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Vasudha 02

vasudha: Hi
colorderainbow: hi
colorderainbow: nuddy
colorderainbow: whats up
vasudha: for once u got that right

vasudha: saree is still down!
vasudha: hehehe
vasudha: wassup
colorderainbow: hahhahahaa
colorderainbow: so u r in saree today
colorderainbow: great
vasudha: yes too
colorderainbow: but ur figure is meant for bikini
vasudha: it was green with blue border yesterday
colorderainbow: i wish u could come to officein bikini
vasudha: and today blue with black border
vasudha: y not naked darling
colorderainbow: hahahhaha
colorderainbow: that would be too much
colorderainbow: so what m i getting now
vasudha: Like this
colorderainbow: hahaahah
colorderainbow: what a shape dear
colorderainbow: muaaahhhhhhh
colorderainbow: nipple pinch karne ka dil ker rah ahay
vasudha: tho lo
vasudha: karo
vasudha: i have lifted my boobs for u
colorderainbow: hahhahaha
colorderainbow: muaahhhhhhhhhhhh
vasudha: hehehe
colorderainbow: i m biting it with teeth
colorderainbow: great figure
vasudha: hmmm
colorderainbow: can u see web cam if i invitesu
colorderainbow: invite
vasudha: NO WAY
vasudha: plus as of now it aint working
colorderainbow: my web cam not urs nuddy
colorderainbow: i wanna show u somethin
vasudha: yeah urs i can see
vasudha: but not too long
vasudha: since it takes bandwidth
vasudha: 3 min max
colorderainbow: hi
vasudha: Hi
colorderainbow: so u wanna see my dick
colorderainbow: u always shown me urs
vasudha: umm u look handsome
colorderainbow: pussy
colorderainbow: thanks
vasudha: ummm
vasudha: how abt a strip show
colorderainbow: hahahhaa a
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: but my shorts only
vasudha: k
vasudha: chu chu chu
vasudha: cho chweet
vasudha: get naked na please
vasudha: just for 10 seconds
colorderainbow: hahahhaha
colorderainbow: okay
colorderainbow: u saw the limp dick as u wished
colorderainbow: make it grow now
vasudha: lovely
vasudha: ummmmahhhh
vasudha: ok darling get naked NOW
vasudha: i want to see ur dick hang
vasudha: down
vasudha: so the hair around stands out
vasudha: quick off with the TShirt
vasudha: hey it got dark!
vasudha: stopped!
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: light went offf
colorderainbow: i will show some other time dear
colorderainbow: so how did u like it
vasudha: umm now na please
colorderainbow: i wish i could
vasudha: i am turned on
colorderainbow: ohhh
colorderainbow: extremally sorry yaar
vasudha: do smthing my darling
vasudha: dont leave me like this
vasudha: i cant
vasudha: take it
colorderainbow: muaaahhhhhhhhhhh
colorderainbow: take ur saree up
vasudha: no i have moved the fold
vasudha: and am rubbing my clit
vasudha: ii cant lift
vasudha: am at office
vasudha: darling please
vasudha: show me
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: then lemme get into under ur saree
colorderainbow: n bite ur clit
colorderainbow: muaaah
colorderainbow: muaaahhhhhhhhhhh
colorderainbow: suppose my dick is hitting ur clit
colorderainbow: slaping mine dick on ur pussy
colorderainbow: tap tap
vasudha: oh baby
colorderainbow: thap sound its making
vasudha: fuck me
vasudha: oh yeah
vasudha: show me naked u
vasudha: i beg u
colorderainbow: now spit on ur dick n spread it over my dick
vasudha: hmmm we do have a tiny dick inside
vasudha: hehehe
colorderainbow: n put in the dick slowly in
vasudha: ummmm
colorderainbow: tiny dick where
colorderainbow: ??
