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vasudha bhabhi is back

vasudha:Hello darling Good Morning
colorderainbow:MOrning sweet heart
colorderainbow:how r u doing
vasudha:Me fine thank u
vasudha:How about u dearie

colorderainbow:i m also fine
colorderainbow:how could ur friend be upset or something
vasudha:So howz ur dicky doin today ?
vasudha:which friend
colorderainbow:ur darling JAY
colorderainbow:it was waiting to hear from ur pussy
colorderainbow:dicky loves pussy
vasudha:Oh! I thought some other
vasudha:Pussy is beatin today normally
vasudha:after a Successful reboot
colorderainbow:thats great
colorderainbow:so it will feel the hunger very soon
colorderainbow:i guess
colorderainbow:wait a min
vasudha:On call.)
vasudha:Ok catch ya later
colorderainbow:sorry buddy
colorderainbow:boss has called up
colorderainbow:c ya
colorderainbow:u n ur short forms
colorderainbow:u developed urself i guess
colorderainbow:like bfn and now rut
vasudha:Hmmm. next time EFN Enough Fucking for now )
colorderainbow:u r just so funny
colorderainbow:but u know fucking is never enough for a horny bitch liek u
vasudha:and I have so little of it darling
vasudha:I know I am horny and I can’t blame god for it can I
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 12:28 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
colorderainbow:instead we guys shall thanks god n request him to make more n more ladies liek u
colorderainbow:no colorderainbow:instead we guys shall thanks god n request him to make more n more ladies liek u
colorderainbow:its pleasure talking to u n fucking u at times
colorderainbow:u dontt know, how many guys get a good sleep coz of ur chat
vasudha:Oh! god. Gimme a guy who fucks me all night. Not for 2 minutes
colorderainbow:otherwise their dick will keep hounting them LOL)
colorderainbow:there is one suggestion for u
colorderainbow:make a world record how many guys u can make cum in a fuck session
vasudha:Problem is me being so horny I reach an orgasm fast
vasudha:My only unrealized fantasy is to get screwed by a pro fucker
colorderainbow:but i dont think so called indian GIGOLOS WOULD BE ABLE TO SATISFY U
colorderainbow:so try to catch u on ur next visit
colorderainbow:catch any such pro
vasudha:A 4 inch dick satisfies me actually
vasudha:I get a hi just hugging a naked body
vasudha:Oh the feel is so sensual
vasudha:and when he squeezes my boobs I moan
vasudha:and when his lips come in contact with my nipples I am more than wet
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 12:37 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
colorderainbow:if ur fucker is redaing all this chats
colorderainbow:he must have mastered teh art to make u cum like hell
colorderainbow:so darling which santry pad u used during ur shut down
colorderainbow:whisper is leading teh chart so far
vasudha:Talk beautiful things pleaseeeeeeeeee
colorderainbow:what r u wearing
colorderainbow:i saw a lady smoking in salwar kamiz
colorderainbow:n u ran through my mind
vasudha:fingering my pussy
vasudha:sucking my nipples
vasudha:fondling my breasts
colorderainbow:r u horny
vasudha:so whatz ur email id
colorderainbow:r u sending ur pics
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 12:47 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
vasudha:one for u
vasudha:I am feeling extremely horny
colorderainbow:thanks buddy
vasudha:I want you to see it and talk nice things so that I can finish my job’
colorderainbow:darling just the feeling of seeing u nude raising pole inmy trouser
vasudha:reply to the email I sent to receive my photo
colorderainbow:okay lemme open yahoo
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 12:49 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
vasudha:fast I don’t have much time darling
colorderainbow:feel my pole
colorderainbow:come to u
colorderainbow:n sleep my hand in ur panty
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 12:51 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
vasudhaid u get my email
colorderainbow:yeah replied that miss genius
colorderainbow:u r taking care that ur pic dont get to wrong hand
vasudha:yeah just in case there is an error in typing on ur side
vasudhaunno who will see me naked darling
