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colorderainbow:GM VASUDHA
Vasudha:GM dear
colorderainbow:how r u doing
Vasudha:Me fine thanks
colorderainbow:where have u been all this time

Vasudha:how bout u
Vasudha:Was off on thurs and fri
colorderainbow:i m fine as well
Vasudha:and then the weekend
colorderainbow:u know exbiians are dieng for update on u
colorderainbow:they are badly missing u
colorderainbow:so how was the weekend
colorderainbow:u did any thing noughty
Vasudha:As usual
Vasudha:Nothing much
Vasudha:Needed to rest
Vasudha:Was having my periods
colorderainbow:o oooo
colorderainbow:shut down
Vasudha:Yeah a reboot
Vasudha:Now the server is up and running )
colorderainbow:u r noughty vasudha
colorderainbow:so how long it last in ur case
colorderainbow:the fucking period
Vasudha:roughly 30 days
Vasudha:Once in 4 times it is 29
colorderainbow:hey i m asking how many days u suffer through this heavy discharge
colorderainbow:some girls have it for 5 6 days
Vasudha:3 days
colorderainbow:lucky u
Vasudha:Yeah I know
colorderainbow:u r having more free days to fuck around
Vasudha:Ummm. What to do? Shortage of dicks these days. Looks like they are in great demand
Vasudha:Add to that great dicks are hard to come by!
colorderainbow:u have to take chance
colorderainbow:suduce some hunk
colorderainbow:n get relief from this sexual tension
Vasudha:I need to be careful in my dealings )
colorderainbow: oo oooo
colorderainbow:so when was the last time
colorderainbow:december or
Vasudha:There are a few collegues I thirst for. What to do ? Need to let em go!
Vasudha:Yep. Still 31st Dec
Vasudha:How about you ?
colorderainbow:i fucked a new girl this friday nite
Vasudha:How old was she ?
colorderainbow:she was of 25 around
colorderainbow:black lady
colorderainbow:a plumpy one
Vasudha:Hmmm. Experienced the.
Vasudha:So howz is it fucking a plumpy lady ?
colorderainbow:its fun
Vasudha:I once seduced a fatso since I wanted to see how it goes with a fat guy
colorderainbow:my dick like to go n rest in their soft choot
Vasudha:It was more fun!
Vasudha:roly poly. But hunger was as is after!
colorderainbow:didnt get ur last line
colorderainbow:he couldnt satisfy u or what
Vasudha:roly poly body means fat body. Sexual hunger remained after sex
Vasudha:But I guess it is different with men after all they pump till release. Lucky chaps!
colorderainbow:but if the girl keep on sucking i get another hardon
colorderainbow:it depends on lady , if they want more we can supply
colorderainbow:but yeah after realese get satisfaction
colorderainbow:max how many orgasm u have got in a fuck session
Vasudha:4 times with a negro who fucked me to eternity. Hmm. That was like 10 minutes with a lil gap every 2 min! He would throw his head back screaming Aaargh and his tool in hand would move the tip around the outer lips for a few seconds before putting it back in to pump me slowly and then increase speed. The explosions happened in quick successions though!
colorderainbow:it must have been u best orgasm
colorderainbow:i enjoy watching lady convulsing when they discharge
colorderainbow:moving they hip
colorderainbow:n aching spine
Vasudha:That guy kept pumping me even as I was screaming and gasping
Vasudha:Withdraing my hip
Vasudha:Pressing my thighs as hard as I could
Vasudha:The last 2 came even as he turned me around and pumped my pussy from behind. That was divine as he fondled my boobs from behind with his nakedness along my back!
colorderainbow:i m just imaging u
colorderainbow:in such position
Vasudha:In clothes or naked !
colorderainbow:getting fucked by a negro from behind
Vasudha:After all u claimed u liked to fuck women with clothes on!
colorderainbow:in t shirt
Vasudha:Ha Ha Ha should have known
colorderainbow:n panty gone
Vasudha:I never wear one most times anyways!