vasudha: clit
colorderainbow: hahhaha
colorderainbow: tahts too tiny i guess
vasudha: miny tiny
colorderainbow: so how was mine dick
vasudha: mini tiny u mean
vasudha: did not get to see at all
vasudha: u were moving
vasudha: darling let me see
colorderainbow: someother time i will show u full
vasudha: No Now
colorderainbow: not possible try to understand
colorderainbow: darling
vasudha: k
vasudha: umm let me suck ur balls
vasudha: show me
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: great
colorderainbow: its mark rite ??
colorderainbow: u r a real porn star
vasudha: yeah only he took my pics
vasudha: so far
vasudha: no way
vasudha: i saw a video
colorderainbow: u know lalitha u have given me so much pleasure
vasudha: my god how well the suck and get fucked
colorderainbow: i will show u mine for sure
colorderainbow: when i get alone n free
vasudha: ok
vasudha: I saw a video and now I want to get fucked by a porn star
vasudha: dunnno if any will oblige
colorderainbow: haahhahahahaha
vasudha: hehehe
colorderainbow: seduce some in ur next trip
vasudha: how do i find
vasudha: u talk as tho they will find me
vasudha: lol
colorderainbow: adult finder
colorderainbow: or check on net
colorderainbow: haaahahhahaa
vasudha: i saw 4 videos in all
vasudha: liked the blacks
vasudha: as in real life
colorderainbow: yesterday nite i shown my dick to 2 ladies in conference
vasudha: hmmm
vasudha: then what happened
colorderainbow: they liked it very much
colorderainbow: masturbated right there looking at mine
vasudha: i showed my boobs to my neighbor today
vasudha: old man
colorderainbow: n one is asking me to come down for real fuck
vasudha: he stays first floor and me in ground
colorderainbow: both of them are in delhi only
vasudha: ok
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: yaaar apna location to bata
colorderainbow: u see
colorderainbow: things are so safe with me
vasudha: nahiiiiiiiiiiiin
vasudha: this talk with u is so nice
vasudha: i dont want it spoiled ever
colorderainbow: i never disclosed it to anybody
vasudha: i know
colorderainbow: okay
colorderainbow: if u mind
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: how was the responce of old guy
vasudha: i came out of bathroom and curtains were parted a lol
vasudha: lil
vasudha: i could see his legs knee down
vasudha: so I parted the towel and adjusted it so he could see for some 10-15 secs
vasudha: and then i covered myself
vasudha: later i had a chat with him trying to be normal
colorderainbow: noughty
vasudha: his son line marrofies me
vasudha: i dont care anyways
colorderainbow: hahahhaha
colorderainbow: u want give the old man heart attach or what
colorderainbow: he will die
vasudha: The old man just kept staring at my boobs and i knew he had seen them
colorderainbow: hmm
colorderainbow: n since then u r aroused
colorderainbow: i show u somethin
colorderainbow: some pics
vasudha: yeah esp since I pulled my hair backwards lifting my hands and thrusting my boobs a lil while chatting with him
vasudha: k
colorderainbow: accept photo share
vasudha: send invite
vasudha: this doesnt excite us
colorderainbow: how about with bhindi
colorderainbow: that lady takes the bhindi in her pussy
colorderainbow: carrot
colorderainbow: baby corn
colorderainbow: n the last one u can seee
vasudha: not yet
colorderainbow: now
colorderainbow: ??
vasudha: blur
vasudha: remove and drop again
colorderainbow: invite u again
colorderainbow: tell me if its clear
vasudha: yeah
vasudha: bra with capsicum and apple ?
