Ayeesha was not wearing panties either and also surprised how wet Ayeesha was. Her pussy was leaking juices and Radhika’s finger slid easily inside the soft lips of Ayeesha’s pussy. Radhika found her clit and started to rub and massage it gently.

Ayeesha moaned in pleasure and Radhika knew she had to feel Ayeesha’s flesh touching hers so she pulled the dress off Ayeesha’s shoulders then stood back momentarily to let the material fall into a pile around Ayeesha’s feet. Ayeesha kicked the dress away gently. Radhika remembered fondly the first touch of their bodies coming together and she knew she was hooked on the feeling of having a soft woman against her. Her breasts pushed into Ayeesha’s back and the heat from Ayeesha’s body felt incredible. She increased the pace of her fingers on Ayeesha’s clit and her other hand massaged and teased Ayeesha’s breasts. After several loud moans, Ayeesha erupted in a loud orgasm. Radhika loved the feel of Ayeesha’s hot body shaking; she had to help Ayeesha keep her balance as the orgasm rocked through her.

Ayeesha regained her composure quite quickly and turned to face Radhika, pulling her into a hot sensual kissing. Their tongues duelled for position and their bodies moulded against each other. Radhika remembered loving the feel of their breasts being mashed together. When she had glanced down she could not believe the contrast of her soft white creamy skin to Ayeesha’s dark olive coloured skin. Ayeesha moved down Radhika’s body and when she started to suck one of Radhika’s nipples, Radhika let out a soft moan. Ayeesha started to continue down Radhika’s body but Radhika stopped her. She suggested they move to Santosh’s bedroom because she knew she would not be able to stand through another orgasm.

Santosh followed the two lovely ladies up the stairs and into his bedroom. Radhika unfastened and removed her skirt as the entered the room then stood by the bed waiting for Ayeesha. Ayeesha glided up to Radhika giving her a soft sensual kiss then with both hands Ayeesha pushed Radhika backwards onto the bed and descended between her legs with a devilish grin on her face. Santosh moved onto the bed beside Radhika and as Ayeesha kissed along Radhika’s legs he started to kiss and massage her soft creamy breasts. Radhika was amazed how tender Ayeesha was and when she felt her soft tongue slid across her love tunnel she knew she was very close to an incredible orgasm. Her excitement built up steadily and just as she was nearing her peak, Ayeesha pulled away. Radhika remembered the frustration and trying to grab Ayeesha’s head to force Ayeesha back between her legs but Ayeesha waited until Radhika’s excitement tailed off before resuming.

Ayeesha again took Radhika to the crest of her orgasm but again pulled away before Radhika was satisfied. Radhika tried in vain to get Ayeesha to finish her off but Ayeesha waited for Radhika’s breathing to slow down once more. This time when Ayeesha put her head between Radhika’s legs Radhika took a firm grip on Ayeesha’s hair – she wasn’t sneaking away this time. When she felt herself getting close she begged for Ayeesha to take her over the top. Radhika still had a good hold on Ayeesha’s hair but Ayeesha didn’t try to pull back this time but instead rode Radhika to the most incredible earth shattering orgasm of her life. Radhika could feel the sweat running off her body as she bucked and convulsed. Her whole world went black as she passed out from the incredible emotional roller coaster.

When she woke, Ayeesha was still holding her and kissing her tenderly. She remembered looking into those beautiful blue eyes and wondering why she had waited until she was twenty-seven to experience this incredible feeling. She knew this would not be her last experience with another woman. She was curious – she wanted to know what Ayeesha tasted like so after taking a few minutes to catch her breath she moved on top of Ayeesha and started an intimate tour of Ayeesha’s body. She kissed her way down Ayeesha’s neck and spent several minutes kissing and massaging her breasts. Radhika loved how soft yet firm her mounds were but she slowly moved further down Ayeesha’s body. She took a quick glance at Santosh who smiled his support but for the most part remained a spectator to this love sport.

