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True encounter with married

Hiiii this is pramod from agra (presently) this is my true story. I
met an married aunt from mobile chatting…. firstly i speak abt me im
now 29 yrs old the story took place when i was 25. Not hving a bigger
tool im having just 6in but power was extraordinary presently im in
agra who ever want to send me the feedback against the story can
message me at
Now im starting the story i use to work in a govt service were i use
to get transfer every few years. In the age 25 i met aunt from the
mobile chat were i found a lady named radha(name changed) were she got
married with a relative she is from Andhra. But she live near Mumbai
her husband works in company and he he busy with his work . the radha
is so romantic that she have not control her feelings . we chaated for
so somany dys then she said that im going to my home town hyderabad
will come der to meet me she invited. I said sure and i went to meet
her in hyd. basically im also from Andhra. So we met inthe railway
station and we decided to go to hotel. Cunningly i booked the hotel
and we entered inside she have no children till the age of 32 she was
married since 10 yrs. I hugged her made her sleep on the bed. It was
winter so she was wering sweater i removed her sweater and proceed she
was wearing green churidr i opened her panty seen her pussy . first
time im seeing a pussy from so close. I took a condom to insert then
she replied that she have allergy with it. This time i feared a
little. She asks me to insert directly into her pussy. At last i
belived in her and started to insert but her pussy was so tight that
my virgin pennies doest entering her pussy. I was also feared a
little(becoz that fear) im unable to enter my pennies in her hole i
tried several times result was fail . she said ntg she only said that
she had sex from past six months before thats y her pussy was so tight
like a virgin. At last made her cum with my tongue and we left the
room. Then after two days she rang me back and asked me to stay 03
days with her i said yes and went again to Hyderabad again. She said
lied at home that she is going to her mother-in-law house and she came
to me. This we took an ac hotel booked for 03 day and said the hotel
receptionist that we came for marriage . this time she brought some
cold cream in her bag. We entered the hotel open the door she was
wearing saree i pushed her into the bed lifted her saree there was no
panty inside. I asked her were is ur panty she said it takes time to
remove so i have not wered it. I just lifted her saree pushed my
pennies this time no fear i simply entered her pussy without any
lubrication………she cheeked a lot and bited on my cheeks i felt
that i was in heaven like that we enjoyed for 3 days in hotel room .
She said that her husband has no such talent that u have. She have
several moles on her vagina. And i too have moles on my pennies. we
had fun for every hour she requested me to make her pregnant. Becoz
her husband dosent have such talent. After that we lifted the room we
After a month she invited to her apartment were in Mumbai. Her husband
was on a business tour for a week. I was so happy for that. The
hurdles of my second encounter in next story