colorderainbow: yeahhhhhh
colorderainbow: crazy lady
vasudha: what potos is this and how will i get excited darling
colorderainbow: its funny pics
colorderainbow: in last pic
colorderainbow: guess who is inviting me for fuck
vasudha: hmmm dunni
vasudha: second from left looks sexy
colorderainbow: in salwar kamiz
colorderainbow: u meant
vasudha: Nope jeans
colorderainbow: hmmm
vasudha: oops from right
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: but its not her
vasudha: nice lips
colorderainbow: its second from left
colorderainbow: who is calling
vasudha: first frm left one looks a slut
colorderainbow: others are her colleuge
vasudha: second looks my age
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: she is a diavorcy
vasudha: tho nowhere boobs near mine
vasudha: hehehe
colorderainbow: hahahhaha
colorderainbow: happy with whatever coming my dick way
colorderainbow: hahahhahaha
colorderainbow: u r super star
colorderainbow: but u wont lemme fuck
colorderainbow: so what to do
colorderainbow: jo mil raha hay
colorderainbow: mar lo
vasudha: hmmm
vasudha: only my face gives away my age na
colorderainbow: haaaan
vasudha: other wise body still looks young
colorderainbow: otherwise u rocks
colorderainbow: n that matters most
colorderainbow: pussy n tits
vasudha: hmmm
colorderainbow: u r still fuckable
colorderainbow: hehhehehe
vasudha: ok dear got to leave now
vasudha: yeah i know
colorderainbow: okay
vasudha: muuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
colorderainbow: will make u happy some otherday
colorderainbow: muaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
vasudha: ok
colorderainbow: sorry for today
vasudha: bye
vasudha: ping me tom lets see what uncle does
vasudha: hehehe
colorderainbow: hahhahahah
colorderainbow: okay
colorderainbow: in morning around 10 u can come online tommorow
colorderainbow: i will show mineBookmark

colorderainbow: hmm
colorderainbow: now u show me
vasudha: ???
colorderainbow: u were telling to accept
vasudha: yeah photo sharing
colorderainbow: invite once again
vasudha: i am a lil scared now
colorderainbow: why
colorderainbow: u r looking pretty in dres
vasudha: Unlce dropped in yesterday evening
vasudha: thanks
colorderainbow: dropped what
colorderainbow: his sperm in ur hand
vasudha: he came home
vasudha: my kid was out playing and hubby came late
vasudha: Usually aunty brings food when she specially cooked
vasudha: Yes he came with it
vasudha: She makes nice Biryani
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: what all happened
vasudha: I felt a chill run through my spine as i saw him when i opened the door
colorderainbow: heheeheheheheh
vasudha: I was just in when he rang the door bell so he must have been waiting
colorderainbow: hmmmm
vasudha: He handed the biryani and the kheer to me and just sat on sofa
vasudha: I went inside the room to change
vasudha: he came up to the room
colorderainbow: ohhhhh
vasudha: I could see the shadow down the door
vasudha: his shadow
vasudha: he must have seen thro key hole
vasudha: I showed him my nude back
colorderainbow: ohhhh
vasudha: and put on just the nightie and came out
vasudha: I usually wear pettycoat and bra but not panties but this time just a nightie
vasudha: not transparent tho
vasudha: I got the sexual urge since I knew he was watching so i went to the loo to masturbate
vasudha: But then I had to pee also so I peed and so the urge came down and I came out
colorderainbow: ohhhh
colorderainbow: n he saw that also
vasudha: No come on
vasudha: loo is within bedroom and bedroom was locked frm inside
colorderainbow: ohhhh
vasudha: Once I came out uncle began adult talk
vasudha: Suddenly he says he had not had sex for 10 years now !!!
vasudha: slimy old man
vasudha: he started off casually and dropepd the bombshell
vasudha: y did u close
colorderainbow: ohhhhh
colorderainbow: so do u think he can fuck u
vasudha: then he says I wish I were younger in ur age group
vasudha: hear out na
vasudha: So to play along I said even my hubby getting older.