Radhika could smell the stRong intoxicating aroma of Ayeesha’s sex as she kissed along her thighs, then teasingly around the lips without actually touching them. Ayeesha was moaning and pushing her hips to meet Radhika’s hot tongue. Radhika finally slid her tongue between Ayeesha’s warm soft lips and was immediately surprised by the sweet tangy taste of her juices. The taste was similar to when she had licked her own fingers clean after masturbating but slightly stRonger. Ayeesha was moaning loudly and her hips raised six inches off the bed trying to get Radhika’s tongue as deep into her as possible.

All the moaning and bucking excited Radhika and she drove her tongue deep into Ayeesha’s soaking wet pussy. Radhika remembered being surprised by Ayeesha’s loud screams and when she felt two hands grab the back of her head and push her harder into the wet slippery flesh Radhika almost orgasmed herself from the excitement. Ayeesha continued to bounce around screaming for several minutes as she rocked through her orgasm before slowly relaxed.

Radhika was suddenly shaken from her daydream by a ringing phone. She answered it and talked to the client for several minutes before hanging up. She thought back quickly to the rest of the weekend as Santosh, her and Ayeesha had spent most of it in the apartment making loving in every possible position imaginable. Her body still felt tired from the workout and she knew it would be several days before she would be ready for any more sexual activity.

Radhika heard a voice outside her office and saw Sultana Begum move through the bullpen toward the photocopy room. The bullpen was a large area with ten desks separated only by dividers. Sultana was one of the managers in the accounting firm. She was a beautiful Bangladeshi woman with medium chocolate coloured skin. She was also eight months pregnant. Radhika had not looked very closely at her since her pregnancy began but now noticed that her breasts seemed much larger than they had been the previous summer. Radhika estimated Sultana to be about five foot four with a very slim build. Radhika had admired how Sultana didn’t seem to put a lot of weight on except for her now very large belly. She looked very similar to how she had looked the previous summer except for the soccer ball looking belly and large grapefruit sized breasts.

Now that Radhika was interested in women she suddenly found Sultana’s pregnant form very erotic. She remembered Sultana complaining to her privately that her husband had lost interest in her once her belly became large. Radhika and Sultana had always been good friends at work and had occasionally confessed private problems to each other but with the exception of office functions the two were not close friends away from the workplace.

Radhika considered herself a hard dedicated worker who became a senior manager by hard work. She could feel her pussy wet from her daydreaming and she decided she would try to put the make on Sultana. She hoped that Sultana’s sexual frustration might have progressed to a point where with a little persuasion Radhika could bring the two together for a brief affair. Sultana knew she would likely have several chances to be alone with Sultana over the next month because the firm’s busy tax season was now three quarters finished and it was very common for staff to work evenings and weekends.

Radhika grabbed a file and went to the copy room to pretend to photocopy some papers. When she entered Sultana was the only person in the room so Radhika walked beside her and pretended to be searching through the file for what she wanted to copy. Sultana smiled at her and said, “Hi Radhika, how are you doing?”

Radhika smiled back sweetly and replied, “I’m great, but I should be the one asking you how you feel.”

Sultana answered, “Thirty weeks and still going stRong.” Smiling and making a small joke she added, “I will be incredibly happy when I give birth to this basketball attached to me. I have trouble doing even the simplest things.”

Radhika looked at Sultana’s beautiful body. The maternity dress she was wearing was a very pretty green and her large belly and breast protruded gracefully. Sultana’s pretty dark legs were visible to just above the knees and Radhika made a point of being obvious as she looked at Sultana from head to toe. Radhika stated, “I think you are the prettiest pregnant person I have ever seen. I love how you only seem to have gained your weight in your belly” then in an almost whisper she added, “and in your boobs.” Radhika smiled playfully at Sultana so Sultana wouldn’t take the comment wRong.

Sultana didn’t take it wRong at all and smiled back, “I wish my husband, Abdul felt like that. As I’ve told you before, he seems totally turned off by me. I haven’t gone three months without sex since we met – that was five years ago. And with this big belly I can’t even masturbate comfortably.”

