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vasudha getting down and dirty in a steamy hot sex

bigman_ro:hi vasudha , whats up
bigman_ro:nice chat yaar , it truly shows ur sexperince
vasudha:Gee thanls
vasudha:I just used what others had done to me while screwing me hard and used that in chat
vasudha:for it to seem authentic
bigman_ro:yeah its 100% authentic
bigman_ro:n giving harrd time to boys
bigman_ro:so, did u fuck any net buddy, so far bhabhi
vasudha:No way
vasudha:I am happy the way I am
vasudha:Off sex since dec 31st
vasudha:Poor me
bigman_ro:but u had good time with rajat
vasudha:Yeah I know

vasudha:He is a harmless sweet guy
vasudha:That is why I can chat like that with him
bigman_ro:not a real dick but atleast got away from sexual tension
vasudha:Incidentally I got his dick pic I was seeing while chatting sex
vasudha:He had sent a erect one and I asked for a placid one !
vasudha:Somehow placid dicks turn me on. Erect ones seem so badly formed LOL.
bigman_ro:placis is cute little and its pleasure for women to see them grow
vasudha:You are tunrning me on now!
vasudha:I like them grow in my hand
vasudha:The become warmer
vasudha:in the hand
vasudha:as they grow
bigman_ro:thats like a real bitch
vasudha:The sex chat has done somethinng
vasudha:to me
bigman_ro:u need that warmth in this fucking winter
bigman_ro:my balls has shrinked to almost zero size
bigman_ro:its frizing here in delhi
bigman_ro:rajat must have told u
vasudha:Or chat and self medication!
vasudhaunno where he stays
bigman_ro:he is from del only
vasudha:oh ok
vasudha:So what do u do
bigman_ro:i m Desing Engineer with IOCL
vasudha:r u the married guy ?
bigman_ro:do u know iocl as u said u r on technical side
bigman_ro:no i m single but neither a virgin
vasudha:Hmmm. So how many?
bigman_ro:2 3
vasudha:2 or 3 or 23 !)
bigman_ro:lol 2 are MBA student here from Acfai
bigman_ro:and one is aunty
bigman_ro:her hubby is out of station most of teh time
vasudha:whos better ? Aunty or students ?
bigman_ro:its always fun to do with aunty they are experinced
vasudha:How old r u
bigman_ro:i m 26
bigman_ro:n the aunty miss priyanka
bigman_ro:she is 37
vasudha:Hmmm. Right age for aunties to fall for
vasudha:EVen I get sexed seeing young boys
vasudha:Hard not to stare
vasudha:Somehow I manage
bigman_ro:did u see the Flix what women want
vasudha:I didn;t get u
bigman_ro:is a hollywood movie
bigman_ro:here the girl cant resist looking at guys dick n scold herself for such a weird behavious
bigman_ro:n the problem with ladies is that they cant even rub like boys in public
vasudha:But we can rub anywhere
vasudha:esp if not wearing a panty
vasudha:Yeah pushing finger in to clit is difficult but managable
vasudha:and we do not release liquid the way u do
bigman_ro:so how do u rub urself in public
vasudha:Sitting in the chair
bigman_ro:suppose u r on airport in jeans n see some hunk
bigman_ro:how would u rub out there
vasudha:In a crowd self-control is automatic
bigman_ro:hey may i ask u one thing
bigman_ro:do u put heavy perfume
bigman_ro:when u go for office
vasudha:Funny I don’t use perfume
vasudha:I use shower gel
bigman_ro:coz when i cum in pnat in office i can smell the semen, n i wonder if other can as well
vasudha:We can retain it inside. Too less liquid released
bigman_ro:good for u girls
bigman_ro:moreover saree gives u a better protection
vasudha:Funny thing
vasudha:We do it through the saree folds
vasudha:So simple
bigman_ro:yesterday i was hesitant going to boss cabin
bigman_ro:what if he can smell it
bigman_ro:married guys knows its smell very well
vasudha:And then there is always a slit in the pettycoat that we can adjust
vasudha:Funny thing when I was young I liked getting laid by old men and now at my age I like young dicks>
bigman_ro:it happens
bigman_ro:i dont know the mystery
bigman_ro:may be one shall be experinced in bed
vasudha:mystery is just one hole right in the centre of the body )
vasudha:BTW do you like fucking naked or with clotes on?
