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The story of Usha aunty and her nephew and their sexual exploitations

Hi Id likes to tell you a story that happened to me when I was 20.I had
just graduated high school and still lived at home. I was raised by my
dad and grandparents. My fathers brother lived about a mile away with
his wife Usha who id known since I was a kid. My uncle worked a lot of
hours for years, basically ignoring her. She uses to ask me to go to the
drive in (when they still had them) and I liked going she had always
treated me like an adult and talked to me that way. Anyways this time we
went and it was summer of course and she had shorts and halter top on
her body wasn’t perfect she was about 43-44 then not beautiful in the
face but not bad either and was like 5 ft 7 weigh in the 160″s she still
had somewhat of her figure but she had a little belly on her not bad
though. her thighs just a tad large at the to, she didn’t have a bra on,
her tits were a little saggy but looked great to me and were 38 ad’s I
could see her nipples right through her halter top their a little bigger
than a silver dollar around but the nipples is at least 3/4 of an inch
long. I couldn’t stop looking at them this night out the corner of my
eye. I had jacked off quite a few times thinking about the sight of her.
When she wore a one piece bathing suit you could see that full bush
poking out and the suit wanting to slightly enter that nice gash. The
show we seen that night had some steamy sex scenes and my being a young
fellow my dick was trying to bust out of my pants so I had to keep
adjusting it to keep it from breaking off.


I have a decent size cock I guess, Its almost 3 men’s fingers wide and
about 7 – 8 inches long not huge or anything but respectable. Well this
night it was hurting in my shorts so bad I just finally reclined my seat
a bit laid back, pushed it flat against my belly and let it come out the
top of my pants with my shirt was covering it anyways and she wouldn’t
have a clue what was happening or so I thought. She later told me she
could see the outline of it in my shorts and did see the head poking
under my shirt. At this point in my life Id had sex like 3 times with 2
different girls so I wasn’t a virgin but by no means experienced. While
I was so worried about my own predicament I hadn’t noticed up until them
that she had her hand in her shorts pocket I was to focus on her tits I
guess. I could see her hand moving slightly and then the closer I
focused on it her finger was wiggling in her pocket and then I looked
strait at the screen but averted my eyes down and left and the movement
was where her clit would have been if I could have seen through those
shorts! Man I almost shot a load right there. After that I paid close
attention she’d close her eyes every so often as if she were really
enjoying herself well I must have been watching a little to closely
because she says to me you like to watch me do that don’t you ? I was
dumbfounded and embarrassed so I just said “yes” and turned back to the
screen but looking out the corner of my eye. She kept doing it!

I couldn’t believe it but she started making little unnh’s and ahh’s
sounds now and then not real loud but if you were in the car you could
hear them. After about 8-10 minutes (I would guess now. I wasn’t exactly
trying to keep time then) I seen her close her eyes body kind of shake
and shudder she pressed her feet into the floorboard and then she sat
there for a couple minutes with her eyes closed. When she opened them
she looked directly at me and said do you masturbate much? I said yes.
She asked how much once a week 10 times a week once a day how much do
you do it? I said 2-3 times a day she said “oh my” then proceeded to
tell me that its healthy for people to masturbate people can live out
any fantasy they want when they masturbate. I’d really like someone to
watch while I do it, Do you think you’d like to watch me masturbate with
my shorts off? My body is not perfect but you may enjoy it. Again
dumbfounded I said “yes” and nothing else. (I just couldn’t believe how
lucky I was!) With that she unfastened the top button on her shorts put
her legs tight together and slid them down around her ankles pushed them
off with one foot then hit the steering tilt wheel adjuster pushed the
wheel forward pushed her seat all the way forward and started climbing
in the back seat, Where she sat behind the drivers seat (she was