colorderainbow:so what r u wearing today
Vasudha:Ummm. I am in my churridar. Monday morning easy to just put it on!
colorderainbow:which color
colorderainbow:aur salwar ki cut kahan tak hay
colorderainbow:upto ur hip or above than that
Vasudha:Some sort of gray with a cream border. The bottom though is cream closer to white
Vasudha:Upto hip. above that means when it flutters in air. It is very uncomfortable esp in public places
Vasudha:And my bottoms usually are a lil thin and not wearing a panty means it needs to be about the hip
Vasudha:I have a cream colored bra inside though
colorderainbow:so the back of salwar protects ur butt from those luring eyes
Vasudha:And a matching dupatta covering my boobs
colorderainbow:duppattta bhi hay
Vasudha:Even if the slit is above it protects but with fluttering yes kinda uneasy
colorderainbow:but here in delhi only a few takes dupatta with chudidar
Vasudha:Always wear one
Vasudha:Esp to office
Vasudha:Cause getting a bra that can;t be seen through the top is next to impossible!
colorderainbow:so u wear thos sexy lacy bra
colorderainbow:thin like nothing
Vasudha:No normal ones to office
Vasudha:I like the lovable brand since it covers my breasts nicely
Vasudha:and are soft on boobs
colorderainbow:cozy n comfy
colorderainbow:whats ur fav brand
colorderainbow:for innnerwears
colorderainbow:lovable, is it a brand ???
colorderainbow:i never heard of
Vasudha:What have u heard of then ?
colorderainbow:victoria secret
colorderainbow:n this jockey n alll
Vasudha:I felt this very comfy and stick to em. The other fancy ones I buy when abroad
Vasudha:So what brand of inner wear do u like to wear?
colorderainbow:i m most tomy hilfigher
colorderainbow:these two i like more
Vasudha:My hubby buys good ole VIP or Jockey! I never knew TH had briefs! LOL !
colorderainbow:realy dont u take him to buy inerwears
colorderainbow:its available in almost all the good one malls
Vasudha:He buys the briefs himself. I only buy his vests
Vasudha:I do tag along though
Vasudha:So how did u fuck this girl? Standard u on top?
colorderainbow:she is a horny bitch
colorderainbow:she said lets play a xxx
Vasudha:Every girl is horny during sex!
colorderainbow:we watched it n did along with
colorderainbow:but i played with her long before started humping
Vasudha:How long can u keep pumping? After all video lasts for an hour or so!
colorderainbow:she had almost wet my bedsheet even before i started the real act
Vasudha:We all get wet. You are talking as though u fucked the fiorst time! )
colorderainbow:she made wet patches on my bedsheet
colorderainbow:even before i penetrated her
Vasudha:With foreplay we do become wet but on the sheet!
colorderainbow:teh others once were not so juicy whom i fucked before
Vasudha:Maybe she peed!
colorderainbow:hey i have a question
Vasudha:the qn not the cum!
colorderainbow:is the pee different from squirting
colorderainbow:i would love to cum in mouth rather then here
Vasudha:What a stupiod qn tp ask
colorderainbow:let me know
colorderainbow:i dont know
Vasudha:How can they ever be the same
Vasudha:You mean ur ejaculation is same as peeing!
colorderainbow:no way
colorderainbow:butthe lady whom i fucked never squirted like the one i saw in xxx videos
colorderainbow:they squirt upto feets
Vasudha:With me during aqurting max may be a few ml. Not even noticable by me
Vasudha:That is peeing to get some unknowns excited
colorderainbow:that was the confusion
colorderainbow:they show those videos with a tag of squirting
colorderainbow:so in fact thats peeing
Vasudhaunno maybe some quirt like Pee. after all I can talk for myself. But then when I can;t even notice it. I can feel it though
Vasudha:It is usually just before I get my orgasm or if the foreplay is too long then I squirt
colorderainbow:what u r talking is orgasm
colorderainbow:when the lady discharge
Vasudha:Both times there is ejaculation
Vasudha:After all if my pussy is dry the penis just can’t enter can it
colorderainbow:so its like precum
Vasudha:Even while talking we will be wet. But a lil.
colorderainbow:when we get hard on
colorderainbow:the real white thick juice follows when we cum
Vasudha:Touch induces more wetness and then before the orgasm it is most noticable
Vasudhaunno that though! LOL !
