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Trying Sex toys

For those who don’t know me……………… I am 21 years old married to a workaholic and lead quite an exciting life in that I am involved in a well to do business. I export antique and craft items. Regarding this I travel alot. at least every month I have to go some place or other and am a nymphomaniac (that is understating the situation!!!!)

I have a decent figure I am 36 24 38 and weigh 50 kg and am 5 ft 4in tall with a fair complexion and long curly hair. I ALWAYS have my pussy shaved and like to have all types of sex lesbian hetero group evry thing I have tried too.

Now this story is very intersting in that regarding my business I went to spain and portugal and while on this tour i went to Amsterdam and I stayed there for a week this place is very interesting everything we hide and do is legal you can smoke pot is legal you can get prostitutes it is legal you want blue movies it is in the shops you want sex toys you can get it I was traveling with my seceratary an small slip of a girl who is doing some side work as she awaits her pre degree results. So together we went to window shop and we saw some shop that had sex toys and there in big flashing posters advertising edible panties I saw that and started laughing. I couldn’t think something so silly was available so I said can we go in so she was ok but was very shy but hey am the boss what can she say? But when I went in I said go ahead look at all you want I am going other side . The shop had all sorts of toys and the best was an exersice machine which had a dildo attached to it as you cycle the dildo goes in and out but it was bulky and expensive so I went to the CD section you can get a Cd at 5 dollars each. I bought about 7 and I saw a micro vibrator which masquerades as a key chain so I got that and a clit sucker the thing is so quiet you can use it in public as well you know so damn quiet.

Now Akhila my friend shy as she was bought a micro vib and a large dildo with in built vibrator. she was trying to finish her purchase by the time I come but I reached her as there was a large crowd and I saw her stuff I asked Hmmmm so you use all that she dodged answering saying they are for a friend and tried to hide them. so I showed her all the CDs and things I bought and said these are for me to use and I have about 40 Cds at home Her eyes nearly poped to the floor. I said you are welcome to watch the Cds at my room we were staying at a clients house as the hotels are quite expensive and the rooms have dvd players. She was very eager to do that and we headed back to the rooms I went in to take a bath and do my namaz and get ready for a maybe interesting night I waxed my legs and depilated my pussy so it was silky smooth.

After an hours time she came and we sat down to watch the one that was totally lesbian I intended that!!!!!!!! I said ooooh wow each time some thing interesting happened. I could see her grasping the chairs arm and shifting in her chair and then I decided let me try I said am too horny am going to use my new clit sucker so she looked at me and I got up and removed my clothes there and then and applyed the machine and being new it sucked my pussy like a……………………..machine!! She was by now relly twisting and I started aaaah oooooooooh owwww and all she also started sliping her hands onto her breasts and and pulling her nipples and trying to finger herself so I got up and said here let me help you and undressed her she has a gorgeous body So I ticked her nipples sucked her pussy and we were very busy . Now the cclient I was staying with has a hunk for a brother this guy came to deliver some papers and just opened the doors to my room and found us pussy sucking and he was oh am soooo sorry I stood up and said come in I muted the TV and sat naked and ckecked all the papers he brought he was sweating a lot and in the end he said nice time you are having so i said all we need is a cock. and struck a pose which pushed my engorged breasts and widened my legs he said can I help you I said sure he went back to his brother to explain and give some excuse for his absence meanwhile Akhila and I continued to do what we were rudely interrupted.

Tom came back soon and came in through the french doors and he took of his clothes lightening fast he found akhila sucking my pussy while my clit sucker was on her pussy so he came to me and I took his enormous dick in my mouth and sucked it nicely we did that for 4-5 mins and changed position Akhila down and Tom puming her while i sat on Akhlia’s mouth and Tom stimulated my breasts. soon Akhila started cumming she was exhausted and lay down and watched Tom and me. We tried so many positions WE did the usual missionary the doggie the went on the table I would lie with my legs apart and Tom Pumped my pussy I would sit on the low foot stools and he would fuck me while lying on the floor I would get orgasms but I would still want to be fucked and the man had a stamina he could fuck and fuck and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I was then by thime exhausted and Tom Started fucking Akhila again By the time we had nearly made the place slippery with semen and tissue paper!!!!!!!!

He stayed the whole night and I think finally I was satisfied. the next morning we went about our busines but we that is Akhila and I had a small secret all day we both had a dildo up our cunt. and by evening we were dying to fuck each other so continued my stay for a week aaaaaaaah!!! That was nirvana am sure I lost two pounds by the end of that week. And that friends is my story