Sultana shook her head and looked to be getting upset so Radhika leaned into her and hugged her tenderly. Radhika was careful not to be too aggressive, so she didn’t mould her body against Sultana’s like she wanted to but just kind of leaned her upper body into Sultana’s. She could still feel Sultana’s large breasts push gently against her own chest so after a quick second she pulled back and whispered, “If you ever want to just chat or relax, don’t hesitate to come into my office. I know it’s hard to get privacy in the bullpen, so just come in my office and close the door. The next month is going to be very busy here and I’m sure you’ll find it very tiring with your pregnancy. I know the partners won’t mind you taking a break. They have asked me to keep an eye on you; so as long as I don’t have a client with me and I’m not on the phone just walk right in, okay?”

Sultana smiled back at Radhika and thanked her before she returned to her desk. Radhika watched Sultana’s beautiful trim round ass waddle out of the room. She was now even more certain she had to get a piece of that. She started trying to formulate a plan to make her seduction happen. She pushed the papers back in the file and went back to her office.

Several days passed uneventfully when suddenly on Thursday afternoon Sultana strolled into Radhika’s office and closed the door. She had a questioning look on her face, waiting for Radhika’s approval of her abrupt entrance. Radhika smiled at her and point at one of her chairs on the opposite side of her desk and said, “Have a seat and relax.” Leaning over her desk looking into Sultana’s eyes as she sat down, Radhika continued, “Are you okay? You look upset.”

Tears started to pour down Sultana’s face and she lowered her head into her hands. She cried, “Abdul can be such an asshole. He’s mad at me because I have to work tonight and can’t come home to cook his supper. He’s having a bad day because he just found out he has to go out of town to work this weekend and he’s taking it out on me.”

Radhika got up and moved around her desk to sit in the chair beside Sultana. She closed her blinds as she walked by the window so they could have some privacy. Radhika put her arm around Sultana’s shoulder and Sultana immediately moulded her round body into Radhika. Radhika was struggling to keep control of her sexual feelings as she felt the large breasts and belly mash into her body. Radhika thought for a second and came up with what she thought was a good solution, “If Abdul is going away this weekend, why don’t you go home tonight and be together? You could come in to work this weekend and make up your extra hours then.”

Sultana looked at Radhika and replied, “That would work fine except I don’t like being in the building alone and I have an arrangement with Gloria to come in when she does. She can’t change her plans this weekend and I don’t know if anyone else is coming in.”

Radhika smiled at Sultana, “I don’t have any plans this weekend. I have lots of work to catch up on so I can come in this weekend with you.”

Sultana beamed at Radhika and asked, “You wouldn’t mind coming in this weekend?” Radhika shook her head no and Sultana finished, “That would be great. Abdul always gets cranky when his boss sends him out of town on short notice. He’s very worried about me and hates leaving me home alone. I’ll call Abdul and tell him I’ll be home for supper. Thanks Radhika, I really owe you one.”

Radhika suddenly had a wicked idea and she asked Sultana as she stood up. “Sultana, I have an extra room in my apartment. If you don’t want to be alone this weekend you could stay with me and then we wouldn’t have to worry about coordinating when we come to the office. I’d love to have some extra company for the weekend.”

Sultana smiled at Radhika and replied, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to put you out and I don’t know if I could sleep in a strange bed. I find it hard to get comfortable with this big belly.”

Radhika just nodded and said, “Just think about it. It’s an option if you get lonely.”

The next day Sultana waddled into Radhika’s office and started, “Abdul is leaving today and he wants me to spend the weekend with you, so if the invitation is still open, I’d love to stay with you.”

Radhika smiled back and said, “I looked forward to it. It will be a girl’s weekend.” Sultana left Radhika’s office smiling.

Radhika had a tough day trying to concentrate on her work. She couldn’t wait for tonight and she spent most of the day thinking about how she could manoeuvre Sultana into bed with her. She called Santosh and told him she couldn’t see him this weekend. She finally decided to take it easy tonight and not push too hard. She knew she had two nights to make her plan work and thought she might chase Sultana off if she came on to fast the first night.

The end of the workday finally arrived. Sultana agreed to following Radhika home and leave her car there for the weekend. After they dropped the car at Radhika’s the two friends went to a video store and rented two movies to fill the evening. The movies were two love stories and Radhika had heard they had some very erotic scenes. She hoped to set the mood tonight for the seduction tomorrow night.