Vasudha:Yep men’s real thick and salty
Vasudha:ummmm and niceeeeeeeeee
colorderainbow:but i have tasted only lady juice
colorderainbow:or u can say mine mixed with lady juice
colorderainbow:so dont know how does raw men juice taste
Vasudha:You mean u have tasted after ejaculating ? Yuck!
Vasudha:I only let my jusband finger me after he has ejaculated. With the exception of a real few I prefer condoms
colorderainbow: i have licked her after ejaculation
Vasudha:u mean she let u fuck her without a condom!
Vasudha:Be careful. AIDS is a real issue )’
colorderainbow:she went to bathroom to clean her pussy before but i m sure its not possible to get rid of all juices
colorderainbow:n u know i did, that but i was realy scared
Vasudha:Next time take care
colorderainbow:so afterwards i always use condom
Vasudha:You better
colorderainbow:its scary feeling of getting AIDS
colorderainbow:i went for check up
colorderainbow:n i m clean thank god
colorderainbow:when the report came
colorderainbow:i was relieved
colorderainbow:next day i had spent hours reading about aids, poor me
Vasudha:Report takes a while
colorderainbow:yeah i gone there after 2 n half month
Vasudha:In fact testing to be done after 6 monts
Vasudha:That is ok
Vasudha:more or less
Vasudha:Ususally better to go after 6
Vasudha:Anyways take care in future
colorderainbow:i read on net that u can go for after 8 weeks
colorderainbow:so i went after 2 n half month
Vasudha:OK good
colorderainbow:even with hubby u dont do it withought condom
Vasudha:We do not use condoms during safe period
Vasudha:at some times That is between 7th and 15th days
colorderainbow:i think first 7 8 days after ur period is safe period
colorderainbow:then u can concieve
Vasudha:Yep they say between 8 and 13. So We have sex without it sometimes between 7 and 15
Vasudha:Though whole of last month hubby screwed me only once on Dec 31st!
colorderainbow:n how often do u masturbate ???
Vasudha:Maybe twice a week. Although I did masturbate twice after I had that sex chat with Maverick!
Vasudha:Once immediately after and once after I went home
colorderainbow:thats cool u enjoyed it
colorderainbow:so all total 4 times in last week
Vasudhaunno if I would have doen the same if I had real sex the day before
Vasudhaon’t remember
Vasudha:Those are lil things u njoy n forget
colorderainbow:u r true
colorderainbow:but i like teh office toilet wall
colorderainbow:what happens behind that in office hour nobody knows
colorderainbow:n u said u fingered that day being full nude
Vasudha:I did
Vasudha:but at home it was more relaxed
Vasudhaunno forgotten though!
colorderainbow:hubby dont see ur sexual tension
colorderainbow:must be a busy man
colorderainbow:but afterall he is earning for u only
Vasudha:OK got work to do
colorderainbow:would u mind a role play today when u get free
Vasudha:ok will see
colorderainbow:ping me when u r done with work
colorderainbow:ok finish ur work
Vasudha:am back my darling
colorderainbow:sorry i wasnt at desk
colorderainbow:thats the problem with chating from office
colorderainbow:u r at higher post so a few bosses only
colorderainbow:but for me have to listen to all
Vasudha:I have only One Boss
Vasudha:And many below me! )
colorderainbow:n here , there are draftmen n designer who work on my instruction
colorderainbow:n i get work from one boss only but several other departments seeks my advice
colorderainbow:and time to time they interrupt me
Vasudha:Nice to feel important
colorderainbow:this was the only reason i came back to india leaving my previous job in dubai
colorderainbow:they were paying well but i wasnt making full use of my knowledge
Vasudha:Yep. Now u get to gain more knowledge and use it
Vasudha:So how do u know the girl u screwed this friday
colorderainbow:yeah from a mentor like vasudha as well
Vasudhao ur own thing )
colorderainbow:my friends friend
Vasudha:gf ?
