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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 5

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Part 5

He did that again and got same physical response from me, even though he was very slow and kind but because of pain I was not comfortable with his in and out movements and Raju Ji could see that but he did not stopped fucking me with that pace, couple of times I tried to push him to get away but he very well knew how to control a female lying under him and holding my luscious body firmly from my arms he continued fucking me with short and slow jerks without taking much of his hard throbbing Penis from my fuckhole. Raju Ji fucked me like that for couple of minutes with few small intervals and when he realized that I am adjusted with the pain and he slowly started increasing his speed of plugging my fuckhole.

Once again my pain increased and seemed going out of my bearing capability and as his fucking strokes rose up in speed bit more I tried to get away more desperately but once again Raju Ji gripped me harder and continued fucking me like that. By now his hard and long monster was moving in and out of my fuckhole with ease and I could see that his pleasure was incredible, Raju Ji was moaning in bliss while looking at my mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. My body was totally in his control and except closing my eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain I could not do anything. I was holding him tight, moaning and gasping and I could see that gradually my pain was getting subsided, not much but I was somewhat enjoying my first fuck.

I opened my eyes, and looked into Raju Ji’s eyes with painful expressions; he smiled while pumping my fuck hole. “Yashoda mazza aaraha hai, hmmmm…” he asked me in sexy pleasurable tone that is I am enjoying. I did not responded to his question and closed my eyes again and kept moaning in pleasure.

Raju Ji leaned over me again and kissed me and I responded to his kiss and just then Raju Ji changed his pace of fucking me. As I responded to his kiss his excitement rose significantly in a fraction and his pace went on going higher and higher. Certainly once again my pleasure started disappearing as Raju Ji was hurting me with fast fucking strokes and once again I started screaming in pain.

Hearing my cries he tried to control his speed but not for long. He tried fucking me with long and deep strokes because of which I felt overwhelmed and started breathing heavy, I was heading towards my first real fucking orgasm and my pleasure moans excited Raju Ji and once again he started fucking me fast.

Certainly I was in extreme pain but somewhere there was a pleasant feeling which was setting my desire to burst and I was trying to bear the pain and within one more minute of continues fucking, with a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure I started to feel the bliss of going through real orgasm.

I was at the verge of explosion and it was significant from my body language, I was moaning in pleasure and pain, more of pleasure and less of pain and just like me Raju Ji was also at the edge of his sexual peak. Suddenly I trembled a bit while holding Raju Ji even harder and Raju Ji also gripped me and squeezed his taut hips together to release his fucking fluid deep inside my fuckhole.

I went through bit of shivering and apart from feeling pain there was something which was pleasant, which I failed to realize at that moment. Finally it was done, I was no more virgin and I fucked to save my house. Raju Ji got up slowly and purposely looked down to my fuckhole; Shilpa Didi was already looking there.

Shilpa Didi showed him something while pointing her finger and spoke “ye dekhiye…”. They both were specifically looking at the bleeding I went through when my hymen ruptured. Next Shilpa Didi spoke to me “Abb tum kunwari nahi ho”. Raju Ji got up and went inside toilet and I too got up slowly and saw same sort of white fluid coming out of my fuckhole.

Shilpa Didi gave me towel and told me to wash my fuckhole tenderly with warm water and I did that and got bit of relief from the pain. That night ended there, but not my fucking as I was supposes to stay there for next day and whole night too. At that time we all slept on the same bed after wearing clothes.

Raju Ji was in the middle and I was on his right. Shilpa Didi was on his left and they continued talking to each other on different subjects, also about my problem for some time. They both slept after really long but I was well awake and could not believe whatever I have done without telling my mom anything about that.

Mentally apart from feeling guilty I was feeling bit pleasurable, till that day I was totally unaware of this pleasant sensation and because of that I was feeling very relaxed. Finally my consciousness also surrendered and I went into sleep but throughout night I went on getting awake on regular intervals. Finally in the morning once again my sleep broke with a voice of water getting flushed.

I intentionally kept my eyes closed and waited to hear next and heard “good morning” in Shilpa Didi’s soft voice from bed’s side to Raju Ji who was probably standing on the door of the toilet. Raju Ji also responded and came to bed. Although my eyes were still closed and I could not dare to open them at that moment but I could feel that Raju Ji and Shilpa Didi were physically attached as there was bit of movement of the bed as if he or she has came over other.

“Mazza aaya Yashoda ke saath ?” Shilpa Didi asked Raju Ji in slow and soft voice but I heard it clearly, Raju Ji replied with “Hmmm…bahut” and then spoke again “dekh lijiyega kahin ye pregnant na ho jaaye” “haan…haan…ye humari responsibility hai….nahi hone denge…aap bus inka ghar bacha lijiye…” “wo meri responsibility hai”.

