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Uncle fulfilled my sex desire

Hi this is Eram, I wanna share my sex story with my uncle. I was in
9th standard and my uncle was 27 years unmarried. ours was joint
family, my grandma who is on permanent leg illness, used to sit on the
wheel chair, my 9 year old brother and my mummy and my father is
working abroad and my uncle who is Teacher in school. He was not
married. He was smart and handsome. Let me tell you that my uncle was
my best friend and we had very good terms and understanding. My
brother and i used to taken daily tuitions from him. I used to play
with uncle watching Tv and he used to take care and love me very much.
I used to sit next to my uncle while eating watching tv and a lot of
body touch was involved. As i was grewing i was excited about sex. Me
and my close friend priya used to discuss sex topic regularly. One day
priya shared her sex story with me. I was shocked to the story, she
said that she had sex with his brother, i was now very desperate but
can’t do anything as i don’t have that close friend. Priya
suggested that it very safe to have sex relation in our family itself.
There is no risk in that. And she told me to exp with my uncle, it
will be a safe affair.
Day by day I was getting attracted to him more and more. It was
getting really unbearable I just wanted him. I planned him to seduce.
I started to ask him about sex topic when mom was out, but he ignored
that. As i told you that my dad was working abroad, My dad sent visa
for my mom and she had to go there for 21 days, bcoz of our school she
went alone. and now our guardian was my uncle. Mom left abroad and my
uncle used to take care of us. Uncle used to take our tuitions at
5pm.One day I gathered courage and planned to seduce him, I wore a
white transparent 3/4th gown and sat very close in front of him, while
having tuition class. I unhooked the upper buttons and my boobs were
easily exposed to him. I did not wear bra and panty at that time. He
was in his shorts and i saw that his tool became hard and erect. He
was very uncomfortable and was unable to concentrate on study.He then
told my brother that his class for today is over and he can play now
and my brother went. In tension he was uncomfortable and he gave me
one maths problem and told me to solve and he went to bathroom and
came back. He asked me what about that problem, i told i m trying to
solve, as i was solving he was eagerly watching my small tight boobs.
I gathered courage and changed my legs position in such a way that my
pussy was easily exposed to him, I turned up and caught him watching
my pussy, he was stunned. He took my class 15 mins extra on that day.
After that i went and changed my dress and wear T-shirt and track
pant. Then we had tea and i was angry that he did’nt do anything to
me. In evening 8pm we sat to watch the TV, my grandma was in the wheel
chair and we were on sofa, my brother was sitting in left to my uncle
and i was in his right. I was almost lying on him and almost sitting
on his thighs and his right hand was on my shoulders. Suddenly
electricity power went off and there was complete darkness in the
hall. I shouted and jumped and sat on my uncles lap. He told to keep
silence and be seated where u are, light will come. I was on his laps,
slowly i felt the hardeness of his cock on my ass, i was enjoying but
i kept silence. To my surprise, he put his right hand inside my
t-shirt from behind and started caressing, then both his hands were
giving massage on my boobs. I kept silence and allowed him to
continue, he stared to lick my neck and somehow i controlled my
moaning. He then placed his hand on my thighs and inserted his finger
in my vagina. This went for 10 mins and suddenly power came and i
moved away. He was not able to make eye contact with me and we started
the TV again. Now it was 11 pm and we had to sleep as the school is in
morning. As mom was not there, me and my brother has to sleep with my
uncle. Uncle decided that all 3 of us will sleep in the hall as his
bedroom was small. My brother and me was fighting that who will sleep
next to my uncle and quarrel was going on, and he suggested that he
will sleep next to my brother, i was very upset. We went for the sleep
and soon my brother asleep. Then my uncle told me dear don’t worry
now I will sleep next to her, i smiled and said that’s fine now. It
was now complete dark and just small dim light was on. We chatted for
15 mins and he did’nt spoked anything about what happened in the
evening when light were cut off, i thought that he talk about the same
while sleeping but nothing happen and in between he slept away. After
few moments i also slept. In midnight he kept his hand on my thighs.