vasudha: I said my husband already is lil disinterested
colorderainbow: hahahaahhahaha
colorderainbow: tell me
vasudha: then the slimy bastard repeats when I was ur hubby;s age I used to have sex 4 times a week
vasudha: Even now I can have twice. What to do my wfe is no co-operating
vasudha: hehehe
vasudha: That was a direct pass
vasudha: So I just laughed and said even at this age u look handsome and as young as ur son
colorderainbow: hhaahhaaah
vasudha: That put him off a bit since he remembered
colorderainbow: u r horny bitch
vasudha: ummm
colorderainbow: so when is the fuck day
vasudha: But then he craked a few jokes
vasudha: and went back to same topic
vasudha: nad then says
vasudha: if u dont misunderstand I want to tell u something
colorderainbow: hmmm
vasudha: then he went around in circles
vasudha: no what if u feel bad
vasudha: i will feel miserable
vasudha: all that crap
vasudha: so i knew what he was getting at
colorderainbow: hmmmm
vasudha: and he suddenly out the blue asked can we make love
colorderainbow: so he made it cleaar
vasudha: yeah
vasudha: I stared at him opening my mouth although inside i was thrilled
colorderainbow: nought u
colorderainbow: so when is the fuck day??
vasudha: yeah
vasudha: hmmm
vasudha: wait
vasudha: then he says please i am sorry
vasudha: please forgive
vasudha: then he holds my hands
vasudha: I said its ok uncle
vasudha: and next words came without knowledge
vasudha: when did i get angry
vasudha: He took my hands up and kissed them
vasudha: saying thanks dear
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
vasudha: Then he says
vasudha: you know I saw you changing clothes so i got aroused
colorderainbow: what baby >
colorderainbow: ?
colorderainbow: wow
colorderainbow: then what?
vasudha: uncle u r so naughty i said smiling
colorderainbow: hummmmmmmm
colorderainbow: did u seen uncle naked
vasudha: he came close and hugged me and began kissing me all over my face
vasudha: I tried telling him kid may come back
colorderainbow: hummmmmm
vasudha: He says no no I saw him playing cricket so he wont be back for an hour
vasudha: real slimy bastard
colorderainbow: did u get aroused when u saw ur kids naked
vasudha: Aw come on
colorderainbow: common tell me
vasudha: Never
vasudha: with any kid
vasudha: forget mine
vasudha: cho chweet their tool is
vasudha: hehehe
vasudha: how can it arouse u
colorderainbow: ohhhhhhhhh
colorderainbow: did u ever tried to suck them just asked
vasudha: y did u ask
vasudha: No
vasudha: never
vasudha: Then Uncle u know what
vasudha: In 30 seconds he was naked and pulling me to my bedroom
vasudha: As soon as we entered he pulled my nightie off
colorderainbow: hummmmm
colorderainbow: did uncle licked ur cunt ..and ur ass to get more aroused
vasudha: Then we got into bed
colorderainbow: …or u did the same
vasudha: the ifrst thing on bed was him sucking my nipples taking fll boob inside his mouth
colorderainbow: ahhhhhhhh
vasudha: With his palm he sqeezed my boobs to small size and sucked
colorderainbow: did he suck ur armpits
colorderainbow: ?
vasudha: i was running my hands through his hair moaning
vasudha: he kissed me all over
colorderainbow: hat
vasudha: my face my arms armpits everywhere his mouth went
colorderainbow: did he rubbed her pennis in between ur leg fingers
vasudha: His dick was hard as rock
vasudha: i couldnt reach so i squeezed it between the thighs
vasudha: he now says
vasudha: no no
vasudha: I may ejaculate like this only and pulled back
vasudha: He then says he couldnt keep it erect 2 long and took it soon in his hand and rubbed it against my pussy a few times
colorderainbow: did u use her as facial ..
vasudha: and then I spread my legs as usual and he entered
colorderainbow: what ?
vasudha: after the bastard claimed he was too old to fuck long he was fucking me like mad
colorderainbow: his legs
colorderainbow: or pennis
colorderainbow: or his hands
colorderainbow: my god
colorderainbow: ok i got
colorderainbow: ur husband can in and u started doing two some
vasudha: my legs were around his waist
vasudha: my hands over his shoulder
vasudha: pressing his body against mine and he rocked
colorderainbow: bhen ki chut teri
colorderainbow: hellooooo aankho ke aage se chut ki jhati ka parda hatao aur mere pass aao
vasudha: he fucked me twice as long as my hubby ever fucked me
vasudha: dunno if his dick was flesh or rock!