Radhika cooked a nice supper telling Sultana to relax on the couch while she prepared all the fixings. She called Sultana to the table lit with candles. Sultana loved the effect of the candles and Radhika said she was just trying to set the mood for the love story movies they were going to watch.

When they finished supper Sultana helped Radhika with the dishes then they went into the living room to watch the first movie. Radhika selected the less erotic of the two movies first and she sat on the couch beside Sultana to watch it… The movie was definitely what guys called “A Chick Flick” – it was a very deep love story with only two slightly erotic scenes. The movie had both women laughing then excited and ended with them crying in each other’s arms.

After the movie ended Radhika suggested, “Why don’t we work out the sleeping arrangements and get dressed for bed. Then we can watch the last movie in our pyjamas like we did when we were kids having a slumber party.”

Sultana agreed and she followed Radhika with her overnight bag. Radhika knew her bed in the spare room was not very comfortable because it was very old. It got used so little that Radhika couldn’t justify buying a new one. She hoped that Sultana would find it too uncomfortable and would have to sleep in Radhika’s bed. Once that was accomplished Radhika figured she only had to find a way for her to join Sultana in her bed. When they entered the spare room Radhika stated, “The bed in here is quite old, it’s not very comfortable. If it is too uncomfortable for you, you can sleep in my bed and I will sleep here.”

Sultana went to the bed and laid on it. The mattress was very old and soft. Sultana immediately felt her midsection sink deep into the bed and she knew she could not sleep comfortably here. She looked at Radhika sheepishly and started to speak but Radhika cut her off, “I knew it wouldn’t work for you. Follow me and try my bed.”

Sultana followed her into the other bedroom. Radhika insisted she try her bed which had a new mattress. Sultana laid on the bed and smiled at Radhika, “This feels perfect but I can’t put you out of your own bed.”

Radhika just shook her head, “It’s fine. I don’t mind sleeping in there. I’ll grab my night dress and change in there, then meet you in the living room to watch the second movie.”

Radhika took a flimsy nightshirt and went to the spare room. After she changed she looked in the mirror and debated if this outfit was too sexy. She admired here shapely hips and long slender legs. Her nipples were poking out in anticipation of seeing Sultana’s pretty black pregnant form in a nightdress. Radhika finally decided not to wear the panties and left them on the bedroom floor. He nipples were just visible through the soft pink material and the hem went down to her knees so it would not be obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. She excitedly went to the living room and put the second movie in the VCR.

Sultana came out several minutes later and Radhika was surprised to see her wearing a sexy yellow maternity teddy. Her belly was sticking out proudly and she looked radiant in the outfit. Radhika couldn’t help but say, “Abdul must love to see you in that.” But as soon as Radhika said it she knew she made a mistake. She had forgot what Sultana said about her husband being repulsed by her pregnant body and she couldn’t imagine why.

Sultana looked sadly at Radhika and replied, “I bought it when I first got pregnant hoping Abdul would like it but he has been so uninterested in sex the last three months that I didn’t bother to show him. I noticed you seemed to like the look of my pregnant body the other day so I thought it would be okay to wear tonight.”

Radhika smiled brightly and complimented Sultana, “You look incredible. If I were your husband, I would attack you right now. Abdul is really missing out on a sexy gorgeous woman.” Radhika was a little frighten she may have gone to far but when she say the big white smile come across Sultana’s pretty face she was pleased she risked the forwardness and also glad she left the panties on the bedroom floor. Sultana walked over to the couch and sat next to Radhika. Unlike the first movie the two friends sat together in the middle of the couch instead of one at each end.

The movie started out very slow but got very steamy about halfway through. The star was a beautiful black and Sultana made several references about Radhika looking as sexy as the star. By the end of the movie the two friends were cuddled against each other on the couch and the last steamy scene in the movie had Radhika’s juices flowing. After the movie ended Sultana said, “That actress was very pretty but not as pretty as you are Radhika.”

Radhika laughed and replied, “She was definitely prettier than me and she had a much nicer body.”