Then slowly started rubbing my thigh with very slow motion, he started
rubbing my thigh with more and more speed and also started covering
more and more area. He rubbed my chicks and lips with his hand. I was
allowing him to continue. He lifted my my gown up and i was not
wearing any bra and panty. He started pressing my boobs and my tits
were tight now, he took one boobs in his mouth and started sucking
passionately, i was in heaven, now his speed was increasing, he
started to suck my both boobs madly, he came down and started licking
my belly spot, my boobs and belly was wet with his saliva. He then
moved upwards and kissed my chest and licking my neck, he then planted
a kiss on my lips. He took my lower lips and stared sucking and then
took my upper and gave me long smooch. I was not giving any reaction,
i pretended as if i am deep asleep. He went down and started biting my
thigh till my foot, after some time he put his tonque in pussy and
likcked it very nicely, i was wet and juices were flooding from my
vagina. He cleaned the juices with tonque. He enjoyed me orally for 1
hr and i will treasure all those moments which i exp for the first
time. We woke in the morning 6am and he showed as if nothing has
happen in that night. Now i was despereate to broke my vagina seal. I
went to the school in the morning and i came back by 2pm.
Unfortunately my Bua came in the afternoon, she planned to stay for 2
days. i was upset as my night was going to be waste. After 2 days Bua
was supposed to leave in the early morning. Finally after 2 days Bua
left the home at 6am and i made my brother ready for the school, as
his bus comes my 7am. My grandma went for the sleep again and uncle
asked me to get ready as my bus also comes 7am. I told him that i am
not going today, he was happy and gave me a nice smile. After droping
my brother in the bus i came up in the house. We brushed and had a cup
of tea. He said i am also not going today, I smiled. As we finished
the tea and I went in the kitchen, my uncle came and hugged and kiss
me. He told me that he want to fuck me, but i told him that grandma
will is there. He said she can’t come in bedroom and she is sleeping
now. He hold me in his arms and took me in his bedroom and layed me on
his bed. Now it was only me and him, no one to disturb, Grandma was
handicapped and she wakes up at 11am. He planted a kiss on my lips,
His mouth was biting my lower and upper lips. He inserted his tongue
in my mouth and our tongues touched each other. This went on for a few
minutes. His hands were behind my back caressing me while i had
inserted my hands under his t-shirt rubbing his chest. Slowly he broke
the kiss and started kissing me on the neck and was going for my
boobs. He put his head on my valley and was kissing them. i was
already panting slowly. He removed my bra and started circling my pink
nipples with his tongue. Then he started sucking my nipples, i arched
my back to allow him to have the full benefit. Soon he was licking,
biting, and eating my boobs literally. Almost all my left boob was
inside his mouth. His right hand was on my lips. I took out his middle
finger and started sucking them. Small moans were heard from both.
Then slowly he slid down to my belly button, kissing it playing with
it. His hands were working now; He brought his head to my pussy and
knocked at my pussy door. i was wild with excitement; i was clutching
the sides of the bed in anxiety. Then slowly he licked my pussy. i
turned my head and bit her lips in excitement. The pace increased and
soon he started fucking my pussy with his tongue. Sometimes he bit the
inner thigh of mine to get a break. Licking, smooching, fucking my
pussy, he was really enjoying himself. Soon i orgasmed and almost my
excitement with from 100 to 0 in no time. I brought him up to my head
and kissed him for some more time. I made him lie on his back and
broke the kiss. i started moving towards his nipples. Teasing them
biting them, uncle was in seventh heaven gently stroking my back while
i was at work. I moved down towards his belly button and my hands
removed his shorts in no time exposing his 6.5” cock. It was semi
curve in shape and It was evenly sized with pink colour mushroom on
top. Looked like uncle maintained himself well as there were only
spots of pubic here surrounding his balls. my one hand slowly held his
cock which was already erect. With the other i was sometimes rubbing
his chest, nipples, and lips and inserting my fingers in his mouth. i
started by licking his balls and slowly went on to his cock. His
cocking was glistening by the saliva i applied on it. It was like
seeing me eat a cone ice cream only more slowly and steadily. he was
getting agitated; he wanted me to give him a good mouth fuck. But i
smiled and asked him to relax and brought my mouth on top of his
mushroom. Slowly i swallowed his cock and moving the mouth up and down
on it. It was like piston moving back and forth. Slowly he started
talking, he was desperate to cum. I continued for five minutes or so.
