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The sixth story

It was a Saturday and Mira was planning to go for a movie with her friend. When I received a call from her friend khushi. Khushi told me that she has 3 tickets and her 3 friend is not able to come so I can join with them. Khushi was a sweet. Cute girl of same age as my daughter. Very fair looking, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall with weight of 55 kgs.

She had a beautiful fig. Of 32 26 34. Dark brown eyes, pink lips, Light brown colored hair. I was not eager to go but she insisted and said that post movie we will go to her place and have some fun. My daughter also forced me so I agreed. It was a Saturday and we were going going in the last show. I planned to visit the parlor to update my looks.
Started getting ready. Took a warm shower, shampooed my silky hair. I was feeling something in my cunt as it was Saturday and I was planning a hard fuck with my husband. My pussy was getting wet but I managed for my daughter. I came out and asked Mira (my daughter) for the dress I should wear and what is she wearing. She told me to get dressed sexy and just wait for something new.
Mira wore short denim short with pink top. Top was complete backless with a string tied at back on the neck and a string tied a bit loosely behind at the waist. It had a good neck that was showing her almost 1 inch cleavage. Pink lipstick with matching nail polish and big round ear rings. Was looking hot and smelling like a cake ready to be eaten.
I wore a loose knee length skirt and a tight short white color shirt over it. Sleeves were upto my elbow with cuffs open. Shirt was so short that my navel was clearly visible below my shirt. Stepped into high black heels with perfume and deos. For some reason I wore the nose ring today with matching earring.
Left my hair open with side ways partition. The intention was to look young as I was going with the young babies. It was time to leave. We asked our driver to drop us and bring the car back home. We left at 9pm and reached there by 9.40 pm. It was the first time I was about to meet Khushi. We were looking for Khushi and then Mira smiled and showed me : “there is the Khushi.”
She was looking too cute and damn sexy. She was wearing a cream color midi which was reaching just 2 inches below her ass with good necks showing her cleavage and almost backless as much possible. Her midi was so tight that you can actually see each and every curve of her.We went to her and met her. Mira hugged her with a side cheek kiss and then Khushi greeted me with a tight hug and kissed my neck.
Khushi; “Oh my Goodness! You look so young, I cant believe that you are Mira’s mother. You look just like her friend or may be her sister who is just a couple of years elder.” I felt happy that I was quite matching there age (I knew that I was looking younger). We went in for the movie. Movie was good and we were enjoying. I was sitting in the center and we were having fun. My hands were brushing Khushi now and then and her hands were also fresh with wax.
Movie got over and we came out. Khushi’s driver brought the car and we all got seated at the back seat. Driver asked “Where do we have to go Mam.” and Khushi asked if I would like to some drinks before denier. I agreed. It was around 1am in the night and it was getting cold. She asked the driver to take her place (some place3 she might used to go and her driver knows). In the way she asked the driver to take some beer. He took a carat of beer and then drove us to a beautiful place. It was kind hill/mountain.
We walked a bit up near the end and from there we could see the sea. It was an awesome place. Driver spread a thick spongy sheet near the corner that had a tree rest your back. Then he took out the beers in a box which was full of ice. I thought that Khushi is a very well girl who knows how to do the things and has the taste of class too. I was impressed by her and said, “I am impressed Khushi with your choice of place and the style.”
Khushi: “Oh! Thanks! Mom… oops… Aunt…. Can I call you mom?”
I: “Of course sweety. You are like Mira to me only.”
Mira said: “Really Mom? (with a wink)”
I: “(smiled) yeah like baby.” I think Mira understood something which I didn’t.
Khushi: “Lets start the drinks.” and she opened the beer cans. We took a sip and it was delight. I was feeling kind of cold now. And I said: “isn’t it cold here?’ Mira said: “Do you want some heat Mom?”and smiled. Khushi came close to me and sat by my side and started chatting.