Sultana immediately cut in, “There’s no way her body is nicer than yours – I’m sure her breasts aren’t as large as yours.”

Radhika chuckled again, adding, “I’m pretty sure they were larger than mine.”

Without really thinking Sultana answered with, “Show me and let me be the judge.” She suddenly realized what she said, blushed and added, “I’m sorry I said that, you don’t have to show me if you don’t want to.”

Radhika definitely wanted to but didn’t want to seem to anxious so she hesitated a moment then said, “Well it’s only us girls, right?” She stood a pulled her nightdress off in one fluid motion then to make a little joke of it she pretended to do modelling poses and finished with, “So, what does the judge give model number three for a mark?”

Sultana chuckled too and said, “The judge definitely thinks you have the nicest body and gives you a 9.9.”

Radhika spun around several times and finished facing Sultana on the couch. She smiled and said, “Seriously, thanks for the compliment.” She stared down at the beautiful full black body and could feel her juices start to flow. She was debating to change her plan a put a move on Sultana right now but finally decide to wait till tomorrow as planned.

Radhika was floored by Sultana’s next comment, “I wish I could clean myself up as nice as you are down there. I’ve tried to trim myself but my belly gets in the way and I can’t see. I even tried a mirror but just never got comfortable enough with the reflection. I keep cutting it the way and I was scared I would hurt myself.”

It was Radhika’s turn to throw caution to the wind and she said, “It can’t be that bad. Let me see how it looks.”

Radhika helped pull Sultana to her feet as Sultana debated whether she should expose herself or not. She finally decided that if Radhika could stand in fRont of her naked then the least she could do was pull down he panties and show Radhika her hairy bush. Sultana reached awkwardly down and pushed her panties down to her knees, then wiggled her legs and kicked them off. Radhika excitedly looked at Sultana pussy but was shocked to see a mass of curly black hair. Radhika had always liked her own pussy very tidy and she found the mass of hair a bit of a turnoff. Sultana must have seen the look on her face because she said, “I told you it was out of control down there. I hate it looking so wild down there.”

Radhika suddenly had a quick idea. She definitely wanted to have an affair with Sultana but she wanted Sultana’s pussy trimmed so she would offer to do it herself. She boldly asked, “Why don’t you let me trim it for you. I wouldn’t mind.”

Sultana again looked shyly and Radhika and replied, “No I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

Radhika could see Sultana wavering so rather than wait for a reply she grabbed Sultana’s arm and gently pulled her toward the bathroom. She turned on the light, put the toilet seat down and laid a towel across it. She maneuvered Sultana to the toilet and sat her gently on the towel. Sultana seemed to be getting comfortable with the idea so Radhika filled the sink with hot water then got out some shaving cream and a pair of scissors. She placed a towel on the floor to kneel on then settled between Sultana’s legs. She was exactly where she wanted to be but the hair had to go before she would be ready to lick and kiss this pretty black pussy. She smiled up at Sultana and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve done this a thousand times. To myself I mean.”

She started with the scissors and trimmed the longer hair first. Once it was all a nice length she looked up at Sultana’s pretty face and asked, “How do you want it to look?”

Sultana smiled a bright white smile and said, “Just a narrow little stripe straight down – just like yours.”

Radhika put some shaving cream on her hand and started to massage the cream into Sultana’s mound of hair. She noticed that Sultana’s belly seemed to jut out right at the top of the hairline. She never even considered that her motions might excite Sultana until she heard a slight whimper from Sultana. She decided to ignore the noise rather than risk frightening Sultana away. She first shaved the mound above Sultana’s pussy; she had that area nice and clean except for the requested stripe.

She put more shaving cream on her hand and this time massaged around Sultana’s pussy. She could again hear Sultana fighting moans of pleasure and again ignored the sounds. She pushed Sultana’s legs farther apart and placed one hand directly on her pussy to pull the folds to the side as she shaved. She made a quick apology, “Sorry about the fingers.” But didn’t stop or look up. She boldly let one finger slip into Sultana’s pussy and was surprised by the juices that quickly lubricated it. She left the finger slightly inside as she shaved beside the lips then gently underneath Sultana’s nether lips. She could hear Sultana’s breath getting faster and faster. She switched hands with the razor and this time slid two fingers gently into Sultana’s pussy just a little bit as she shaved the other side of the soft puffy lips. As she reached the top of Sultana’s pussy she gently side a finger over Sultana’s now engorged clit and heard a clear loud moan of approval from Sultana. She looked up at Sultana and smiled, “Almost done. Just let me clean it up and then you’re all finished.”