colorderainbow: shut the fuck up …am aint intrested in ur fucking love story
vasudha: We wer both sweating like mad
vasudha: ok
vasudha: darling
colorderainbow: like mad or like kutta kutiya
vasudha: kuch bhi samjho yaar
vasudha: what surpised me is that bastard claims he is too old so that i let him in and then fucks till i get my orgasm
colorderainbow: are raand
vasudha: that was a ploy too probably since he was unsure if i would allow
colorderainbow: ok
vasudha: So after that I am scared
vasudha: since he is a neighbor
vasudha: randi ko dekhoge
colorderainbow: haan
vasudha: dekho meri jaan
vasudha: aur dekhna hai ?
colorderainbow: haaan chut ke bhi darshan karwa do
vasudha: Ab sharam aati hai
colorderainbow: haan mujhe tumehari jhate count karni hai
colorderainbow: eak close se chut ki pic
colorderainbow: recet wali
colorderainbow: recent *
colorderainbow: wow ye chut nahi hai is ko
colorderainbow: delhi me bhosada bolte hia
vasudha: aur isko kya bolte hain
colorderainbow: is ko chutad bolte hia
colorderainbow: aur is ko hatao to gaand ho jati hai
vasudha: pehle waal hi teek tha
colorderainbow: cheeeeeeeeeeee
colorderainbow: tumehare bhosade me gandagi hai
vasudha: is choot mein juice bhi hai
colorderainbow: uncle bhi chutiye the
vasudha: choot mein juice
colorderainbow: itna ganda bhosada chata
vasudha: Yeh tho mark ji ka juice hai
colorderainbow: acid dal acid
colorderainbow: aacha
colorderainbow: aur sunao rani ab aa raha hai mere lund me pani
vasudha: uncle ka juice tho ab tak bina use ke acid ban gaya hoga na
vasudha: chalo time ho gaya
colorderainbow: common rani ………. thoda pani pina hai
colorderainbow: chudne ka ya chudwane ka
vasudha: Mujhe ghar jana hai
vasudha: Nahin aaj bache ko bahr jane nahin dongi
colorderainbow: darling ..give me ur no …
vasudha: computer games bus
vasudha: Saala uncle
colorderainbow: madarchod uncle
vasudha: Playstation hai na
vasudha: ghar mein
colorderainbow: to …..
colorderainbow: CD ki jagad chut chalati ho kya
vasudha: tumhari kahan tak aayi
colorderainbow: meri
vasudha: left se doosri
vasudha: juice kay acid ban gaya
vasudha: hehehhehe
colorderainbow: ek kam karo na
colorderainbow: jao na
vasudha: bolo
colorderainbow: mere aand ab pak chuke hai
vasudha: hehehe
colorderainbow: chalo koi aur maal se baat karta hu …kuch meethi meethi
vasudha: left se doosri ka kya hoga re
vasudha: ok u not upset na
colorderainbow: kya maachudai hai bhen chod
colorderainbow: kaun si left aur kis ki doosri
vasudha: kal ki photo
colorderainbow: aacha
vasudha: tumne hi tho dikai
colorderainbow: wo wali
vasudha: haan
colorderainbow: haan yaad aa gyai sali ki chut nahi hai
colorderainbow: lund hai usko
colorderainbow: he he
colorderainbow: aacha eak karo na
vasudha: dene ke lene pad gaye kya ?
colorderainbow: apna cell no de na
vasudha: baad mein
vasudha: abhi nikaltihoon’
vasudha: bye
colorderainbow: nahi re … abhi to lauda jawan hai mera
colorderainbow: buddha ho gaya to chuste chuste thak jao gi khada nahi hoga
vasudha: ok started shut down
vasudha: this will disapper
vasudha: bye
colorderainbow: bye _|_ is ko lete jao