She had a couple pillows with her and placed one in the corner and laid
back on it pulled her feet up touching her ass she still had on her low
top tennis shoes and ankle socks she spread her legs wide as she could
and says “how’s that can you see everything” this time I managed a half
sentence reply “yes I can and your beautiful. She kinda giggled “and I
said can you please pull up your top? She said sure and did and there I
was with this almost 50 year old woman her legs splayed wide her
wonderful big tits hanging out he bottom of her halter and that
beautiful hairy pussy sitting there slightly open and I could see it
glistening even in the low light. She started slowly circling her clit
with her middle and index finger what a turn on, My cock was sticking
out the top of my shorts 3 inches straining harder than it ever had
before. I thought I would blow a load right there. Then she said to me
“Do you think I could watch you too? I didn’t say a word just pulled my
shorts and underwear off took my shoes off in one motion and I was naked
from the waist down. She said recline your seat all the way back and
push it forward as far as you can I did as instructed she handed me a
pillow and said lean back in the corner facing me. I did. She started
back on her clit again and said “K go ahead let me see you jack off”.
After I started doing it for about a minute she says- look directly in
my eyes while I’m doing this. I want you to see how much this turns me
on and how naughty I am. I did and it was hot looking into her eyes
while she was rubbing herself. I was stroking myself every once in
awhile she would take her hand away and lick her fingers to lube her
clit we stayed like that jerking and rubbing for about 10 mins with me
stopping stroking every 10 seconds or Id have blown a wad right there.

It was getting harder for her to keep her eyes locked on mine she kept
losing focus and closing them. She was about to cum I could tell and I
had been ready but never wanted this to end she finally said “when I cum
let yours go” I want to see it squirt all over your belly. In another
couple minutes she started circling and rubbing a lot faster and moaning
and grunting and panting more than before all of a sudden she shoves 3
fingers up her snatch and starts fucking her for all she’s worth! She
was cumming like Id never seen a women cum before her head flew back as
she was jamming her fingers in and out of her cunt and alternating
rubbing her clit with her other hand and pinching her nipples panting
like a dog in heat. It’s one of the biggest turn on I ever seen. Then
her belly with her pouch tightened up and started wiggling in time with
her legs shaking and she was full out cumming I could see her muscles
contracting and releasing all over her body . She said “oh my god
cum!”cum right now!” I was stroking my cock for all its worth and this
never happened to me before either I shot come in my own face in my hair
all over the car window it was one of the best orgasm’s I ever had if
not thee best she kept frigging her pussy for another minute. Then she
did another thing that still turns me on she picked up her tit and
started biting and sucking the nipple and one then the other. Wow that
was a great sight her nipples were completely erect what a sight!!!

Then she leaned up on top of me and started kissing me and licked my
come right off my face grabbed my hand and put my hand down by her pussy
and started rubbing her clit with my hand like she was doing. I then
reached around her ass and shoved 3 fingers up her pussy it was so
frigging tight I could feel it contracting. She started cumming and
sucking on my neck ears lips and nipples my dick never even went limp.
That’s one of the few times in my life’s that’s happened. She moved down
my chest to my belly kissing and licking all the way until she got to
the head of my cock she took the head in her mouth and sucked gently at
first then started stroking it up and down with her hand and sucking the
underside she was a pro. I was about to blow again she started taking
more and more of me into her mouth I could actually feel my dickhead in
her throat and I don’t know if she was contracting her throat muscles on
purpose or gagging but with that happening it felt as my whole cock were
being grabbed on and massaged. She started going up and down with her
mouth I was worried about if she wanted me to cum or not and told her I
was about to cum. She hummed some reply and kept at it. I couldn’t
control myself and shot down her throat grabbing the back of her head
and trying to push it down even further but it was impossible so I just
helped her move up and down. it was awesome to understate it by a long
shot. My dick came out of her mouth with a popping slurping sound we
started getting dressed she said it’s very late and I’ve got to get home
and we need to talk about this I’m so sorry about this I really didn’t
mean for this to go this far I got caught up in the moment. I didn’t use
the best judgment here and she kept apologizing. I kept assuring her I
loved it and wanted it as much as she did and she’d say yea but you’re
my nephew and I don’t want this to spoil our friendship and relationship
we have always had. Before she dropped me off she asked me please don’t
tell anyone about this I want to talk to you more about what happened
tomorrow but I’ve got to think about this and get my head straight. I
said fine and she dropped me off. I went straight in the house and had
to jerk off again. I was in such a state. To this day when I close my
eyes I can see her plain as day legs splayed in the back seat big tits
hanging out fingering her wow it was an awesome