She touched my arms, moving her hands over it and asked, “Hey, Mom do you wanna see a magic?’. I said “Ok”. She asked me to close my eyes and tied a scarf on my eyes. Then she pulled my hands back and suddenly she cuffed them with hand cuffs. I got a bit afraid and asked “what are you doing Khushi?”. She said: some magic Mom. I asked: What magic?” and she said
A magic of sexy Mom and her sexy body.” I was dumb quite. I tried to look at Mira but my eyes were closed and tied. Then she opened my eyes and asked, “How are you feeling Mom?”.I said “Scared”, to which she laughed and said Mira, “You were right Mira, Your Mom is hot, sexy and a fantasy on this earth. What a fun it will be to fuck her.” Then I realized what Mira was indicating me about while leaving from home. I preferred to remain innocent have fun.
So hows you my sexy bitch?, you want it soft or hard?”. I said “No”. And she came close to me. Held my face tight and kissed me on my lips. “Hm, sweet and salty.” and then she started opening my shirt buttons and took off my shirt to the back. She started moving her hands on my breasts, slowly and tenderly and then kissed my neck. Then Mira came near Khushi and they both gave each other a wet smooch.
Khushi asked Mira to kiss me and Mira came closer and started smooching. I did not open my mouth to pretend. There, Khushi came behind me pulled my hair to pain. I screamed and Mira put her mouth in mine and started sucking. She was tasting different today. Khushi also came in front of me and started licking my neck and chest. She tore my bra and threw it away. I started feeling a bit scared as we were in open.
While Mira was still kissing me Khushi started slapping my boobs and then sucking them. I was getting red with pain. Then Khushi opened my skirt and took it off and then my pantie. Mira left me then and sat aside. Khushi showed me my skirt and pantie in her hands. She waived it in front of me and threw them both down from there. I was like “what the fuck it is?”. “what will I wear now and how will I go home. It was around 2.30 in the night. To which
Khushi said, “U r a whore and whore don’t need to wear clothes. You were born to live naked and that is how you will live now onwards. I was really terrified now. How long she will treat me like this and what is on her mind. I looked at Mira and she did not show any response. Khushi laughed, “Dot look at your daughter, she can not reject anything I say. She brought you here today cause I wanted it.”
Come on now, stand up and spread ur legs. I did as she said, she came closer to me and started kissing me. She moved her hand down to my cunt and started fingering it. She was doing it hard, plucking and pinching my cunt. I started shivering and she continued. She again pushed me down and stood in front of me. Her cunt was right in front of my face. She pulled my head into her cunt and I started sucking her cunt. Mira went back and started licking her asshole.
She started moaning. She spread her leg more and we started eating her. She started moaning now and grinning. She was having a delight of getting both her holes sucked. Suddenly she screamed and cummed in my mouth. It was something very different. She gasped some breath. And turned me over. She made me in a dogie style. First lap on my ass, then another and another and then a thrust of Khushi’s lips on my asshole.
She started licking and sucking my asshole. While licking it she licked my pussy along with it. And then she inserted 2 fingers in my ass.My ass was not virgin but her finger were rough. She started fucking my as with her fingers very fast along with licking it. I was getting too wet. My whole body was shaking with the movement of her fingers and I was grinning in pain and despair.
Then she inserted another hands 2 fingers in my pussy. I was getting very high, I started screaming in low voice and grinning hard. Oh Goodness she was fucking me very fast and I was loosing all my controls. And then I cummed. I cummed again and again and again. It was long orgasm and very good. She pushed me down facing upwards and smiled. “Did you liked it bitch? I know you did cause you cummed.” Take some rest. They both started their round of beer.
After few minutes Mira asked her to open my hands. Khushi agreed and opened my hands. I don’t know why but as soon as she open my hands I slapped her on her face and I slapped her hard. She almost fell on the floor. She looked at me in anger and said. Ok ! If you want it this way let it be this way. She slapped me back hard and then another slap. I fell on the floor completely and again she tied my hands. She gulped some beer and spit it on my face. Then massaged beer on my face with her hands and licked them.
She kept the empty bottle on the floor and asked me to sit on it. I couldn’t. She pulled me from my hair up and screamed to sit on the bottle. I sat but not on the bottle. She got irate and slapped on my breast. I hurt. Then she slapped on my ass 4 – 5 times and these were very hard. I still couldn’t think of sitting on the bottle. It was big for my ass. Then picked up the leather belt from my skirt. I got scared and agreed.