Vasudha:very bad!
colorderainbow:not gf
Vasudha:oh! jus a friend
colorderainbow:hey all teh 2 3 ladies whom i screwed are in open relation
Vasudha:So did u let ur friend know
colorderainbow:they screw other guys as welll
Vasudha:Let him know
colorderainbow:my other friend dont know she was with me on friday nite
Vasudha:if discreetly also
Vasudha:Good to be open among friends
Vasudha:Although I don;t tell my freidns I got laid
Vasudha:although urge is there :O
colorderainbow:u can share ur feeling here with us
colorderainbow:the net friends
colorderainbow:so ur urge will subside somewhat
Vasudha:yeah esp when anonymous
colorderainbow:coz in india things are different if others know that he or she has fucked u
colorderainbow:they give u a nasty look
Vasudha:Yeah I can understand. Was just testiing u out if u wanted to boast in front of tothers ki you screwed such and such a one
Vasudha:You have passed with flying colors!
colorderainbow:o ooo
colorderainbow:so how much marks i got
Vasudha:Not only that they will be more brazen asking the lady for a fuck!
Vasudha:Hmmm. 90 + 10 for making my pussy a lil wet. Thanks
colorderainbow:r u wet realy
Vasudha:Hmmm. A lil
Vasudha:When I logged in back I ran my left ring finger along the slit outside the bottom. Felt nice saying am back darling
colorderainbow:so do u like more role playing
colorderainbow:or discussing the intimate moment or ur secrets
colorderainbow:coz i m more inclined to the secrets side
Vasudha:as long as I can finger fuck myself sitting in my chair
colorderainbow:role playing i do very rarely
Vasudha:But that feeling hasn;t come yet with ya
Vasudha:Too bad
Vasudha:I will wait for maverick dear
Vasudha:The guy seems to always want to tear my pussy
Vasudha:What will he tear the second time I wonder )
colorderainbow:must be ur virgin ass
colorderainbow:he just love anal
Vasudha:Nah! I ain;t letting anyone screw me in the ass even if he gets me to squirt a bucket load of my liquid )
Vasudha:It is so damn dirty!
colorderainbow:u have tried it
colorderainbow:or just hesitant of it
Vasudha:No the thought itself puts me off
Vasudha:Look I suck balls.
Vasudha:I deep suck the dick
Vasudha:I let the guy push his dick between my breasts
Vasudha:I let him screw me hard
colorderainbow:what a scene
Vasudha:what more does a guy want? Put his dick in my ass!
colorderainbow:its a fantasy for a few
colorderainbow:may be inspired by xxx movies
colorderainbow:but in ass its real dirty
colorderainbow:n where rhe hell from they get lubricant
Vasudha:Frankly till the first guy I met who wanted to screw me in the ass. The thought I did reject outright I always felt it was only the gays who screwed in the ass
colorderainbow:what choot offers cant be offered by ass hole ever
Vasudha:The ass can never be lubricated!
Vasudha:One needs to apply sonething on their dick I suppose
Vasudha:I don;t know if a woman has a orgasm getting screwed there. I doubt very much
colorderainbow:i dont know either
colorderainbow:what we see on xxx they might be faking the viewers
Vasudha:Plus the guy probably cums in 30 seconds! So much waste!
