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Time with my boss

I am writing this I am married and was 28 years
old at that time in life everybody gets ups and down and due to
circumstances we end up with some thing good and bad it is ones point
of view to decide. It was when we were not very well off to meet the
ends I asked my husband can I do some job he agreed and said yes
moreover you will be busy and finances will also get eased off. I
applied in a company they called me I went there with my husband the
job was of secretary for the chief of the firm. I got selected and was
interviewed by the chief himself who was an old man of 57 years but
looks lesser than his age. I am on the contrary having a sharp
features with pinkish complexion spotless skin with a perfect size of
38/28.36 mine is the love marriage and a perfect understanding with
love and care with family values.

Once I was in the office I was to complete the letters so I was late
by one hour when every staff has gone after completing my work I went
to chief cabin for his signatures he signed and told me that I can go
home but suddenly adverse weather stopped me to go out as it was
raining torrentially my boss told wait for some time otherwise I will
drop you and asked me to come to his chamber I will name him as Batra
he asked me why I am doing job I told him that due to some reasons and
moreover passing time just to get occupied somewhere. He said you have
good features and shrilling voice I just smiled he then said would you
like tea I said weather is also like that yes I can the tea came we
drank and had just talked about family and other things.
Time passed out one day I was to sit late to complete the urgent my
colleagues asked me I told them you go I will finish this work then
will push off my boss mr. Batra was there even office boy took his
permission for some errand work went off. I was alone when I went to
mr batra chamber he was delighted that I had completed the work he
asked me to sit I sat on the visitor chair he asked me how I like
working in this office I said good he then said I like you because you
are a dedicated employee you always keep your work updated like you
are updated you are really beautiful I kept quite he then said I am
complimenting you I said thank you he then asked some file I went out
to bring it when I came he was sitting on his sofa and asked me to sit
to take dictation I thought I had to sit in office some more time he
started dictation and told me type this tomorrow he then asked me how
you are maintaining your self so nicely I thought he is advancing I
told nothing as usual he then put his hand on my shoulder I got
hesitation he then said cani kiss you I said sir I have to go now he
then said l was thinking of giving you a rise in your package but it
should be very confidential I will give you cash along wioth the
salary cheque tell me how much should I give I said nothing he then
said 10000 will be oK I kept quite he then said look I am a widower
and since long I have not touch his dick was any female nor I got
attracted towards any but quite a few days you are attracting me he
then took out a bundle of 500 rupee notes and asked me to take it I
was stunned to see the money I thought in exchange he will ask me to
do something with him so I didn’t responded but he came forward and
kissed me on my cheeks I stood up he also stood up and came closer to
me and hugged me and whisprered in my ears I can go further increase
if you give me a kiss and with that he lip locked me I tried to get
away but he was holding me tightly and said I will double this amount
and don’t worry it is a fees of one client what I charge and ready
to spend on you again he lip locked me and I thaught if I agree I can
add to my assets and our financial cruch will be eased out I was in
dilemma on the other side I was thinking what if I kiss him so this
time I responded to him he sucked my tongue and he was in embracingme
tightly I felt huge bulge in his pants and thaught his dick must be
long and thick he was caressing my buttocks due to which touching my
belly he then sat