Radhika noticed Sultana’s eyes looked foggy so after she cleaned her pussy with a wet face cloth she said, “It needs one more thing to finish it off.” Radhika reached for a bottle of baby oil and poured a small amount on he hand. When she started to rub it into Sultana’s mound she looked up and Sultana had her eyes closed and was biting her bottom lip. Radhika knew what she wanted so she slid her oily hand down to her pussy and pushed her middle finger deep into Sultana’s wet love hole. Sultana let out a loud moan and Radhika moved her other hand to Sultana’s clit and massaged it while she plunged a second finger deep into Sultana’s hot love tunnel. Sultana was know moving her hips to meet the fingers driving deep into her hot pussy and she let out a loud scream as her orgasm overtook her.

Radhika continued to gently massage Sultana’s pussy as her breathing returned to normal. The glossy look slowly left her eyes and Sultana smiled down at Radhika and said thank you. Radhika again debated trying to continue this but she felt that giving Sultana some time would prevent Sultana from thinking that Radhika took advantage of her excited state. Radhika wanted her bad but she didn’t want to ruin their friendship over it.

Radhika stood up and offered Sultana a hand getting up. Radhika whispered, “Sorry about doing that but it looked like you needed it really bad. I hope you’re not mad at me.”

Sultana was a little surprised by Radhika’s comment and replied, “Don’t be sorry. It’s my fault for constantly blabbing about not have a good orgasm in a long time. I won’t be complaining for a long time now.”

Radhika walked Sultana back to the master bedroom then gently kissed her on the cheek and said good night. Radhika continued to second-guess her decision not to go farther. She tossed and turned all night and wasn’t sure if it was because of the shitty mattress or the decision to wait for tomorrow.

When tomorrow finally arrived Radhika was up early and cooked a nice breakfast for Sultana. Sultana seemed to be very cheerful and didn’t seem at all upset about the previous night. She asked Radhika how she slept and Radhika confessed that the bed was not very comfortable. They agreed to head to the office right after breakfast and get a full day of work in. They took lunches with them so they wouldn’t need to leave until suppertime. Radhika got more work done then she had the previous day but still excitedly anticipated the coming night.

On the way home, they returned the two movies from the previous night and picked up one new one. Radhika again cooked a lovely supper and they sat down to another candlelight dinner. Radhika opened a bottle of wine and had a few glasses even though she knew Sultana didn’t want any. They agreed to get ready for bed before the movie again tonight. Radhika found a total see-through teddy and was surprised when Sultana was wearing the same teddy but without the panties. Sultana confessed, “I wanted you to see your fine artistry.”

When Sultana stood in fRont of Radhika to show off her new look, Radhika boldly massaged Sultana’s mound and was surprised by the wetness when she slid one finger between the soft black lips of Sultana’s pussy. When Sultana only moaned her approval Radhika decided enough waiting and stood up and kissed Sultana tenderly on the lips. She was again shocked when Sultana slid her tongue into Radhika’s slightly open mouth and their tongues quickly wrestled for position. Radhika whispered in Sultana’s ear, “You’ve been with a woman before haven’t you?”

Sultana nodded and whispered back, “Yes, back in university. I’ve been faithful to Abdul since we met but if he isn’t going to satisfy me; I will have to find someone who will.”

Radhika whispered her reply, “I will satisfy you all night long. I love your beautiful pregnant body and I want to taste your juices but first please show me your beautiful full breasts.”

