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Two Desi couple do a wife swap and enjoy eachother’s partners for the night

Sarbani and I had been married for over ten years. The first six years we
spent catching up on all the sex we thought we’d missed out on while we
were both single. Our lovemaking had become pretty much unexciting and
routine. Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our
desires. We were very happy with our marriage but felt we were missing
out on something and wouldn’t discover what it was. One night in bed, we
were watching one of x-rated movies, something about swinging couples.
Sarbani kidded about why they didn’t call it “husband swapping”. I just
chuckled and said “wife swapping” sounded sexier. I asked Sarbani her
opinion on the subject. She kidded me about her being with another guy &
tossed a few questions to me about how I would really feel and react to
seeing her getting fucked by another guy or sucking on another guy’s
cock. I said I will love to watch it. She laughed & agreed that we need
to give it a try. Now the question was who is to rope in. After a
lengthy discussion It was decided that we will talk it out with Rakesh &
Nanda a very close friend of our’s.


Only problem was that we don’t want anyone to know that we’ve even
discussed it let alone actually thought about doing! Rakesh/Nanda might
let it out and then we’d be faced with a lot of embarrassment.” It was
agreed that first Sarbani will probe Nanda & after getting some positive
signals I will cultivate Rakesh. Sarbani informed after a week that signals
from Nanda are positive so I decided to try my luck with Rakesh. Rakesh
got a cultural shock hearing me. I left the matter there. After about a
week I tried with Rakesh again & to my luck Rakesh asked “Well, how we
get into it? You know. How do we meet couples, especially couples that
we might like and hit if off with?” He asked. “How about you and Nanda
coming over to the house this Saturday evening for a dinner. Rakesh
agreed but was worried about Nanda. I assured him leave that to Sarbani &
if he agrees he should come for dinner. Saturday evening we arranged for
our kids to go to my In Laws house and Rakesh & Nanda came to our house.
Sarbani started conversing with Nanda about her thoughts of swinging. She
told her about her slight apprehension. I smiled and said it was normal
for her to feel that way.

We talked about our & Sarbani’s relation much to both Rakesh & Nanda’s
amazement. Our information on the swinging scene seemed to have a
calming effect on both of them. We made it sound so cool. The evening
was going great. I signaled Sarbani & she put her arms around Rakesh. I
turned the lights off. It was a very romantic setting. I looked at Nanda
and then put my arm around her, pulling her in close. She leaned her
head back and I kissed softly, my lips moving ever so lightly over her.
We were in another world. We didn’t think about Sarbani & Rakesh sitting
right across from us, where they could see what was going on. My eyes
went towards Rakesh, he was busy kissing Sarbani and it appeared he was
fondling her breasts through the outside of her blouse. My hand fondled
Nanda’s breasts through her blouse. She is not big breasted 36d like
Sarbani; She moved her arms so I could have easy access to both her
breasts. I forgot about Rakesh & Sarbani sitting across from us. My only
thoughts were of Nanda. My hand moved from her aroused breasts of 34c to
her belly. Rakesh had Sarbani’s blouse unfastened and her breasts were
bared for him he was sucking on one of her nipples while massaging her

“Hang on a minute” I said. Rakesh, I’m going to take Nanda up to the
bedroom and fuck her like she’s never been fucked” Rakesh only reply
was, “OK, have fun.” My armed encircled Nanda’s waist as I guided her
towards the bedroom. I felt a touch of apprehension but tingled at the
thought of going to bed with Nanda. She was so damn good looking. She
put her arms around my neck and gave me a deep passionate kiss, full on
the lips. I began unbuttoning her blouse slowly and without pausing
between buttons. “Hope you won’t be disappointed. I’m not big breasted
like Neeta” “I’m never, ever disappointed” I replied. I pulled the
blouse, slipped it off her shoulders and down her arms. I tossed in onto
a nearby chair. I kissed her on the lips and down her neck. With one
hand I untied her petticoat and slowly pulled it down exposing her

Standing behind her, I began kissing the back of her neck and using my
tongue to trace small circle. I then unfastened her bra and her hands
went to cover her almost bared breasts. I pulled her hands down along
with the front of her bra. My hands were working there way down to her
panties. One hand cupped her left breasts while the other hand slowly
rubbed the front of her panties. I motioned her over to the bed. She lay
on her back placing a large pillow under her head. I began taking off my
clothes. I up on bed beside her and put my arm around her waist pulling
her close. She looked into my eyes, slowly and passionately kissed me,
slipping her tongue inside my lips. I felt I was entering another world,
a world I couldn’t wait for. “I’ll take it slow and easy. If you want me
to stop, just say so. I won’t push it any farther.” I said. I cupped
each breast and flicked my thick tongue over each one, slowly and gently
suckling on each nipple. I slowly parted her legs allowing me to get my
hand down between them. My fingers traced around the area of her pussy
lips. I could feel her juices start to flow, soaking her panties

