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Unexpected Wonderful Sex with Beautiful Bhabhi

Hai, it is Vasu from Hyderabad, A.P. First of all let me congratulate for its unexplainable service. I am regular visitor of this site. The stories which were published are very impressed me and the boldness of narrating the stories are very much enjoyable. Here, I am doing job at private firm. I am a fair complexion and 5-8 height. This story below which I am going to tell you is a real and unexpected story which I never thought about this incident. And I cannot forget this happiest incident in my life at all. This incident took place nearly 15 years back. I know it is little bit long back story and real.

When I am studying intermediate this incident took place. We are staying at Hyderabad, and my mother’s elder sister also staying in the same locality and there is place is just half KM from my house. In my elder mother’s family there are two sons and one daughter. The elder son got married just before one year of the incident. My sister-in-law (the heroin of the story) is very cute and sexiest but not beautiful. If everyone sees her at the first incident everyone will think about having sex with her once. That is the structure of my hereoin. So, here my story begans. I am very much closer to the family of my big mother. As I told to you that I also thought that If I get chance to fuck her once, I will be very luckiest. But, I know it is not possible as the customs and relations will not permit for that, so I did not continue that thought. But, my dream comes true. On one day when I was in my house at about 6.00 P.M. by seeing the T.V., I received a phone call from my big mother’s house and the information is that they are going to Tanuku as some their relation was died and in the house my heroing is staying alone as she cannot come due to illness, and my big mother asked me to come sleep in the house to support her. And I took permission of my mom and went to the house of my heroin at 9.00 P.M., and after my arriving all the family members left the place. And at that moment myself and my heroin were alone in the house. The house is a duplex, and my hereoin’s bed rood is in the first floor. After some time, my heroin said that she is going to sleep and she asked me to sleep in the groudfloor bed room. I said ok, as I have no idea about anything, eventhough I have an eye on her, due to some respect. In that house there is only one T.V. that too it is in the bed room at ground floor. As I am not getting sleep, I switched on the T.V. and rotating the channels. By seeing the channels I did not follow the time and I turned up the channels for some mid nigh masala items and at last I got it and I am seeing the scenes. After some I was surprised by seeing my babhi came down and entered into the room and saw what I am doing, and she immediately said what you are seeing it is not good. As I am a practical man, I replied it is all common in my age, and I turned off the T.V. as it is not good for me. But she immediately switched on the T.v. and she also seeing the same channel and then I asked that what is this, then she replied that she is following my words. I asked that why you came down and then she said that ” I am not getting sleep, due to some reasons” I asked that what are the reasons, and she told that leave it I cannot say. I compelled about the reasons, and utmost compulsion, she said that she is not getting sleep as she wants sexual intercourse very need. I surprised and I did not talked more. In meanwhile of our talks in the said channel, one couple are doing sex half nude and the lady in that scene removed her top, and man the playing like what with her melons. By seeing that scene my lady got arosed and caught hand and put my hand directly on her breast. I got shock with that incident and I hesitated to go forward, but she has no fear or second thought in that, and she is rubbing my hand on her melons as they are biggest size of coconuts. Openly speaking my one hand is not able control one melon. To satisfy her I have to use two hands on one melon. As there is no other alternative, and as I am also having idea, I did not stopped and moved forward. I immediately removed her night zip, it was upto the melons, and she did not even wear any under garments and after removing the zip the two big globes came out and I got shocked some time and confused for what next I have to do. Upto then I have no previous experience. So, I immeditate, caught one melon with hand and got one melon in my mouth, and played with them madly for about 10 min. She is getting aroused and then she lifted my face and joined her lips with my lips very strongly, we both played with toungs inner of our mouths.on the one side my hands are working very hard on the boooooooooooooooobs. While the work is going in the mouths and booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs, she removed my lungi and she is playing with my long rod. After some time I removed her nighty, and she removed my T-shirt and we are nude position. That is the first time I am seeing a lay in nude position, and I cannot able to control myself, and I thrown her on the bed, and climbed on her. I did not even gave her chance in any manner, I only played with her as per my wish and will, I bited her nipples, mouth, neck, stomoch, legs in every place I liked at that time, and she alse did not tried to stopped me and I enjoyed like anything, and after song play, I inserted my rod into her Puku, and started strokes and she was enjoying with that moments and I gave strokes for about 10 mins and later on I finished , and Idropped on her. We both took rest for some time and then she started her action from my rod. As she got some experience in that, she put my rod in to her mouth and stated ice fruiting my rod, with the job given by her, I again ready for my second session, and I again started my action in backside of her, and this time my strokes contined for about 25 mins. And again we both took rest for some more time, again started our session like this we enjoyed ourselves for 5 time in that whole night. That incident was unforgettble in my life. Thereafter, this sessions contined for one week of every night and day, whenver we got chance for that.