Sultana stepped back and pulled the teddy over her head. Radhika was pleasantly surprised to see her large chocolate mounds settle on top of her belly. The large puffy nipples were very black in colour and Radhika reached her hand out to feel their mass. Radhika gracefully moved behind Sultana taking both large breasts in hand and tweaking and gently pinching the nipples. Sultana was breathing very heavy and she moaned, “Be gentle. My nipples are incredibly sensitive but they love to be caressed tenderly.” Radhika molded her body to Sultana’s back as her hands explored Sultana’s large soft belly. Radhika slowly slid a hand down to Sultana now smooth pussy and teased her clit before sliding two fingers into her soaking wet love hole.

Sultana loved the feeling of strange hands massaging her achingly horny body and when Radhika’s fingers rolled over her clit she knew her orgasm was very close. Radhika continued fingering Sultana as her other hand caressed her large belly, then briefly fondled and squeezed the large breasts. Radhika moved Sultana’s hair to the side and began to kiss her neck as Sultana’s first stRong orgasm of the night rocked her whole body. Radhika kept a good hold on Sultana so she wouldn’t fall because of her weakened legs.

When Sultana’s senses eventually cleared, she turned facing Radhika and attacked her mouth with an incredibly passionate kiss. She whispered, “Let’s go into the bedroom now, so we can make hot passionate sex all night.”

Radhika followed Sultana to the bedroom. As soon as they entered Sultana turned and lifted Radhika’s nightie over Radhika’s head. She moved one of her hands to Radhika’s wet snatch and aggressively drove two fingers inside. Sultana then kissed Radhika tenderly as she finger-fucked her to a sensual orgasm. As her orgasm settled Radhika moved Sultana to the bed gently helping her lie on her back. Radhika spread Sultana’s legs lifting her knees to a bent position and admired her beautiful chocolate body. Her large belly was round and succulent while her two large breasts with their gorgeous black nipples looked incredible. Radhika finally moved between Sultana’s legs as she licked along her thighs. Radhika slowly moved to the soft puffy lips of her pussy and she licked around the perimeter before sliding her tongue gently inside. She moved her tongue from the bottom of Sultana’s pussy to the top and gently flicked Sultana’s clit with her tongue. Sultana moaned loudly as she felt another orgasm building. Sultana moved her hands to the back of Radhika’s head and she took hold of the black hair.

Radhika loved the sweet tangy taste of Sultana’s wet love hole and she moved one of her hands to join her tongue teasing Sultana. Radhika could feel Sultana’s orgasm building so she reached both hands up to Sultana’s large breasts and drove her tongue deep into Sultana’s hot tunnel of love. Sultana was bucking and shaking her hips as she screamed through her most intense orgasm of the weekend. Radhika didn’t let up and she continued her licking and teasing and slowly moved one hand back to Sultana’s hot pussy. She started a rhythmic penetration with two fingers while she moved her mouth to Sultana’s engorged clit. Radhika doubled the speed of her fingers and soon Sultana was screaming and convulsing through another incredible orgasm.

Radhika slowed her motions allowing Sultana to relax and get control of her senses. Sultana looked dreamily into Radhika’s eyes and said, “Those were the most incredible orgasms of my life. You feel incredible.” Radhika cuddled next to Sultana’s round form massaging her now sweaty pregnant belly and large soft breasts. When Sultana regained her composure she moved Radhika to the middle of the bed and then climbing to her knees she moved between Radhika’s legs. She loved the aroma of Radhika’s hot slit as she moved her mouth to taste the beautiful black. She didn’t waste any time teasing but instead drove her tongue deep into Radhika’s love hole hearing a loud moan of approval. Sultana licked and sucked Radhika’s pussy with the experience of a pro and Radhika soon shook and convulsed through a stRong orgasm.

After her breathing relaxed and her mind cleared Radhika spun on the bed so she was in a sixty-nine position with Sultana on top. Radhika could feel Sultana’s large belly and breasts pressing into her soft white skin and it only took a few minutes of mutual licking for them both to shake to incredible orgasms.

Radhika and Sultana spent the whole night making love and when they both finally went to sleep at 4:00 they slept right through to 11:00. After they woke up, they made love for another hour before eating lunch. After lunch Sultana kissed Radhika goodbye.

Radhika hoped this would not be her last encounter with Sultana.