Vasudha:Yeah I have seen a few. But even screwin in th epussy looks fake at times to me
colorderainbow:may be
colorderainbow:god knows
colorderainbow:never confronted to porn industry yet
Vasudha:I have this great desire or fantasy what ever u choose to call to get laid by a porn star!
Vasudha:The real guys just can’t seem to screw at one go more than a couple of minutes while these go on and on! LOL !
colorderainbow:yeah n they fuck like dog
colorderainbow:fast n furious
Vasudha:Maybe a series of fuck is put together!
Vasudha:as a single one
colorderainbow:but some time they make it of 40 45 mins by adding several clips n all that might not be done at atime
Vasudha:How long do u last anyways?
colorderainbow:10 15 mins
Vasudha:Once u start pumping how long do u last ?
colorderainbow:coz i take out my lund when feel like cumming
Vasudha:Maybe feels like 10-15
Vasudha:But will never be
Vasudha:Ah that maybe the case
colorderainbow:otherwise in a go may be 3 4 mins
Vasudha:When I have seen guys screw me for about 6-8
Vasudha:Only some go over 10
colorderainbow:when u let go the control n just keep on humping
Vasudha:How do u control cumming?
Vasudha:When u pull it out?
Vasudha:I can probably help my hubby
Vasudha:to hold a lil longer next time he screws me!
colorderainbow:when i feel like extra hardening
colorderainbow:i take out my dick n slap the pussy
colorderainbow:squize the dick
colorderainbow:a bit
colorderainbow:no massing but squizing it
Vasudha:He ususally presses the dick at the other end of the tip screaming Oohs and Aaahs but once he puts it back in he is unable to hold for more than a minute
Vasudha:Or I must say Squeezes the dick at the other end from the tip
colorderainbow:pressing the tip wont help
colorderainbow:it shall be the shaft
Vasudha:Not the tip
Vasudha:The other end
Vasudha:the beginning near the balls
colorderainbow:if u squize their
colorderainbow:it helps
colorderainbow:but self control the will of holding is more important
Vasudha:Yeah some have tapped the dick after taking it out but I haven;t given it much importance.
Vasudha:Anyways I wouldn;t know
colorderainbow:do u like when guy slap ur pussy with their dick
colorderainbow:taken out after humping u a for a while
colorderainbow:n i like when the girl literlly beg for fucking
colorderainbow:liek FUCK ME JAY
colorderainbow:FUCK ME
colorderainbow:FUCK ME PLZZZ
Vasudha:Yep I like begg8ing
Vasudha:Slapping the dick. It doesn’t do anything to me
colorderainbow:may be it just erotic for onlookers
colorderainbow:u know i have a chat friend, who just like to be wet
colorderainbow:she dont want to cum early
colorderainbow:but want to maintain her wetness for long
colorderainbow:so she willl keep on talking dirty
colorderainbow:she just feel her wetness between legs n get the pleasure
Vasudha:With me I like to feel wet n nice and finger myself
colorderainbow:n how does it feel walking when u r wet
colorderainbow:n havent reached orgasm
Vasudha:Nothing actually
Vasudha:Sounds boring ? But thats the truth
colorderainbow:so once u r wet u like it to finish it off
Vasudha:Not like there there are times I have let the feeling die
colorderainbow:like now
colorderainbow:may be u r normal again
Vasudha:YEah maybe unless I find some one who can chat sex me!
colorderainbow:or still feeling the itching down there
Vasudha:Or I have real sex. But that is a lil far fetched today!