vasudha:Cause I have had men who don’t even want to show their dick !!!
bigman_ro:with clothes on
vasudha:Hmm. Second variety
bigman_ro:no not that
vasudha:What about your partner
bigman_ro:let me tel u
vasudha:you want her naked or some clothes on
bigman_ro:i get full naked that not an issue i dont think there is any thing to hide when u r fucking a girl
bigman_ro:but sometimes i like the lady to be in thin t shirt withought undergarment so that i can feel the hardened nipple from top of tee
vasudha:With me I like to feel the nakedness of my partner and for him to feel me all over
vasudha:Esp for him to send his finger into my pussy. Rub the clit and at times drive it deep in to make me wet before we start fucking
vasudha:BTW seriously did you find any diff in th epussy fucking priyanka and the young girls
vasudhaunno why people say pussy becomes loose. Mine got a lil loose yes but only after child birth
vasudha:But not that much a noticable diff
bigman_ro:no she has good tight pussy
vasudha:That is what
bigman_ro:her hubby not much interested in fuck game
bigman_ro:he wants emotional support more than sex
vasudha:Only thing is when I was young I was more stifff. Took time to become wet inside. Now a touch is enough. Maybe that is y the feeling comes
bigman_ro:so now u can reliev urself faster
vasudha:No I can relieve myself slower actually. Prev it would be faster !
vasudha:I hold on much longer now
bigman_ro:hey its better now
bigman_ro:u can fly in the sky for longer period
vasudha:No I like to keep myself pressed under my man while he lowers his butt at unbelievable speed
bigman_ro:like a dog fucks his bitch
vasudha:Hmm. But he does it from behind
vasudha:Ok from that I remembered a joke
vasudha:A guy screwed his sec from behind
vasudha:And went home all happy
vasudha:Wifey got a lil suspicious and asked him what happened
vasudha:He didn’t want to lie and claimed. I worked like a dog in office today
vasudha:Actually from behind fucking me in the pussy gives me a nice feeling. The guy fondles my boobs from behind
bigman_ro:double pleasure
vasudha:Only issue is if the penis is bent upwards fucking is easier
bigman_ro:n the scene when the boobs moves around with each thrust
vasudha:Else half the time it slides out or he is unkowingly fucking me along the outer lips )
bigman_ro:hahahhahah a
bigman_ro:my cap is bigger than shaft
bigman_ro:so hope it will fit better
bigman_ro:n wont slip more offen
bigman_ro:so far the 3 ladies never complaiend it )
bigman_ro:most of indian are having straight dick
bigman_ro:how come forgieners get such dick
bigman_ro:bent upward
bigman_ro:there bhabhi ???????
vasudha:BTW you wound’t even know if you screwed from behind if u were in the hole or along the lips. That is what the guys who bed me have claimed. Maybe since my pussy lips are longer
vasudha:And more flat. There is not perceptable hump in my pubic region
bigman_ro:not a puffy choot
bigman_ro:i tell u my incident
vasudha:go ahead
bigman_ro:i was fucking this mba girl for first time n
bigman_ro:i screwed her laying on her back n then she come over me
bigman_ro:n i was trying to slid my tool in her wet choot
bigman_ro:but as she said she wanted to do with light off
bigman_ro:i was trying to put in her ass hole
bigman_ro:by mistake
vasudha:I love guiding the tool!
bigman_ro:n she shouted suddenly
bigman_ro:jay its a anus , dont do there
bigman_ro:n then she guided herself
bigman_ro:but i loughed alot the way she shouted
bigman_ro:indian ladies ko sharm bohot aati hay
bigman_ro:pata nahi light off karne ko q bolti hay
bigman_ro:busy with work madam ???
vasudha:Yep was
bigman_ro:hey u were saying u r on technical side
bigman_ro:so may i know
vasudha:nothing else will be known to u )
vasudha:Ok dear nice chatting with u’
vasudha:see u soon
vasudha:lemme go now
bigman_ro:okay bussy
bigman_ro:buddy c ya
bigman_ro:nice talking
bigman_ro:i lovint itt, yummyyyyy