And told me that I can spend this much on you every month but it be
confidential then I said sir but he said bo if and buts I kept silent
he then pulled me towards him he was on soaf I was in his lap he was
kissing and now he advanced to my breast he then said can I see it I
kept quite he unhooked my blouse and slid his hand in bra I was also
getting high I thought what if I do atleast this much money will be
there with us so I allowed him he then stood up and removed his shirt
and vest he then pulled down his pants now his intentions were clear
that he wants to have sex with me as he was standing in front of me I
could see the bulge of his dick and his underwear was looking like a
erected tent his rod was not less that 23 cms. He then asked me to
remove saree and bli removed my saree and blouse I thaught I am having
a copper t so let me try this for once I removed saree and blouse I
was in panty and bra was blushing as I am naked in front of some one
else my heart was pumping fast he came close to me hugged me and
opened my bra my white melons came out his eyes were wide open and
screamed wow he then pressed my breast and started sucking my nipples
which were erected his tongue was encircling my aerolas of my nipples
I was terribly excited in the process he slid his hand in my panty
caressing my pubic hairs bushes searching the crack of my vagina he
got it and inserted his middle finger in my wet hole I also opened my
legs wide to fecilitate him to give strokes by his fingers he then
pulled his hand and lowered his underwear his penis came out with a
jerk it was very hard and I could see it I thaght it will tear me
apart if it went inside me he then pulled my panty down I was stark
naked he took me to the sofa I lied there he sat in between my legs
which I had spread for him he then push the foreskin of his penis and
put the redhead of his penis on the opening of my vagina due to
lubrication of wet vagina he pushed his dick inside I screamed as it
was thick and long after few strokes he stopped and stood up I asked
what happened he said I will sit there you sit on my lap face to face
I took hold of his penis put my vagina on it and started stroking he
was sucking my breast I was stroking I wanted his full penis inside me
it was too big I was enjoyingso I took the entire length in my vagina
and I had a cum he thebn said what I told him I am over he said I am
also about to cum I told him do it he stroked from the bottom and I
told him cum inside as I wanted to feel the hot fluid which came with
a jerk as if some hot fluid is injected in my vagina we lay there sor
some time he then said when next can it be on Sunday I said not
possible he then said I have a farm house I will send my caretaker on
leave I will pick you up on Tuesday will it be ok in the evening I
will drop you I said that suits .

On Tuesday we went to the farm house I was aghast to see a sprawling
lawn and a swimming pool at the backyard he asked will you swim I
asked in these clothes he said I knew there fore ia have brought a set
of bikini for you he went iside a room just adjacent to pool there he
came out with shorts may be without under wera as his dick was visible
then he said change it and come he jumped in the pool I wentn there I
wore the Bikini and came out and just stood in water where there is no
deep he asked me don’t know the swimming I said no I don’t know he
came he took me in his arms and put me in the waterthen he took me to
the spot where we can stand there he kissed me and lowered my Bikin
and top I was nude in water my boobs were floating in water he was
enjoying and playing with my boobs he then said come lets have shower
togather during shower he fucked me we put our clothes on and came
inside to have food we took the food then he said let us take a brief
nap in the bedroom when wevwent inside it was havind a master bed with
very thick matresses he then said I am very happy since long I never
enjoyed like this it’s a memorable day then he said today nothing
will be there in between us I asked nobody is here he said I am
talking about your clothes we will lie naked and we will talk all
dirty things in local words let us enjoy we lay on the bed he kissed
me and hugged me slept for a while when he woke up he made tea and
came to bedroom we took the tea it was 2.30 he said let us talk dirty
I asked what he said main tumhe chdoonga tum chaaogi chudna I laughed
what is this he said you also say in same dialect I said tumahar kund
bahut bada hai he said chsogi ise he then went inside the washroom
came back his penis was shaking he a said ise dhokar aya hoon loh ise
mooh mein lo I said I have not done this he said are ruko dekho he put
a CD in player and switched on the TV a blue film was there he then
said chalo ise dekhte hain fir waisa hi karenge in the film a nude
female was sucking cock he said karo na I took his penis in y mouth
and started sucking it he said ruko jhad jaonga I stopped he then
started licking me and said tumahri chhot badia hai he was putting his
tongue in my pussy I aws very excited to see the movie I told him in
the same language ab bas karo chalo ise meri choot main dalo mein
bahut garam hoon is wakt he jumped and climbed on me his penis was
touching my belly he inserted his lund in my choot aur dahke maarein
laga maine bola main aa rahi hoon jaldi karo he said mein bhi jhadne
wala hoon aur kya andar hi jhad doon meine kaha haan he filled my
pussy with his white fluid he then ask tum agar preganat ho gayi toh I
said not possible meine copper T lagwayi hai he said acha to safe hain
hum we cleaned ourself it was 4pm I said let us go befaore leaving he
gave me a bundle of currency and kissed em and said please mujhe mana
mat karna aur mujhe chodna nahi I said don’t be emotional but I can
not leave my husband when ever I get a chance I will be with you we
came back in the night I repeated the same with my husband he was
delighted when I sucked him I had double enjoyment.