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Trip To Ooty With Gal Friend

I was just not interested as I knew what my friend was up to he wanted to pair me up with her.. later on I got to know that even she was going thru a rough patch in life, so all these stunts from ma friend & she turned out be working in my company but in a different dept..

Now about this gal – Akshatha (name changed). She’s 5’3, with a hot body of 32-26-34.. fair, shoulder length silky hair.. We used to talk over mobile most of the time.. She’d speak with a lot of attitude.. One day jus to chat I asked about her interests, hobbies she was like blah blah.. n I asked about her eating habits..

She said that he loved chats & Pani Puri the most.. Bingo! I just asked her out on the coming weekend & she agreed. I took her to place in malleshwaram, street opp to hotel Viking. She loved the chats from that place. Later that night on I dropped her home & noting much really happened between us we met us regularly on weekly off’s.. We would park the car, speak for long hours. This is where things worked wonder we got a little intimate sitting in the back seat of the car. Slowly, we were talking about sex nothing really serious but just here n there. On one such evening she proposed to me & I was taken-a-back.

I did not know what I should do as I was really not prepared to get into a relationship & on the other side did not want to lose a good friend like her. We spoke about it & concluded we will remain friends & get to k now each other before we get into a relationship she agreed she really balanced the situation.. 2-3 months passed, we were in touch meeting up every weekend. One evening we were again in the back seat of the car & she proposed to me again. I was prepared for that moment & she knew I would not let her down this time. I just looked into her eyes, there was nothing lustful between us at all she came forward &

I placed a kiss on her cheek. A min later we were still staring into each other’s eyes. I kissed her on her lips she was responding well.. I stopped to check if we were really doing it right as I did not want her to read me as a guy who was taking advantage or something like that we both realized we were ready for it & I made her rest on her back, adjusted myself & we lip locked. Believe me friends – I was feeling like I was in heaven & that kiss went for nearly 8-9 mins we felt only we both existed on this earth.. & there was nothing else at all.. I would say those 8-9 mins were the best few mins of my life. Nothing lustful it was different..

A month or little more than that passed & she asked if just the 2 of us can go out of town.. I made a excuse at home about office work & we decided to go to Mysore. On the way she was sitting close to me & kissing me on my cheek, neck making me horny. I tried to move my hand under her t-shirt but did not succeed as I had to concentrate on driving. We reached Mysore, I have visited so many times that I got bored just as I entered Mysore. We just drove around just for the heck of it we were done driving around by 12 pm as we had started very early from Bangalore. All the way I was thinking of surprising her. Now we planned to visit Bandipur which is just 90 or so kms from Mysore. We had lunch on the way & were at Bandipur by 4pm.. the safari ride was also not available. We were thinking of taking up rooms at Bandipur for our night stay but the twin bed was not available. Now she was a little tired as we were travelling all day.

I got frustrated & I at any cost did not want to stay that night at Mysore. So we planned to try for cottage at masinagudi.. we left bandipur & on the way I planned for our stay at Ooty, but did not tell her about it. I knew this would be a good surprise as she had not visited Ooty in many years.. We reached masinagudi but I did not stop there & she didn’t realize as i was talking romantic stuff trying to make horny.. all the way she was like how far was the place.. & me just few kms more.. just as we got closer to Ooty she realized something was fishy & asked me where we were..

I confessed we reached Ooty (8:40pm) & she was shocked & her expression on face was like she was very happy & did not expect this surprise.. she jumped from her seat, looked on the road for on-coming traffic & she just smooched me tight & hard!! I asked her to ease of as there was more in store for her. She was confused.. I know Ooty well, so went to a hotel, checked in to a honeymoon suite. She was turned on as we checked the room itself.. she was holding my left arm & grinning all the time.. asked the hotel guys to arrange for 4 buckets of hot water to bathe as we were travelling & tired all day..

We went out n had dinner at Kabab Corner. Got back to hotel at 10:15pm.. I locked the door & crashed on the bed just stretching my body. She asked for the water & the hotel guys gave it in few mins.. asked her to bathe as I wanted to lie down.. she went in but with only towel. I was like so what’s on her mind.. here I somehow got energized & all my tiredness was gone.. I was feeling a hard on.. I checked & realized she had not latched the bathroom door & I knew it was for obvious reasons.. I did not want to enter immediately so, I tried peeking thru the door gap.. I was shocked to see her sexy nude back for the first time.

She knew I was there & I sensed it as she passed a smile. I knew I could not wait & I entered the bathroom. She was gasped as I entered & asked me to wait till she finished & I told her I knew her intentions. She blushed again.. now I was only in my lewi’s u/g’s.. held her hand, turned her around saw her breast & nude front for the first time.. tiny crystals of water drops was glittering on her pubic hair she dropped her head down & we hugged each other tightly.. My dick was hard & pushing her a little below her belly.. we were lip locked again.. I held her right boob, started squeezing it hard, she gasped & asked me to be gently..

I went down, took her 1inch pink nipple in mouth, started biting it & squeezing it hard.. my left hand moving around her knee & thigh.. I was sure I did not want to finger her as I wanted to make her desperate. Finished bathing, dried each other, I carried her in my arms, kissing her till the bed.. put her on the bed & she was looking at me like she will let me do whatever I want.. I got my KS dotted & long lasting packets out placed them on the small table beside the bed.. it was cold as usual & she was trying to pull the quilt (blanket kind)..