vasudha:But if he has no objection that would be nice though
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 12:54 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
colorderainbow:ok replied u darling
colorderainbow:dieing here to see u
colorderainbow:send me fast
vasudha:Now all in ur hands :-*
vasudha:Tell me sweet things after seeing me naked
vasudhaon’t torture me
colorderainbow:great body sweetie
colorderainbow:i cant control myself rubbing my dick
colorderainbow:u r sex bomb
colorderainbow:everything in right proportion
colorderainbow:i liked teh boobs most
colorderainbow:a real mouthfull
colorderainbow:i slid my hand in ur panty n feel ur wet pussy lips
colorderainbow:n open the outer lips to feel ur inner wetness
colorderainbow:u r wet like anything
colorderainbow:kiss ur lips hard
vasudha:i am almost there
colorderainbow:put my 3 fingers in
colorderainbow:start pumping
colorderainbow:its making futch futch sound
colorderainbow:remove ur panty completly
vasudha:I am done
vasudha:I just came
colorderainbow:n place my lund to ur choot
vasudha:Oh darling
vasudha:I just came
vasudha:finger fucked myself to an orgasm
vasudha:Yeah darling
vasudha:Just zipped up my jeans
vasudha:sitting in my cabin
colorderainbow:thats great
colorderainbow:i made u cum in ur cabin
colorderainbow:now take out the room freshner n spray
colorderainbow:so how u get access to ur pussy
colorderainbow:jeans is just so tight
colorderainbow:there ???
vasudha:No smell
vasudha:Just adjusting
vasudha:Thanks darling
vasudha:so howz my pic
vasudha:No pussy though
colorderainbow:u r looking gorgeous
colorderainbow:u have maintained urself pretty well
colorderainbow:boobs are a bit sagging but nice to suck the nipple u hav
colorderainbow:n see them get hardened
vasudha:sending one with pussy jus for u dear
colorderainbow:that would make me cum
colorderainbow:for sure )
vasudha:anything dear for making me reach my orgasm
vasudha:I did it thro the panty. So unlike boys I can afford to sit in the cabin after the act
vasudha:At 35 they will sag a bit
vasudha:Is the sag too much?
vasudha:ok see me naked again darling
colorderainbow:no darling its just a little
colorderainbow:and at 35 its prefctly fine
colorderainbow:i dont like those tiny dots on girls breast
colorderainbow:u shall feel the boobies
colorderainbow:when u fondle it
colorderainbow:only tv are good are plano not a girl LOL
colorderainbow:only tv are good AS plano not a girl LOL
vasudha:sent u a pic
vasudha:see my pussy dear
colorderainbow:i just feel like eating it in my lunch for today
colorderainbow:u were saying its plane
colorderainbow:but i see a raised pubic region
colorderainbow:may be its so with ur legs not much opened
vasudha:u mean u have seen flatter pubes ?
vasudha:Yeah that raises it a wee bit
vasudha:My pubic region is the only thing not so good
vasudha:and my breasts have begun to sag!
colorderainbow:hey dont say so
colorderainbow:u have maintained well
colorderainbow:otherwise u come to here n will fien how does these punjabi kudis become fatso at 30 35
colorderainbow:dont know how does their hubby get pleasure fucking them
vasudha:u know something
colorderainbow:but any one fucking u must be lucky
colorderainbow:a perfect bhabhi
vasudha:The pussy open pic was taken the by the guy who was fucking me last month
vasudha:He took this after fucking me in the office
vasudha:As was the other pic that was before he screwed me
colorderainbow:MY GOD THIS IS UR OFFICE
vasudha:Yeah we have rooms for taking a nap when we feel like
vasudha:So he took these snaps there when we went for a fuck
vasudha:sexy na
colorderainbow:having sex in office
colorderainbow:a real turn on for me
colorderainbow:but poor me just masterbated in office
colorderainbow:lucky u vasudha
vasudha:The advantage was it was my mobile and I could take it back without a problem unlike if I had let him take my snap at his hotel
colorderainbow:wise lady
colorderainbow:but after a real fuck
colorderainbow:does it matter to have ur pic
colorderainbow:n i m sure he wont miss use it
vasudha:Precaution is better than cure
vasudhaunno he was from the middle east
colorderainbow:thats there
vasudha:a client
colorderainbow:o ooo
colorderainbow:arabic guy
colorderainbow:a white one or mulato
vasudha:what is a mulato?
