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The unsatisfied lesbian landlady Part 1

I was at auntie’s house playing with her kid. Auntie was our landlady and she lived in a house just beside the pg. There was a small gate on the wall dividing the pg and her house. I had used that place to enter her compound. I was very fond of her two year old son and he liked me too. So whenever I get the chance, I used to go into her house and play with her son. She never seemed to mind and in fact used to ask me to come whenever I was free. She used to offer food or other beverages whenever I was there.

I was on the floor playing with the kid. I was wearing a light blue round necked t shirt and blue denim jeans. My hair was neatly double tied in a pony tail behind me. I was barefooted as I had left my slippers outside. I was wearing my usual gold jewelery, a pair of small ear rings, a thin belly chain and a pair of anklets. Auntie was sitting on the couch beside us, kitting something. The kid was rolling on the floor and I too was copying him. He was laughing at this. We played along nicely.

After a while I noticed that auntie was staring at me. I sensed something was wrong. I followed her gaze and found out the reason. While I was rolling along, my t shirt had rose up a little and my jeans being a low waist one, had my belly exposed to her. My tummy was completely exposed and the waist chain hanging loosely around my navel was also clearly visible. Auntie’s eyes were transfixed on my mid riff.

She was nicely enjoying the view of my exposed navel when the kid climbed on top of me, sitting on my stomach. And he did just more then sit. He just peed on me. Immediately auntie got up and lifted him off me. My t shirt and jeans were wet with his urine. “Do one thing baby. Use the main bathroom and get cleaned up. Put your clothes there. I will wash it up for you”. “No auntie. Its fine. I will change at the pg”. “No baby. I insist. I will just clean him and bring”, she said and went inside with the kid. I stood up and went to the bathroom in the hall.
I put my t shirt and jeans on the railing. I was wearing a sky blue colored panties. I was not wearing any bra. I just took a towel from the door hanger and wrapped it around me. The towel was a little short. I just managed to tie it covering my breasts, so that it covered my essentials at the lower end too. It exposed the cleavage of my breasts, barely hiding my nipples and just reached till top end of my thighs. If I raised my hand, I was well aware that my panties would be in full view of the world. Cautiously, I stepped out of the loo.

As I sat on the couch, auntie came out into the hall. She was holding her kid on her hips. She said, “I will put your clothes for washing and then put him to sleep. Watch some TV until then OK?”. “OK auntie. No problem”. She went into the bathroom. After a while I heard the sound of the washing machine being turned on. She came out into the hall again, “You OK?”, she asked. “Yes auntie”. “I will put him to sleep and come. Your clothes should take only another 15 minutes”. I nodded and started to browse through the magazine that was on the table. She went in again.

I was sitting on the couch going through a magazine, when I noticed the maid standing outside, in the porch. She was smiling at me. I stood up and went close to her. If somebody was walking through the road, they just had to turn to see me standing in a short towel, exposing most of my body. Anybody from any of the nearby buildings or even from this side of our pg could have seen me easily. I did not care. In fact, I actually liked exposing my body to others. There was no other satisfaction for me when I see others staring hungrily or admiringly at my body.

“What happened to your clothes?”, the maid asked me in a hushed tone. “The kid peed on it. I have put it for washing”, I replied in the same hushed tone. “Where is she?”. “She is inside, putting her kid to sleep”. “Good”, the maid said, pulling me closer to her. She did not waste any time, as her hand slid under my towel and started roaming between my legs. I caught my breath excitedly as her hand brushed against my pussy mount. Even though over the panties, her rough hand felt good against my cunt.

Without wasting any more time, she pulled my panties down to my feet. She removed it off my feet and put it aside on the floor beside us. I stood against the window, with my hands holding the railings of the window behind me, above my head. I stood there inviting her into me. Taking the hint, she relieved me off the towel and set me free. Now I was standing stark naked, in front of her and for whomever looking in this direction. Except for my jewelery, I was as naked as a new born. She came close to me. Her mouth circled around my breasts while her hands went exploring the between of my legs.

She was sucking my breasts cupping them with her one hand, while her other rubbed my cunt. Her hand roughly tightened around my small breasts as she licked the already erect and protruding nipples. Her other hand was working furiously between my legs and successfully too, as I felt my pussy getting wet with excitement. I was slightly moaning as she continued on furiously. “Ayesha.., just inform me when the maid comes, OK?”. It took me a while to register the voice and understand the words. But the maid immediately stopped. “She is already here”, I called out, returning back to this world. “OK. I will come in a minute”, auntie replied back.

We heard auntie closing the door and coming out from the bedroom. I immediately took the towel from the floor and wrapped it around me. The maid suddenly saw my panties on the floor. She immediately took it and hid it inside her blouse, just as auntie emerged into the porch. “OK listen”, she was talking to maid, without having a clue as to what was happening here just a moment ago, “There is no work here today. Clean the hall and common area in the pg. And ask the cook to clean the kitchen too”. The maid stood there nodding her head. “Now don’t just stand there. Go and do it”, auntie ordered. The maid immediately took her leave, with my panties hiding inside her blouse.

“There is a blue colored container on top there. Can you get it for me? I cant climb”, auntie asked me. We were in her kitchen. She had asked me to accompany to her kitchen as she required some help from me. ‘If she cant climb who put it there on top?’, I thought. If I climbed, without my panties, I knew that auntie would have a good time from below. ‘What the hell? If auntie wants, let her finish what the maid started’, I thought as I climbed on top of the kitchen counter.

I was on top of the kitchen counter, trying hard to reach on to the top shelf. Auntie was standing behind me with her hands on my bare feet, making sure that I did not fall. I could not see what was inside the shelf, but I was searching with my hands, checking if I could grasp something which felt like a container. Her hands were caressing my bare feet, toying around with my anklets. I felt ticklish. ‘Probably there is no blue colored container’, I thought as I stood there, letting auntie have her way.