I stopped her & I told her to freeze in the cold as I would warm her up soon.. got on top of her, starred into her eyes, asked her if she was happy.. she smiled & said very much.. planted a kiss on her lips, moving my right hand on her breast, stomach, legs, around inner thigh.. she was moaning slowly.. I sucked her boobs, gave love 9 bites on her both boobs.. I knew she was virgin, so I wanted to enjoy it thoroughly.. so did she.. placed my middle finger on her pubic hair, got to feel her pussy for the first time & she gave a sexy moan.. a Wild moan..

I felt her hand trying to search for something, looked into her eyes & adjusted myself for her to hold my hard dick.. she was holding my dick & trying to move up n down.. I felt she had fair knowledge of sex.. so that was good for me.. I moved my finger in her pussy & was not that comfortable as her pubic hair as getting between my finger causing her pain.. immediately asked her to shave & she was nodded ok.. took out my shaving kit, got her to sit on W/c seat & shaved her clean.. now we had to use cold water to clean her completely.. This turned her on more.. carried & put her back on bed, spread her legs,

I wasting no time got on my knees & stuck my tongue on her pussy.. she just jumped on the bed feeling my tongue on her pussy.. I told her to stay firm & started tongue fucking her for next 10 odd mins.. all this still she was moving her head heavily from side to side.. sometimes jumping on bed as well.. I held her legs tight & was working my tongue on her pussy.. I started feeling her pussy juices on my tongue & around my mouth.. I felt her first orgasm as I saw white pussy juices coming out from her pussy gate.. I licked her clean n dry.. got up made her sit on bed & held her head from my right hand & guided her mouth to my hard n throbbing dick..

She bent forward & looked into my eyes opening her mouth n slipping her tongue on my dick simultaneously.. it was already 12:40 pm.. I started moving my hip & her head & I felt warmth on my dick head as she took it in her mouth.. what a feeling it was.. a few mins & I felt my dick building up juices n I knew I was about to cum any moment.. I asked her if she wanted to taste my sperm n she looked at me with tear filled eyes nodding a yes.. in less than a minute I came in her mouth holding her head hard & spurting my cum deep in her mouth.. she drank it all n we relaxed for few mins..

The truth that she was a virgin made me hard again in no time.. I got on top of her & she said she has never done this before, I told her I knew it as I felt her hymen when I fingered her.. n that it would be a litle painful as this was her first time.. I assured I will be gently.. to my surprise she said no need to be gently.. I was confused.. I asked her why, she said she was very happy with me & she was ready to give herself to me & she was ready to take the pain as she knew she would not feel the same ever again.. I looked into eyes & we got into a passionate kiss.. she broke the kiss & adjusted herself under me.. she was bending forward to see how it looked while I entered her..

I spread her legs, moved my finger on her wet pussy, took her pussy juice from her pussy & applied on my dick.. moved closer & started rubbing my dick on her pussy lips.. she stiffened her face, I told her to ease her body, I split / widened her pussy lips to accommodate my dick head.. she was holding the bed spread tightly.. spinning her head side to side.. I adjusted myself & got closer on top of her as I didn’t want her to scream in pain as I entered.. started moving my dick & she was giving out wild moans..

I got up once my dick head was inside her.. we did not bother about the bed getting stained as the bed, quilt & everything in the room was in satin finish & maroon color.. I asked how she was feeling & she just nodded her head & her eyes were filled with tears.. I got close to her face & locked lips just to stop her from screaming.. slowly moved my dick in her & she was jumping like crazy, asking me stop.. I knew my dick head was already in her & she too was ready to take the pain of losing her virginity.. I paused for a 10secs & started moving in her..

She was jumping like fish out of water & I knew she couldn’t take my dick in her anymore n wanted me to pause.. I lip locked & held her tight giving her deep pushes.. after few pushes I could feel sticky liquid on my dick.. by now I was deep in her & she was still like fish out of water.. with my dick in her I got up n saw it was her blood pouring out from her pussy which had covered my dick & made it sticky.. i again started stroking her slowly building my pace getting deeper in her with every stroke..

She looked as though she was drench in rain with her sweat… I increased my pace.. she started moving her body in sync with mine.. I knew from her facial expression that she was going through a lot of pain but still she was not giving up, all this only to satisfy me.. couple of more strokes & I started pounding her, banging her virgin pussy, trying to get deeper in her.. i sensed my dick sack was building up with my juices to shoot hot cum, I looked into her eyes as I was pounding & told her akshatha I am going to cum &

I will cum on your face, she said no, cum inside me.. I am carrying my contraceptive pills.. I want to feel u completely.. only after I heard the word contraceptive did I realize I had got KS dotted & long lasting condoms.. I lost my pace fucking her as my mind diverted thinking about the pills & condoms.. It took few more mins for me & I told her passionately – I’m going to cum, my dick is getting harder, I love u.. she responded immediately – I’m Cuming too, I can feel it.. I need u in me.. Fill me pls.. now we both came together & I felt my dick moving a little easier in her than earlier.. I knew it due to the lubrication of our love juices.. we both crashed, exhausted.. after 15-20 mins we both cleaned ourselves..

Later we had sex twice that night & 5 times during the day.. the 2nd best that I enjoyed was when Akshatha was sleeping after the second round during the day.. she was sleeping with her legs spread apart taking 3/4th of the bed.. looking at her in this pose I got turned on in short time & I entered her even though she was fast asleep.. If u’ve tried this u will surely know that its like fucking a virgin pussy.. the pussy was so tight around my dick that I fucked her slowly without waking her up.. but she felt me in her after 5-7 mins & woke up.