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Life is full of surprises. And you get the best surprise, when you
least expect them. I was travelling from Delhi to Vadodara. I boarded
sampark kranti express. The main benefit of this train, is that, it
has just two stops after new Delhi; Nizamuddin and kota. So, I
generally prefer it, as getting a confirm ticket is easy.
I took my seat in an AC coach and was reading a novel.
“excuse me”, a young lady said to me,” what’s your seat

“4, this lower berth is mine.”, I replied.
“Would you do me a favour? Actually we have three tickets.. but two
of them are middle berth seats. As my parents are old, could you
please exchange your seat with the middle one.”
“Ohh.. of course. No issue”, I smiled.
The train left nizamuddin, but still the other seats around us were
vacant. It could be as it was off season, so rush was low. The most
annoying part of having some old people travelling with you is, they
will talk a lot. I looked at the young lady. She was showing no
interest in talking, and was just reading some magazine. I guess, she
was showing too much of attitude. She looked simple, like she was
wheatish in colour, light makeup, simple jeans and t-shirt. She looked
like a kind of professional girl. I gazed her entire body, her assets
were also not that impressive. Bad luck! I manipulated that my entire
journey would be boring.
The old couple were frequently asking me question, in order to have
conversation. It was quite annoying. From their talks, I came to know
that they came to AIIMS for medical treatment. The young lady is their
only daughter. She got married 2 years back, but took divorce in a
month due to dowry issues. She runs a beauty parlour in Vapi to
support the family. Still she was busy with her magazine. Her mother
shared that she is quite irritated by nature, ever since her marriage

It was about 7 in the evening. Aunty asked me to pull up the middle
berth, as she wanted to sleep. I pulled up both the middle births,
after the old couple had their light dinner and medicines. I tried to
sleep, but was unsuccessful, as I usually sleep around midnight. To
add to the frustration, the AC temperature was on the higher side,
because of the old couple. Somehow I spend couple of hours there, just
lying. I was chatting with one of my friend on watsup. But it
eventually got boring and I disconnected. The only exciting thing
possible was, reading sex stories. I looked around, the young lady,
ohh, her name is Shweta, was also trying to sleep. I started reading a
couple of stories. My penis was slowly taking its shape. Meanwhile,
Shweta got down from her berth and took a couple of clothes and went
away. I didn’t give any attention. The train was on its full song.
After couple of minutes, I went back in my memories of the sex, I had
had in the past. I closed my eyes and kept the mobile on my chest. It
was quite dark as most of the lights were switched off. I guess it was
around 9:30 or so, and as Kota has passed, so all the doors were
closed as next station was Vadodara, which was 8 hrs to go.
My penis was getting firm, and my underwear was struggling to keep it
down. As the train was shaking, it was making thing more exciting. All
of a sudden, I felt someone’s hand on my penis. Though it felt that,
it was mistakenly placed, as the hand withdrew in a fraction of
second. I pretended that I didn’t notice. I guess, it was Shweta, as
I could hear her climbing the berth. It could be she kept her hand
accidently on me while climbing. But feeling of her hand on my penis
was arousing me. After few minutes, I hear her getting down. I
pretended to sleep. I guess she stood there for couple of minutes. My
hands were on the edge of the berth. I felt a soft touch of her arms
on my fingers. It was repeated couple of times. I guess, as the train
was shaking, so her arms were touching me. But, it was adding
excitement. I donot know she was doing it intentionally or accidently,
but it was appearing that it was accidental. And, it stopped. All of a
sudden, I felt the most amazing part of a woman’s body, on my hands;
BOOBS. She was gently caressing her boobs on my hand. It was an
amazing feeling. Slowly it grew harder. Without moving my body, i
slightly opened my eyes. I saw Shewta was keeping an eye on the aisle,
so that no one sees her doing so. She was pretending as if she was
searching something in the upper berth. She was taking deep breaths. I
can’t believe what was going on. I wanted to grab her breast, but
that might shock her, and she might get frightened.