Vasudha:Nah! No itchng now
colorderainbow:what time u go for lunch
Vasudha:About 1:15 or so
colorderainbow:thats the time i ususlly go for
colorderainbow:so r u free now
colorderainbow:or expecting any work
colorderainbow:okay lets do it then
colorderainbow:let me fuck u today
colorderainbow:so suggest any role
Vasudha:You are the one who will fuck me
Vasudha:and u don;t like role play
Vasudha:so just do it ur way
colorderainbow:i would love to screw u there in ur cabin itself
Vasudha:Just lowering my botom!
colorderainbow:suppose i m ur junior
colorderainbow:n come to u for reporting
Vasudha:OK so you have lowered my bottom
Vasudha:Whatz ur name
Vasudha:lets start then from the beginning
Vasudha:So u gimme a name and come in to my room
colorderainbow:its me mr JAY HERE MAM
colorderainbow:u had called up for some report
Vasudha:Hi jay. Whats up ?
colorderainbow:i m fine
colorderainbow:the reports are done mam
Vasudha:OK One sec
colorderainbow:u may have a look
Vasudha:just lemme finish this email
Vasudha:OK done
colorderainbow:have a look on the report mam
Vasudha:So the report is through
Vasudha:Have you reviewed it ?
colorderainbow:yeah mam
colorderainbow:i worked till 8 yesterday for it
Vasudha:Ok. Sit down jay. Take a seat
Vasudha:Oh Poor u
colorderainbow:while u look on report i look at ur ogling boobies
Vasudha:Maybe u can close the door behind u
Vasudha:I need some time
colorderainbow:ohh sure
Vasudha:to go through this
colorderainbow:i relax myself on seat
colorderainbow:in front of u
Vasudha:Hey nice shirt Jay
colorderainbow:even u r looking gorgeous in this grey chudidar mam
colorderainbow:thanks alot
Vasudha:On a monday morning I feel lazy wearinga saree
Vasudha:u see
colorderainbow:but this a best option for u
colorderainbow:n more over ……………..
Vasudha:So usually mondays mean churridars
Vasudha:Looks like u have really worked hard dea
Vasudha:Turning a page
Vasudha:What is this diagram
Vasudha:Can u explain ?
colorderainbow:this is a diagram suggesting the profits its going tomake
Vasudha:I can’t seem to get it. Can u come this side?
colorderainbow:i meant selling this dildo mam
Vasudha:Here next to me and explain
colorderainbow:ok mam
colorderainbow:i come beside u starts explaing
colorderainbow:see here mam
colorderainbow:its showing the potentiol n target user of dildo
colorderainbow:here in delhi
Vasudha:Hey careful.
colorderainbow:the other diagram shows teh price they can afford
VasudhaYou just brushed my breasts moving ur hand)
colorderainbow:ohh sorry mam
colorderainbow:may i have some water mam
Vasudha:Its ok dear. Only remember this is a cabin!
Vasudha:Sure here
colorderainbowwhile taking teh glass, some water spills on ur kamiz )
colorderainbow:ohhh sorry madam
Vasudha:Ouch Jay.
colorderainbow:let me swip it away
colorderainbow:please mam dont complain to the bosses
colorderainbow:i may loose u
colorderainbow:may loose my job
Vasudha:Oh MY God. You are an idiot jay. When I said Its ok dear. Only remember this is a cabin! I meant u could do it outside
colorderainbowi took the tissue paper n tried to dry ur cloth )
Vasudha:Somebody can come in Jay
colorderainbow:it wont take long
colorderainbow:here it goes
Vasudha:Oh no jay
Vasudha:I am scared
colorderainbown start the move teh tissue over ur bossom)
Vasudha:Oh No Jay Pleaseeeeeeeeee
Vasudha:CLosing my eyes
colorderainbowi saw it a chance to seduce u n keep on rubbing)
colorderainbow:ohhh yeahhh
colorderainbow:i feel ur bra line from the top
Vasudha:Oh god it s so nice Jay
colorderainbow:i give it a squize from top
colorderainbow:stand up please mam
Vasudha:I reach out for ur dick and press it
colorderainbow:it would be easir for me
Vasudha:I now stand up and sit on the table faving u
Vasudha:facing u
colorderainbow:ouch mam
colorderainbow:see what the hell this water has done to my pappu
colorderainbow:i come closer u
colorderainbow:move my hand in ur hair around ur neck
colorderainbow:n the other hand goes into ur kamiz
colorderainbow:feeling ur bare skin
Vasudha:ummmm. ummm.