I slowly and deliberately traced my tongue down between her breasts
towards her tummy. I paused briefly at her belly button tracing a wet
streak around it and probed it with my hard tongue. I pulled my pant
slowly down & tossed them across the room towards the chair. I inserted
my large middle finger into her pussy sinking it all the way in. I
inserted my finger in and out, slowly and with little twisting motions.
She kept pushing down on my hand to make my finger drive in as deep as
it could. I withdrew my finger from her soaked pussy and my mouth moved
down on her pussy, kissing all around it but deliberately not touching
the swollen lips. I the slowly worked my tongue slowly in and out of my
well-soaked pussy, “oh, god!!!!!” she screamed. “stop….no
don’t……oh yes” I paused briefly with my tonguing and looked at her
to see if she really wanted me to stop. Looking at her I knew she was in
ecstasy and didn’t really want me to quit. I continued working till I
brought her to screaming orgasm. I stopped and made sure she was

I laid her back down on the bed stretching her out, massaging her chest
and tummy. She smiled up at me, her hand drifted down towards my cock &
she massaged my cock. My now erect cock sprang out pointing directly at
her. I positioned myself between her legs. She stroked it slowly from
the head all the way back to its base. I rubbed the head of cock up and
down between the lips of her pussy lubricating it with her juices. I
guided the engorged head of it into her. It took awhile but I managed to
get my entire cock into her. I could feel my balls tight against her
butt. I put my arms under her legs, spreading them. I slowly worked my
cock in short deliberate strokes. I leaned down and kissed each breast
and then her lips. Spreading her legs farther apart I began stroking my
cock in and out of her in long strokes, almost pulling out of her.
Slowly at first, then increasing the pace till I was pounding my cock
into her, my tight balls slapping against her butt. She grabbed my arms
to hold on tight. She came in seconds, came once, then again.

I continued plunging my stiff cock into her with hard, deliberate
strokes occasionally slowing the pace. We fucked so hard that her head
was almost off the edge of the bed. We had to hold onto to each other to
keep us both from rolling onto the floor. My body stiffened, my hands
gripped her legs hard as I shot my hot, thick load into her. I stretched
out on the bed next to her. After a while I got up off the bed & We
noticed Rakesh and Sarbani. Sarbani’s hair was a bit of a mess. Rakehs’s
wasn’t much better. “Everything OK?” Rakesh whispered. “Everything’s
great!” Nanda replied smiling. I turned on the television and VCD; It
was one of those soft porn movies, as I refer to them. It was good, lots
of bare breasts and trimmed pussies. Nanda’s hand moved down feeling my
cock harden. She stroked my cock through the material of my briefs. My
tongue licked her lips and then darted into her mouth. “Shall we go back
up to the bedroom or make use of the couch?” I asked, “Right here, I
don’t think I can make it back up the stairs.” Sarbani replied breathless.

Rakesh stood up and stripped Sarbani’s panties down tossing them & taking
his briefs off in one swift action. His huge cock pointing up at Sarbani,
beckoning for her attention. Sarbani knelt down in front of him, & kissed
the mushroom shaped head of his hard cock, flicking her tongue at it.
She put her lips around it and slowly eased it into her mouth. She then
moved her mouth up and down slowly, moving her mouth a little from side
to side. Rakehs’s body tensed as Sarbani worked her mouth up and down his
cock. Sarbani then pulled her mouth off his cock and licked all the way
down “I need you inside me, inside me now.” She exclaimed. Rakesh held
his cock steady as Sarbani slowly lowered herself onto him. Rakesh worked
his cock inside till all the way in. Sarbani moved her butt up and down,
humming as she fucked herself. Rakesh put his hands on her back and
pulled her breasts to his lips. He kissed each one, sucking gently on
each nipple. He held the nipple with his lips, flicking his tongue back
and forth across them. Sarbani kept sliding up and down his cock. Rakesh
slowly lowered himself down on the couch, his breathing fast and heavy.
Sarbani sat on top of him, & kissed him hard and passionately. They were
totally exhausted.

“Wow! That was one hell of a show.” Nanda exclaimed. Nanda sat down next
to me on the couch. She was stroking my hard cock slowly, teasing me.
She was kissing me hard, her lips grinding into mine. I was enjoying
having Nanda give me her full attention. Rakesh and Sarbani watched
intently. Nanda stopped kissing and moved her lips down to my hairy
chest. She slowly moved her head towards my stiff cock. She put her
mouth on it, sliding down my hard rod. Nanda had me in her control. Her
mouth engulfed almost all of my cock. I couldn’t believe she could get
that far down on me. She moved her mouth slowly up and down my cock, her
lips making little slurping sounds. She would stop her mouth before
reaching the large head of my cock. In between she was swirling her
tongue around or under the head.

I kept focus on Nanda’s mouth as it slid up and down my hard cock. I was
gripping the arm of the couch firmly. I was in ecstasy. Nanda moved her
mouth up and down faster and faster. My eyes opened wide, knowing I
wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer. I jerked as my cock
shot a load into Nanda’s mouth. Nanda kept her mouth clamped on my cock
as I shot another load. Nanda suck me dry. She took her mouth off my
cock and gave me a deep kiss. Rakesh and Nanda left about 2:00am.