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unsatisfied sex with oldbeggar

Hai frnd this my first story about beggar.if i have few mistakes i
will correct next time.first going into the story.a beautifull women
look live angel her name is sathya age 25 lives in chennai.her husband
name ramesh is a bussiness man in chennai.they are a arranged married
couple.they married 2years back they dont have children.infact his
husband is not intersted in sex.but she loves sex.sathya size
28-30-32.she is trying to seduce his husband.but he is not intersted
in sex.he wants money more than nothing that one day arrived
sathya husband goes to german for a bussiness trip for 1month.he only
go to german because this a office strip.after his husband depature
she had been lonely in the house.after she was in house watching tv
the alarmed she opened the door there she saw a old poor beggar whose
was in his 60s name ramu having black fat body .with bad smell from
the dress.the oldbeggar asked sathya for any food.sathya gave some
food to that oldbeggar and if u need any come and ask me .beggar
thanked sathya and go.after that he come regularly for food sathya
usually in sarees when she serves food for beggar the oldbeggar
noticed sathyas most babbloo boobs sathya didnt think of last
the time came the beggar came for food it was a rainy season so beggar
come inside the house.and sathya serving food begger eyes where full
sathya boobs he look very lustfull the climate was very chilll and he
was very hot he knows there is he and sathya in the house sathya also
didnt have any relationship with his husband.when sathya serving
thunderstrome came the beggar touched sathya billy.sathya what are u
doing? beggar again pressed and he know reached boobs due to
unsatisfied sex with his husband and a cold temp let him to that
mood.she also responded him at they hugged tightly there is a bad
smell from the oldbeggar she didnt mind that current is off
due to lightning.the beggar took sathya to his bedroom which was on
upstaris and he go to the bedroom and put sathya on the bed and locked
the door.and jumped on the bed like hungry dog.they both kiss
verymadly for fifteen minutes and the beggar remove the saree from
sathya and throw into the floor he then removed his lungi also and
then kiseed him on the navel neck for 5min he was nude he had 9inch
big cock which was full of dust .and then unbuttoned the bluose the
sathya enjoying each and every thing done by beggar.he then throw into
the floor.sathya was only with bra and petticot.beggar tarred the bra
and petticot sathya was completely nude.then he suck sathya boobs like
hungry dog he also suck pussy foralmosr 30 min he then apply some
honey onthe boobs of sathya and suck it..for20 min .she was
moaning.ahhhhhhhh.uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she said im
waiting for it please inside ur penis.the oldbeggar had 9inch big
cock.the beggar suck the pussy .and then he get penis into the hole
and fucked very hard.she was moaning
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.issssssssssssss uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the beggar
fucked him like a dog he fucked almost 20min and some kisses boobs
pressing moaning sucking some last he got cum from penis the
beggar want to inside to the hole but she refused it .but oldbeggar
put is cum..inside fuck 15min.then he fucked ass for 15 min and next
round he started and fucking hard for 20 min both were dead time they
sleep in the the morning they awake at 6am they having another
round sathya blowjob and they fuck again after 2 hrs they finished sex
they bath together.sathya gave his lungi to the beggar ramu.sathya
asked ramu did u come to fuck me?ramu replied no but when suppping me
ur boobs attracted me.sathya made cooking both eated and they sex the
whole day.after one month her husband came.sathya requsted ramu as a
servant to the house.he accepted.when her husband go to office they
sex together and finally he got pregnet by the oldbeggar ramu.her
husband didnt mind that.sathya was also happy she and her husband
parents very happy.after 10months she have beautifull girl name
sara(sathya ramu) and she now got two children after both by the
oldbeggar they still enjoying the sex but their didnt no that till
day…thank you all for reading my story i hope you enjoy
it.byeeeeeeee seee you next with very hot story…