Shilpa Didi replied back and assured him that certainly she will not let me get pregnant and it is her responsibility and further told him to save my house and in reply Raju Ji said that saving my house is his responsibility. Next Shilpa Didi spoke again, “abhi humare saath karenge ek baar?” she asked Raju Ji in low voice but it was enough for me to hear.

“hmmm…. Suck karo pahle ussko” Raju Ji hummed to say yes to Shilpa Didi and told her to suck it first. I wanted to keep my eyes closed and wanted to pretend that I am asleep but I failed to do that. I opened my eye lightly to see, Shilpa Didi was partially lying over Raju Ji and they were kissing and not at all looking weather I am awake or asleep.

Shilpa Didi’s hand was in Raju Ji’s shorts and she was somewhat caressing his penis and soon she took it out and started sucking his monster, to make it harder. While facing them I was laying bit far from them and watching all this with partially opened eyes, Raju Ji was lying on his back and Shilpa Didi was sitting and leaning over his crotch and sucking him gently.

I could see his rod appearing and disappearing in her mouth and whole view was producing strange sensation in my body too, I wanted to touch my fuckhole but I remained unmoved. After couple of minutes Raju Ji stopped Shilpa Didi and took her under his body and removed her panty and invaded his crotch into her fleshy thighs and straight away started fucking her bit fast.

AS expected bed started moving significantly and Shilpa Didi started moaning nicely in audible voice. For me it was really very difficult to keep my eyes shut, even partially as I was also bit excited and I opened my eyes to see everything clearly. Raju Ji was riding on Shilpa Didi fast and his pace was getting higher and higher and Shilpa Didi was moaning in delight of starting her day with a fuck, she grabbed his body into her arms and thighs and continued gasping like that and at particular instant they both saw me awake. Soon after that they started to reach to their climax and there fucking pace increased significantly. Shilpa Didi started moaning in husky voice and Raju Ji also started grunting in passion and within next few seconds once again he buried himself deep into Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole and squeezed his hips together to release whatever he was having in his balls and Shilpa Didi also gasped in evident pleasure while going through orgasm. Finally they both got up and both smiled a bit while looking at me, Raju Ji wished me good morning and went inside toilet. Shilpa Didi also followed him and both came out of the toilet and Raju Ji asked her for a cup of tea and Shilpa Didi took leave from there.

I also got up to use the toilet and once again sat there in solitude and gave thought to whatever was happening around me and the only good thing I saw at that moment in all this was that somehow I have saved my house and now I was more or less prepared to face anything for that.

When I came out of the washroom Shilpa Didi called me for tea in living room and while having tea Raju Ji asked me if I am fine and after that many times I saw Raju Ji looking at me with a smile. During tea mainly Shilpa Didi and Raju Ji spoke and she made me speak to my mom as well as formality.

After that we both I and Shilpa Didi did preparations for breakfast and nearly after an hour we were once again together to have breakfast, in the mean time Raju Ji made few work related calls and slept for some time. During preparation of breakfast Shilpa Didi asked me about my last night’s experience and further told me that Raju Ji is going to fuck me at least twice in whole day and may be once again in the morning before our exit and it really happened.

After half an hour of breakfast Raju Ji told me to get with him in shower and once again I was standing stark naked in front of him and he was playing with my body and truly speaking somewhere apart from uneasiness I was feeling goo d while doing all that. He sucked my breast under water and rubbed my fuckhole for a while to hear my pleasure moans and then slowly started inserting his finger in my fuckhole and that really enhanced my pleasure.

Very soon Shilpa Didi also joined us in the pouring water, as till that time while sitting on bed she was watching us, but soon her excitement rose and she also took off her clothes and started rubbing her body with Raju Ji’s body under water, took his hard Penis in her hands and gave it to me and told me jerk it back and forward by saying “issko aage peechhe karo” and I followed what she said, holding Raju Ji’s monster I started jerking him and it went on going harder, Raju Ji continued moving his finger in and out of my fuckhole and Shilpa Didi played with Raju Ji’s balls to hear his pleasure moans and like that just in few minutes we all were moaning and pleasuring one another.

Leaving my fuckhole Raju Ji invaded his fingers into Shilpa Didi and told me to suck his rod and somewhat pushed me on my knees with one hand. I sat down and half heartedly started sucking him and soon Raju Ji sent Shilpa Didi on her knees too and now we both were sucking him one by one and he was moaning in pleasure.

I knew that now it is my turn to get him inside me and soon it started, Raju Ji took me to bed after drying my body and instantly widened my thighs and opened my fuckhole with his monster. Once again my virginal muscles got stretched to maximum and after bit of pain I took his monster inside my fuckhole till the hilt of it.