Then i got up and made him slide down the bed by a couple of feet. i
lay on him only the other way ie my pussy would be available for him
and his cock could be sucked by me. This was ideal for both as both
were kept buy tasting pleasure at the same time. Now the muffled moans
started again and i was sucking his cock more vigorously, and he was
even more aggressive now as he parted my legs to the maximum and was
attacking my cunt with his tongue. His hands were on my ass and
stroking them. After a few minutes, uncle decided to end the show, but
not before i gently kissed him once again. Initially he lay on me and
took his tool and inserted that in my pussy. For that moment i caught
and hugged him tightly. Then slowly he started fucking me.
Looked like he did not want to end this in a hurry. Stroke by stoke he
increased his pace. His mouth was in mines, his hands were clutching
my ass. my hands were all over his back and ass. It was really an
incredible sight, our bodies moved. Come on uncle, i spoke for the
first time…make love to me darling…I am all yours. For which he
replied yes baby you are the best. Our lips locked again and now the
pace increased. he was expecting a climax any moment so he withdrew,
he asked me to turn around and he got himself on my back. I guided his
cock into my cunt.He again started to increase the pace. Now his hands
were holding my boobs. Once in a while he would catch hold of my face
and turn it towards him kiss and suck my tongue. This was wild both i
and uncle were at our peak. he started stroking me faster and was
clutching my boobs tightly and the same time kissing me. Quickly we
changed posture and returned to the earlier traditional posture. This
was it. he was banging me, i was moaning now. His mouth in mine. Hands
locked, the explosion was going to be there any minute. After a few
aggressive strokes he let out a moan Aaaaaaaaaahhhh and exploded. i
was breathing heavily and responded by plunging my nails in his back
and holding him tightly. The whole adventure lasted about half an
hour, thanks to the foreplay. A few minutes we were hugging each other
never wanting this to end. Slowly we were back on our feet. I just
lied down pulling a sheet over here, where as uncle cleaned himself
quickly and before going kissed me. He told me that this is the first
time he has got so much pleasure in his life. Then after half an hour,
my uncle told me that he wants to fuck my ass in doggy style, I wanted
to have pleasure in all ways, i agreed, he told me he will take care,
he positioned me on the floor and came from behind he applied some
lubricant on his cock and slowly touched my asshole and, then he
brought dairy milk chocolate and rubbed allover my ass and asshole and
he licked all the chocolate with his tonque. Suddenly he stroke inside
my ass, it was very painful but after sometime it was a pleasure, in
few strokes i was in heaven and after five minutes he withdraw his
tool from ass as it was very painful, bcoz it was the first time i had
it my ass. He washed his cock and came back, but his his cock was
still erected. He sat on the chair and he asked me to suck the cock, i
took it in my mouth and started sucking it fast, Then he told me to
fuck my mouth, he applied chocolate on his cock and he layed me on my
back on the bed and my head lieying down and face upwards, it was nice
positon for mouth fuck. he told me he will be cumming i told to cum
him in my mouth, he loaded the cum in my mouth and on my lips, he took
me in his arms took me and he started to suck my lips, he took his cum
from my mouth and he tasted his own cum for the first time, we almost
kissed for 20 mins till the entire cum was finished.
I love my uncle.