colorderainbow:a whitish one

colorderainbow:wheatish one
colorderainbow:in between teh black n white
colorderainbow:arabics are real fucker
vasudha:We were fucking almost daily
colorderainbow:u must had good time with him ??
vasudha:alas he went away
vasudha:Mostly in the hotel
colorderainbow:really how long the honeymoon continued
vasudha:Only one day I wanted my pics taken and hence we stayed late and fucked
vasudha:About a month
colorderainbow:so the december was great fucking month for u
vasudha:After he went away I am left high and dry (
colorderainbow:thsi is teh same guy u used to share ur mails
vasudha:That is an Indian
vasudha:This was a arabi
colorderainbow:buddy i m getting late for lunch c ya
colorderainbow:nice fucking u
vasudha:BTW he insisted on fucking me without a condom. The first arabi to do so saying his religion was against it )
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 1:21 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
vasudha:Hi there
colorderainbow:yeah babe
colorderainbow:i m here
vasudha:Thanks darling for the morning chat.
vasudha:Made me feel very nice
colorderainbow:its my pleasuer mam
vasudha:woof woof. ur bitch Lickin u all over. )
colorderainbow:hahahhaha a
colorderainbow:hey u r very fair
colorderainbow:i was thinking u would like any other south indians
colorderainbow:most of them are on darker side
vasudha:you like my naked body ?
colorderainbow:n may be i will fuck u in my imagination now
vasudha:Know something every time I feel horny I send my pic to a chat guy and imagine him making love to me and finger fuck myself to an orgasm
vasudha:I have done it thrice in the last 2 weeks
vasudha:I was chatting and fingering myself
vasudha:Was kinda not happening
colorderainbow:thats a good idea
vasudha:so i sent u the pic. That is why I kept saying send email fast. If I had an orgasm before u sent that mail you woudn’t have got the pic . Lucky u )
colorderainbow:this idea changed ur life LOL
vasudha:Yeah I am an exhibitionist also
vasudha:So I like sending across my pics
vasudha:So did u masturbate on seeing my pic
colorderainbow:n jay admire ur beuty
colorderainbow:or better ur naked beuty
colorderainbow:no not yet
colorderainbow:i m loving the precum on my dick
vasudha:Hmmm. Am i worth masturbating then ?
colorderainbow:when the foreskin glides on dick head is a great feeling
colorderainbow:i will do when i get free time
colorderainbow:in peace
colorderainbow:enjoying ur beuty n playing with dick
vasudha:So I am only worth masturbating! Not fucking eh! Gotcha ! )
colorderainbow:it would be great opportunity to fuck u
colorderainbow:but i would love in real
vasudha:YEah I know
colorderainbow:u know i m not much into role play n cyber sex
vasudha:The ones you fucked had a better body than mine ?
colorderainbow:no way
colorderainbow:she was darker
colorderainbow:a dusky beuty
vasudha:and the boobs and the pussy
vasudha:and the waist
colorderainbow:she was plumpy
colorderainbow:with a huge breast
colorderainbow:n we did in darkness so couldnt see her pussy much
vasudha:How are the shapes of my breasts ?
colorderainbow:THEY ARE FINE
colorderainbow:WHAT IS UR SIZE
vasudha:37-25-35 or something like that
colorderainbow:means cup size
vasudha:My butt is a bit thinner than my breasts
colorderainbow:37 C i guess
vasudha:Naughty boy
colorderainbow:correct me here darling
vasudha:It would be 37 B
vasudha:Cause the centre hook is what u put right
vasudhaunno when I fasten the back these days
vasudha:Hold on
vasudha:Hmmm. It is the last one.