I slowly turned my hand, now my fingers were towards her boobs. She
stopped for few second then, again she started caressing her breast.
This time, i slowly started to grab her boobs. She was startled by my
action, but she continued. In couple of minutes, I was squeezing her
boobs. She realized that I was awake. She gently touched my erect
penis. She started to caress by penis over my jeans. It was unbearable
for me. I got up and whispered, “ why don’t we move in to the
bathroom”. She was shocked. She shook her head in no. “We can have
real fun there”, i whispered. “Itss.. not… safe.. we .. will be
caught..”. “This is the last AC coach. There is no connectivity
beyond this. So no one will come at this time of night. I will be
waiting in the western style toilet. U come after a minute”, i
whispered in her ears and got down. She was nervous and speechless. I
went to the bathroom. I can’t believe my luck. I was uncontrolled; I
took off my jeans and waited in the bathroom. Few minutes passed, But
she did’t come. I regretted that i should have taken more time to
give her the proposal. Out of frustration, i came out after 15 mins.
But what I saw !! Shewta was standing near the wash basin. She was
nervous and was sweating. I went near her, she took a step back.
“Look.. I am … not .. that kind of woman” she whispered. Her
lips were trembling. She continued” look.. aa .. i went weak for..
for a fraction… of seconddd” I cut her in between by holding her
hand. “.. i m … i can’t.. means.. this is..” i planted a
sudden kiss on her lips. She was star struck. She stood shocked. But
she didn’t show any negative reaction. I gently took her to the
bathroom. I locked the door. She got super tensed..”see this is not
…going to happen.. plzzz. Leave me.. plzzzz”.. i again planted a
kiss on her lips. Her breath deepened. I started fondling her arms.
She was mummering.. ‘ plzzz … weee.. can’tttt plzzzz”.. I
grabbed her from butts, and pressed her towards my body… her lips
were millimetre away from mine.. our breath were caressing each other
lips. I slowly kissed her lips. She closed her eyes. I started sucking
her lower lips. I slided my hands from her butts to her back, through
her t-shirt. Her back was smooth and cold. I started fondling her back
gently. I again planted a kiss on her lips. I slightly sucked her
upper lips. She opened her lips. I started smooching and she too
responded while grabbing my hairs and neck. We were having a
passionate kiss, when a sudden jerk from the train, made us
unbalanced. I sat on the western style seat, and asked her to sit on
my lap. She was shy. I pull her and made her sit on my laps. She
straddle her butts and sat on my thighs. She smiled shyly.
I pulled her towards me. My erected penis was now hitting her private
triangle. She was aroused and so was I. We looked at each other and
then had an aggressive smooch. My hands were roaming freely on her
back. But, I never found her bra strips, as she was without bra, I
guess. I spend no time in moving my hands on her boobs. It was bit
warm as I had squeezed it before. I was caressing her nipples and she
broke the smooch to grab some breath. She started to moan . Ahhhhh…
aahhhhh… She was on cloud nine. I gently pulled up her T-shirt, to
see her naked breast. I gently squeezed her nipples with my thumb and
first finger. Her nipples were quite hard by now. I took off her
T-shirt to make her topless. She covered her boobs with her hand. I
planted a kiss on her cleavage and started licking it. I started
kissing all around her neck. Her body was full of my moist imprints of
my lips.
“Don’t you want me to treat ur breast” i whispered. She shyly
removed her hands and guided her nipples towards my lips. I gently
licked her nipples. She felt the current, and leaned her head
backwards with a small morn aahhhh. I started licking her nipples
aggressively. She was caressing my hairs and pressing her boobs into
my mouth. Aaaaahhhh… aahhhhh.. she grew louder. I was sucking her
boobs vigorously, while my hands were fondling on her back. She
snatched her boobs from my mouth and kissed my lips. She had turned
horny. She almost chew my lips. It was a long battle of our lips and
tongue with love as the winner. She broke the smooch and wispered
seducingly ‘I want to taste ur cock’. But as the place was too
small, it was not comfortable for her to suck my cock. So i stood up
and she sat on the toilet seat. In a couple of seconds she unzipped my
jeans to make my penis free. It was quite warm, she was gazed it for a
while. It was completely erect with all its veins being clearly
visible. She grabbed it and gave me a look, “Amazing”.. thats all
she said. She licked my cock.. Oohh man !!! it was great to feel her
cold tongue on my warm cock. She kissed it gently. She was smooching
the tip of my cock. Slowly she increased the penetration of my cock in
her mouth. She almost took the entire penis in her mouth, it was an
amazing feeling of my cock tip touching her throats. She was
vigorously sucking my cock. I too started fucking her mouth. I can
feel thirst for a cock. She took out my cock out of her mouth to grab
some breath. Saliva was dripping from her mouth and my cock. She
looked happy, and rubbed off her face and started to suck again. After
few strokes i was about to cum. “I am about to cum darling”, but
she ignored and continued sucking. I tried to pull my dick out, but
she grabbed my butts and penis, continued sucking. Her thirst has
increased as i was about to cum. A jet of cum was sprayed all over her
throat. She stopped for a while to gulp all the come and then
continued sucking my cock. She kept sucking my cock until the last
drop of cum was on my dick. I was in heavens, I have never had such a
aggressive blow job. She took her T-shirt and wore it.
“hey.. y r u wearing it”, i asked.
“the party is over fuckerr” she replied. “but i want to taste ur
pussy..”i said
“look.. we had enough.. we donot have any protection. So i can’t
allow u to fuck”..

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Farewell.. its Raj kumar from vadodara