Any how I managed to get my ass on the bottle and started sitting on it. Oh Goodness! It was paining. I sat half on the bottle but most of my weight was on my toes. She pulled my head up, slapped my face and asked to open my mouth and she spit in my mouth. Pushed my face in her pussy and I started sucking her again. She started putting pressure on my face and the bottle started getting inside my ass. It started paining a lot. I lost my stamina and sat on the bottle completely.
Almost 80% of the bottle went inside my ass and the rest was exerting pressure on the inner walls of my ass. I started feeling on my back but she grabbed my hair and pulled me erect still sitting on it. Oh Mamma, are you feeling pain mamma?” said Khushi. Tears started rolling out of my eyes. She licked them from my cheeks. “Oh poor Mom, look she is crying. She pulled my face up and started licking my lips, my tongue and started smooching me.
She was slow and sensuous. While kissing she slowly opened my hands from the back and laid me down on the floor. Still kissing she slowly, very slowly she took the bottle out of my ass. Ah! I was relieved. She still kept smooching me. She laid down along my side and still kissing my lips. Took me in her arms and moved kissing my neck, moving up a little near my ear lobes. Whispered in my ears “Thank you Mom. You won me. I am your slave now and you can do anything with me.”
I was happy that it has ended and I realized that I enjoyed it a lot. She kept kissing me and came down kissing my chest, boobs, navel, lower abdomen and then to my pussy. She was kissing and licking my pussy very softly and very warmly. It was relaxing my pussy with all the hard things it went through. I got up and sat. I took Khushi in my arms and said “I don’t want to be ur mistress dear, I will always be your mother and keep loving you.
I hold her face and gave a smooch to her. A good nice smooch. While kissing her I hugged her and started moving my hands on her back, moving down to her ass. I rubbed her ass cheeks and then slowly moved to her asshole. It was cute and tight. We stood up kissing and I inserted 1 finger in her ass. That excited her and her kiss got bigger. I started to moving my finger in and out of her asshole and then inserted 2nd finger also. She lost her calm and grinned with pleasure.
Her head was stretching back as I was ass fucking her. I leaned forward and started licking her neck and kept fucking her. Then I took out my fingers from her ass and brought it to her mouth. I served my fingers in her mouth and she started licking my fingers. My fingers had the smell of her shit and some saliva too. It was hot to see her licking the possible taste of her shit from my fingers.
Then I licked her tongue to share her taste. I moved down kissed her pussy. And then started licking her. She spread her legs while standing and I moved in deep sucking of her clit. I was massaging her clit while sucking her pussy and her body started jerking to it. She was getting high and was about to cum when I stopped. I moved her around and kissed her ass cheeks. They soft and white like milk. Mm lovely delicious. I licked and bit her cheeks like ice cream.
And then moved between her ass to the hole. I kissed her asshole and then licked a bit. She jerked, I could feel her I started licking it and then munching it a bit. Oh it was lovely. While Mira came down and laid just beneath my pussy. She started licking my pussy which gave me a sigh and then she moved to my asshole. Oh god it was heel warm and soft. I started getting wild and kind of started biting Khushi’s asshole.
Khushi inserted 2 fingers in my pussy while sucking my asshole. I inserted 2 finger in Khushi ass while sucking it. We ll were getting very horny now. Mira was doing it so passionately that I could not control my self. I pushed Khushi away and came down to Mira and started sucking her lips. A wild smooch. While kissing Mira started fingering my ass and I started fingering her pussy. Oh we were getting hotter and hotter.
Khushi could not stand alone started kissing my ass cheeks and sucking Mira’s finger which now and then coming out of my asshole. I changed my position and got into 69 with my daughter Mira while me on top and started sucking each others pussy. Just in some time Khushi cam over me and started sucking my asshole. It was just an unbelievable moment getting sucked both the holes simultaneously and that too by 2 girls.
My body soon started shaking I could not focus on sucking my daughters pussy. I was just getting wild. And there I had an orgasm. A big orgasm but still my angels did not stop. They kept sucking me. I shouted that I might piss now but they ignored. Just there was the time that I pissed, and I pissed over my daughters face, heavenly. She still kept sucking me not bother about the piss. While pissing my asshole also loosened up and some shit came out of my asshole.
To my amazement Khushi still did not stopped sucking my asshole and I knew that we were moving into another level of sex and ecstasy.What happened next was beyond my imagination and it happened.