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Unexpected encounter with my hot neighbor suma aunty

Hello guys, I am Arun from Bangalore 25 years old working in an IT
sector . This is my first story of iss and I am a regular reader of
iss stories.If any girls/aunties interested in secret fun you can
reach me at “” .I will be waiting for your
messages 100% privacy and confidentiality maintained.
I am 25 years old with a 6.5-inch big hard dick. The heroine of my
story is Suma who is my neighbour aunty. She has a very hot figure..
she is not perfectly slim but that only makes her look hot. Her figure
might be 36-34-36. She has a big ass and boobs any guys could die for
her asset and feel like having sex with her atleast once in their life
Without boring you guys much let me move on to the story. This
happened few days back that is one month back I was having my weekly
holiday and was alone at home as my mother and father both had gone to
some relative wedding . So I already had a plan to go to suma aunty
house and fuck her (which was my dream). Suma aunty had one daughter
who is studying in 12th (Science) and her husband works in some
private firm and he is always busy with his works he use to early
morning and come home late night. Since i was also from science
background i had my an idea of how question papers and other stuff
would be for exam . So I had a plan that I would go to her house to
give her papers and make use of this oppourtunity and if I get a
chance I would fuck her. Suma aunty husband doesn’t give her much
time and have sex as he is always busy with his works.
I took bath had my breakfast and by around 11:00 am I left my home and
went to my hot sex bomb aunty house. she was wearing a nighty with no
inners which i noticed when she was was walking i could clearly see
her bouncing ass. My 6.5 inch hero already lost his control and stood
up but I didn’t cover that as I wanted my aunt to know my intentions
about her.She greeted me inside with smile i went inside and I sat on
sofa and she went to the kitchen to get some watre. Then we were
chatting and I was staring at her big milky boobs with my dick was
erect. She noticed my erection and she also noticed when i was staring
her boobs but she didn’t tell anythin. After a while, she came close
sat next to me gave a naughty smile and hold my erected dick in her
hand and asked me: “Who are you thinking of? Your Girlfriend?”. I
didn’t answer…. She told me: “Don’t be shy.. tell me”. Then
I told her that: “Aunty I was thinking of you. Because I love you
and your sexy figure.” She smiled naughtily and asked me: “Do you
want to play with your sexy aunty ?”. I replied happily: “Who
doesn’t want play with you”. And I pulled her near me we and
started kissing. We kissed for about 20 minutes. She whispered in my
ears let go to bedroom and then I took her to bed. I threw her on the
bed and started kissing her lips and neck. Then I undressed her nighty
that was the best moment and the first time i am seeing women naked in
front of me wow what an amazing feeling it was. Now she was not
wearing bra or panty she was just naked and she was feeling shy. We
again started kissing and then she removed my t-shirt and jeans and we
continued kissing like hungry animals.we kissed for around 30 minutes
i couldn’t leave her even for a second she was such an hot lady. I saw
two huge sexy melons who were waiting for me to suck and eat them. I
sucked and bite her boobs very badly for about an hour and as I was
biting her boobs nipples she was moaning like…”aahhhh aahhhhhh
ahhhh ahhhh suck hard baby i am all your’s eat them ah ah ah ahah so
nice”…… Then after sucking her boobs nicely. She had a
well-shaved pussy and I licked ger pussy till I drank her juices. My
dick was full erected and was ready for action my aunt saw my dick she
held my dick and started licking and sucking it. wow it was one of the
best feeling She gave me a very good blowjob for half an hour and
drank my all cum this was the best blowjob. Then I made her lean on
the bed and started giving strokes… I gave more hard strokes and she
was moaning
like….”Aaaahhh””….Ummmmm.”…Fuck…..Fuck…..Fuck me as
hard as you can..aaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhhh fuck me hard baby yeah yeah
fuck fuck tear it ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah yeah fuck me hard baby make me
your bitch ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhha ohhhhh yeahhhh” I started giving more
hard strokes to her I was very exhausted as this my first sex in my
life i was tired but i didn’t give up soon fucked her hard for around
30 mintues took a break for a minute and started banging again she was
enjoying to the core. After 5minutes I kissed her and said:”Let’s
have a bath together”. And in Bathroom, I banged to the wall and
started kissing her neck…ass and pressing my dick on her ass. Then I
turned her and started kissing her wet lips and again sucked her boobs
and fucked her standing.Then when we came out of the bathroom we both
were nude and told her to lean on the bed. After bath she was still
looking hot and we had one more sex session i fucked her one more time
we had an amazing fun day.My aunt was fully satisfied and she was
happy .By that time it was already around 5 PM as her daughter would
come home from college i left from her house .From that day till today
we have sex whenever we get a chance.
So guys that was my story i hope you guys have enjoyed my story .I
will be back with another story soon keep waiting .
If any girls or aunty interested in secret fun please feel free to
reach me out through mail or hangout anytime without any hesitation” .100% privacy and confidentiality maintained.