Vasudha:Oh Jay this is so niceeeeeeeeee
Vasudha:gentle darling
colorderainbow:i kiss u
colorderainbow:a real french kiss
Vasudha:Yeah move it along my pussy lips
colorderainbow:feeling ur toung
colorderainbow:n keep on massing ur boobies
colorderainbow:here u go darling
colorderainbow:open ur salwar not n slip my hand for the promised land of ur pussy
Vasudha:I lean back and lie on the table speading my legs
colorderainbow:of u r already so wet i didnt know
colorderainbow:open ur pussy lips n feel the inner lips
colorderainbow:thats great
colorderainbow:i tap teh pussy with my fingers
Vasudha:careful please
colorderainbow:n spit there
colorderainbow:making it wetter
colorderainbow:n move my fingers along teh slit
Vasudha:Oh it is so nice darling
colorderainbow:inbetween taking it in the choot hole
Vasudha:yeah thats the way. you do it so well
colorderainbow:i move teh middle fonger slowly in n out
colorderainbow:n with thumb rub ur clit
Vasudha:Ummm. What were you doing for 2 years darling
Vasudha:Ph so nice
colorderainbow:try to touch teh thumb keeping my middle finger in
Vasudha:push your finger inside. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Vasudha:Feel me inside deep inside my hole
colorderainbow:pull the thumb n finger out simultaneously n put it back
Vasudha:Yeah push
Vasudha:Once more please
colorderainbow:increses teh speed n now i move 3 fingers in
Vasudha:Oh u r so nice
colorderainbow:n now i doing it realy fast
colorderainbow:n squizing ur boobies as well
Vasudha:I fold my leg upwards fully at the knees
colorderainbow:feeling ur nipple in fingers
Vasudha:Widening my legs as far as I can to let u in
Vasudha:Oh Please Jay
colorderainbow:let me taste ur juice
Vasudha:Fuck me Now
Vasudha:Aah Oucj
colorderainbow:i lower my head n kiss teh pussy
colorderainbow:n move my chin on pussy
Vasudha:I put my legs over ur shoulder now. My knees are on ur shoulder now as u lick my pussy
colorderainbow:bite ur clit
Vasudha:I cross them around ur neck looking at the ceiling running my hands through ur hair
Vasudha:Oh My god
colorderainbow:between my teeth n bite it
Vasudha:Oh shit
Vasudha:come on Jay. Please
Vasudha:Fuck me hard
Vasudha:Oh yeah
Vasudha:I just can’t wait for u to fuck me.
Vasudha:Fuck me darling
Vasudha:Oh yeah. Ouch
colorderainbow:take out the lund u r dieing for
colorderainbow:papmper it darling
Vasudha:Aaaaaaaaah. I gasp for breath
Vasudha:I get up as u bend down and take the dick full in my mouth
colorderainbow:u r wonderfulll
Vasudha:Push it hard in my mouth as I roll my fingers around your dick and suck it hard
colorderainbow:hold ur head
colorderainbow:n start fucking ur mouth
colorderainbow:prwss ur head
colorderainbow:n keep of fucking like pussy
Vasudha:I am licking the tip of ur dick before sucking the tip hard of any juice it has
Vasudha:I now lick ur balls upwards and move back to tip before sucking it again
colorderainbow:great darling
colorderainbow:get on teh table
colorderainbow:i wanna inter u now
Vasudha:I am again licking ur dick from ur balls to the tip and sucking the tip before takjing the whole dick inside my mouth
Vasudha:This time I am rotating ur dick along the inside of my cheeks
Vasudha:Ok pull it out and push me back on the table
colorderainbow:u r such a slut
colorderainbow:here u goes
Vasudha:Oh Jay
Vasudha:yeah slowly
colorderainbow:n this time i spread ur legs to the limit
Vasudha:that is it
Vasudha:That is the place
colorderainbow:exposing ur shinning chooot
colorderainbow:n place my dick there
colorderainbow:n slowly i go in
Vasudha:I put my legs around ur waist now trying to grip your body
colorderainbow:with my hips weight
colorderainbow:i lean over u
Vasudha:You are now completely inside my pussy
Vasudha:or ur dick is
colorderainbow:n love slowly slowly making the way to ur womb
Vasudha:My breasts darling
Vasudha:oph fondle them please
colorderainbow:i hold them n
Vasudha:Oh yeah
Vasudha:it is so nice
colorderainbow:start pumping with slow n long thrusts
Vasudha:yeah fuck me darling
colorderainbow:aaj to madam ko chodunga jam ke
colorderainbow:le mera lund le slut
Vasudha:Yeah yeah
Vasudha:Oh lovely
Vasudha:yeah fuck me
Vasudha:Oh it is so nice
colorderainbow:i move it faster n faster
colorderainbow:with short n fast strokes
Vasudha:Yeah !Yeah !Yeah !
