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True life incident

This is a true story which took place 15 year back.I am a very good looking guy and have a very good body.I was 19year old and studying in 10th class at that time and was very good student.I belong to a very good family.The incident is true and relates to my sister .She was 18 year old at tha time but due to good upbringing she had very good body and height.She actully looks 16 with 34″.22″.32″ . She was very beautiful and have very good features . I must tell that before this event took place I did not have any intention what so ever about having any type of sexual connection with my sis.She was too innocent for any sexual act. It all started in summer holidays that year.

My Dad and Mom had to go for a party and were expected to come back late in the evening.My sis and I took dinner which was prepared by the servant and were busy with reading books .She was reading a comic which she finished soon and went for sleep in her room which was adjacent to the reading room in which we were studying. Later after at nearly 9.00 PM I went out for drinking water.While returning  I ensured that the main door was locked just for the security reason.Our house was too big and was on the outskirt of the city which was a predominantly tribal area.Later while I was returning back to study I passed by the room where my sis was sleeping.

The scene of my sis sleeping innocently with her beautiful mouth wide open had a kind of different feeling in my mind.I noticed that her boobs were quite developed and well  shaped.I dont know those were sexual feelings or not but I stood there for a while and had a good look of my sleeping sis.She was wearing a long jeans skirt and shirt.After some time she moved a bit and her skirt went up to her knees.I came near to bed and stood there watching her creamy white thighs and legs.She did’nt have a single hair on her legs.I hesitantly sat on the floor and touched her legs .It was a real silky feeling.I slowly started to move my hand upwards towards her inner thighs which were warm and soft.Just then she turned her back towards me and I stopped exporing any further. Again with some courage I lifted her skirt from back and have a magestic view of her round ass which were covered by white cotton panty.

I slowly started to rubbing her ass .It was a real heart throbbing fealing to touch ass of a such a cute girl.I was having a mix of excitement and fear while touching her ass .I had never seen any girl’s ass till then and watching my real sleeping sis was really a memorable experience. I looked towards her face to ensure as if she was in deep sleep or not? Till then I was having a massive hard on and my 9″ lund was really tearing my pajama to come out.After ensuring that she was in deep sleep I  slid my hand down towards her thigh and slowly slid my fingure in her panty which had a elastic at bottom.I thrilled to touched the crack sort of part of her body inside which was quite moist .I started to rub my fingure on the crack slowly and found the love hole (CHOOT of my lovely little sis …) .I pushed my fingure in there and shoved it slowly in the deep choot.

I then started to move my fingure in and out slightly faster.I was having a tremendus urge of sort of pissing and my lund was dripping with precum. I then took my lund out from my pajama and start squeezing it with my one hand while i was fingureing my sister choot in her panty.I moved my hand into her shirt and found her round and stiff boobs out from her bra.I turned her shirt up so that i was able to saw her white bra .Her boobs were too grown up for a 14 year girl .I slowly touched her nipples as I inserted my hands in her bra from top. At that moment I felt that my sis was breathing heavily and her face had turned red.By watching her eyes one can judge that she was not sleeping that time but had closed her eyes in excitement and hesitation.I took a little more courage and opened her bra which was having hooks on front side.Her milky and creamy boobs sprung out in air.

I was astonished to see such a wonderful pair of boobs that too of my lovely little sister.Frankly that was first time I had ever seen a pair of young and charming boobs from that closeness. I put my lips on one of her nipples and she was trembling with pleasure and excitement .She opened her eye but I was sure that she was a total partner of the game.She tried to stood up but I pinned her which she meekly resisted .She said ” Bhaiya yeh sab achha nahi hai,aap kya kar rahe ho”I said ” Please sis I know you too are enjoying the game so please dont stop me” I took her complete nipple into my mouth and she started to moan loudly .She was under too much excitement .I with my other hand pulled her panty down and start squeezing her choot vigrously.She was too moist down there by now.I pulled her on her bed and laid down beside her .

Till now she had closed her eyes and till now surrendered to the sexual excitement which had overtaken both of us.I with one of my hand pulled my pyjama and boxer and laid naked with my 9″ lund fully exposed . I said “Neeche dekh radha yeh kya hai” She asked ” Kya hai” I said ” TOuch it and then tell me” She touched my lund with her soft hands .I felt a feeling of shivering.That was the first time my lund was touched by any other person(my lovely sister).By now we were naked and pressing each other sexual parts .We were sweating though the cooler was on. I then tried to touch her choot with my lund which was already dripping. Immediately I ejaculated my entire semen on her choot . That was a great feeling having ejaculated first time in my life.Meanwhile I keep on sucking the nipples ,nibbling them teethering them she was crying with excitement.I put my mouth on her so that she may not shout too loudly.I had a immediate hardon again .I tried to push my lund in her choot but could’nt able to do so in first attempt.

I searched for the hole by my fingure and  pushed the throbing cock into her choot .She cried with pain.I again kissed her deeply and give a big thrust into her choot so that it reached halfway inside.I again pulled it out and pushed it with a great force.It was so tight that I was not able to push it any deeper.I put some vaseline on my lund and her choot .Radha was just watching me applying the vaseline on the choot .She could understand why I was doing so.She know I ddidnt want to harm her and give her the greatest pleasure which a girl can have in her life.I now put my lund on her choot. She close her eyes in anticipation of thrust which I was about to give.I pushed my lund a little so that it went a quarter of the depth .She was heaving and moaning with pleasure.She said” Bhaiya ab rukna nahi” Daal do isse ander jaldi se ” I said ” Ok I will not stop till you say so” I pushed my lund harder and harder .She started moaning louder .I pushed my lund with full strenght and I broke the cherry of my sister as she started bleeding down there.

She said ” Bhaiya mujhe dard ho raha hai ” I said ” Dont worry abhi bahut achha lagega, it  happens to every girl on her first chudai” She said ” Do it faster bhaiya till I stop you.Daaloooo fir se under tak ” I started pumping my lund in her blood stained choot,which till now had soften a lot.I was able to fuck my beautiful sister much better and with much pace. Meri behan jisse chodneka sapna area ka har ladka dekta hoga aaj mere lund ka maja le rahi thi.Her beautifl boobs and face were glowing with sweat.I was on seventh sky.I fucked her faster.Uski choot main jaate hue mera lund bahut pyara lag raha tha.woh apne koohle ooper utha kar mera ssath de rahi thi aur main uski choot ki achhi tarh se chudai kar raha tha.

Woh boli bhaiya “bahut achha laga raha hai aur jor se karo aur jor seeeee…………” Main bola kya karoon .She said ” I dont know ,…bus karte jao jo bhi kar rahe ho ….” Main bola ”  Isko chudaiiiii kehte hain……….”Woh boli ” aur jor se chudia karo baiya…….. ahhhhh……ummmm………” I exerted my full strength and started fucking my little sis.She said” Bhiya mujhe kuch ho raha hai Mujhe pee jaisa lag raha hai” Main bola” jo hona hai ho jaye ‘ab main tujhe khaeen naheen jane ddoonga ……” She then shuderred and squirted the juciy white liquid out of her chhot ,while I penetated her continuously .At that moment I too ejaculated in her choot .We laid there naked in each others arm.

I keep on pressing her boobs with my mouth and fingering her pussy which was too wet by now. She was exclaiming with the pleasure and excitement which she had never dreamt of.Later she said” bhaiya is chudai main to bahut maja aaya ab roj karenge” I  kept on fucking my sweet little sister daily in night till i got admission in IIT and departed for Delhi.Now I am working in California but still the lovely relationship we enjoyed afterward are still in my sweet memories.