vasudha:So must be 37.5 now my top
vasudha:or 38
colorderainbow:hey one more weird question for u
vasudha:Means I have probably put on some wt
vasudha:yeah shoot
colorderainbow:how do u wear bra
vasudha:After all u r still fully loaded )
vasudha:Simple na
vasudha:Put the 2 hands through the opening of the straps and let it slide down ur hands
vasudha:Adjust the cups
vasudha:Then simultaneously move both hands back and fasten the hook
colorderainbow:it was the last line i wanted to know
vasudha:2nd is most imp
vasudha:cause the boobs must be in place when u fasten the hooks
colorderainbow:u must be giving boobs a slight lift
colorderainbow:so that it looks bigger
vasudha:Yeah shift upwards
vasudha:with the edge of ur palm
colorderainbow:hmm like teh lady in hollywood movie do
colorderainbow:before going for a date or something
vasudha:Everybody does it
vasudha:Atleast I do it cause I love my boobs
vasudha:sexual satisfaction
colorderainbow:as no one else is playing with ur boobies now a dats
colorderainbow:would u mind sending another pick in cloth
colorderainbow:may be salwar kamiz or sareee
vasudha:saree after seeing me naked
vasudha:lemme see when I can
colorderainbow:here goes mevricks most asked question
colorderainbow:sus kab kara last time aap ne
vasudha:BTW heart_virus posted a pic of mine
vasudha:in a saree
colorderainbow:ohh realy
colorderainbow:didnt he asked u before
vasudha:He has my naked pics too
colorderainbow:say him not to post them
vasudha:He won’t he said
colorderainbow:okay then its fine
colorderainbow:actually so many guys wanted to see u
colorderainbow:so might have done it
vasudha:Hmmm so many fucking me in their dreams
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 3:21 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
vasudha:He might have uploaded and privately handing ourt my pics u think ?
vasudha:Good na. I like to be seen naked
vasudha:it is wonderful
vasudha:to be seen naked
vasudha:after all in another 5-6 years my body will not be good enuf to be shown!
colorderainbow:let the others enjoy ur beuty
vasudha:my nudeness
colorderainbow:how many men u have fucked so far
vasudha:r u n exhibitionist ?
vasudhaon;t keep count
colorderainbow:i have done live show on cam
colorderainbow:still roughly
colorderainbow:how many
vasudha:I always say about 30
vasudha:It must be around 60 actually
colorderainbow:60 dicks
vasudha:u r 2
vasudha:60 dicks some useless
vasudha:some ok
vasudha:some avg
vasudha:some good
vasudha:and a few gr8 ones
colorderainbow:so sad
colorderainbow:only a few great ones
vasudha:That last one was also so-so
vasudha:How come u haven;t posted our last chat?
colorderainbow:i didnt get time yesterday
colorderainbow:may be today i will do before i leave the office
colorderainbow:where do u rank ur hubby dick
colorderainbow:out of 10 how many points to his dick
vasudha:Even though it is about 5 inches
colorderainbow:if u had given 7.5 it had scored distinction
colorderainbow:thats how it was in my b tech college
vasudha:No it is not
colorderainbow:if u scored 75% means u r gradutaed with distinction
colorderainbow:n i scored 76%
colorderainbow:lucky me )
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 3:29 PM on Tuesday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
colorderainbow:colorderainbow:here goes mevricks most asked question vasudha:ummmmmmmmmah colorderainbow:sus kab kara last time aap ne????????????
colorderainbow:answer it
colorderainbow:i mean it
vasudha:After u made me cum
colorderainbow:so how u did
vasudha:Before my lunch
colorderainbow:u r in jeans today
vasudha:I sat in my chair unzipped jeans
vasudha:and finger fucked over my panty
colorderainbow:means u moved teh panty to one side
colorderainbow:n fucked
vasudha:No over it
vasudha:It is quite thin actually
colorderainbow:o oooo
colorderainbow:that means u took the panty cloth in in ur choot
vasudha:No I rubbed my clit thro the panty
vasudha:widening my legs
vasudha:My table is quite big and I am in a cabin
vasudha:so I am safe
colorderainbow:so u didnt put ur finger in
colorderainbow:just rubbed down there
vasudha:No just rolled over the clit
vasudha:It feels nice
vasudha:Thanks darling for seeing me naked and helping me to an orgasm
colorderainbow:it was fun indeed
colorderainbow:making u cum
colorderainbow:n did the cum wet ur panty
colorderainbow:or it was only a few ml
vasudha:Not much liquid is released
vasudha:so it stays in and dries soon
vasudha:Unlike urs

colorderainbow:when i cum make wet patch in my trouser
colorderainbow:n thats embarrasing when i m in light coloured pant
vasudha:Oh my god! Have u actually done it?