Vasudha:Oh yeah
colorderainbow:aaaahhhhhh its great
Vasudha:Oh lovely
Vasudha:Yeah darling fuck me
colorderainbow:ur wet pussy is making sound
Vasudha:Oh yeah fuck me hard
colorderainbow:futch fucth
Vasudha:Oh ur dick is so hard
Vasudha:yeah I can feel it inside me darling
Vasudha:Oh yeah
colorderainbow:bring u the edge n rams u deeper
colorderainbow:in out
Vasudha:Fuck me. Oh fuck me please
colorderainbow:futch futch
Vasudha:Yeah thats the way
colorderainbow:taking ur legs close to ur boobies
colorderainbow:n fucking ur pussy in air
Vasudha:Oh yeah
Vasudha:Oh yeah
Vasudha:u fuck so well
Vasudha:y didn’t u fuck me bfore
colorderainbow:n biting ur boobies leaning over to u
Vasudha:yeah thats the place
Vasudha:fuck me hard dear
colorderainbow:fucking u rand
Vasudha:Oh my god
colorderainbow:fucking u hard
Vasudha:I am cumming
Vasudha:Oh faster
colorderainbow:i m sweating in this ac
Vasudha:I am cumming
Vasudha:Fuck me. FUck me hard
Vasudha:Ooooooooooh Yeaah
colorderainbow:listening this i increased my sped even more
Vasudha:Oooooooooooooooooooooh Yeah
Vasudha:Oh it is so nice
colorderainbow:ramming ur butt
colorderainbow:with my hip
Vasudha:I came
colorderainbow:feeling the balls slamming ur ass hole
Vasudha:The whole thing died
Vasudha:Next time baby
colorderainbow:okay u seems u r in hurry
Vasudha:Kya feeling u worked up and whatz this shit
Vasudha:about screwing eme in the ass. LOL.
colorderainbow:hey my balls hitting ur ass hole not the dick
Vasudha:OK now!
Vasudha:But why refer to the ass?
Vasudha:at all
colorderainbow:even this ass word is aturn off for u
Vasudha:Yeah at times
Vasudha:when I half read like I was doing
Vasudha:While feeling my slit
colorderainbow:did u enjoy so far
Vasudha:yeah was
colorderainbow:n was u rubbing ur choot
Vasudha:Hw bout u
colorderainbow:its was great
Vasudha:yeah I was
colorderainbow:but u were not writing much
Vasudha:rubbbing it gently
colorderainbow:may be ur fingers busy in rubbing
Vasudha:cause I was busy rubbing myself
colorderainbow:i got it
colorderainbow:ok u enjoyed it
colorderainbow:that was teh motto
Vasudha:ok got some work
colorderainbow:i wanna make u cum
Vasudha:catch u later
Vasudha:Not happening todat
colorderainbow:okay buddy
Vasudha:ok bfn