Very Soon Raju Ji started screwing me with slow and gentle pace and increased his speed gradually. I started moaning in pleasure and unlike last night this time I could feel that pleasant feeling of getting fucked by a powerful male like Raju Ji and now my pain was somewhat disappeared, certainly still there was bit of uneasiness of doing all this but slowly sexual pleasure overcame rest of my mind and I started enjoying.

Raju Ji also enjoyed fucking my tight fuckhole and he started grunting in passion and soon after that his Penis started moving fast now I was getting properly fucked. I handled his passion and absorbed whatever he pained me in that rising lust and soon we both started reaching to our climax and I orgasmed a few seconds before him and tried to stop him by holding his pumping hips with my legs but Raju Ji fucked me throughout my climax and I shivered with a broken breath and groaned loud whenever he plunged me in that orgasmic phase. Finally Raju Ji also released his pressure and hollowed his balls one more time deep inside me. From my second fuck onwards I can say that my pain was almost gone and I also started enjoying all this.

As Shilpa Didi was expecting I got fucked twice after that. Intentionally Raju Ji did not fucked Shilpa Didi again because he wanted preserve is strength to enjoy me, although Shilpa accompanied me every time I got laid by him and got fucked. In the evening Raju Ji took me on his top and told me to fuck myself for a while and then fucked me in typical missionary position and again next morning before I would have taken leave from there he took me under his massive body and fucked me up to his satisfaction. Finally around nine in the morning I was back home, my mother was ready to go to her work place and I skipped that day of my collage.

I remained alone at home for the whole day and also slept for some time gradually started feeling that whatever I have done was not wrong and by the end of the day I was totally out of guilt feeling and then slowly lust started rising in me and now I wanted all that happening to me again and again.

I was recalling my last two nights experience again and again and always remained leaking for next few days and somewhat eagerly awaited to go to Raju Ji for the specific purpose again. Anyway ultimately my sacrifice paid me back and I saved my house, I kept my promise; after instant payment of 1/6th amount to bank, I went to Raju Ji whenever he called me and gave him complete sexual pleasure, oral as well as virginal. Raju Ji also kept his promise and he continued paying decided amount to bank every month and in next six months we were totally out of trouble. For my mom it was Shilpa Didi who has taken an interest free loan from her office and my mom started paying her small amount every month, which she started accumulating to give it back on my marriage.

I continued going to Raju Ji for more than 3 years, till my marriage got fixed. Talking about that time span, at my end hardly in months time I was addicted of getting fucked by him and I somewhat use to wait for his call. Although I knew this fact very well that like me Raju Ji fuck Shilpa Didi as well and for him I am just a subject of pure joy and sexual satisfaction, even then after sometime I somewhere started falling in love with him and in 10-15 days of absence of sex my desperation for his physical love use to get very high. Certainly after saving my house from getting sold he was my hero and I gave my 100 percent whenever I came on bed with him.

Raju Ji also treated me well and I never felt that he consider me his personal slut and sensing my homely condition he agreed for not calling me for the night. To get on bed with him on weekdays I use to leave my collage just after 2-3 classes but mostly I use to be at his place on Sunday mornings and use to stay with him for whole day till 6.

Nearly after around three years I don’t know exactly how my mother got suspicious about my dignity, I think she assumed when she saw an expensive watch on my wrist given by Raju Ji, which unluckily I forgot to remove before getting inside home. Although at that time I lied that this watch belongs to my friend and I have borrowed it just for a day even then she did not seemed satisfied with my excuse and she spoke to Shilpa Didi about this and told her that she is sure that I am sexually involved somewhere as my physicals have changed significantly in past few months. As a friend Shilpa Didi suggested my mom to look for my match and in next six months I got fixed with a boy of her choice and at present I am living respected life of a housewife of a reputed family of our cast.

I still remember that day when my marriage was fixed; I was bought to Raju Ji by Shilpa Didi and instead of giving him clear information that I am fixed she told him to enjoy me as much as possible in next few months by saying “agle 2-3 mahino mein Yashoda ko jitna enjoy karna hai kar lijiye …..inki Shaadi pakki ho gayi hai”.

To my surprise Raju Ji behaved rejoiced on that and took me in his arms and hugged me affectionately and spoke to Shilpa Didi that from this moment onwards he will not touch me and he kept his promise. It may seem funny to readers but truly speaking at that instant his decision of not having sex with me made me really very sad, may be because I wanted to have sex with him for rest of remaining days, rather at that instant my mind state was that I did not wanted to get married and I wanted to be on his bed for rest of my life but that was not possible and it did not happened and I was sent back home and Shilpa Didi stayed with him for the night to have sex and at that moment I felt really very jealous of her.

The End