colorderainbow:not today
colorderainbow:but yeah i have done it at times
colorderainbow:so if u see ur junior with wet patch on pant samjh jao he is fucking some net buddy
vasudha:And he has probably read my incidents
vasudha:and he has probably seen me naked without realizing he saw his boss naked
colorderainbow:thats the benefit of being annonmous
vasudha:What if u r one of those working under me ?
vasudha:And I can be bindaas
vasudha:Be a bitch to u too
colorderainbow:hey the same thought was running on my mind when i left the office yesterday n saw a lady around 35
vasudha:So how do I look in the nude
colorderainbow:great dearrrrrrr
colorderainbow:i told u how u looked like
vasudha:describe each part in deyail na please
colorderainbow:r u horny again
colorderainbow:hey dont forget i m still loaded
colorderainbow:n if i go on describing it will give me another hard on
vasudha:who cares
colorderainbow:u r gorgeous yaar
colorderainbow:perfect for fuck
colorderainbow:nice tiny butt
colorderainbow:even ur choot is not so wide
vasudha:sent my butt snap
vasudha:see it
colorderainbow:so guys fucking u must be feeling ur tight pussy walls
colorderainbow:n the boobs moving to n fro when humping u from back
colorderainbow:n spanking ur boobies
colorderainbow:as it moves
vasudha:squeeze my nipples
vasudha:see my pic I just sent
colorderainbow:i m opening yahoo
colorderainbow:i put pinch on that
colorderainbow:on ur nipples n pull them
vasudha:Oh yeah darling Pleaseeeeeeeee
vasudha:see my butt
colorderainbow:ohh great
colorderainbow:i feel like fucking u right there from back
vasudha:imagine holding it in ur hands and fucking me hard in the pusst
vasudha:Oh yeah
colorderainbow:my lund is again making pole
colorderainbow:n just want to shove in there
colorderainbow:fucking u roughly
vasudha:fuck me
colorderainbow:tearing apart ur pussy
vasudha:oh yeah
colorderainbow:fucking u baby
colorderainbow:take me deep in
vasudha:r u seeing me naked
colorderainbow:hold ur boobs n thrust hard
colorderainbow:leaned over u
vasudha:oh yes
colorderainbow:n fucking like dog
colorderainbow:aaah aaahhhhhhhhhhhh
colorderainbow:saaaali le mera lund
colorderainbow:aaur chahiye
colorderainbow:bohot khujali ho rahi thi tere choot me
vasudha:Thanks I am done again
colorderainbow:making u cum twice in a day
vasudha:Just after reboot
vasudha:so it got done
colorderainbow:n now its full of lubricant after maintanence
vasudha:oh darling thanks a ton
colorderainbow:now u send me a pic in cloth
colorderainbow:for me
vasudha:What do u do wen u ejaculate
vasudha:I press my thighs that is the feeling so liquid stays in
colorderainbow:so u dont want the liquid to come out n spoil ur panty
vasudha:No way )
vasudha:Ok see u darling
vasudha:My work done
vasudha:Thanks again
vasudha:Anyways in return I gave u 3 photos
colorderainbow:but when i cum, i just bent the dick downwards so even if it make patches it makes on the lower part where its least visible
vasudha:all round nakedness’
vasudha:Ok ye then
vasudha:Bye Bye Bye
vasudha:See u tomorrow
colorderainbow:have fun
colorderainbow:the kiss goes to ur wet pussy
colorderainbow:where did u kissed
vasudha:I just zipped after moving my panty a lil to the side and letting it stay for a min
vasudha:ur dick!